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How to make paper flowers in different ways

Where did this class and what you need for making paper flowers

Articles made of paper - flowers did back in the old days. Egyptian women have made various decorations made of artificial flowers, of course, they used to create them, and paper. In medieval times such crafts decorated temples. And in the eighteenth century began to build large enterprises, which produced such official colors. Therefore, when people already knew how to make paper flowers.

Where can accommodate paper crafts

Of paper flowers can make the original panel and the composition, as in the far distance, they do not differ from the living. Still out of colored paper flowers are ideal for photo frames jewelery, cards, boxes for gifts and hats. Very often they are used for decoration of the festive halls in front of all kinds of celebrations, rooms and banquet tables. And these crafts will give each person a festive mood and joy.

What will it take for this case

Such crafts can make even the kids under your strict guidance and even of paper, you can create a real masterpiece. You will need to prepare these materials and tools:

  • paper. You can take an ordinary - white, which then paint colors, but it is best to take colored paper, corrugated and crepe. Out of colored paper flowers do not need to paint colors, and it saves time;
  • stapler and glue;
  • thread, tape and scissors;
  • watercolor paints, gouache and fit;
  • cardboard, packaging paper and original ribbon;
  • wire, straws for cocktails, ampoules from pens. These materials will you do for the flower stalk;
  • beads, beads and rhinestones. They are needed for registration at the midway of the flower.

But the flowers will do different, and for each case, first of all, you need paper, glue, and then see what you need from the above list. Then we'll show you how to make a flower out of paper.

Various methods for making beautiful paper flowers

There are many different ways of making paper flowers. Each of them has a conditional assignment. Consider the most popular ways.

The easiest paper flower

This snowdrop can make even kids preschool age and to give to his mother on the eighth of March. For the most snowdrop need to take a square white piece of paper, it measures about 10 by 10 centimeters. Fold the sheet diagonally and fold it corner. It remains to glue the flower on blue paper or postcard and to finish the stalk and leaves.

Prepare a dense red paper, marker and glue with scissors. If you're wondering how to make a flower out of paper in the form of roses, then your actions are as follows:

  1. spiral drawing pencil on paper and cut it conventional or curly scissors. When using curved scissors is a beautiful roses;
  2. Now try to wrap the ends of the spiral outward. Paper may slightly overstrain, but that's okay, so even better - will flower more realistic;
  3. curler to have got a rose. Gently twist the spiral to the end, gradually loosen the tightness;
  4. after the final tightening spiral - fasten it with adhesive. Now you need to bend the circle, which was formed in the center of your roses when cutting spiral. This circle will be the basis florets;
  5. drip at the base of a little glue and paste it rosette. Your original rosette ready.

Scheme making paper rozochek

Now we will do more than one flower with their hands out of paper, and a festive bouquet. Prepare a soft paper of various colors, clippers and scissors, as well as a bowl, fine wire and glue.

Getting Started:

  1. the wire (it is intended for the stem) gets slightly adhesive;
  2. One tip of the wire is necessary to roll the thin strip of yellow paper;
  3. Take the paper out of which will make flower buds. It can be any color. Folding paper 12 times and scissors cut the petals for your flowers. Of these, you need to build a bud;
  4. Apply glue to the two petals and now they need to attach to the stem in place, wrap a strip of yellow paper. Add up, so all the petals in the bud;
  5. Now take the green paper and wrap it a stalk of flower. To get a whole bunch, and the composition was considered finished, you need to make five buds. Finished flowers, place them in a bowl, and you came out original paper bouquet.

EXAMPLE festive bouquet of paper

Rosette of corrugated paper

It is best to make flowers out of tissue paper, as it is considered the best and easy to work material. To stem roses can be found wire. On a sheet of paper marking up a circle, wherein the contour of the spiral mark. The distance between the coils is chosen such that upon further folding obtained have rows of beautiful petals.

Cut out a circle of paper and then cut it in a spiral. The ends of the helix should be in the same line in the circulating diametrically circumferential points. You just have to lay down the strip, which has turned out, flower bud. On the edge of the strip is recommended to put a small solid object and then fold bud, as if wrapping paper in this subject. Do not forget to give the bud of a kind of "splendor". At the bottom of the entire assembly will need to tighten the thread or glue, or your flower pleated paper simply unwind and fall apart.

Fabricate your desired number of leaves for the rose of green crepe paper. Wire, too, need to roll up the green paper, and will flower stalk.

Bulk of paper flowers are ideal for the decoration of curtains in the apartment, such as a flower, you can add to any outfit as a brooch. Prepare tissue paper (suitable and tissue), scissors, glue, and a ring for securing the crafts. You can use a button or something else. Think about how much you need for the layers of the flower, than they would be bigger, the more volume will turn the product. It recommended five to seven layers.

