Yak zrobiti novorіchnі іgrashki svoїmi hands

Learn how to make toys for the Christmas tree with his hands out of anything

Love needlework? Then you will like to do Christmas toys with their own hands! It is a pleasant and exciting experience for the whole family, which does not leave anyone indifferent - you spend a few nights with pleasure, making the toys on the Christmas tree with his hands.

Simple crafts made of scrap materials

Required for the manufacture of:

  • yarn;

The template should be attached with pins (or ordinary toothpicks) to a porous material, and top with desired pattern - first laid out path, then the internal decor. Do not get too often cross the threads, the toy should be fairly flat. Once you're done, dry the product and remove it from the pins, and tie a loop in your ear. Optionally decorate Glitter or rain.

For the manufacture of toys need:

  • two types of wire - thick and thin (. can be replaced by a thin bright threads, such as sewing very beautiful pure white solid lines);

When the toy is uniformly wound, you need to free the tail wire wrap on a toy and tie the ribbon into a bow shape - your toy is ready.

You will need:

  • beads;

Made so interior decor looks very attractive.

Make two figures made of cardboard, glue them together, paving the string with a loop between them - blank for toys ready.

Free tail twine wrapped with Christmas tree in different directions. Once on the tree will be some pattern of thread, you can start wrapping cloth. Napkin can pick pieces, coat with glue the tree good, and tight sizing cloth. This will give a nice texture next toy.

Once the toy is dry, you are ready for painting - color Christmas tree in green.

After the paint dries, Otten toy texture with a dry stiff brush and white paint and then decorate to your taste.

Prepare some paper patterns - for example, deer, stars, gingerbread man, teddy bears, letters and hearts. Cutting their hands out of the workpiece cloth, stitch pairs, leaving a small gap (for printing), and through this small opening tightly tamp toys cotton or synthetic padding. Fill most convenient pencil.

star pattern can be downloaded here:

First, make a pattern on plain paper, and then drag it onto the cardboard. Do not forget that the star must be double. Do not make a star too thin, it is better to do it from a centimeter or more. Tail twine adhered to the cardboard, then the need to gradually wind the entire workpiece.

Place the thread tightly as possible, to leave no gaps. In order to decorate a star, make a couple of leaves and berries of the fabric and decorate one of the beams. Your decoration is ready.

To make Christmas tree toys in the form of caps, you will need:

  • couple bushings toilet paper (may be simply glued cardboard ring);

Threads need to cut into lengths of approximately 20-22 centimeters. Each piece is folded into halves, the loop through carry cardboard collar and through the loop the free edge of stretch yarns. It is necessary that the thread has been firmly fixed on a cardboard base. So you need to repeat until the cardboard base is hidden under the thread.

All the thread tails to stretch through the ring, so that in our cap to get a "flap".

Now available tails overtighten the thread tight and trimmed in the shape of pompom - cap ready! It remains only to make a loop and decorate your Christmas balls with sequins and sparkles.

Make a loop in the wire and strung her green beads interspersed with large beads - they will fulfill our role of fur-tree Christmas balls. After the wire is filled, give it a herringbone shape, folding a spiral.

Cut off a piece of tape, forming from it a loop for hanging and stretch through the Christmas tree and decorate with a free tail coin (the easiest way to glue on double sided tape). On a loop for hanging tying decorative bow - your decoration is ready!

First you need to inflate the balloon - not completely, but the size of the future decoration. Mix two tablespoons of water, two teaspoons of sugar and a PVA glue (50 ml), and soak the thread so that the thread is soaked in this mixture. Then you need to wrap the bead thread chaotic. Bulbs need to dry for several hours. After the glue is completely dry, you need to blow off a ball and take it out, and cotton ball gently paint paint from the spray and decorate with sequins and sparkles.

Christmas toy made of paper with your hands is as follows:

  • first you need to prepare a paper with a beautiful pattern, scissors, PVA and circle pattern (suitable cover or a small jar);

Decorating such toy is not additionally required, and so it is expressive.

First, make sketches for your future toys. It can be anything. Once the patterns are ready, transfer them to the felt and cut out. What good is this stuff - he was not sprinkled, you do not need to be further processed edge of each piece.

