Yak zrobiti odinichku day narodzhennya

How to make the number 1 for a year from the napkins?

How to make the number 1 for a year of napkins (for a detailed master class with photos and video)?

Your baby is 1 year old and already the first birthday should be memorable. Dress up the room for the holiday and for a photo shoot. A great solution is to manufacture smart edinichki of napkins.

If you try, you can make yedinichku of wipes his hands. To do this you will need cardboard, glue, a few packs of napkins in different colors, masking tape.

Cardboard blank for making our edinichki. Its size may be different, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

You can certainly make a number of flat and attached to the wall, it will come up for a photo shoot.

But much more spectacular looks volume figure. But you need to give our edinichki volume, sticking it with the adhesive masking tape. As a result, you should get something like this design.

Now zaymomsya manufacture of napkins colors. To fold a napkin several times and staple in the middle of a stapler. Next, cut out of folded napkins circle. Each layer of the flower of our napkins, needs a little trim around the edge, no more than 3 millimeters. Now, each layer of tissue must be lifted slightly to add on, leaving the lowermost layer of flat for bonding.

Next you need to paint layers so that they form a flower. Now just need to stick the flowers on our edinichki frame, around the perimeter, except for the bottom course. Here are the numbers and ready. Edinichka turns light, voluminous and very beautiful.

How to make the number 1 for a year of napkins - step by step guide

  • cardboard (preferably a large box out of household appliances);
  • ordinary adhesive tape;
  • paper napkins desired color;
  • stapler;
  • glue.
  1. To begin, draw the outline of the unit on cardboard and cut it out. On the second sheet of cardboard and draw out the figure also cut.

First we need to create a strong frame number 1 made of cardboard. You can make a number of volume or flat.

In any case the figure performance would look solemn.

Then, from the napkins do little flowers, which later will be glued to the cores of cardboard.

To make the flower must be folded napkin several times to form a square. Further, in the center with a stapler fastening the napkin. Cut a circle in such a way that the compound was in the middle of the bracket. Share petals and glue to the carton blank figures.

You can also experiment a little with colorful napkins to figure turned more colorful.

The number 1 of napkins is simple, but for a long time. You can make a flat base unit made of cardboard and covered with flowers from napkins, but you can make bulk and paste over all sides.

On the first day of the child's birth, my husband did a photo shoot for a three-dimensional figure and ornaments candy bar.

Foundation made of corrugated cardboard. For added stability to base several layers of cardboard, stiffening ribs plus Cylindrical inside to figure does not prominaetsya when pressed. For the convenience of carrying the back cut a small hole.

All cardboard parts are bonded Melt. Then plastered straightened napkins to cardboard shone not between florets. Flowers from napkins made in the simplest way, as in this video:

Making numbers 1 will be divided into two stages.

Step one, the most complex: from a large sheet of cardboard cut and glue bulk figure 1. It can be applied following use stencil. Just do not forget to add 2-3 cm (depending on the size of the figures) on the bends.

Step Two. We will need napkins in different colors, better contrast:

Cut the napkin "yubochkoy9quot; (See figure):

Now we paste our figure is cut wipes on all sides. It should look something like this:

For a boy suit, white and blue, white and green colors, for girls will look beautiful white and pink, white and yellow and other bright combination.

Volume number in addition to the board can be made of foam. Durable foam, it is more convenient to cut, it is not necessary for a long time to glue parts not crumple.

2 will need a foam sheet thickness of 5 cm. The first draw on a sheet of paper smooth beautiful figure 1. It will be your stencil. Then transfer the image on each of the sheets of foam. Cut with a knife the numbers and glue them together with white glue. On the blank stick a lot of paper flowers that had no gaps.

Flowers need a lot, so you should choose this method of their execution, which wasted little time. The most popular colors for this in the form of napkins carnations, roses and peonies.

