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How to make a bird feeder with their hands

  1. One must have a roof. It will allow to protect the position in her meal from the abundance of rainfall, since swelled, much of it has become unfit for consumption;
  2. The opening should be wide enough. The size should be sufficient to penetrate into at least two birdies. Best of all, if there will be several holes;
  3. The material of which the feeder will be, must necessarily be resistant to moisture. Otherwise, after a while it completely unusable. Choosing the right foundations will allow construction to serve for more than one period.
  4. Inside or outside must be perch to birds was conveniently located.

Hang the finished construction is necessary in those places where predators do not really get. This can be trees and shrubs that are difficult for cats to climb, roofs, houses, or window sills outside. Important to ensure that they are all the same has been closed and the wind.

  • Lightly milled buckwheat;
  • Grains of different kinds;
  • Millet;
  • Millet;
  • Oat groats;
  • Pieces of rabbit, or chicken fat;
  • Various seeds - pumpkin, sunflower, quinoa, melon, hemp, melons, nettles, thistles;
  • Margarine;
  • Nuts of different species;
  • Chopped boiled eggs;
  • Dried fruits and berries;
  • Honey;
  • Boiled potatoes.

All these birds will have a great pleasure, so do not think that some of the products will remain intact. After all, winter birds clearly lack the power.

of cardboard

To create such a structure very simple with the kids only need to select the appropriate box. So, for this purpose does not fit the usual cardboard because they are too fast will be ruined. Much better if they would, for example, out of juice. These boxes are protected inside the foil layer, which means that even getting wet, do not fall apart as quickly as the first.

Make a "timber dining room" is very simple. It will be enough to cut large holes, leaving the bottom of a small "ledge" that will be held and the birds do not fall food out of the box.

On a par with tin cans and plastic can be used.

I must say that such a structure looks very impressive and interesting. Besides, she herself birds may be used as food, and this, of course, rare to find. Pumpkin tie, by the way, best with a very strong rope or wire.

Classic wooden trough

This dining area for birds with his own hands makes it compulsory to work on the drawings.

Plans can significantly facilitate the work, as well as a safeguard against the risk that, instead of pleasing to the eye and very comfortable house have something awkward. On the Internet, many examples of bird feeders, but it is best to create your own drawing. This would require an ordinary sheet of paper from a notebook, a pencil and a measuring device.

Sketch must be created carefully. In addition to the main components, it must also include additional, so during the operation does not forget them.

  • Boards 20 mm;
  • screwdriver;
  • Plank assembly;
  • Plywood 16 mm thick.

The latter material can also be replaced with organic glass or any other type of construction material, which is not able to pass moisture. Assembled structure will not work too hard, and it will be very convenient to place any branch.

Those parts necessary beforehand parts which will be used for the side walls to partition. Each of them is important to carefully vymeryat in order to obtain a flat structure. Once the stage layout is finished, you can cut it out unwanted parts. Pre-some people recommend to mount parts on a small amount of glue that will accurately disperse them. Once the base and side parts are ready, should start sanding design angles that birds could not get hurt by sharp edges.

Inside, it is important to be sure to provide a few not very large perches, because the birds will be convenient to hold onto them while peck food. For this purpose, are perfect for mounting plates.

Roof gable is best done as so it will not collect moisture and other precipitation. Each half of the board is more convenient to be fixed to the ridge alone. By the way, you can use the furniture hinge, allowing much faster priladit both sides of the roof. In this case, fill the food more convenient, since we need only to pick it up if necessary.

Feeder for birds with his own hands will be much more functional, if the upper part close plexiglass, and below only leave a small gap. Then the supply of food will be gradual, allowing for a long time do not look inside.

At the last stage can be impregnated with the resulting varnish structure, or just interesting to decorate.

Wicker dining room can become not only a good help for the birds in winter, but also beautify the garden. Most importantly, in the process of weaving were observed proportions. Vine should be put is very tight because as the effects of moisture it is capable of some attenuated. For a longer service wicker feeders can cover it with varnish, in order to protect it from damage.

