Yak zrobiti of Paper the schos tsіkave

Articles made of paper with his own hands

In our time, the paper is the most cheap and available material. What can be made of paper with your hands? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, card.

Postcard with your own hands

Creative with love

Postcard long ago became a satellite of any gift to a celebration, and in some cases and a fine independent gift. A striking example - valentines. Construction paper or cardboard, different colors, scissors, glue - a minimum set of tools that it needs. The easiest option - to turn the sheet in half and decorate with applique. The course can go any decorative material: pieces of fabric, lace, elastics, buttons, and so on. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you have a child - connect it to this employment, he will be delighted. A little patience, and you can get a great author's work.

Two layers of paper, you can make three-dimensional postcard. For this purpose, the inner layer is patterned in a certain way and cut along the contour. Using a game of two colors, you can get here are wonderful postcards.

Examples of volumetric postcards

Cards made by you, leave the warmest memories of you

Engineering decoration cards are widely used in a different form of paper craft - in scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking - a manufacturer of personal or family photo albums, dedicated to any event: wedding, birthday, travel, any event, to talk about where you can use the photo collage. Scrapbooking has long gone beyond the photo albums, and today this technique decorated with a variety of things: boxes, packaging, pictures, calendars.

Children photo album

Despite the fact that the necessary materials for this exciting class can be purchased at specialty stores, the network has a lot of recipes, how to make the special paper for scrapbooking or decorating yourself. In particular, the paper is made from newspapers, wrapping paper, boxes of perfume, or even out of the egg, with the addition of herbs, threads, sequins or confetti.

As scrapbooking and cards for jewelery uses polubusinki, ribbons, braid and lace. In addition, the used decoration of paper made by the technique of pergamano and quilling

Pergamano - machinery stamping on parchment paper. Professional tools successfully replace the conventional pin with a round tip or crochet hook. Manicure Myotis same pin useful for making holes. And the old computer mat will perform the function of the substrate. Patience and imagination will help you to create a work of art.

Pergamano was invented by nuns in Europe during the Middle Ages. So they made out of the Holy Scriptures of the page.

It is believed that they are the first to use a different technique - quilling: it is the art of making applications of twisted thin strips of paper. Nuns was wound thin paper with gold stripes on the edges of the feather and the resulting spiral used to decorate books, medallions, framing of the icons. Today quilling wizard is widely used in its decoration and interior design.

Pergamano "With a newborn!"

The simplest elements of quilling the strength to master even a child of primary school age. This activity will help develop creativity and imagination of your children.

Various applications of paper

Bee interior

Origami in the form of application

Origami It called the art of an entire sheet, because the classic technique prohibits not only cut the sheet, but even his overstrain. They enjoy doing folding figures from paper, this exercise will help to raise your child hard work, perseverance and creativity. With origami, you can not only have fun, but also to create a wonderful thing for interior decoration, for example, a child's room.

Style in the details

Butterflies of the white paper

Large colorful butterfly fan

You can decorate paper products chandelier on the ceiling

Decorations of paper for any occasion

You can make a fan of jewelry gift or colored paper

Colors for the interior of the corrugated paper

Rascherchivaem, cut and round out.

Flower as a gift from corrugated paper

Crafts from newspapers

Paper can be made with your own hands not only cute trinkets, but also very useful in everyday life things. In every house there is a stack of old newspapers and magazines. We shift the growing stack from place to place, in a closet, balcony, garage, until finally dare to carry all that stuff in the trash. In the meantime, from here you can create such wonders of old newspapers and magazines.

Products made of newspaper tubes twisted in a special way and painted with acrylic paint, can not be distinguished from woven of wicker products.

Chests of newspaper

Shopping from the newspaper

Houses for animals

House for children

Children's furniture for the game

Motorcycle cardboard

Try something to do with the child, and his soul will remain forever fond memories of the event.

Articles made of paper with your hands: 8 extraordinary ideas for kids

Articles made of paper can be produced both for themselves and for sale in today's schools and preschools pay great attention to work with paper. And the kids, and school children love to create original articles made of paper. Working with her, the child develops their imagination, learn to think creatively, besides develops fine motor skills of fingers.

Original articles made of paper with your hands: the scheme and templates

Simple three-dimensional boxes for gifts or volume numbers can be made with your own hands, Draw a diagram on a piece of paper. Many crafts practically impossible to lay down without schemes. With the templates you can create complex three-dimensional forgery of colored paper or cardboard. Beautiful trinkets, furniture layouts, and much more - the power of any amateur creativity.

Diagrams and templates for creating paper crafts can be purchased on the Internet or shop for handicrafts

To do this, you must find on the Internet, such as online masters Country, any template you like. Animals, birds, toys - all can be created using pre-designed templates and schemas.

Each template comes with instruction on which will need to collect crafts. Template need to download, print out, cut along the contour of a figure. On each figure on the template will be drawn with dotted lines, which should bend model. Ready to glue model glue.

Light crafts out of paper for babies

Children are interested in the paper since childhood. To instill a love of creativity, parents get involved in the child's creation of a variety of craft paper. You can make a beautiful bright crafts bird, which a child can play or use it for the bedroom decor.

