Yak zrobiti Lizunov

How do Lizunov

All the children will remember this wonderful cartoon titled "Ghostbusters" and its outstanding character Lizunov. After all, he was the inspiration for the creation of a strange, but carrying away toys for children with the ability to adhere to surfaces, hands, brings a lot of excitement. Children interested in playing a toy, and even more fun to learn how to make Lizunov own hands. Take a moment pleasant and helpful to spend time with your child, creating together an unusual toy.

How do Lizunov house and that it is necessary for that

Creating Lizunov at home is very easy to do. Homemade variant of a cartoon character, will not glow in the dark, like a real, but will spread, stick, change its shape. Ways to create this unpretentious toys a lot, like a variety of materials for its manufacture, for example, gum, starch, water, glue, flour, gouache, on alcohol, some even use condensed milk if they want to make an edible toy. The colors you can choose from a variety of using food coloring or, for example, gouache.

All you need is to prepare in advance the necessary materials, select the method by which you act and enjoy the process of creating Lizunov. This is very interesting, even if you do not have children, and you have long grown out of childhood.

To extend the life of the product and give your child the joy of the game, read the following points:

  • a necessary condition for storing toys - a sealed container (eg, a small jar with a tight-fitting lid);

  • Lizunov do not leave in the open sun, on heating devices, batteries: he loves cool;
  • Do not place the toy on porous surfaces, such as carpet, clothing, because the micro-hairs will stick to it and get non-uniform surface;
  • to get the original toy, during manufacture, use essential oils, which will give a pleasant aroma hand-made article;
  • Lizunov for a "highlight": it is interesting to pour beauty sparkles in manufacturing mass and get a "glamorous" cartoon character;

  • to flavor toy: Add salt, sugar, condensed milk to the remaining ingredients in the making;
  • add the solution to paint a couple of drops of vinegar - Lizun become better reach, will not smudge;
  • using glycerol he get slippery, nasty, just like this;
  • Use of hydrogen peroxide to homemade cartoon character has turned a light, airy;
  • if you want to toy looked more lively, glue the eyes of the rubber buttons or paper.

Lizunov ways to make their own hands - instruction with photos

There are as primitive and harmless ways of creating sticky toys - for the youngest children (for example, an edible Lizun) and more "professional". Some of the methods we have discussed in detail in the instructions for creating, using exhaustive illustration. Here you will find a list of required materials, information about where it is all sold. We proceed to the description of manufacturing phase Lizunov own hands.

This is a quick way to make sticky toy, not expending much effort. Hack made this way, turn supple, able to bounce off the surface, almost like skipjack will remain soft. Lizun made in such a way not "afraid" of water (you can safely wash it).

  1. PVA glue pure white, with the actual shelf life (this is important, because the impact on the quality of your Lizunov) in an amount of 100 g;
  2. One glass of water at room temperature;
  3. Borax (sodium tetraborate under medical term or borax). Buy it at any pharmacy, shops with radios or with chemicals, special conditions or restrictions on its sale there. Ask for a 4% solution or as a conventional powder.

  1. Zelenka, food colors, gouache, acrylic paint - to make a color cartoon character;
  2. Any vessel (capacity 0.5 liters), wherein all stir stick and agitator.
  • a fourth portion of water mixed with the same amount of glue, adding the chosen dye, e.g., Zelenkov;

  • further prepare one tablespoon of borax;
  • gradually add borax to the previous ingredients, stirring constantly, causing the liquid will gradually become a thick, viscous substance will - Lizun.

A simpler way to do Lizunov with their hands - it's using these available tools, like clay and gelatin. Toy for a long time you do not serve, but will create any form that you will attach to it. It is recommended for the youngest lovers of toys, because able to develop motor skills little hands. Necessary ingredients:

  1. Clay any color, approximately 100 g;
  2. Two packaging edible gelatin 25 g;
  3. Warm water is not less than 50 ml;
  4. Two tanks: one metal for heating specific components, for the manufacture of a second plastic;
  5. Capacity for mixing.

