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How to learn to draw a cat

Puss in Boots from favorite fairy tale or a favorite pet cat often become characters in children's drawings. In addition, these pictures drawn in pencil or paint, can be a good decoration of the nursery. But in order to properly to draw a cat, let us first learn how to draw step by step here this cat pencil. If you get this figure cat, you can try to draw their favorite cat or kitten.

1. Let us begin with the simple cat drawing contours

In order to accurately draw a cat, it is better learn to do it in stages, making the first steps simple outlines. Start drawing with drawing a circle for the head, and add just below another circle for the body, it is a little larger. Then draw another circle at the bottom of the figure. So it was immediately clear that this is drawing a cat, you need to draw two lines of the front paws.

2. Draw the outline of the paws and ears

So you do not "get lost" in this step, draw the first outlines of the legs, and after, and ears. It's easy, and now you see that you only draw back line and we can say that the cat pattern "displayed".

Begin this step drawing with a drawing of the head. Draw a small circle for cat faces and extend back contour line, having it to the hind paw. Now just need to draw the outlines of the front legs, and move on to the next step.

This step is simple, but requires attention as always. Start with the fact that gently remove all unnecessary line. Now you will only have to draw in the details cat muzzle. Draw the lower bout, and two symmetrical arc eye. And also draw inside the contour faces the mouth and nose, can be in the form of the letter "X".

Now that you're almost done to draw a cat, add a few more details. It's not hard to draw two more "arc" for the eyes, only now in a mirror image. The pupils of the cat narrow as slits, and only when it gets dark, "slits" are revealed. That is why the cat can easily distinguish objects in the darkness. From the eye draw two lines of the nose, and will only draw the claws on their feet. By the way, do you know how many claws on the front paws of a cat? No, not five, but four. But on the back foot five.

Begin always draw from what you think it is easier to do. Probably draw ears quite easy, only two lines are drawn and ears. What else is easy to draw a cat? Of course, cat whiskers, here and draw them. The most difficult to draw the eye, do not be mistaken with the size, make sure that they were on the same line and the same. In addition you need to make a "glare" in the eyes, that was like a cat, but this is the last step, when you paint the cat.

6. How to draw a cat in pencil

Now that you are completely finished to draw a cat, add in some shadows below. Shadows give the image volume and type of the cat will be more realistic and attractive. To the cat is not in the picture looked lonely, you can draw close to several subjects, such as "put" it on the windowsill.

7. Figure cat placed on graphic tablet

This picture I made on a graphic tablet, however, the cat turned indeterminate color, but it is a cat and lives in my house. You can do coloring cat that color what you like best, or simply obscure the picture only simple soft pencil.

How to draw a cat in stages

If you have a cat at home, you know, that looks different from a cat a cat. It is less than a cat muzzle in her small, and not so arrogant look. Approximately, as in this picture, taken on a graphic tablet.

Learn to draw Tiger

Tigers belong to the family cat, or rather the cat, and before him, try to draw to draw a cat. The cat is the same body structure and even gait closely resembles tiger grace. And sometimes whiskered cat muzzle, exactly like the tiger, with same predatory and contemptuous glance.

Draw Leo stages

Leo - is one of the largest predators in the cat family. It is not easy to draw, if only because we rarely see a lion and a cat, though like a lion, but still not a lion. lion picture with the first drawing lesson and can not work, take a look then at the outset to draw your cat and her first. Then you will be easier to perform the drawing of a lion.

How to draw a Rabbit

In this lesson, we learn to draw a rabbit. In some ways, he also looks like a cat, though of course many differences. But if you managed phased properly draw a cat, then draw a rabbit, you will be already easier.

How to draw a Kitten

Kitten harder to draw than an adult cat as a kitten can not be forced to sit motionless for even a minute. Therefore, to draw a picture of kittens "with nature" are rare. The only way to draw a cat, and the cat too, only sleeping.

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  • How to draw a cat and a kitten.

    How to draw a cat in stages and kitten

    Hello, dear readers of "Playground"!

    We continue to publish collections of a series of gradual drawing lessons. All our releases are available here.

    The theme of this collection: how to draw a cat and a kitten. We have prepared 24 variants of drawing of a cute pet and one video.

    It will basically just cartoon characters and funny kittens that you can decorate a birthday card or draw a picture on the contest in the kindergarten or school. There are several realistic drawing cats.

    To draw a cat in stages was not as difficult, although on some versions will have to work hard. In any case, there are options in the compilation of different difficulty levels, you can start simple and then gradually move to more complex.

    Describe how drawn one or another stage, I think it is not necessary - everything is quite clear. All tabulated.

    To zoom in, click on the picture and start painting.

    How to draw a cat

    And now try to draw kittens

    Kittens (option 2)

    Draw kittens (option 3)

    Video lessons on "how to draw a cat and kitten"

    More, we have prepared for you a selection of video lessons. This is more convenient to take lessons in video format can be repeated for the artist and learn to paint cats and kittens.

    • How to draw a cat in stages for children

    If you have a moment of time, please write in the comments, if you have helped these instructions gradual drawing. Did you draw your favorite cat?

    Draw online! With the application Flavion you can draw directly on our website! In the article "Draw online for kids" brief description of the program.

    If your child has the ability to draw, there is a desire to learn to paint beautifully and correctly, I suggest read the article "How to teach your child to draw," which describes how to draw learning, to understand the pros and cons of each method and a link to the free video tutorials.

    See you on our pages!

    You can get the new articles and the phase of drawing instructions to your inbox.

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    How to draw a cat and a kitten. - 28 comments

    Great! Be sure to draw.

    Subject directly to my website http: //koshkomaniya.rf as narisovt cat!

    thank you lessons! ssylochku necessarily share

    A wonderful drawing lesson! For classes with the child just what you need! Fun, entertaining and very helpful!

    ahah video class

    WHAT'S IN THE VIDEO ALL HAPPENING? I just have written there that this video with limited access. Tell please.

    We do not know that - that.

    Probably video owner has restricted access to the video posted ... So the other, even funnier

    That's great. I worked out! 11. 111! 1

    You know kids Vanya Anya, Natasha, etc. I know myself how to draw a kitten and kata.

    Uh ... I guess versa as you think.

    Why does the video not working? Countries.

    Already it worked ...

    Cool website! Rosa learned to paint! This rose. Simply super.

    Hello, I'm Christine Me 9 your site I'd like to mount a bookmark yesterday read an article like narisavat pony and drew a poster of mother ponyash, I always wanted to learn to draw and here everything was perfect thank you for creating this wonderful site!

    We are very pleased to receive such reviews, which means that we work not in vain.

    Good luck in the works!

    And I really nravitsa the kitten I wanted to ask you what tokoe creativity and it can comment Pismo?

    Hello my name is Pauline Well, you already know my name and why Malenko kittens is difficult to draw?

    Polina, it is difficult only at the beginning. And then, when you try again and again, it will turn out better and better.

    And look risuem sami- site a lot of master classes, and most importantly, very easy and quick to draw any little animals and make a lot of different fun stuff! Still I recommend to look at the site uvlechenki.word.press.com

    YOU What does the Pauline

    I liked to draw two kittens.

    Class. I have everything worked out.

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