Very interesting way to create a self-hanging places to eat. Thus, it is necessary to take a piece of cardboard, to roll it into a tube with diameter 5 cm and, after watering the resulting roll of a sufficient amount of a conventional paper glue, dip it in the premix, which is intended for eating birds. It can be crushed nuts, and seeds, and millet, and crumbs. Such structure is very convenient, it is only important to choose such an adhesive that will not damage the feathered.

You can initially create a stand with a convenient cover to protect them from the wind, and already priladit conventional plastic containers on it. Just be careful, in this case, as often happens in winter frost. It is therefore better to tie them.

Under the bird feeder you can even accommodate a conventional plastic canister. It is only important that it be well rinsed and does not exude noxious fumes. To do this, after washing and cutting holes in it you need to put it in the place where they will quickly erode.

Orange peel can also be an interesting capacity for this purpose. Of course, the food will need to pour a daily basis, but even such a structure is better than nothing at all.

Bird feeders can be quite different, and you can just choose a one that exactly will like.

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Feeders for birds improvised

Wild animals and birds that live in nature, can not rely on the fact that in winter it someone will help them as exactly how their domesticated "brethren." Nevertheless, many people understand this and try to provide all possible assistance in the period of winter cold.

Caring people are well aware of how difficult this time is for our brethren, because already since late fall, many of them increasingly difficult to find food. Of course, if they wanted not just about the help to those who live in the forest or in remote areas. However, if you live in a city, town or village - then everything in your power. Today we talk about the bird feeders. Make them really well, and we are talking about the use of available tools, old packaging and containers, as well as other materials, which are in any case likely would have been thrown away in a landfill.

Drawing bird feeders

By the way, "accustomed" birds in his manger, located on the site, in addition to the feeling that you help them, to save them from starvation in the difficult time of the year, you get a kind of extra "bonuses":

  • The birds get used to your site and will often dwell on it and next to it. Thus, they will always delight you with their games, bustle and chirping, filling the vital energy of the surrounding space.
  • Quite often it happens that the birds return in the summer you kind of debt, destroying many insects and pests that are found in almost every garden or vegetable garden.

Wood - a reliable stuff!

In today's article, we presented a photo set of options to help with ideas on how to make a bird feeder with your hands. As a general rule, in order to implement a project of such feeders, you do not require complex designs and drawings.

Attention! Feed the birds can be not only in winter but in summer, especially if you live in the country or in a private home.

Before we consider the basic ideas of the manufacture of feeders, let's talk about some of the features of the material selection, as well as about the place where you can hang or attach a makeshift structure.

The choice of material and the space for installation

Before you choose a location for the feeder will be very useful to learn the most common species of birds that live in our latitudes.

1. Nuthatch; 2. pika; 3. small woodpecker; 4. Klest; 5. jay; 6. nutcracker or nutcracker; 7. bullfinch; 8. waxwing; 9. HAWFINCH; 10. goldfinch; 11. Ciz; 12. Ordinary oatmeal; 13. greenfinch; 14. The great tit; 15. ox-blue tit; 16. crested tit; 17. tit-tit; 18. tailed ox; 19. chickadee.

Traditionally it is assumed that the bird feeders should take the form of a kind of house that would be to some extent similar to the birdhouse. And in fact, this configuration is optimal in order to organize a space for feeding birds. Consider the benefits of this form:

  • The roof creates a protection against rain and snow.
  • This design made from plywood or wood is strong, durable and reliable.
  • She will not look foreign, since we're talking about landscape design and visual appeal the entire site.

Nevertheless, we should not be limited to this form, as well as the fact that only wood can be used as a material. In fact, and the configuration and the material can be completely different.