We proceed to the manufacturing process:

  • a metal pail dissolve gelatin in cold water, leave to stand for an hour;
  • upon expiration of said time set on fire gelatin, bring to boiling with steam (hot water bath), remove from heat;
  • in a plastic container mix the clay with warm water, use of a wooden stick;

  • after cooling of the gelatin, adding the liquid to plasticine then thoroughly mixed to obtain homogeneity thickish;
  • sending the resulting material in a refrigerator until it hardens - Lizun ready.

This kind of manufacturing a cartoon character to make it easy, the ingredients to it will always be home for them will not have to specifically go to spend additional funds. However, the result obtained toys you do not really appreciate, because its properties will not be so, as we would like: Lizun hardish succeed, but there is a plus: it is good at jumping. Ingredients for crafts:

  1. Room temperature water, about cup;
  2. Starch (100 g), which can be replaced by soda and obtain the same effect;
  3. PVA glue, stogrammovuyu bank.
  4. Any coloring: brilliant green, gouache, food dyes, acrylics.

Instructions for the production of:

  • take starch / soda and mix with water of 1: 1 to obtain a jelly-like consistency of the substance;
  • add glue and mix thoroughly;
  • when consistency is still liquid, while stirring, add the selected colorant, e.g., gouache;
  • Lizun to obtain an approximation to a cartoon ghost, the part of water added should be higher in comparison with a portion of starch or soda.

Another way to prepare sticky hero with a shampoo, super-glue a certain brand and gouache. Why the adhesive need to use a certain brand, because only this type has the necessary properties, which give the toy softness, adhesion and spreading effect. So, the main components:

  • 90 g of "Titan" super-glue;
  • 30 g of the desired color shampoo, which only is available (take inexpensive);
  • Gouache any dye to impart colored effect;
  • Gloves for the accuracy of the work;
  • Small package, which will blend our constituents.
  • a mix between the adhesive and the shampoo in the package;
  • should proceed proportions of 3: 2 and the adhesive shampoo, vary at will the number of added ingredients;
  • adhere to the proportions do not have to if you want to experiment and obtain the desired properties: add more shampoo - a toy to be more flexible, more glue - you will get tighter;
  • by mixing the move, add gouache to give Lizunov shade, or make the color more saturated;
  • If you use transparent shampoo is ready Lizun will shine through, and if the shampoo was white, it is useful to you gouache.

How to make the liquid Lizunov without sodium tetraborate

If you want a little bit tricky and additional cash, allowing to stock the necessary materials, make Lizunov without sodium tetraborate, and he received a very high quality, it will be blurred, as close as possible to that which is produced in the factory. To achieve this, stock up on the following means:

  1. One fourth of neither past PVA glue;
  2. One third of the liquid starch. Note that this tool is one of the economic and household chemicals used during washing laundry;
  3. Preferred coloring agent: gouache, acrylic paint, brilliant green, food coloring;
  4. A small plastic bag as a reservoir for the mixing.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of:

  • in the package pour specified amount of starch;
  • to the same drip a few drops of your chosen tools for painting, for example, gouache;
  • pour said quantity of adhesive;
  • carefully by hand mix until a consistency of the resulting uniformity and obtain the desired color;
  • leave almost ready Lizunov in the cold soak for 3-4 hours, for example, in the refrigerator;
  • after the specified time, remove substance;
  • ideal option Lizunov ready!

Video tutorials phased creation Lizunov

For complete information on creating Lizunov own hands, watch the video tutorials below. They will help you prepare for this interesting lesson, step by step will show manufacturing steps, tell some tricks to create perfect Lizunov. You make sure that the process of creation does not take a lot of time, but the result will please not only your child but also yourself.

Yak zrobiti Lizunov

OAO All dіti pam'yatayut Taqiy Chudova cartoon pid titles "Mislivtsі prividilos for" i Yogo vidatnogo Lizunov hero. Aje vіn serve as a prototype for stvorennya wondrous, ale zahoplyuyuchogo іgrashki for dіtey Zi zdіbnostyami prilipati to poverhon, arms, prinositi masu capture. Dіtyam tsіkavo Grati with such a іgrashkoyu and slit tsіkavіshe dіznatisya, yak zrobiti Lizunov svoїmi hands. Skoristaytesya moment priєmno i korisno spend an hour Zi svoєyu ditinoyu, stvoryuyuchi time nezvichaynu іgrashku.

Yak zrobiti Lizunov budinku i for scho tsogo required?