Try to sew the felt ornaments for the New Year is not only trees, but also for the house - for example, a Christmas wreath decorated with a felt toys, looks very stylish. See a selection of Christmas decorations with his hands photo workshops - and you can see how many interesting things you can do out of the ordinary felt two or three colors.

  1. Cut 10-12 identical strips of paper width of about two centimeters.

Now that you know how to make a Christmas toy of any material, which is right at your fingertips - it can be a cloth and cardboard, paper and twine, wire, beads, use can be everything - the main thing is the inspiration and the spirit of the new year, which will fill your heart during manufacture lovely Christmas decorations!

Christmas toys with their own hands

Christmas tree - the embodiment of eternal joy and celebration. And not just for kids. Adults, too, with barely concealed awe await the New Year, when implemented all the most cherished dreams. And it does not need much - just decorate the Christmas tree cute trinkets. It is said that this ritual also helps to come true any wish. Especially, if they are made Christmas toys with their own hands.

The house is decorated with tinsel becomes immediately warm and welcoming.

Here's a soft knitted garland I recommend to make a baby. And beautiful, and informative.

Christmas toys with their own hands

Of course, easier to decorate a Christmas tree with toys expensive bought-in: the huge glass balls, merry electric garlands, bright rain. There is no dispute that this tree will look very presentable and elegant. But is it will be so much soul in a cold glass toy in cardboard touching toy smasterennoy own, and even children's little hands. Over the years, of course, and purchased and homemade toys will deteriorate and lose its former luster. But if perfect, but grown old factory jewelry you just throw without regret drop the toy that you made with your child, do not throw rises hand. And then you try to breathe new life into it, to repair the torn parts, glue or tint. And not because you will be a pity to throw out a piece of paper or cloth, but because in this naive product - a piece of your soul, a fragment of your life with your child. Touching this odd job, you like to re-live through moments of bygone years, which return is possible, perhaps, in these memories.

For this volume garlands need to cut a few snowflakes on the scheme, and glue them together.

So, let's see what we are capable to do. The most simple and affordable that we can do is to fix the old toys your children to sew and tape them if soft toys, stretch the elastic tape through the hole and tie it to the thinnest part of the toys from solid materials. Such a small igrushechki will look very nice on a Christmas tree branch.

The most common version of the production of Christmas decorations - paper toys. To make a simple, but very nice holiday toy-RING own hands, you will need only sheets of colored cardboard, and paper, and even scissors and glue. You will first have to work on a cardboard ring, which, however, can replace decoration - pasted or painted, a ring of adhesive tape or any other suitable element. Then a strip of white or colored paper, of a width less than the radius of the ring, and the bellows is glued inside a ring-basis. After this will only add bright touches using contrasting to the basics of color squares. They are bent in half and glued symmetrically in accordion folds.

How to make a Santa Claus with his own hands?

that to make a New Year's toy with their hands, you can come up with something of their own, unusual and interesting. Originally will look decoration in the form of a lamp made of felt or magical snowflakes from beads, shining like a diamond placer. A can make this Father Christmas. To create this kind old man, who will be an original decoration of a baby's room, you will need a paper plate, cotton, colored sheets of paper, markers, watercolors, white glue, acrylic paint in white, scissors and, of course, a good mood. So, you can start.

  • Taken first paper plate and painted in white acrylic paint. After drying on the reverse side of the plate is attached nose crumpled ball of paper which is pasted over scraps of white paper on the principle of papier-mache. The same principle is necessary to make the cheeks and eyebrows grandfather, and after the glue has dried paint everything white.
  • After complete drying of the nose should be mixed little by little white and brown paint to achieve a natural complexion. The resulting shade is applied to the plate. Cheeks and nose added a little red tint.
  • It is checked whether all the paint has dried, after which the markers paint on facial features. When a child does not like to draw or is it not really good at it, you can glue the mouth and eyes of the same paper bundles, painted white, and then to the natural color: reddish lips and blue eyes.
  • Then a red paper triangle Wizard hat.
  • At the tip of the cap glue a small cotton ball, from which we obtain a pompom. After that is taken wide strip of cotton wool and sticks on the lower part of the face. So will Santa Claus beard. To make the eyebrows and mustache, taken a little thin strips that simulate elegant mustache and bushy eyebrows.
  • After drying, the adhesive is ready to toy!