The main thing is that the feeder line with the basic requirements:

  1. The material from which the feeder is made, must be stable and not deform over time. In other words, the nesting box of cardboard or similar ones available tools - not good. He simply did not survive the difficult weather conditions: rain, sleet, etc.
  2. At the same time, you can, in extreme cases, to make a small bird feeder from the packaging of juice and dairy products (yogurt, milk, etc.). Tetra Pak cartons and similar to a much greater extent as compared to the ordinary cardboard, adapted to the effects of moisture on it. However, such designs can be attributed to long-lasting. On the other hand, they will fit perfectly as a temporary solution, which, under favorable circumstances, be able to last you throughout the whole season. It should be understood that the trough of the package of milk will fit only for small birds as large it simply will not fit.
  3. Of the preceding paragraph, by the way, we have the following conclusion: the material must be strong and sustainable, because it must withstand not only the fall-winter bad weather, but also the weight of the birds themselves, some of which are quite massive. By the same note that the wear will occur including due to constant exposure to their claws, as they will take, as a rule, in the cut opening ( "window").
  4. By the way, since we're talking about a window, entry (this process can be called a hole, in fact, as you like), then we must understand that the edges should not be sharp, because otherwise the birds can injure their paws on them.

In addition to material and manufacturing technologies, we must understand that the place in which you install or hang the bird feeder is also an important point. So, if possible, to avoid installation in those places where the birds will have difficulty with access. We are talking about the thick branches, and other similar places.

Also, give attention to the fact that the trough was located in a place inaccessible to cats, which are known to be excellent hunters in large numbers living in the villages, country houses and cottages and arrays of private buildings.

Tip! Place the feeder in the open, in places well visible for the birds.

Let's look at the basic ideas of how best to make a bird feeder with his hands, looking at the "real" examples of how many people to implement their projects. Bird feeders can be a lot of options and their manufacture - countless. However, they are made for one purpose. So, here are the main types of structures of this kind.

Dispenser - a very useful device for feeding birds. In addition, the bottle can be hung vertically "upside down"

To make such a structure is realistic and independently. No need to have some specific skills or knowledge. Typically, when such works are used improvised or unnecessary board, pieces of timber and many other wooden elements. Taking the tablets or veneer, the main problem is their strong bond.

By the way, the wooden bird feeders can be used not only for feeding the yard birds. Such structures are used in the chicken coop when feeding chickens and other poultry. However, this is, as they say, is another story.

Such a construction can be made with your own hands right at home. To do this, you do not need any special tools or conditions. At the same time, of course, you have to find the feeders drawings. On the other hand, with the size of the drawing can be done yourself, because there is nothing particularly complicated in its design - not. For more ideas be sure to check with photos and examples of finished works.

This type of design, if I may say so, "migrated" from agriculture. One of its main advantages is that it allows you to exclude the "discrimination" of some other species of birds. You yourself may have noticed that often flock of some birds, such as sparrows and tits, it occupies a prime position in the vicinity of food (seeds, crumbs of bread, grains, cereals, stick, etc.), or even in the trough and seeks to prevent such a valuable resource to other birds.

Therefore, an important task is to limit the area, which may feed feathered friends. Therefore, in such cases can be useful homemade hopper feeders, also known as antivorobinye.

Feeders made of plastic bottles

Feeder of cans - is also a great option

This type of structure is extremely simple, so make it yourself, everyone can, including children. To make it, you will only have to cut the bottle one or two holes to pour into the birdseed, and in fact, in order to have the birds had the opportunity to get inside. Certainly, you will need to be careful, because the holes must be, if possible, the most even and symmetrical.

Interesting! If you have the time and inclination, the feeder can be further decorate with natural materials, or apply labels.

Let's take a closer look at features of the works in the presence of bottles of different sizes. The fact that the most common raw materials in these cases are:

So, if you use the first option, you can opt for two types of structures. In the first case we are talking about how to make holes in both sides of the bottle. They can have different shapes: round, rectangular or square.

In the second case, you can make a special visor that would would cover the hole, protecting it from the snow. To do it, you just cut through the U-shaped opening, leaving one side (top). After that, the bottle portion is bent upward, forming thus a kind of visor. This, incidentally, can also be done on both sides.

For added convenience, the birds, you can do two small holes for the main openings and insert the long stick, on which they could sit down before you get inside. As far as the lower edge of the main holes, for extra safety it is desirable to glue or scotch tape in several layers. Also suitable and tissue adhesive plaster. Thus the feeder is made with his own hands from a plastic container of a relatively small volume.