  1. Think of what size you need flowers. = Diameter of the flower of the squares that need to be cut out of napkins. We need their units 15-20 at the flower.
  2. Fold the squares stack and punch stapler twice crosswise in the middle of the squares.
  3. Cut a perfect circle on the edge of the cut fringe.
  4. Pick up each layer of tissue up to the middle, then the second layer, and so on. The last circle is the base of the flower.

  1. Take a napkin and a pencil. Screw on the pencil edge swipe 2-3 turns.
  2. Use your fingers to slide the ends of the napkin to the center of the pencil. succeed "garmoshka9quot ;.
  3. Remove the pencil. First workpiece petal-aside.
  4. Take another 6-8 such as petals.
  5. Start collecting rose early in making the core, then add the petal by petal.
  6. Fasten the bottom petals ribbon, cut the excess tissue. Rose ready. Make a lot of roses. These flowers easily glued to the base of numbers of foam.

  1. Fold the cloth four times, turn the square. Cut out the waves on two adjacent sides of the square.
  2. Spread the napkin. Fold it like an accordion and secure in the center of the wire.
  3. Alternately lift to the center of each layer of napkins and on the right and on the left side. That will have a beautiful flower.

First in life birthday - a very important event especially for moms and dads.

And I want a beautiful cake to the kid, and a table to decorate with the room, and even the very birthday dress nicely, to remember everything, and all the shots turned out successful.

One of the most popular elements of the decor on the first day of birth is the volumetric edinichka.

It can easily be made at home from improvised.

To bulk edinichka for a year turned out beautiful, we need all cardboard boxes, color wipes, furniture stapler, scissors, tape.

First make cardboard frame edinichki.

To do this, we need to draw and cut out 2 edinichki, then connect them strip of cardboard which gives the thickness, holds everything together with duct tape.

For decorative edinichki need to produce a large number of napkins pompons.

Make it easy on the photo diagram below.

Further pompons fastened via stapler to design furniture edinichki.

All edinichka for a year, bright and beautiful, ready!

To make the number 1 of the napkins at the party's daughter or a son, you must first cut the frame of cardboard. I advise you to use multiple colors of napkins - so get beautiful.

When carve frame napkin tear into small pieces, mark the box wherein a color paste and using PVA (or even better - with liquid gun) tissue glue to the cardboard. Thus it is possible to create such krasotischu here:

To do on the anniversary of your baby can be a lot of interesting things. For example, you can make a very nice, large, and elegantly decorated with a figure just using conventional napkins of different colors as decoration.

First make a template out of cardboard like this:

Then proceed to the production of flowers of the most common wipes:

And now, using glue, attach the flowers on the number like this:

It is best to choose a sunny yellow color, and it is suitable for boys and girls.

The first thing we cut out of cardboard skeleton from 60h35, then from the need to make some pieces of napkins 200 colors as shown below, and paste them with liquid adhesive gun.

Yak zrobiti odinichku day narodzhennya

Master Class "Unity on the first day of birth"

In March godovasie already noted we are not alone 🙂 Our fiance Daniel, also celebrated his first birthday, and his mother, Tatyana Vasilenko, creatively approached the organization of the event.

A month before the celebration it is, together with the Pope Dani, scrupulously foreman rainbow yedinichku for the upcoming photo session and enjoys sharing with us Master-class of its manufacturing! I give her the floor 🙂

Childbirth particularly important moment in the life of any family. And the first year of his life leaves the most unforgettable memories: the first smile, the first "ASU", first tooth, first steps, and first birthday…

I was waiting for this first birthday, as the day when Danya will be born. I want to capture in his memory, and holiday photos, special significance first year! So, I decided to make a symbolic decoration in the form of edinichki of paper flowers.

for manufacturing edinichki You will need:

  • Graph paper (to smoothly and beautifully draw a contour);
  • ruler
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Thick cardboard (preferably from household appliances)
  • Paper tape
  • Stapler with large brackets
  • crepe paper
  • PVA glue
  • paper napkins
  • A lot of patience:))

First, draw the desired shape our figures, smooth and easier to get on graph paper. I had such dimensions:

Next, we translate our layout on the board.

that numeral It looked nice and was stable, I made her the volume (depth edinichki 16 cm), so the opposite direction cut and duplicate all lateral parts rectangles corresponding to the sizes.

