Yak zrobiti of paper

Articles made of paper with his own hands

In our time, the paper is the most cheap and available material. What can be made of paper with your hands? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, card.

Postcard with your own hands

Creative with love

Postcard long ago became a satellite of any gift to a celebration, and in some cases and a fine independent gift. A striking example - valentines. Construction paper or cardboard, different colors, scissors, glue - a minimum set of tools that it needs. The easiest option - to turn the sheet in half and decorate with applique. The course can go any decorative material: pieces of fabric, lace, elastics, buttons, and so on. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you have a child - connect it to this employment, he will be delighted. A little patience, and you can get a great author's work.

Two layers of paper, you can make three-dimensional postcard. For this purpose, the inner layer is patterned in a certain way and cut along the contour. Using a game of two colors, you can get here are wonderful postcards.

Examples of volumetric postcards

Cards made by you, leave the warmest memories of you

Engineering decoration cards are widely used in a different form of paper craft - in scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking - a manufacturer of personal or family photo albums, dedicated to any event: wedding, birthday, travel, any event, to talk about where you can use the photo collage. Scrapbooking has long gone beyond the photo albums, and today this technique decorated with a variety of things: boxes, packaging, pictures, calendars.

Children photo album

Despite the fact that the necessary materials for this exciting class can be purchased at specialty stores, the network has a lot of recipes, how to make the special paper for scrapbooking or decorating yourself. In particular, the paper is made from newspapers, wrapping paper, boxes of perfume, or even out of the egg, with the addition of herbs, threads, sequins or confetti.

As scrapbooking and cards for jewelery uses polubusinki, ribbons, braid and lace. In addition, the used decoration of paper made by the technique of pergamano and quilling

Pergamano - machinery stamping on parchment paper. Professional tools successfully replace the conventional pin with a round tip or crochet hook. Manicure Myotis same pin useful for making holes. And the old computer mat will perform the function of the substrate. Patience and imagination will help you to create a work of art.

Pergamano was invented by nuns in Europe during the Middle Ages. So they made out of the Holy Scriptures of the page.

It is believed that they are the first to use a different technique - quilling: it is the art of making applications of twisted thin strips of paper. Nuns was wound thin paper with gold stripes on the edges of the feather and the resulting spiral used to decorate books, medallions, framing of the icons. Today quilling wizard is widely used in its decoration and interior design.

Pergamano "With a newborn!"

The simplest elements of quilling the strength to master even a child of primary school age. This activity will help develop creativity and imagination of your children.

Various applications of paper

Bee interior

Origami in the form of application

Origami It called the art of an entire sheet, because the classic technique prohibits not only cut the sheet, but even his overstrain. They enjoy doing folding figures from paper, this exercise will help to raise your child hard work, perseverance and creativity. With origami, you can not only have fun, but also to create a wonderful thing for interior decoration, for example, a child's room.

Style in the details

Butterflies of the white paper

Large colorful butterfly fan

You can decorate paper products chandelier on the ceiling

Decorations of paper for any occasion

You can make a fan of jewelry gift or colored paper

Colors for the interior of the corrugated paper

Rascherchivaem, cut and round out.

Flower as a gift from corrugated paper

Crafts from newspapers

Paper can be made with your own hands not only cute trinkets, but also very useful in everyday life things. In every house there is a stack of old newspapers and magazines. We shift the growing stack from place to place, in a closet, balcony, garage, until finally dare to carry all that stuff in the trash. In the meantime, from here you can create such wonders of old newspapers and magazines.

Products made of newspaper tubes twisted in a special way and painted with acrylic paint, can not be distinguished from woven of wicker products.

Chests of newspaper

Shopping from the newspaper

Houses for animals

House for children

Children's furniture for the game

Motorcycle cardboard

Try something to do with the child, and his soul will remain forever fond memories of the event.

Yak zrobiti of paper

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How to make origami paper - the best photo ideas

Today, modern art is in great demand. Many wonder how to make origami paper, to see where the instructions and photo examples and do what origami? After all, we talked about this almost do not know anything.

Origami is an art - which originated in ancient Japan, which consists in the work of various paper items. Even scissors may not be necessary to create masterpieces. Will need a paper (one color or color) and glue.