That's the kind of Santa Claus can be put on the card, and can be made double and decorate the Christmas tree.

I, for instance, throw away the foundations out from under the toilet paper, but now will not, because with their help and colorful pieces of fleece you can do such wonderful Santa Claus.

And here's another interesting idea to surround Santa Claus and also of the paperboard substrate. Thus it is possible, and Snow Maiden and other fantastic characters do.

If you needlewoman-mistress, the weave of Santa Claus from the beads.

On exactly the same principle, you can make your head snowman, Pinocchio or another Funny Face. It would only be a wish!

Another easy way to make a beautiful toy - beads decorate Styrofoam heart. For this glue gun is secured string of beads on the edge of toys. Then begin to be bonded beads, which are strictly laid in one direction, forming the coils from the edges to the center. Beads thus does not necessarily have to be the same. They can choose different colors and sizes. When they reached the middle of the heart, beads thread should be cut and glued on only a small part of it, cutting with scissors the right amount of beads. After complete filling one side of the heart can move on to another. At the end of fixed thread or ribbon for hanging toys.

Christmas toys with their own hands: garlands and balloons

In December New Year's Eve to decorate the house and create a festive mood will Christmas tree garland. And if you connect it to the production of the whole family, the soulfulness winter evenings will be provided. So, one of the most simple but very original versions of the decorations - garland made of paper pom-poms, tassels. For its production need paper of different colors and different textures, scissors, string and glue.

Initially, a piece of paper folded in half along the width, and then - once more in length.

Garlands of corrugated paper obtained very soft and light. For this you need a garland of paper and twist the seal strip.

But this garland can be done within a few minutes. It will take only a hole punch, string, glue and paper glittterom brighter.

Of colored napkins can make lovely flowers and implant a thread. Get a beautiful garland!

On the side bend without using scissors incision - half a centimeter band in a full-length, leaving the fold to 6 centimeters. Leaf unfolding and cut in the middle into two parts, one of which is set aside. Leaf fully expanded and obtained sheet, cut on two sides into strips with a whole untouched part of the scissors in the middle. Then we need to take for the middle finger and twist the leaf, not touching cut edge. After the leaf center will be fully twisted, you need to bend it to form a loop, and then glue it at the base. After stringing a rope that brushes can proceed to the next manufacturing. This hairy caterpillar becomes a fun addition to the Christmas tree decoration.

Of packaging material produced wonderful garlands, is not it? What do you do with the packaging from the new iron and microwave? Accumulate it and make yourself such a wonderful "star" garland.

From napkins and LED festoons can build a masterpiece just 10 minutes!

The technique of quilling can weave such a nice garland.

Corrugated paper, you can build a fluffy garland. I recommend buying-ribbed paper today, and it will disassemble all)))

Cheap and cheerful, and most importantly - with their hands and with love.

Christmas garlands of paper with his own hands

There are many kinds of garlands, which are easily made in haste, remember, we wrote about how to make your own garland. So on the rope, you can string together scraps of colored cloth.

If through the fabric triangles is threaded a rope that turns a great garland of flags! If you make pom-poms of hairy yarn and string them on a thread, you get a garland, which the child wants and just play, so it is nice and fluffy.

As you are such a garland of popcorn? I personally really like.

And if between the popcorn strung some berries (in our reality rather wild rose), we get more and bright!

Popcorn strung quickly and easily with the help of a needle. Incidentally, such a garland good snack!

Well, another great option garlands of peppermints. where do without it)

And when the cloth straps to tie a rope bows, we get a very flirtatious garland. And the remnants of old wallpaper is also quite successfully can be applied to create a Christmas garland. And even if carved paper napkins folded in half, put on a rope, glue together the corners, it also received excellent garland. Vintage garland can be obtained if cut out of colored paper hearts and permeate their thread. Such touching romantic garland can become not only Christmas decorations, but also attribute to the St. Valentine's Day. This symbol of love can provoke its appearance was on New Year's Eve. Do not believe me? Did you check out: invite your friend to help you decorate a Christmas tree, and, as if in passing, make together a garland of hearts. Convince yourself that pleasant consequences do not take long to wait.

And this garland is most easily done with a sewing machine. Sew cardboard circles and it is ready!

Classics of the genre - bright Christmas chains.