Getting Started:

  1. add up all the paper layers together. Of these, cut out a rectangle, its dimensions are approximately 30 by 15 centimeters;
  2. cut layers add up all together and make a flat stack of them, "accordion" fold which is about two centimeters in width;
  3. fix "accordion" in the center of the ring. If, instead of the ring used a button - hook a thread, and then on a place to attach a button;
  4. you came out kind of a fan, it is necessary to glue the circle. Now give your volume a flower made of paper to dry for five minutes;
  5. gently lifts up the upper paper layer and begin to compact florets topsheet toward the center. Tighten the crease of the fold and repeat this operation with all the layers. After that, your creation is ready paper. Now you know how of the paper with your hands to make a three-dimensional flowers.

Scheme volume manufacturing of paper flower

Very large paper flowers to decorate the hall

These crafts are perfect for decorating wedding hall, they attach very easily and they will not fade throughout the holiday. Therefore, we'll show you how to make a paper flower is large.

  • colored paper corrugated. You can also take a tissue, crepe, or packaging;
  • double-sided tape, glue and scissors;
  • rod for crafts. Rod is best to find a rail made of wood, which can be bought in the hardware store. Rail cut to the desired size and take the tip of a little sharp;
  • flower pattern. It is necessary to prepare in advance, you can find a template on the Internet where available color schemes of paper or make your own. Patterns - a flower petals, leaves and core of the selected size.

First print (if you take it from the Internet), and then cut out the pattern. Then fold the paper in several layers, for a large flower should be 10-15 layers. Pin the pattern to the paper by means of pins.

Further, the pattern lepestochek cut flower. Using the same method you need to cut the sheets to the core. Now you have to stretch a bit middle of the petals. Petals are glued with the core using double-sided tape. Gut-wrenching petals glued on the reverse side. Put the finished flower with glue on the rod. Corrugated green paper to cut a strip of width centimeter and wrap her flower stem. At the bottom of the product glue green paper leaf, and at the end of the stem - the tip of the green bar. Now you know how to make paper flowers large.

Large paper flowers to decorate the hall

Paper flowers in the style of origami

Modest and colorful, delicate and luxury - exotic and ordinary wild flowers have always been and will be a symbol of beauty. Man always wants to receive for himself a piece of nature, and so does the paper flowers. If you own the technique of origami flowers made of paper you are obtained simply gorgeous. Petals of the flower usually folded from a single sheet of paper, and such artefacts embody east harmony perception unity, which is expressed in a variety of forms. origami technique allows you to create three-dimensional and original flowers and they look impressive. Schemes flowers made of paper in origami style very much, but if you do such a thing for the first time - it is best to choose the most simple scheme.

Take a small square piece of paper. Its size may be different, it all depends on how big you want to make a rose. Folding leaf diagonally twice. Now the resulting folded corner of a square to the center and midway mark distance to the center from the edge. The bent angle connect to this midway.

You will square with truncated corners, fold it in half twice, and then expand the paper. Giving each other the midpoints of the sides connected together. You should get an interesting figure.

Now open edges of the product to bend toward the center and fold ironed, and then deploy the resulting workpiece. Side Bend angles, and then they are filled into the resulting preform. Now it is necessary to raise the small triangles so that the square of the left in the center. All subsequent steps are carried out exclusively with the square.

If you continue to wonder how to make paper flowers in origami style, now you have to bend a little square, pockets and spread inward to fill the blank. These preforms serve as mounts bud petals of your roses.

Turn flower preform and on the other side performing similar actions. You will get a new interesting figure. Workpiece flip, and all of the above actions are carried out on the other side. Eventually you will come next flower pattern.

The upper template bend around the corner, and then in the opposite direction. Will core bud and must carefully imbedded inside the preform held thereby its formation. Put a figure in one plane and smooth line bending.

Next attach bud volume, while starting its formation: it is necessary to scroll relative to the center. Pay special attention to the formation of regularly shaped petals roses.

Now you need to compress the bud, with the center in one direction twist, and petals - to another. Shanker all spins completely, this bud deepening pinch your fingers, or accidentally broke his creation. Your paper is ready to hack! It is worth noting that the production of origami flower made of paper in this case is not intended for beginners, but if you want to succeed.