Simple bird made of cardboard:

  1. From template to cut out the shape of birds, draw the beak, feathers, tail.
  2. Of square sheet of colored paper folded accordion.
  3. Make a hole in it and fasten the flaps.

Articles made of paper in form of a turtle is well suited for children

If you cut a few birds, you can make Chinese breeze of feng shui. Birds hanging on a wooden stick, such crafts can steal the entrance to the nursery.

All work on the carving must be carried out by adults or under their close supervision!

After working with paper child should lay down all the tools in the box. So accuracy is produced.

Stylish crafts made of cardboard and paper: voluminous pictures

The most simple crafts from paper application is considered, it is often taught in elementary school. Beautiful dimensional picture of the bright colors will be an original gift from the child's mother or grandmother. Flowers can be made of a white toilet paper or napkins.

If crafts to take toilet paper, it is better to use an expensive white with perforation, which can then be a little paint.

Work with napkins is very simple, but care must be taken to not accidentally break it. Therefore, you should be especially careful when setting up such crafts.

Surround the castle, made of paper, is an excellent toy for baby

  1. Napkin folded in four, stapled in the middle. Cut out the circle wipes
  2. Each layer of tissue lift in turn, forming a lush flower.
  3. From a green paper to cut 6-7 leaves pattern.
  4. Brown paper cut the basket, stick to a tight red piece of cardboard. Add flowers and leaves in a basket.

The basket can be made of corrugated paper of any color, but it is advisable to stick it in a couple of layers. Instead of paper you can use foil for baking or chocolate.

Interesting crafts out of paper: weaving

Ways of weaving handicrafts made of paper very much, this is a very interesting and original way to create handicrafts.

The most simple - a braid staggered between the strips of paper, creating the item. A more sophisticated way - a weaving twisted into rolls of paper.

Depending on what type of paper you choose, your hack will have special properties.

Due to the paper can be made practical chessboard

  • Newspaper;
  • Glossy magazine;
  • Ribbon for cash registers;
  • Plain paper.

Note that it is easier to work with paper that is durable - will hack accordingly stronger. original drawing out of glossy magazines.

It is not necessary to weave together the various types of securities. Thick paper can be woven with a subtle and sometimes capable and tear it.

Finished products can be decorated with ribbons, beads, flowers, Quilling, all that is capable of your imagination.

How to make paper crafts: preparation of paper tubes

Weaving paper tubes - highly entertaining work. You can make tubes from sheets of the magazine - the material is sufficiently dense and bright images become an original design on the basket.

you will need for the manufacture of:

Paper tubes to not torn, in their manufacture should be applied thick paper

To begin to prepare the tube. Tape width of 90 mm of any length simply wound onto the spoke. Glue the edge, remove the needle, leaving a couple of centimeters inside the tube, glue the second edge.

Mota desirable tightly depends on the accuracy of the product. Do not be distracted by extraneous things, so progress is lost.

By gradually pulling spokes and capacity of paper on it, you can extend your tube to the required size. For weaving baskets tube length should be such that you are comfortable it was to bend.

Beautiful basket: crafts out of paper in stages

So, we made a workpiece, in addition, require a strong piece of cardboard, scissors and glue. Cardboard need to cut the bottom of the basket of the future. To do this on any template cut out two cardboard circle.

Now you can proceed to weaving baskets:

  1. On the cardboard is pasted circle circumferentially paper tube. On the tube is pasted around.
  2. Tubules lift up and fastening band.
  3. The end of one tube to the base paste, then the standing tube bows outwardly, inwardly and conducting bows second tube inside.
  4. Alternate "outside-in" until the end of the duct.
  5. To lengthen the tube, you need to insert a new rod to the end of the previous one.
  6. To basket had a definite shape, with better weaving inserted inside the bottle or jar.
  7. Propletaem all ranks up to the required height.
  8. If the remaining piece of the vine, do not cut it, it is better to fix it in a finished basket. To be sure, you can stick to one of the tubes.
  9. Frame tubes can be stuck to the walls of the basket.
  10. The finished product is an acrylic paint with paint, waiting for the complete drying and stain again.

Basket of paper is a great element of decor for any room

Decorative basket is ready, there is possible to put a small artificial flower or adapt for hairpins and rezinochki.

Simple crafts out of paper: an angel on the Christmas tree

On New Year's Eve so eager to decorate the house with beautiful decor. The easiest way - to make beautiful crafts out of paper on their own, with a little effort. Crafts angel can make even a child of 4-5 years under the supervision of parents.

How to make a Christmas angel step by step:

  1. Of colored paper cut two squares of 10x10 cm. Fold them accordion.
  2. Make bend the harmonica, departing from the end of 3 cm. One accordion fold to the right, the second to the left.
  3. Glued bent fold the bottom of the fan.
  4. To make the head should be cut 4-5 strips of paper width of the fan edge. Screw the strips on top of each other, forming a tight circle. Fix the size of the head with glue.
  5. The remaining piece of paper downward.
  6. Glue together halves. Angel ready.