If most ordinary LED garland decorate the snowflakes, she lights up a completely different light. Try.

All brilliant - just. Sometimes it is not worth much to be zealous in decorations, but to limit minimalist star garland.

How do you like this Knitted garland of snowflakes. I was already getting warm, when I look at her.

And this is also a garland made of fabric and thread. Cut out fleece different flowers and decorate the room.

A riot of colors. Do not even think to say that he would not regret it three times before taking a garland on the wall after the holidays.

Such Christmas garland with their hands it's best to turn an ordinary colored paper for manual labor, but it is better if it is bilateral. For example, you can take the red, pink and white paper. The combination of these colors create a very delicate ribbon-garland. Also for its production need: pen, scissors, a ruler and a stapler. Strips are cut from paper, whose width is 3 cm. In order to participate in the work could and your child can draw a line of each cutting line, and offer him their porazrezat. Then each strip is folded into halves. The tips are bent and fastened by a stapler with the other sisters. With each successive strip manufactured with the same steps. Each heart is connected with the previous and subsequent. Operation continues until the desired garland length. A heart that does not stretch during tension garland, can be at the bottom of a heart punch staple stapler. Here you have a heart garland.

In addition, or rather - most often on the Christmas tree as decoration mesh BALLS. These traditional toys, homemade vary widely: glass, paper, foam. By the way, if the ball of the glass can be broken quickly, the toy of the foam is very easy to scratch, break, crumble. If you have such a spoiled-looking balls, they can be very quickly turned into a real jewel, using decor reel small plastic beads and decorative cords - for example, a milky white color.

Of the tools you will need a hot glue gun, scissors and tweezers. This way you can not only update the old foam balls, but do not draw very interesting plastic. A diameter of beads used and the cords may be very different. But, of course, small balls is better to decorate the thin cord and thread small beads, and large toys can paste over both large and small beads. Even more original look balloons decorated with three cord or thread simultaneously. First you need to untwist ready garlands on separate threads. Then the cord is taken, and its end is immersed in the foam ball using a nail scissors or ordinary tweezers. In balloon portion near the cord fastening places little adhesive is applied, and a tip attached to it a string of beads. Clay gradually covered the next part of the ball and slowly, layer by layer, the beads are placed and the cord until the entire surface is filled entirely. Cut off the excess end of the string is heated in the foam. At the end with the help of thread with a needle that is passed through the fabric cord is a loop for hanging toys.

How's that ball? Very curious thing, which requires knowledge of geometry. Make it very informative. I advise you to try.

To begin, prepare the circles of the base as shown.

For operation 20 need circles of the same diameter.

Adds them sequentially. Like, nothing complicated.

But such a fun pinwheel made of slips of paper on the circuit.

Foam-ball or ball preform from the sponge can be decorated with wonderful flowers and invisible from the beads.

And this ball to make simple, but works dolgo.Dlya inflate a ball, wrap it with thread, spread PVA glue and wait until it dries. Then pierce the balloon and remove it.

Also balls can twist the wire.

But as can be decorated workpiece from the ball-foam or sponge paillettes and invisible.

Crocheted circles can be used as a toy, and then stand under the cup. Like the idea?

And here's another ball with sequins. I really like him.

Often we do Christmas toys with their own hands FROM BEADS. From it really got very nice Christmas decorations that you can hang around the house that will help create an excellent atmosphere of the New Year, we have already written how to weave wood beads. To make these charming toys need red beads, tape and wire. So, on a wire strung beads, and then finished out of the hard beads formed wire toys, for example - stars, hearts or Christmas trees. Special work is not required, but if you hang such toys on the Christmas tree, decorated with pre-tape their bows, then the result will be very pretty.

Returning to the same balls, you can try to make Christmas decorations using decoupage techniques. This requires the aged glass Christmas ball, the sheets of music book, PVA glue or a special - for decoupage, glitter and paint silver, special stamp with an inscription on a New Year's theme, ink, small bell, ribbon for tying a bow and thin twine for loops. While all of these components can be replaced with those that you have at hand, leaving the main thing - the ball, glue and napkins. Technique of the toy is very simple, does not require additional skills. Initially, the palette is laid out a little bit of white acrylic paint, then sponge to gently blot the ink and applied it to the entire surface of the white ball. Sponge should always dial the paint, then get a semblance of snow buildup. So all the balls harvested and allowed to completely dry. In the meantime, you need to prepare wipes. For this purpose the top layer is separated napkins, most colorful. Then halfway with water diluted PVA glue and glued on the ball motif. It begins bonding with the central part of the motive with steady progress toward the edges. Just attach all the motives. In general, every standard, as with any Decoupage, just with a larger share of glitz and jewelry.