Stvorennya Lizunov in domashnіh Minds duzhe zanyattya easier. Samorobny varіant cartoon character, not in the camp svіtitisya temryavі, yak spravzhnіy but bude roztіkatisya, stick, mіnyati shape. Varіantіv stvorennya tsієї nevigadlivіy іgrashki bagato, yak i for yogo rіznomanіtnіst materіalіv vigotovlennya: napriklad, Zhuikov, Krochmal of water, glue, Boroshnev, gouache, on alcohol, deyakі navіt vikoristovuyut zguschene milk Yakscho hochut zrobiti їstіvnu іgrashku. Kolori vie can vibirati samі rіznі, vikoristovuyuchi nutritive barvnik abo, napriklad, gouache.

All you potrіbno scho, Tse zazdalegіd pіdgotuvati neobhіdnі materіali, vibrato sposіb, zgіdno of Yakima will vie dіyati i otrimuvati zadovolennya od of Process stvorennya Lizunov. Tse Duzhe tsіkavo, navіt Yakscho you Absent dіtey and vie for a long time virosli of Kindergarten vіku.

Dwellers prodovzhiti Zhittya virobu i podaruvati radіst vashіy ditinі od gris, vivchіt nastupnі moment?

  • neobhіdna Umov zberіgannya іgrashki - Closed-tse dishes (napriklad, small jar of schіlno zakrivaєtsya Krischke);

  • not zalishayte Lizunov pid vіdkritim Sonts on nagrіvalnih priladit, batteries: vіn love proholodu;
  • not slіd іgrashku Putting on a porous surface, napriklad, kilim, odyag, to yak mіkro hairs stick up neї, i viyde neodnorіdna surface;
  • dwellers іgrashka viyshla origіnalnoyu, pid hour vigotovlennya skoristaytesya efіrnimi oils SSMSC dodadut priєmny aroma of hand-made article;
  • for Lizunov of "rodzinkoyu9raquo ;: tsіkavo vsipati kosmetichnі bliskіtki in manufacturing otrimati i masu" glamurnogo9raquo; cartoon character;

  • for Dodanim relish іgrashtsі: Doda sіl, Zukor, zguschene milk to Rasht іngredієntіv in protsesі stvorennya;
  • Doda in rozchin of Farben couple krapel otstu - Lizun camp tyagnutisya maintained upstream, not chi bude Masato;
  • Relief for glіtserinu vіn viyde slizky, merzenny, zovsіm yak spravzhnіy;
  • vikoristovuyte peroxides Water, dwellers samorobny cartoon hero viyshov easy povіtryanim;
  • Yakscho vi wants dwellers іgrashka viglyadala bіlsh creature stick ochenyata of gumovih gudzikіv Paper the abo.

The method zrobiti Lizunov svoїmi hands - іnstruktsіya s photo

Іsnuyut, yak primіtivnі i neshkіdlivі method stvorennya Lipke іgrashki - for naymenshih dіtok (napriklad, їstіvny Lizun) so bіlsh i "profesіynі9raquo ;. Deyakі by the methods of memo rozglyanemo in іnstruktsіyah by stvorennyu, vikoristovuyuchi vicherpnі іlyustratsії. Immediately vie znaydete list neobhіdnih materіalіv, іnformatsіyu about those de tse all kupuєtsya. Pristupimo to poetapnogo inventory vigotovlennya Lizunov svoїmi hands.

Tse Shvidky sposіb zrobiti sticky іgrashku not vitrativshi Especially zusil. Virіb, zroblena manner viyde pruzhnoyu, zmozhe vіdskakuvati od poverhon, yak mayzhe stribunets, zalishitsya m'yakoyu. Lizun, vigotovleny in a way not "boїtsya" Vod (vi can Semli Yogo Miti).

  1. PVA glue purely bіlogo koloru, s expired termіnom pridatnostі (tse vazhlivo, in addition scho vpline yakіst vashogo Lizunov) in kіlkostі 100 g;
  2. One glass Vod kіmnatnoї temperature;
  3. Borax (tetraborate natrіyu pid medichnim termіnom abo borax). Kupuyte Yogo in whether yakіy aptetsі, in the shops of radіotovarіv abo s hіmreaktivami, Especially minds obmezhen chi on yogo sales Absent. Request abo rozchin 4%, at abo viglyadі zvichaynogo powder.