Even easier, you can make a bird feeder out of the 5-liter bottle. The fact that the walls are often straightforward, allowing you to cut a smooth opening. Plus, in a container can hold more seeds and chopped stick, and the birds easier to fly into inside. For manufacturing you need a knife or strong scissors.

Special design allows to hold the husk of the seeds and the remains of crumbs

If a squeeze bottle is mounted horizontally, the holes can be cut on the spot and the bottoms of the neck. If the intention to fix it vertically, it is possible to cut through 2, 3 or 4 openings on different sides, when working with a bottle having a square or rectangular cross section. This, incidentally, will simultaneously fly into and eat just a few birds. can be cut out of 2-3 holes for round bottles. By the way, on the basis of large bottles of 5 liters and above, you can also make and hopper feeder.

On a note! It is desirable to cut the hole at a height of at least 5 cm from the bottom, can be a little more.

Fastened this feeder simply: you can attach it to either the neck or the handle, which is part of the lid, using twine or thin wire. That is, if we talk about vertical options. When the horizontal fixing is best done two parallel small holes (which can be done with a knife or other sharp object) by passing them through the wire or rope, which is necessary for fastening.

Old cans can also come in handy

In any case, this option is very accessible, because almost everyone has at the disposal of unwanted 5-liter bottles of water. Examples of photos show the different options for how this can be done.

Feeder for birds of a packet from milk or juice

5 minutes - and the new manger of the package of juice - ready

Box of juice or milk are available for everyone. We do tend to throw out. Manufacturing technology is extremely simple, and in some ways resembles the previous (plastic bottles). So, if you want to make a bird feeder out of the package of juice or milk, the sequence of your actions may be as follows:

  • We envisage future openings with a ballpoint pen, marker or felt-tip pen.
  • Carefully cut them using scissors or a sharp knife.
  • Paste over the bottom side of the opening with tape or plaster.
  • Make a small hole for the wire rope or the top of the package.
  • Dangle the resulting feeder to a tree branch, lilac, or to other places.

The easiest and fastest version of the package from the milk

By the way, in some cases, you can put on the bottom or attach a small weight in the form of fragments of brick or something like that. This will minimize swaying in the event of strong winds. This is true not only of paper boxes, but plastic bottles.

Remember! In some cases, you can attach the feeder and the wall.

By the way, in the same way and made bird feeders out of the box of the shoe. Of course, the fact that it is made of cardboard, does not allow such a feeder durable. On the other hand, some of the boxes are made of a sufficiently durable and resistant to moisture board. Moreover, you can additionally pasted cardboard tape, which further enhance its protection against bad weather conditions. This will allow to some extent increase the service life of the trough, although, in any case, it will not be just as durable as its counterparts of wood, cardboard or even plastic.

The technology about fabrication itself is extremely simple and does not require any special instructions. You just need to make the necessary slots on the sides of the box and lock the lid. This can also be done with the help of adhesive tape.

You can also use glass bottles

Of course, all these types of feeders are the most common and popular. Nevertheless, it makes sense to tell the story of the alternatives. The first is a trough made of dinnerware.

By the way! Of the dishes can be made trough, which is also very important for birds.

Made such original products of cups and saucers. If you add a deep dish, it can be both a feeder and water bottle. Some craftsmen make bird feeders out of old buckets, usually plastic. They obtained large that somewhat limits the possibilities of their installation, which, of course, is a certain disadvantage. The advantage is the same: the size of the product - is big enough. This allows you to pour more feed addition, at the same time can be fed some birds. We should not forget about the durability of the structure.

Decor bird "dining room" - this is not the last thing

Among other, more exotic options, it may be noted, such as feeders, made of pumpkin, from product grid, as well as just hanging compressed feed the birds, which, as we know, was originally intended for feeding pet parrots.

An interesting variant of the two halves of the pack of juice

Of course, the finished feeder can be purchased in a store or order online. However, as practice shows, in most cases, people are inclined to think, to make a bird feeder with your hands. As we can see, the options - abound. Each has its pros and cons. A distinctive feature is the fact that in most cases as a material for the production of feeders, you can use the means at hand: old boxes, containers of beverages, packaging, wood residues, and more. Examples of the photo:

Most people who give birth to the cottage itself, is well aware that it must be not only a place to work and the cultivation of the crop, but the most corners where you can relax from the busy city and enjoy the beautiful views of nature and the land.