Decorate the old ball new beads - a great idea.

Snowflakes beaded jewelry is very tender.

If you want to make the ball on the Christmas tree from beads, it does not necessarily know how to weave, you can simply stick the beads.

Interesting balls can be obtained from ... book pages or, for example, pieces of felt. So, on the scraps of your chosen material designated circle contours (you can cut around any household item, such as a cup). With the sewing machine sewn together by the diameter of circles about 10. For lack of machines can be managed and a stapler. Line would pass midway through the centers of all circles. Paper clips connected facets in a checkerboard pattern: the middle one compound that is closer to both ends of the suture the two compounds. And so on. It turns out the similarity deployed on 360 books with oval pages, held together by the two in the middle, then the edges. This gives the paper a toy ball corrugated surround. At the end of a loop to attach. Already this toy can cling to the tree, but it is better to use an additional decoration glitter and glue. Better, of course, if there is a ready-made glue with glitter.

Christmas snowflake Bead

Snowflake Bead weaving is recommended on a fine wire, rather than a string.

Very unusual looks and exquisite ball-spider. For its production need a simple balloon, any thread, glue a good (better - PVA), as well as your imagination and perseverance. Naturally, the ball is inflated to the desired size (in terms of the future decorations), well fastened and lubricated with conventional oil. Then the strand is wetted in glue, excess adhesive removed from it by passing the filament through fingers tightly compressed. Although it is possible to make a special container, which is filled with glue, and the cover breaks the small hole. Skein is placed in a container, the thread end is passed into the hole made and is gradually extended, whereby the glue is metered lubricated. Then this thread gradually ensnares the whole ball. Thus it is necessary to stock a remarkable patience, as the first series of yarns can simply slide off the ball. Thread should be kept in a light tension (a little hard). After winding is complete, the ball need to hang to dry. But do not dry it with a hair dryer or heating of the battery, because of this balloon will burst. The thickness of the thread, you can choose at their own discretion. But no need to hurry. Let the ball posohnet day, and then will need to carefully pierce the ordinary needle and slowly remove the frame from under the strings. Frozen yarn impregnated with glue, will be good to keep the shape. But that's not all: the ball can decorate again, at your discretion.

If large beads oplesti beads, leaves a beautiful toy.

According to this scheme braided bead.

Christmas toys with their own hands: Christmas trees and snowflakes

Most Popular Christmas toys with their own hands Paper - are ordinary snowflakes. They do not require any special skills of artist, no expensive material, no specific amount of time. All more than just, if not elementary. For this Christmas decorations need plain paper - white to color, glue - it is better, of course, the same PVA, paper clips and scissors.

Ways to cut - the most diverse: from simple, such as those that we cut in the school years of notebook sheet, to complex volumetric snowflakes. Folding origami method or cutting method kirigami done on special instructions from the displays of each step. If Origami is more or less familiar, the snowflakes are made in the technique kirigami first folding square diagonally, then bending angles of a triangle to the middle, that it is divided into three equal triangles. Then on top of the folds and made several parallel curved cuts, tabs which after deployment snowflakes will need to tuck under the center of the basis for the creation of petals like. In addition, you can spice snowflake, brushing glue and sprinkle with glitter. So snowflake become even more beautiful and brighter. Way posharovogo gluing of separate parts made card in the form of snowflakes.

Here's a three-dimensional snowflake can be done by a simple circuit.

Such giant snowflakes can be made from sticks of ice cream. You do not believe me? Watch the master class.

You will need a lot of ice cream sticks. We do not have time to gather? Then urgently treated to friends popsicle and selected wood.

If snowflake paint in a contrasting color to the wall color, the New Year's entourage will be provided for 100%.

This intricate snowflake made of thin paper-thin strips. it is extraordinarily beautiful. Carefully follow all points of our mater class.