This flower folding origami method scheme is much simpler than the above rosette and will have to work less. If you want to learn how to make this flower crafts out of paper, your actions are as follows:

  1. Prepare a sheet of paper 15 by 15 centimeters. Spread before it is so that it lay-up pattern;
  2. fold the sheet with both sides on the diagonal so that the edges have developed smoothly. Click on the fold, the folds form a letter X;
  3. Now we unfold the paper. Fold left and expand;
  4. Next you need to fold down the top edge and eventually be released rectangle;
  5. at the bottom, where there is little windows open, gently push the upper left and right corner of the paper. Tuck, located in the center of the sheet is lifted and all four corners have to dock. The end result is a square diamond;
  6. align diamond. Look for the left and right side of his little windows. Now flip diamond 180 degrees, the window should open top;
  7. fold the bottom left-hand right-hand corners of the diamond to the center crease and ultimately must come out kind of kite. Diamond flip and repeat all steps;
  8. Let us petals, they must disclose. Take the snake over the upper tip and pull it to ¾ fold to the bottom. Forefinger and thumb press on the center of crafts, the flower should reach a stable fold. The manufacturing process comes to an end, and now you know how your own hands to make flowers out of paper in this style;
  9. It is all of the remaining petals to put in place. Configure them as you want. You can change their position if zaschipnut base near the flower stalk;
  10. Treat scissors crafts edge. Conventional or pinking shears need to round off the edges or to make them teeth. With rounded edges of your hack will resemble pansies and design edges of teeth will make her look like a stud. So you made an interesting flower made of paper with your hands.

Scheme simple flower origami paper

As you can see, creating paper flowers is an art and you need a lot of patience, but it's worth it. Your flowers will be no different from living at a distance, and your guests or family will appreciate this original crafts. And now every home craftsman will succeed, you know, as a paper with your hands to make flowers, but success will depend on the desires and fantasies.

Very beautiful rosette of corrugated paper)) I did a different pattern, and it turned out not so beautiful)) And I do the flowers of chocolates and crepe paper)) A volumetric flowers I have gathered them into a ball turned Japanese decoration "Kusudama" Such flowers there requires 12 ))

It is like a festive bouquet and big festive flower: look stylish, and makes it simple. Like to do different beautiful things with their hands, such as bouquets can use to decorate their Christmas costumes)) thank you very much for the idea, it will have very handy, because soon the holidays.

Very handy, these ideas of colors in creating a gift for Mom's Day))

Copying site materials is strictly prohibited!

How to make a flower out of paper with your hands: a detailed description of the action

To bring in home comfort summer mood, sometimes quite ordinary things to add a flower made of paper. For example, attached to a clip for curtains fluffy peony or decorate doorway flower garland. It looks great in a vase bouquet matched to the interior color, or panels on the wall. In order to decorate the house, there is nothing easier than to make a flower out of paper with your hands.

In order to make the Astra, you need to cut a few laps of the paper. The larger the diameter of the circle, the greater will be the size of the flower. Each circle develops in four, and cut along the edge of the petals. Then, the keeper wheels are glued together.

Core asters can be issued yellow paper, a piece of cotton or beads.

Spark is very easy to do, it does not even need glue, scissors and paper only. The square sheets of orange paper made 6 of counter slots, leaving untouched the middle. Each lobe need to cut a small recess. The more of these preparations, the lush get light. All squares, stacked, shrink thread exactly in the middle, and then shaped flower, starting from the center.

Make a bell made of paper to decorate a gift mom or grandma for March 8, even easier: you have to cut as elongated triangles as needed bells and each upper edge of the cut to get wavy line. Then triangle folds like kulechka, and the edges are glued together. Tweezers rounded edges are folded outwards, giving kulechku shape of the cup. Not bad to the core paste stamens. They can be made of a thin wire strung it on the beads, or from strips of a different color of paper.

Pyramidal flower, similar to the famous Ivan da Marya, too, just to make: a rectangular sheet of paper is folded at one edge about 1 cm and the longest side is cut into thin strips. Then the strips need to hold sharp scissors blade side, then they twist into ringlets. Strips of green paper curl long tube - this is the stalk. Glued bent toward the preform curls to cheat tube, being careful not to leave green lumens. Leaflets for this flower made from green paper. A rectangular sheet folded like an accordion and a top cut triangles. Unfolding, glued the lower part and tightly wrapped stem.

It is very difficult to choose the name to the flowers, which can be made from corrugated paper. His hands quickly, you can decorate the coquettish cap or gift box instead of the traditional bow. For example, the poppy of paper is as follows: cut about 10 teardrop-shaped petals. The lower part of each petal is compressed, and the upper, by contrast, is stretched. Then one end of the wire is wound a bit of paper in the form of a ball - it will be the core of the flower. Around this core are wound petals one by one, slightly overlapping.

Note! To get the poppy has not collapsed, the bottom bud tightening the thread or tape, do not forget about this point.