I want to pay special attention to this important detail. To bend turned out beautiful and smooth, do the inside cuts.

Merge all parts of the paper tape from inside and outside to safety.

Next, paste yedinichku on the front side with paper towels. I'm white, but it is advisable to use a bright color, or the same color as the paper flowers, if edinichka is monochromatic.

At this most difficult part of the job is over. Now most monotonous

Make a flower is very simple. Take corrugated paper, cut out a square 25 * 25 folding each square 4 times. In the middle of this square are held together by a stapler, and cut a circle out of it.

Further, each layer separately, except the lowermost, ups and clamped. When all the layers are raised, gently straighten flower.

When all the flowers will be made (≈350 pc), begin to stick them on the PVA glue.

The opposite direction, I do not decorate with flowers, so plastered with paper towels in several layers.

Our festive edinichka become excellent décor in the area for photos and left fond memories in the first photo album baby!

In conclusion, I want to say thank you to Margaret for the time that we communicate, I discovered a lot of new and interesting things in terms of creativity, new ideas, and most importantly the desire for their execution!

And of course thank you very much for being offered to publish an article about me in a very cozy and my Blog Master Class "Ones in the first year or two".

Tanya, is mutual, thank you for your cooperation, we will continue to inspire each other to work;)

By the way, young mothers Tambov! Tatiana with great pleasure to take orders for the manufacture of such numbers for your celebration. Make your family holiday a memorable one! Read more here>9gt;

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FUN edinichki obtain and very elegant. MAMA attaches great importance to preparation for an important event - the first one year old son. And photo turned out great.

Elena, thank you! This first birthday was really important for me personally))))

Cool, I thought, in the beginning, it is of small towels

It's an idea but I think very costly

Great idea! Well done parents!

Fabulously beautiful! But I was surprised at all the idea to make yedinichku! Very pleased!

Thank you! Our edinichka surprised everyone at the festival))))

Already 350 flowers. I immediately thought that I could not), but it turns out really very nice, so, probably, it is necessary to order such a beauty in the master, not an awful lot of jewelry.

Cool idea. And thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you, Catherine, for the organization of creative inspiration gallery! Young Momma, they are restless inventor;) :)))

Wow. He looked up, caught fire, everything you need bought about sitting masteryu.Dumayu poluchitsya.Tolko all I want to do two colors: white and sinyuyu.spasibo for a great idea.

Excellent, Good luck rukodelok, and most importantly, a wonderful holiday!

Margot and standing ok? I mean steady? or small can drop?

How to decorate the unit for a year with his own hands?

You are young and happy mom, which is in anticipation of a great holiday, because your baby's first birthday (he turns a year old). Do you want to give him a brightening on the highest level and are looking for some design elements. Decorate the unit with your hands, this is the best gift!

After all, everything must be recorded on video, the baby after a few years was able to view it and understand how Mom tried for it. Then, here you will find some original ideas as possible and beautiful soul, spending a little time:

Do not worry, the kids will love it, because you did it with love. There are different design options edinichki: to make one of the balls, but it will look chic - volume unit of the paper. First you have to create a frame of cardboard (here is useful to you an old box of household appliances). Then decorate it at their discretion paper (color or gift) or rosettes (make itself or buy).

Unit made of beads

Cardboard frame bulk edinichki

Girls choose a bright red or pink edinichki for boys - blue.

Girls Paper

Made of flowers

You can make yourself flowers

Or buy ready-made

Boys with flowers

Now that you know how to decorate the unit for a year with his own hands, simply select one of many options. You can also see a short video, which clearly shows the mistress as she prepares to celebrate the three-dimensional unit day the baby was born.

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