  1. Zelenka, Poultry Feed barvniki, gouache, akrilovі Farben - dwellers zrobiti kolorovim cartoon character;
  2. Be the tank (ob'єmom od 0.5 lіtra) Where Money Does all tse peremіshayte i stick-mіshalka.
  • Fourthly Chastain Vod peremіshati s with such a Well kіlkіstyu glue Doda obrany you barvnik, napriklad, Zelenka;

  • Dali pіdgotuvati one tablespoon of borax;
  • postupovo Add your drill to poperednіh іngredієntam, postіyno pomіshuyuchi in rezultatі chogo rіdina postupovo pochne stavati dense, ductile viyde rechovina - Lizun.

Bіlsh simply sposіb, yak zrobiti Lizunov svoїmi hands - tse for the Relief of pіdruchnih zasobіv, yak i plastilіn gelatin. Іgrashka Dovgy you do not serve, ale target whether yak form yak vie Yomou dodaste. Won rekomenduєtsya for naymolodshih lyubitelіv іgrashok, to zdatna rozvivati ​​motility small ruchok. Neobhіdnі іngredієnti:

  1. Plastilіn whether yakogo koloru, priblizno 100 g;
  2. Dvi packaging nutritive gelatin 25 g;
  3. Heat water, not less then 50 ml;
  4. Dvi єmnostі: one for metaleva rozіgrіvannya Pevnyi warehouses, other plastic for vigotovlennya;
  5. Єmnіst for rozmіshuvannya.

Pristupimo to Process vigotovlennya:

  • in metalevіy єmnostі rozchinyaєmo gelatin holodnіy vodі, zalishaєmo nastoyatisya protyagom Godin;
  • by zakіnchennyu zaznachenogo hour, gelatin representable on Vogon brought to kipіnnya for dopomoga bet (nagrіvaєmo on vodyanіy banі) znіmaєmo of Vaughn;
  • in plastikovіy tarі zmіshuєmo plastilіn of fervent water, vikoristovuyte for tsogo derev'yanu palichku;

  • pіslya oholodzhennya gelatin, Qiu rіdinu dodaєmo to plastilіnu, potіm retelno peremіshuєmo to otrimannya gustuvatoї odnorіdnostі;
  • vіdpravlyaєmo otrimana rechovina in the refrigerator, not Pokey zastigne - Lizun ready.

Taqiy view vigotovlennya cartoon character zrobiti easy іngredієnti on Demba zavzhdi znaydutsya in the home, for them not nіkudi potrіbno tsіlespryamovano Iti, vitrachati dodatkovі Costa. However, the results do not otrimanoї іgrashki duzhe poraduє, to vlastivostі її will not be so, yak hotіlosya b: Lizun viyde hardish, ale here Je svіy plus: vіn umіє good stribati. Іngredієnti for virobi:

  1. Kіmnatnoї water temperature blizko bottles;
  2. Packaging Krokhmal (100 gram) yaky mozhna zamіniti sodoyu i viyde same efekt;
  3. PVA glue, stogramovu bank.
  4. Whether barvnik: brilliant green, gouache, Poultry Feed barvniki, akrilovі Farben.

Іnstruktsіya on vigotovlennyu:

  • Take Krokhmal / i zmіshuєmo soda water of 1: 1 to otrimannya zhelepodіbnoї konsistentsії rechovini;
  • dodaєmo glue i retelno zmіshuєmo;
  • shte if konsistentsіya bude rіdkoyu, pid hour pomіshuvannya, dodaєmo obrany barvnik, napriklad, Guasch;
  • dwellers Lizun viyshov nablizhenim to a cartoon prividilos, Chastina Bodi, scho dodaєtsya guilty Buti bіlshe porіvnyano of Chastain Krokhmal abo BIEN.

