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The team was formed in 2003 in the city of Orel, and currently has four LPs in their discography. Album "Provocation" is released on the legendary Russian MOROZ Records label.

In addition, the sale can be found the official MP3-collection of songs from the first three albums.

yaytsy faberzhe

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Faberge eggs

The idea of ​​creating such a group came up simultaneously to two participants in the project, playing in the group to this day. One of them was the author of the name of Nils (vocals, lyrics), the second - Guchok (drums).

It happened in the spring of 2003. The fundamental requirement that distinguishes the group from others, is the use of wind instruments (horns) combined with texts eccentric and insane show.

The first collective structure includes: Niels, Guchok, Kostik (guitar) Hind (bass) Artyom "Paspartu '(tube) Shreds (bassoon), Bondar (backlinks) Letov (horn). But this group of staff did not have to play a single concert: Letov went away on its own initiative, and servant, unfortunately, soon left for Moscow (enrolled in the cons), and in September, had to take a new bassist. They became old friend Guchkov and Peter Kostik, who now plays in the "eggs".

In October, the first concert was given. It was in the Orel Philharmonic at the award ceremony by some web-designers. The audience was appropriate and responded sluggishly. Only when Niels overturned foot some advertising stand, people stir, but it was already the end of the concert.

In January 2004, after the worst dyn rehearsals Kostya stopped playing in the band. Instead, it came to Dan, the remaining permanent gitOristom "eggs" so far. Around the same time the group came Kozhara (trombone), Jean-Paul (trumpet) and Sasha (tuba), who played with them a few speeches and left the band in May.

The next concert was the performance at some punk sessions at the Orel house trade unions at the end of January. This evening memorable bad sound and crowds nechosannyh dirty punks. After this concert, the group meets with Igor Pavlovich Belonozhko, who kindly offered them his services as a sound engineer.

In spring 2004 "yaytsy" gave a few "chamber music" concerts: two in the basement of an old spacecraft "Jubilee" (one of them with the Moscow «Clown's Ball») and one in the hall of art school. At the same time, work began on the first album "Jamaican wolves."

In April, the group called on Orel rock festival «Rock-side». Great desire to play there, no one was not, but the organizers somehow agreed. "Festival" was a two-day, and "yaytsy" should act at the end of the second day. The people are not spending, wanting to see it all. But during a speech to some craftsman he began methodically disable the device, first monitor, and then everything else. Apotheosis steel drum sounds and horns (they are not disabled;))) mixed with fans chorus, screaming songs instead Niels.

Summer Passepartout left the band, which soon comes Andrei (baritone saxophone).

August 15 "yaytsy" play Livny (this is a regional center in the Oryol region) the festival memory Tsoi. In fact, it was their concert because after the show follows them group unit burned and "Festival" lasted a quarter of a force.

In the fall of "eggs" left Shreds and Cooper, Kozhara and left for Moscow. At the same time came Stas "Pten" (trombone) and Alevtina (alto saxophone).

In September, it was finished and mixed the album. The presentation took place on October 14 at the Eagle in the club «Extrim». For this concert, "yaytsy" received a special prize of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the nomination "The best club concert 2004".

In November, the team played a prank on the party in Orel, "Mystery", in December - in the "Ocean of Dreams." January 30, 2005 in "Extrim 'Club held a concert with the Moscow group" gateway. " February 6 "yaytsy" played in Moscow "Parabare» with «Necondition». In March - in Orel «Extrime» with «Distemper». April 9 team played in "Parabare" with Moscow «ClockWorkTimes». April 16 - performance in Bryansk "Solaris" with "Purgen" Bryansk and punks. April 24 - concert in "Parabare» with «Necondition». May 20 - performance in Orel TK "Salute" with "Distemper". June 10 - again Bryansk (club "Aquarium").

Summer in Moscow leaving Jean-Paul, Andrew and Alevtina. The group returns Passepartout, and autumn comes Dima (tenor saxophone). August 27 "yaytsy" played two concerts. The first - in Orel festival of alternative music, the second - in Bryansk Freakshow.

September 25 the team performs in the "B-2" Moscow club on Ska-festival with «Mail Factors» and «Havana Club».

In October, "yaytsy" appear on two hool party: 1 October Orel ( "Mystery", together with «Clown's Ball»), on October 8 in Bryansk ( "Solaris", along with German «Moscowska»). October 30 - Concert in Orel "Salute" with "Distemper". November 30 "yaytsy" played "Mathis" in Zheleznogorsk club. January 14 - performance in Moscow in «Black White »with« Necondition ». January 22 - a concert at the club "Relax" on Dubrovka.

At this point in the group of 8 persons: Niels (vocals), Guchok (drums), Dan (guitar), Pete (bass, backing vocals), Stas "Pten" (trombone), Jean-Paul (trumpet), Dima (tenor saxophone ) Paspartu (tube). Of course, the ninth member of the group can be considered Belonozhko Igor, who rides with the "eggs" to all appearances wherever else.

It is noteworthy that in Zaporozhye (Ukraine), in 1995 there is a group of the same name. Zaporozhye namesake in the late 90's were known far beyond the borders of his native city. So, the band was the winner of the international rock festival in Oberhausen (Germany) and played at other international events, toured the Ukraine and Russia. In the late 90s the band was so well known in the city and beyond, that the concert schedule was packed to capacity, and the group itself to seriously work on his own, and without that high performing level, and invited the new permanent musicians. and in 2001 it was divided into a group of "Faberge" and the other team has already sunk into oblivion ..

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