Another guide on making unusual colors. First you need to cut a circle out of cardboard - the future base, calyx. Then, of corrugated paper cut petals. They must be at least 10. By the form they should resemble a circle with outstretched neck. Each lobe is stretched in the upper circular part, and is collected in the bottom assembly. The more folds, turns the lush flower. Petals are glued to the bottom of the circle, starting from the outer edge. In the middle, you can glue the beads or rhinestones. It turns out unusual surround flower.

In order to master the art of origami, it is sufficient to be able to fold the paper along the folds. There are several schemes by which one can make the original flowers in origami technique.

How to make a three-dimensional flowers made of paper with your hands?

Bulk of paper flowers - great decorations for the hall and rooms. Make their own hands is very easy to be patient enough. Produce flowers can be of normal color, or corrugated paper. It's enough to have the scheme and templates that we offer on the site.

Master class on making of crafts with their hands, you can start by choosing paper. It can be plain paper or dark red-orange color. If you can find a two-way, will be even better.

Master class and step by step instructions, how to make "The Scarlet Flower" with his own hands, will look like this:

  1. To make "The Scarlet Flower", as the basis of select square billets.
  2. Fold it in half and connect the corners.
  3. Lateral angles add up inside too.
  4. Then turns around corners to double fold was visible.
  5. We connect the corners to make the folds were inside.
  6. Several such blanks stick together and get a flower.
  7. As midway glitter can be used, or rain.

Several of these colors can be combined into a bouquet and give your family. It looks like a flower, look at the photo.

Master class, how to make the peony of paper with your hands, you can start by saying that we should prepare a light A4 paper. Flowers can be of different colors, which you like, from white or light pink to dark red. In the latter case it is better to choose double-sided colored paper. These flowers are suitable for decorating the hall and into the room as a decorative element.

Master class and step by step instructions, how to make the peony with their hands look pretty simple:

  1. Sheet of paper folded like an accordion along their entire length.
  2. Bend it in half and tie string in the middle.
  3. Prepare a few more of these "bellows".
  4. Assign the workpiece perpendicular to each other, superimposing one layer to another.
  5. The result should be a lush flower surround.

How it looks in the photo can be seen here

Master class on making flowers with his own hands can be performed with the help of special blanks. Templates and schemes for a large number of artificial flowers can be found on the site.

Step by step instructions for its production of arms would look like simply:

  1. Print templates on the printer and move them on colored paper.
  2. Cut the preform.
  3. To make the flowers with his own hands, it is sufficient to combine several pieces and hold them in the shape of a flower.

Master class, how to make flowers out of paper with his own hands with the help of templates, perfect for making decoration on the wall (the flowers can be strung on a thread or fishing line and make a garland), artificial bouquets of daisies, camellias and other flowers with multiple petals straight. Flower Garland is an excellent solution festive decoration of the hall.

Here are the master class with steps and flowers ready for photo:

To make the hands of crepe paper flowers, you must take into account the features of the material. This paper itself gives the product an extra amount, but to strengthen it need some tweaks. Will hold a master class, how to make a tulip from corrugated paper.

  1. Cut a small section of corrugated paper rectangular size flower and slightly rounded edges.
  2. To Petal acquired a convex shape, it can be a little wet (very little to no paper has spread) and put on the reverse side of the tea cup.
  3. Writing paper to dry. Do the same with all the petals.
  4. Prepare the stem. It can be made from sticks or thick wire wrapped green crepe paper. As the center and to secure the petals, you can use an ad hoc basis in the form of a semi-circular mesh, as in the photo.
  5. Petals of corrugated paper secured to the stem or on the basis that there were no gaps between them.

That's in the photo looks like a step by step wizard class and ready to flower

class on making roses Master is very similar to the instructions on how to make your own hands tulip. The differences are in the shape of petals and their preparation.

  1. Prepare petals from corrugated paper, giving them an oval shape, extended from one side. You can make a pair of scissors in the petals of small teeth. That's how it looks in the photo
  2. Each lobe pencil screwed on the length and hold in this position for some time. Without revealing the tab, remove the pencil.
  3. Root form rose necessary with internal lobes, which should be more tightly folded and pressed against the stem. Wrapped around the stem petals glued.
  4. Attach all the petals in a checkerboard pattern, making them progressively longer and more curved outwards. The degree of convexity of petals can be varied.

Master class, how to make flowers out of paper with his own hands, in simplified form, is perfect for kindergarten or elementary school classes. Children will not only develop fine motor skills, but also the aesthetic taste, to be creative interest. Then you can use flowers to decorate the class.

You may well hold a master class at home. One has only to stock up on a pair of scissors, paper, glue and patience, and skill comes with practice.

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