Sche one sposіb prigotuvannya sticky hero of shampoo, super-kleєm pevnoї brand i guashі. Chomu glue potrіbno vikoristovuvati pevnoї brand, that scho Tsei tіlki view volodіє neobhіdnimi vlastivostyami, SSMSC nadayut іgrashtsі m'yakіst, efekt sticking i roztіkannya. Otzhe, golovnі skladovі:

  • 90 g of super-glue "Titan9raquo ;;
  • 30 g of the shampoo Bajanov koloru, yaky tіlki Je in nayavnostі (berіt economy);
  • Guasch, whether barvnik for Dodanim rіznobarvnogo efekta;
  • Gloves for akuratnostі robot;
  • Slim package, Money Does will attempt zmіshuvatisya nashі skladovі.
  • zmіshuєmo mіzh themselves glue i shampoo paketі;
  • vihoditi slіd proportsіy of 3: 2 i glue shampoo, varіyuyte for Bajanov Quantity dodayutsya іngredієntіv;
  • dotrimuvatisya proportsіy zovsіm not obov'yazkovo, Yakscho vi wants poeksperimentuvati i otrimati bazhanі vlastivostі: dodavayte bіlshe shampoo - іgrashka Buda bіlsh elastichnoyu, bіlshe glue - viyde schіlnіshe;
  • downstream peremіshuvannya Doda Guasch, dwellers dati Lizun vіdtіnok, abo zrobiti kolіr bіlsh nasichenim;
  • Yakscho vi vikoristovuvali Prozorov shampoo is ready bude Lizun prosvіchuvatisya and Yakscho shampoo CCB bіly, you camp in nagodі gouache.

Yak zrobiti rіdkogo Lizunov without tetraborate natrіyu?

Yakscho Je Bazhannya Troshka povozitisya i dodatkovі groshovі Costa scho dozvolyayut be reserved neobhіdnimi materіalami then zrobіt Lizunov without natrіyu tetraborate, i vіn viyde duzhe yakіsnim, Bude rozplivchastim maximum nablizhenim before yaky viroblyaєtsya in zavodskih drain. Dosyagnennya for this result, such zapasіtsya zasobami:

  1. One quarter Chastina neprostrochenoї glue PVA;
  2. One third Chastina rіdkogo Krochmal. Zvernіt uwagi scho Tsey zasіb nalezhit to the number i gospodarskoї pobutovoї hіmії i vikoristovuєtsya pid hour pranah bіlizni;
  3. Bazhanov zasіb for farbuvannya: gouache, akrilovі Farben, Zelenka, nutritive barvnik;
  4. Polіetilenovy slim bag in yakostі tank zmіshuvannya.

Pokrokova іnstruktsіya of vigotovlennya:

  • in the package naliyte vkazanu Quantity Krokhmal;
  • tudi Well kapnіt couple krapel vibranogo you for Costa farbuvannya, napriklad, gouache;
  • vliyte vkazanu Quantity glue;
  • retelno Relief for hands peremіshayte otrimanu konsistentsіyu to utvorennya odnorіdnostі that otrimannya potrіbnogo koloru;
  • zalishte mayzhe ready Lizunov in holodі 3-4 Godin em, napriklad in the refrigerator;
  • pіslya zakіnchennya zaznachenogo hour, viymіt rechovina;
  • varіant іdealnogo Lizunov ready!

Vіdeo lessons poetapnogo stvorennya Lizunov

For otrimannya vicherpnoї Informácie schodo stvorennya Lizunov svoїmi hands podivіtsya navedenі nizhche vіdeo lessons. Pong dopomozhut you pіdgotuvatisya to tsogo tsіkavogo zanyattya, pokrokovo prodemonstruyut Etap vigotovlennya, rozkazhut deyakі hitroschі for stvorennya іdealnogo Lizunov. Wee perekonaєtesya scho himself protses stvorennya not take away bagato hour, and the result does not poraduє tіlki vashoї ditini, ale i you.

The most simple recipes and ways to make your own hands Lizunov (+ video instructions)

Creating Lizunov not require much effort. This process can involve children: such a pastime pleasure and younger family members, and adults.

It's time to learn how to make their own hands Lizunov at home from scrap materials - we will look at the most basic techniques and methods of making Lizunov.

There are many wonderful life hacking for the production of child Lizunov in various recipes with a diverse composition.

The most popular prescription using an adhesive. This component provides good adhesion Lizunov components and maintains configuration.

How do Lizunov type of glue PVA-M, or Titan-stick adhesive? Can I use for crafts office silicate glue?