With paper, you can make original decoration for the Christmas tree in the form of angels

If you want to decorate the Christmas tree angel, a halo can be tied to hang streamers and crafts on a branch.

You can also put it on top of the Christmas tree. To he held, simply attach to the crafts branch conventional clothespin.

Articles made of white paper: bulk snowflake

Volumetric snowflakes looks impressive, moreover they can decorate the apartment before the holiday and decorate the Christmas tree. To create such crafts will need paper, scissors, glue.

How to make a three-dimensional snowflake steps:

  1. The sheets of paper cut into six squares.
  2. Fold the square in half to make a triangle. Make an incision from the lower bend towards the top corner. The incisions should not be met, it is necessary to leave a small gap between them. Thus make 3 triangular notch.
  3. Open the paper and put ourselves in a diamond.
  4. Reduce the first inner row of strips to each other, secured with glue.
  5. Flip crafts, repeat to claim 4, with the following strip.
  6. Turn over and hold together all of the remaining strips.
  7. In a similar way to make 6 pieces snowflakes.
  8. Bond together to 3 parts stapler.
  9. Two finished halves glued together.

Volumetric snowflakes from white paper is well suited for home decoration for the New Year

When the glue is best to use a brush or a glue stick.

If the bonding at the center put the ribbon-loop, finished crafts can be hung anywhere.

To work suitable white and colored paper. Very unusual is watching the snowflakes out of paper, where one side of the color, and the other - white.

The most simple children's crafts out of paper without scissors

Easy and beautiful hack for kids - "universe through the eyes of a child." The figure can be represented by the month, the stars and other celestial bodies. This hack can be done without cutting.

Need to work quite a bit of material - glue, confetti (or small pieces of torn paper) and a dark blue sheet of cardboard.

  1. Of firecrackers gather confetti cut or punch a bunch of little dots of colored paper.
  2. Take the stencil and apply a pattern on the sheet - a crescent moon, stars and planets.
  3. Drawn figures paint PVA and until it is dry, sprinkle confetti ready.

The finished picture can decorate the shiny bezel, for it needs to be finely chopped and rain Christmas in the same way pasted along the contour of the picture.

There is a wide variety of handicrafts made of paper that can be done without the use of scissors

Work with such crafts can be carried out even with preschool children - in kindergartens or early development circles.

This method can be decorated and application. Adorning, for example, cut from a sheet of green herringbone pattern can be made beautiful Christmas crafts.

Fascinating crafts out of paper for the children: moving toys

These toys are very interesting kid. Pulling the strings, and the animal or doll move the handle-leg. In fact, to make such a figure quite easily.

Entertain toy puppet can be made from plywood, but as more pliable cardboard to manufacture better analyze this option.

To work need cardboard, a pair of buttons, a thin wire, scissors, a strong thread and Bardsey Island.

Movable Paper toys are a great gift for a child

How to make a dog-puppet:

  1. Moving parts (legs and tail) draw on separate cardboard and cut out.
  2. Subsequently, at these points we do mount with wire or nails, Bardsey Island. The stopper can be used as buttons.
  3. Torso and head glue tape or glue to the bamboo stick.
  4. In advance make a hole in the paws insert for mounting and combine with the body. Between themselves associate foot via thread or rubber bands. For this We perform two additional holes in each foot so that they are positioned closest to each other, and the thread is not visible from the front.
  5. Likewise tail fasten and connect it to the rear foot.
  6. After another tie a long string to the one between the legs, it is set in motion all the moving limb.
  7. The final stage of painting, at your discretion.

Performing on such technology cat, fox, hare, you can make a puppet show for the kids. A play based on the beloved fairy tale involving small animals like every child.

Articles made of paper without glue: simple origami for kids

origami technique is quite complicated, but both want to make your child an interesting three-dimensional toy with their hands.

This chicken is one of the most interesting and relatively simple craft. The sheet of paper must be square.

Tip: If you go upon peeling off to avoid strongly ragged edges, fold the sheet on both sides.

When choosing a future composition to create origami is to choose the crafts without complex elements

To cut you can use scissors or a ruler with a sharp knife stationery.

Origami Chick steps:

  1. Square folded sheet diagonally. Expand, folding in half.
  2. Expanding the left and right corners of the square are folded inwardly, combining them in the middle of the square. The result was a pentagon.
  3. Fold the top of the cone in the middle. Then, the same cone is curved in the opposite direction, so that overseas sheet made little corner - next beak.
  4. We combine the left and right sides of all crafts, put so that the beak was left.
  5. Upper right angle bends in the middle of the product.
  6. Lower right corner, it consists of two sheets, they are bent outwards product. We do it, combining the lower side, while divesting the leftmost border small corner - a chicken foot.
  7. Evert small corner-tail.
  8. Beak slightly goes down. You can paint the usual red pencil for a more realistic look. Draw eyes.

Such crafts can surprise a child, his intrigue. Causing interest in the toy, you can bring the kid to aid in the creation of this origami next time.

Master class: crafts out of paper with your hands (video)

In fact, paper and cardboard can make as much craft, which is not listed - animals, birds, cars, dolls. They can be bulky or simple colored or white. The richer your imagination, the more interesting it turns hack.

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