Wild animals and birds that live in nature, can not rely on the fact that in winter it someone will help them as exactly how their domesticated "brethren."

Each of us loves the beautifully decorated interior. This commitment is particularly in demand in the cases where the interior design solutions affect the good mood and joy for our loved ones.

Every conscientious owner must take care of the comfort of their pets, guided by the famous quote from "The Little Prince": "We are responsible for those who have tamed."

Sooner or later, before most of us are faced with the task of buying new furniture, including chairs. At the same time, it does not always make sense to buy new furniture to a sufficiently high price, because we can restore the old chairs.

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How to make a bird feeder

Bird feeders - a great theme for lovers of birds and for the inventors of small architectural forms. How to make single or heaped bird feeder of cartons of plastic bottles from cans, from a piece of wood or buckets from mayonnaise, as well as packaging for cake and of the rest, than to feed tits and that eating sparrows see and read - Ideas are flying in the air and land on this page.

Most sweet and beautiful "cafe" for the birds

1.Raskalennym knife cut the bottle in two locations along the basting. What is the width of the strip cut, see for yourself, there is no exact size.

2.Smotrite figure below. A wider strip will cut, get a squat figure, smaller will cut, - the product will be higher.

3. In the bottom of the bottle cut a hole for planting birds as shown. Do not forget to walk along the edge of the little window with red-hot knife so that oplavit cut and make it not sharp. Bird would sit on the edge of the little window tabs, and should not be cut.

To the birds do not cut legs

Paint the bottom of the bottles of acrylic paint.

4. When the paint is dry, take a two-hole punch (or hot nail) in the bottom of the bottle, on either side of the entrance to the feeding trough at the same distance.

Puncher makes holes neater than a nail

5.Simmetrichnye hole needs to be done, and at the top of the bottle, in these openings will be put twine, through which will connect the top and bottom of the bottle and hung this beauty.

Connect the lower and upper twine constructions

6.Raskraste top of the bottle and the cork does not forget. Allow to dry.

7. The twine will be put under the scheme:

Twine connects the top and bottom of the trough, and the nodules extend upwards through the opening in the plug

8Sdelayte hole in the tube, take nodules and drag the two ends of twine nodules through an opening in the plug.

Protinite twine through the opening in the plug

9Dekorativnaya detail. Make additional holes as shown in the photo on the top and bottom of the bottle and seal of the decorative studs. This further fasten the details and give kind of "brand things."

Rivet holes

Align the rivet holes in the lower portion of the article with similar openings in the upper portion

Rivets especially decorate

10Kleevym gun silicone glue stick bows with buttons.

Bow of raffia palm twine

And of those bottles would have turned out funny feeders.


Any cardboard box with a hole cut out, suspended, and filled with food, it is a feeding trough. For example, a box or boxes From Raphael on New Year's baby gifts, which each house accumulates enough after the New Year.

Use packets of milk, paint and decorate buttons and twigs. Adhesive glue gun silicone glue. (I bought myself glue gun in the hardware store, there were 3 times cheaper than handmade).

Manger of the package for milk with buttons Feeder of the carton Box of Raffaello Christmas gift boxes

By the way, if there is no balcony and only a window, the device cool cardboard useful, it does not break the window when it is lowered the window on the window sill. I'm afraid, in this house the neighbors are not happy feeding pigeons in such proximity to the vehicle. Should make a hole in the box a little, then the pigeons would not be able to feed on the windowsill, but the tits have scurried back and forth, and pleased the child and her kitten turmoil. And because bored look at the box sticking out of the pigeon ass.

Girl hangs up the bird feeder outside the window (So much effort and can only be seen ass pigeon).

Bird "bistro" of cans

Cans of infant formula - very comfortable for the birds.

How to make bird feeders out of cans of coffee looking at the video.

Lauren Martin, a French gardener, arranged at a kormushechny garden.

The simplest homemade bird dining room, allowing to pour a full bottle of sunflower seeds as a small hole does not get enough sleep sunflower seeds.