To create Lizunov based on the adhesive can be applied various types of glue:

  • colorless or white PVA;
  • pencil;
  • momentary action glue, wherein an increased resistance.

One of the simplest embodiments Lizunov manufacture involves the use of PVAc with addition of water and sodium tetraborate. You will need 100g. adhesive (required fresh), sodium tetraborate solution of 4% and a coloring component, such as brilliant green or Gouache paint.

How do Lizunov, photos

Step by step creation process is as follows.

The container for the preparation of pour simple quarter cup of water at room temperature. Then, add glue to make a thick mass. At the end joins tetraborate and a coloring ingredient.

Mix the ingredients, put the mixture in a plastic bag and remember mixture.

Consider the principle of preparation Lizunov based stationery or silicate, glue. This option is less popular, but it gives an opportunity to create a great Lizunov. Also glue need alcohol and coloring components.

The alcohol solution and the glue should be mixed in equal proportions.

Add coloring and stir, remove from the bowl and rinse under water-cooling. After the mixture has hardened, the toy will be ready.

Another original recipe for cooking Lizunov involves adhesive base with the addition of shampoo. We will look at a way to make Lizunov of Titan glue.

Pour into a shampoo sachet and immediately add the glue (glue amount a half times the amount of shampoo), tie the bag, and shake the mixture was distributed evenly. On thickening it takes several minutes.

Watch a video of how to make glue Titan Lizunov:

Lizun to make their own hands can do without a solution of sodium tetraborate. Alternatively, this component using conventional soda. Adding dyes make color toy.

It will take 100 grams. Soda, 100 ml of glue, a dye, and water. It is also necessary to prepare two containers and wooden stick for mixing.

Here are step by step instructions on preparing Lizunov based adhesive and soda:

  • Dilute with water the adhesive to become thinner (100 mL glue - 15 ml of water.);

For more toys thickening increase the mixing time or add more glue and baking soda.

If glue PVA is not found, you can replace it with a pencil.

We see a video about how to make quick and easy Lizunov of PVA glue and a concentrated gel for washing Persil brand:

Naturally, Lizunov can be made not only on the basis of the adhesive. There are many original methods of preparation of this wonderful toy without using glue and without tetraborate solution with their own hands.

If the hand was no PVA glue, do not worry: there is another, no less simple way to do Lizunov of pencil glue his hands - look at a short video recipe how to make Lizunov without glue PVA, using the glue stick and shaving foam :

Let's get acquainted with a few interesting variations independent production of toys-Lizunov.

Stir shampoo (trademark irrelevant) with soda and water, taking the ingredients in an equal amount by adding the coloring component mass and wrap with plastic wrap. You get a quality toy.

Another similar recipe involves using soda instead of regular table salt. Watch the video, both in the home can make Lizunov of shampoo, salt and water:

In such recipes is very important component providing thickening shampoo. What to choose to achieve this effect - you decide.

For example, one can prepare Lizunov based on a mixture of flour and the familiar component - shampoo.

  • 15 ml. shampoo;
  • polstakana flour (grade irrelevant);
  • half a cup of warm water.

First shampoo is added to water and the dye, and then flour (required sifted), then mixed substance.

Flour can be replaced with starch.

Video tutorial on how to make Lizunov starch and shampoo:

Taking into account the time that funds intended for the care of hair and body have similar consistency, shampoo can be replaced by another similar component or mix multiple cosmetic products.

We present to your attention another recipe Lizunov based shower gel and shampoo usual: the components are taken in the same amount.

Prepare ssmes of these products and place it in the cold for about 1 hr. But note that with increasing temperature the viscosity of the substance will be reduced. After use Lizunov cold.

Lizunov can be manufactured not only from the shower gel, but also of a similar detergent. Mix the ingredients, dye mixture of any paint or food coloring and briefly put it in the refrigerator.

Similarly, one can make a toy-Lizunov gel or shaving foam. How to do it - see in the video below:

Among the simplest methods of manufacturing Lizunov at home is to provide a recipe based on the toothpaste.

Extrude the paste (preferably colored and thicker) in the container and mix it with the same volume of adhesive. Knead the mixture a little longer, so that it becomes more viscous and dense.

The principle of the preparation of transparent Lizunov based toothpaste can look at the video:

Now we learn how to cook Lizunov from other products and materials at hand.