Complicated? The main thing is not to get nervous.

That's it, the final touches and it will be ready.

The result was worth it, right?

unexpected soft Christmas toys with their own hands are obtained, for example, in the form of trees, we wrote about how to make a Christmas tree with his hands. For the manufacture of a Christmas tree of the tools and materials needed:

  1. hook, whose size is suited to the thickness of thread,
  2. a soft material (as for filling pillows)
  3. packaging white beads,
  4. the remains of three shades of green thread,
  5. needles and thin sewing thread, suitable tone,
  6. golden waxed thread.

Initially, the scheme fit stand, tree trunk, and a triangular base. When knitting a triangular bases of the scheme, in which each number is repeated four times. Knitted striped tree, each strip will have a width of three rows. Striping is conducted according to the scheme: green dark tone, green, light green hue.

So first, five air loops are closed in the ring, and then there is knitting on such a scheme:

  • three identical rows of 8 columns without sc (dark green);
  • a row of 8 columns without sc (green);
  • two identical rows of 14 columns without sc (green);
  • two identical rows of 14 columns without sc (light green);
  • a row of 20 bars without sc (light green);
  • three identical rows of 20 columns without sc (dark green color).

Toy decorated with large white beads or beads as if it New Year's toys. Sewn beads to the base freely. Then the foundation stuffed soft filler material.

Tennis balls easy movement of the hook can be turned into wonderful toys.

Stand and tree trunk tally under the scheme:

Five stitches are closed in the ring, then provyazyvayutsya three identical rows of 8 columns, without sc (brown). So get the tree trunk;

then fit the base of the same pattern that is shown in the beginning of the (dark green).

Here's a soft knitted garland I recommend to make a baby. And beautiful, and informative.

To strengthen the base of the cut cardboard circle whose diameter equals the diameter of the knitted base. Then stand associated sewn to the cardboard. The first row of the loop passes around the trunk of brown threads, the second - on the outer edge. Will only relate the tree and stand, and a New Year's beauty will delight you, and not one year. And while the real fir can be saved.

Soft toys from Brocade and Beaded Royal decoration.

There are many different options for homemade Christmas toys. You only need to turn on your imagination and a little hard work. And then for sure your every wish come true. After first - make creative Christmas decorations - has come true. Well, and who still doubt the magic of Christmas toys?

This herringbone craftswomen weave crochet is not difficult.

A funny and cute Christmas tree made of felt and beads.

Christmas balls with his hands video

Useful articles on the theme "Christmas toys with their own hands"

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Only I agree with Xenia. Not everywhere has a scheme and instructions to the ideas! And in the Capital PERFECT! Thanks again! 🙂

Fine craftsmanship, amazing dizayn.Redko meet these designer items. If all of this out of my head - you just clever.

Really liked the selection, take note. Good luck!

Excellent! Would only have detailed instructions and diagrams to all ideas))

Christmas toys with their own hands: original ideas

It is known that handmade products are valued much higher than the things produced in industrial conditions. If we talk about the gifts made personally, they receive is always a pleasure, because the person has spent on it is not only money, but their time.

Christmas toys with their own hands - it is always interesting and original products, can decorate not only a symbol of the new year - the Christmas tree, but also to transform the holidays interior of the house.

Making Christmas toys made of cloth with his hands in the home (with video)

We decided on the eve of the New Year to be creative, but do not know how to make Christmas toys with their own hands, to beautify your home and loved ones to please? You can help these simple, but at the same time quite original ideas manufacture of Christmas toys with their own hands improvised.

Balls - the best Christmas toys on the Christmas tree with his hands, which will decorate the symbolic green tree in your house all the holidays. These Christmas decorations can be completely different sizes, colors and are made with different materials. You can extend the life and restore the attractiveness of Christmas toys in the form of balls with your hands, wrapping them beautiful cloth and tie the top of ribbon or string.

Make the ball to decorate Christmas trees can be different: create Christmas toys with their own hands from the fabric, giving them a circular shape. Inside beautiful fabric can be wrapped crumpled paper or cloth, tying a top layout thread, so he kept the shape.

For registration Christmas balls can be used not only the fabric but also newspaper and magazine pages, music books. They look beautiful and unusual, such an idea for those who are already tired of the traditional Christmas tree toys. On top of these balls can be decorated with colorful ribbons.