The simplest bird feeders

We are doing so under the scheme:

How to make the most simple bird feeder from a plastic bottle to do just

From other scrap materials.

Packages of cake.

Tortnitsa for tits

The idea of ​​a wooden bar

bar idea for birds

From plastic buckets to the mayonnaise.

Pails for ptits1 Pails for ptits2

Doing a bit hard, but the view is very eco-friendly

Whole coconut.


When the holiday is over and the coconut meat is eaten, coconut container feeders fill out a simple meal in the form of seeds and exotic restaurant turn into a budget dining room.

Two versions of the same technology:

How and where to place the fertilizer.

This is actually an important question. Because we live among people and our interests or the interests of our feathered friends must not conflict with the interests of the people around us.

If the bird droppings, which we privazhivaem to his window or balcony regularly falls on the lower balconies or on machines of our neighbors, expect trouble. And we need it?

To solve this problem is simple. It is necessary to know a few things.

1 Doves feed only on the ground, away from cars parking, balconies and window sills to pigeon droppings do not cause damage to us and our neighbors.

2 Sparrows, unlike tits, do not fly away as soon as they took the food, they sit in the same place where there is food and cocoa there and throw the husks of the seeds there. Sits a young man on the edge of the bottle or perch, taking seeds, peck and throws the shells back into seeds or nearby. Zaplyuet, brat, all around. Tits were apprehensive and waiting, sitting on the branches around when he feels full. Therefore, a container of sunflower seeds should be suspended away from the wall of the house,

1.vot at least as did my neighbors look at the video.

It sat Yurok, have they hibernate. These birds like sparrows, they sit until naedyatsya tits and try not to let and titmouse flies up, seed and take on a branch - a seed from a seed peck.

2. Or place inside the balcony, so that you can clean up after their guests.

Krmushka on the balcony Titmouse love bacon serious feeder Titmouse on a slope window Fasten the feeder using dowels Feeder with lid, very udobnenko filling seeds "Hleboprovod"

A child who lives in this house, called the design "hleboprovodom"

To feed tits suitable unroasted sunflower seeds, unsalted lard, fat, nuts (chopped, with soft flesh, for example walnuts) and exotic option -raspilenny coconut suspended on a string.

It is impossible to give the birds

It is impossible to give a salty bacon, roasted sunflower seeds, smoked meat, rye bread.

Titmouse will not have any buckwheat or millet or rice.

But the sparrows eat and millet, and crushed cereal and raisins.

By the way, wild grapes (Parthenocissus) on your balcony also attract birds. To us arrives alpine chough, look at the video at the end.

Treats for Birds

Salo you can just hang by a thread or cut into pieces and put in a vegetable grid, I at its trough, which is both a lookout for my cats in the summer, has made such a structure.

Pieces of fat attached to the grid

Bacon and sunflower seeds - a favorite treat and simple

Pour the melted fat not only seeds, such a mixture as the "hearts" can be done by (cm. Below instructions), and can be purchased in a pet store birdseed.

Writing a good freeze and hang out in the shade Salo you can just cut into pieces and put in a vegetable grid

Crushed in a mortar, watermelon seeds, cereals, grain corn, wheat, mixed with sunflower seeds, expanded in molds, putting back the rope, for which then will be possible to hang a feast and pour melted bacon. Allow to solidify in the cold.

Mold dipped in hot water and remove the frozen food, gently pulling the rope.

Hang in the cold in the shade.

And now, after labor, you can enjoy the opportunity to watch the resulting bird bustle outside.

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ABOUT! We also trough improvised. Now the dark, I can not take a picture of ...

Very beautiful bird feeders! It is a pity, I saw only in late winter. Be sure to share on social networks. I have a lot of ornithologists familiar.

Galina, click "Podelits" needs to be done on a grand scale, and it barely found.

Make a bird feeder out of scrap materials really is simple enough. And for the person with imagination, you can turn this bird element in a work of art. a great selection of interesting bird feeders you out!

It's great when there are people who care about our smaller brothers.

Yes, Lyudmila, and the birds of joy and pleasure to people.

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