On the basis of soaps and detergents

First, consider the recipe using baking soda and detergent. It is best to take the Fae. You will also need a dye.

Pour into bowl Fae or more detergent for cleaning dishes and slowly sprinkle in soda. If the mixture will be too dense - dilute it a little water. Adding components, do not stop interfere substance. The mass will harden at normal temperature conditions.

Lizunov easily create and of liquid soaps addition salts: The entire process is shown in the video below:

To increase the density of a substance can be added toothpaste.

Another video will introduce you to the subtleties of cooking at home Lizunov of soap base, to which is added water and toothpaste:

How do Lizunov of washing powder? Consider another simple and easy recipe.

Washing powder is in any home based on it is also possible to prepare a toy-Lizunov.

But there is one thing that should be considered: to create such toys is preferable to use liquid powders. Dry agent must first be mixed with water to give it the desired consistency.

Suitable powder of any brand, will also need glue and dye.

The pour prepared capacitance 50 c. any glue and little dye, then pour two tablespoons of powder or diluted gel washing finished. Kneaded ingredients before gelling such tests, not forgetting to put on the gloves.

You will Lizun similar to rubber, it should hold in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Anti-Lizun: recipe with the addition of flour

Before you start to cook, prepare all the necessary ingredients: about 400 gr. flour and two water containers - one cold, the other - to warm.

Sifted flour pour into a cup and pour 250 ml of chilled water, and then the same amount of heat. Stir and add a little dye.

Toy get sticky, so before using it soak for several hours in the cold, so she bought viscosity and density.

How to make soft colored Lizunov from clay? A simple recipe for plasticine Lizunov on water-based gelatin gives you another opportunity to make an unusual children's anti-stress toy.

The following components are needed for the preparation of such Lizunov:

Primarily made of gelatin jelly by following the instructions on the pack. Prior to solidification of the jelly pour heated water in another container.

Boil the liquid and keeping it at low heat vsypte clay, pre-chopped it interfering with the water. After the dissolution of clay, add gelatin and stir again.

Want glowing Lizun? At the stage of mixing the substance can pour a fluorescent dye, in this case, the toy will be a bright and even glow in the dark.

Video on how to make a soft Lizunov from clay, allow you to quickly cope with this task:

What other ways to make soft Lizunov there? It turns out that there are several variants of such unusual toys: You can do Lizunov based on glycerin, water and dye, with the addition of cream for hands and even lipstick. This recipe phased manufacturing Lizunov of lipstick and white cream, see the video below:

A number of components make it possible to edible sweet Lizunov that can safely be eaten: for example, from chewing gum or chewing sweets, from marshmallows and even watermelon.

Rate a few more ideas Lizunov manufacturing at home.

How to prepare delicious edible Lizunov home of marshmallow - marshmallow air - you can see in the video:

One of the most original ideas to create offers Lizunov based nail polish. To make such a toy, mix the glue with a small amount of varnish, pour a little bit of sodium tetraborate solution with a pipette and mix.

Thickened substance put in cellophane and thoroughly mash.

If Lizun begin to lose shape, hold it in the cold.

No less interesting is a very simple recipe Lizunov boric acid from the soap - see the recipe for a toy on video:

There is a guide that allows effortlessly make this clear, glass-like, Lizunov. This will require 10 grams. polyvinyl alcohol and 25 grams of 4% tetrabonata. Then - add to the alcohol borax and mix the ingredients until the mixture thickens. The additional components are not necessary.

Toy made on this recipe, it is absolutely safe. Children Lizun this approach far more toy shops.

Blitz-tips on care and storage

How to keep Lizun made with their own hands, for a long time? How to care for Lizunov at home? Troika short blitz tips:

  1. For such a self-made toys last longer, treat it with an alcohol solution.

Lizun - a wonderful toy, which is like the kids of all ages. Motley Lizunov unusually spread out over the wall, they can be separated and collected.

Playing with Lizunov gives positive emotions, develops fine motor skills, as well as other useful skills.

Lizunov able to deliver on the uneven voltage, so this toy is suitable not only for children but also for adults.

You can also explore another 3 Lizunov preparation method, among which one you will certainly be interested - see how at home you can do magnetic Lizunov:

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