If you want to increase the festive mood, to make it more festive, decorate their own hands at home New Year's toy beads, rhinestones, sequins, beads, buttons and other decorative elements. It looks nice Christmas ball of the buttons, which can be pasted on paper or fabric to sew. In the center of each button, attach a small white bead.

With this video to make Christmas toys with their own hands will be easy:

Christmas toys with their own hands Paper: Master Class with photo

If desired, you can make a Christmas toy with their hands out of paper, for this you can use a variety of ideas. Paper is an excellent material for this kind of work. Such crafts for the New Year you can do with your children.

Paper multi-colored garland

The easiest option to create paper ornaments on the Christmas tree - a chain of multi-colored rings.

You will need a bright colored paper, a ruler, scissors and glue.

Paper colored slips cut width of 1 cm and a length of 6-7 cm.

One strip to connect the ring, glue the ends, insert the paper strip into a ring of a different color, and do so until you get the desired length garland.

The best thing for such a self-made decorations, use a smooth-sided colored paper.

Paper squares with pictures

Original toys with photos of all family members, which depicted the most pleasant and important event of the year, will be a good decoration of New Year's characters.

To create such a masterpiece cut from paper six identical circles, fold them in such a way that the center of each element form a square.

Connect all parts with glue on the sides of the square stick photos of all family members.

Such a beautiful Christmas toys with their own hands out of paper in the photo below:

These ideas can be used on the eve of New Year, preparing your home for the holiday.

Christmas toy ball with his hands from the material at hand

For DIY manufacturing ball on the Christmas tree will need the following materials at hand:

  • thick paper with any beautiful pattern;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • a compass or any round object that can be cut around to cut a circle.

The process of creating paper bowl:

On paper, draw a circle 21 of the same size and cut with scissors. Each circle twice in half fold to determine the center of crafts item.

Then bend the circle and fold one of the sides so that it is exactly in the middle.

Fold the two other sides of the circle so that they form a triangle with equal sides. Cut out the triangle of paper, it will serve as a model for the other elements.

The resulting triangle apply to other circles, lead round its pencil and bend the edges outwards along these lines.

Ten disks are connected so as to obtain a wide band 5 above and 5 below, connect them to the ring. This will be the basis for a paper Christmas tree ball.

Ten remaining parts split into 2 parts: Glue 5 on one side of the ball, five - to another.

Cut ribbon desired length and stick to the ball loop apex.

How to make Christmas toys with their own hands from felt

Christmas toy made of felt with their hands - always up to date idea, because they look great on the Christmas tree. Felt - is a very interesting material, it is ideal for the independent production of Christmas toys. Felt has a different density and a variety of colors, it is well glued and sewn.

If you do not have time to do Christmas toys with their own hands on complicated schemes, will help the following very simple idea. You will need felt several colors, one of which must be red. It looks nice combination of white, blue and red. Red felt, cut a circle with a diameter of about 8 cm, blue - a little less, and white - the smallest, but not less than 5 cm Then cut from red felt heart that it was a little less white circle.. Now add up all the elements of red, blue and white circles, and the top heart, all the layers or sew, seal, secure the braid at the top to hang on the Christmas tree crafts. There are many ideas of creating Christmas toys with their own hands from a material such as felt.

Exactly the way you can make the stars and hearts: need only two colors of felt, one element to do more different - less connect them.

Here on the photo Christmas toys with their own hands from felt in a variety of embodiments:

New Year's toys, penguins of light bulbs with their own hands

New Year's decorations of lights with their hands can make even a child. A good option is penguins of bulbs.

To make them, you need to prepare such materials:

  • old light bulbs;
  • acrylic or gouache;
  • brushes;
  • small caps - they can be connected or found unnecessary by the dolls.

Master Class of Christmas toys with their own hands - from penguins lapochek:

One side of the bulb paint white acrylic paint, and the other - black.

In front on a white background with black paint penguin wings.

Plasticine make a beak and eyes.

Put the penguin hat and scarf, look beautiful Little Knits.

To the top of the cap, attach a rope and hang on the Christmas tree crafts.