Often the paper used is of a square shape, since it is also correct (according to the Japanese). Of course, one might think that the business is very difficult to handle and can not everyone, but this is not the case. If there is a desire to create, prepare the necessary materials and all of you - you get as you need!

Start with the production of the most common objects, only then gradually move on to other, more complex in the manufacture of components.

Before embarking on the creation, review the information, read the article, browse photos and video, which describes in detail how to do origami. Moreover, embodiments of the compositions may be varied so that some thought and this could not come. The Internet is available a lot of different information on the subject, for example, the answers to such questions: how to make an origami swan, how to make an origami frog, how to make origami tulip or how to make an origami rose.

In addition to questions about how to do origami, you need to think also about what to do? In fact, there are so many ideas. In this issue you can show imagination and nobody limit you will not.

Master Class - how to make an origami paper with your hands?

  1. Take several sheets of colored paper
  2. Give them a square shape (approximately 10 cm side)
  3. Fold the resulting square exactly diagonally
  4. The resulting lay-down triangle foldline
  5. The corners on the sides need to bend upwards and combined with the upper corner
  6. Each of the side treug s-fold in half
  7. Open the "pockets", straighten them. You get a diamond.
  8. Every bend figure in half. Charted across the fold line, wrap the corners of the inside.
  9. Each treug-to fold along the lines left over from the previous fold.
  10. Put a figure in the shape of a cone and glue the sides.

Thus, 5 petals fold whereupon flowered.

Make reading how to make an origami flower, it is not difficult! However, like other variants of origami paper.

How to make an origami in the shape of eggs for Easter

Advance will need to produce about 1000 units. They will be needed for the product to stand eggs. Collecting, from mount to one another using fastening puzzles. Instructions here stick it is not necessarily, because you may want to make a different pattern Easter egg. And this is easy to do, it is sufficient to apply the colored modules and bind them in different variations.

Start assembling the egg - with its top. You make a circle, consisting of 8 - monochrome modules. In the first ryadochke between modules insert another module. Thus, you get the first two rows, each of them will be 8 units. In the 3rd Grow another workpiece 2 a triangular shape, as in each of the gaps in the second row. Wear them if they - a 1 pocket. Doing everything right, get in ryadochke 16 pcs. blanks, and then you can begin to alternate colored modules. In this case, you can make a pattern, if not the inscription.

To increase the eggs is necessary to increase the number of modules in each of the following rows. When he reached the middle, count. You should get 32 ​​pcs. Below egg going as well as at the top, with the number of modules will go to decrease.

When the egg is collected, you can proceed to the design of the stand. Make a circle of 18 blanks. Before proceeding to the second circle of the same (18 pcs.) Insert blanks in the free spaces in the 1st row. Then you can do computation pattern, alternating colored modules.

Blanks in the center of the stand must be two rows, each of which modular blanks 12. When moved to the third row, move the workpiece in color, on the same side, and then squeeze their tops, as if twisting them. Then harvested parts you need to put "up". Thus, you get a "column" for the stand.

You may be interested:

In the middle of the stand - 7 modular rows. The upper part was collected as well as the upper. After that, all parts are held together by glue. Here and ready origami paper!

To date, origami counterfeiting are increasingly popular. After using and knowing at least the basics of this technique, the hands can be done with the most ordinary paper in improvised devices, are very unusual and original design elements festive paraphernalia, interesting children's toys. And it is quite possible that your child will be much to the liking of the whole creative process of working with papers. This means that in the future you will be with him, not only to spend time, but also to make it interesting and useful. In addition, origami perfectly relieves stress.

Around the world have already begun to conduct special training courses for art of origami.

50 photos of ideas to create origami paper

We also offer you to watch multiple videos to create origami paper:

Video 1 - Jumping Frog of paper

Video 2 - Origami crane made of paper

Video 3 - Origami Book

Video 4 - How to make origami paper envelope

Video 5 - How to make a flower out of paper origami tulip

Video 6 - How to make paper origami dragon

Video 7 - How to make origami paper glasses with their hands

Video 8 - How do tulip paper

Photo schemes to create origami paper

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