Christmas New Year's toys Bead own hands

New Year's decorations of beads with your hands will make your Christmas tree more vivid and elegant. Using the small beads, you can make a pretty cute decorations. If you are looking for the easiest ways to make a Christmas toy with their hands, using beads is useful to you the following idea.

To work needed beads red, fine wire and ribbon.

Nanizhite to the wire beads.

Shape of her figure in the form of stars, hearts, Christmas trees.

Cut the wire and secure it with the top to the beads do not dissolve and garnish on top of a beautiful ribbon.

To create a New Year mood in your home enough to hang it so funny crafts.

Christmas toys of salty dough with your hands: crafts for kids

Christmas toy of the dough with your hands - a favorite Christmas decorations of many children. Kids love when on fur-tree not only hanging glass balls, but also edible decorations - candy and gingerbread.

Dressing the Christmas tree, it should be remembered that these cookies can decorate an evergreen tree up to two weeks if you want to then treat children with sweets. When the dough crafts have one purpose - to decorative, it is better to give up baking, giving preference to a further embodiment, the creation of jewelry.

Christmas toys of salty dough with your hands can make a child. In this case, such a creative process will bring the kid a lot of pleasant emotions.

Prepare the salt dough, using the following components:

The flour and salt mix, add water and knead the dough. Check test the willingness to create a craft like this: roll out the entire mass of the ball and pierce his fingers, when the dough holds its shape, it is suitable for use. In the process of kneading dough, add to it a little vegetable oil, so the mass becomes plastic, will not be covered by crust and stick to hands.

To make Christmas balls of dough, use curly molds for baking cookies. A variety of figurines made of dough can easily cut even a child. Once the figures are cut in the top of the need to make a hole, you can use the tube.

After that, the figures should be left to the time that they are completely dry and hardened. You can now proceed with their registration for this use of paint. Not to paint the colors of the figures on the stage of preparation of salt dough, you can add any color gouache.

There is another original idea to create Christmas decorations from dough. Take the figure of a heart-shaped, enclose the dough and cut out. Then the tube across the surface of the heart make holes, should get a delicate figure. Having done a lot of openwork hearts, thread them on a string, and you get a beautiful Christmas garland.

Christmas Toys Angels of cold porcelain

Cold Porcelain for Christmas toys with their own hands - another material that allows you to create beautiful Christmas decorations.

To make porcelain angel, prepare such materials:

The process of creating decorations:

Foil and cold porcelain beige roll one ball of the same size.

Porcelain in rolled-foil not forget while blowing air. From inside the porcelain to the foil shape perfectly round ball.

Now a thin stick shape holes - eyes. make the nose of a small piece of porcelain. Take plenty of foil and roll it from the oval, which will be the body of an angel. Again, take a piece of unpainted porcelain and rolled-foil it by forming an oval.

Take another piece of porcelain and uncolored its roll pin, to get the average layer thickness. To attach the surface of patterned cloth, and once again walk with a rolling pin. This canvas wrap the body of an angel, should have patterned dress.

In the same way do the patterned collar, but you take a smaller piece of porcelain. Attach it to the top of the trunk. Dress collar edge and trim sculptured. Proceed with the assembly of an angel: in the trunk on top, insert a toothpick on it put down.

White porcelain roll sleeve dress, beige - two small balls, and insert them into the sleeves, it will handle the angel. Brown mass roll seam, cut them into thin strips and roll each roller, attach such hair to the angel's head. In the center, attach the wire.

White porcelain cut wings and attach the adhesive to the back. Of colored porcelain paste bow shape and decorate hairstyle angel. Now, take the paint and lightly razrisuy face: make more expressive lips, eyes, draw a black or blue colors.

Angelok dry up and become strong, then it can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Christmas toys of pasta with their hands (with photos)

Lovers of unusual jewelry will appreciate snowflakes and garlands made of pasta. To connect the small elements together, the adhesive should be used.

In the photo Christmas balls of pasta with their hands look unusual and very beautiful:

In the process of Christmas tree decorations using a variety of types and shapes of pasta, suitable rings, flowers, spirals, shells, ribbons and tubes. If desired, such toys can be self-made paint colors, but you can leave and so.

Most children like Christmas toys with their own hands, so on the eve of the New Year at home organize the creative process, and entertain your kids.

A wide variety of options for Christmas toys with their own hands in this video:

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