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How to draw flowers (flowers drawing lessons)

Learn to draw flowers step by step lessons on simple anyone can. Here are the most detailed practical instructions on how to represent different colors.

These fragile and beautiful creatures of nature can decorate any image. To uncover the beauty of flowers, it is important to learn about the features of their proportions as to transfer the shape of petals and velvety, properly arrange all the parts of the plant in the space. This will allow to achieve excellent results, even if you have never been very artistic abilities.

Each variety of colors can be displayed in a bud to open or already fall off inflorescences. With simple step by step lesson, you will learn the main techniques of drawing these delicate objects. Here are the tricks of auxiliary lines and create volume, which will fully convey the natural beauty of flowers. Particularly impressive picture will look in color, so choose your favorite lesson and start to realize a dream to learn to draw.

How to draw flowers? How to learn to paint flowers?

Flowers - one of the most fascinating creatures of the Creator. Flowers can be drawn in different ways, you choose the one that is most to your liking.

First, I will offer you a lesson on drawing color pencil. Very easy to handle even a child:

Now look at how to draw a flower gouache. This lesson is too simple, but also very beautiful:

Try to draw this lesson watercolor pencils blooming apple branch. To get a clear picture and realistic, when you draw, allow each layer to dry thoroughly, slowly apply the next layer of watercolors or strokes watercolor pencil:

I wish you success!

Here you can draw a bouquet.

First, draw a bouquet contour consisting of leaves and flower buds.

In the next stage draw core and pistil of each flower bouquet, adding one bud circle circle smaller.

Then, add the bouquet of tulip flowers.

Add a more precise form of our previous contours flower buds. Round out the contours, the contour of each share in the flower petals and add the bouquet of tulip flowers (they have three pointed petals), slightly lift up tulip flowers on the bouquet.

Decorate with ribbon bouquet, drawing two parallel curved lines around the stems of the leaves.

It remains only to draw with a pencil and paint the leaves of flowers.

Perhaps the result will depend on what kind of flower you want to draw, and how professional you are drawing in principle.

It is possible to schematically depict a rose or a daisy.

Begin to draw always with the most important parts, and then only draws a small part of the flower.

Naturally, it is important to take into account the characteristics of each flower for the same daisies - is the number of petals and the correct round shape, the roses - Multi bud.

Always need to start with simple, later moving on to the more complex techniques.

Draw a variety of flowers is not difficult, even if you are not particularly artistic talent shines. The most important thing when drawing colors - to observe all stages, from the image-tips. When you draw in different colors is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • how many petals of a flower;
  • both on the stem flowers arranged themselves;
  • what shape are the leaves of a flower.

At below the picture drawing phase diagrams cornflower.

Phased drawing tulip diagram:

Phased drawing narcissus:

In a world of many colors and they look different. Therefore, you can draw connecting the imagination, and a flower, which eventually will portray the planet there. Fancy color is also very pleasing and develop creative thinking.

Can be looking at the flower try to draw it gradually reaches the maximum similarity. Well, the very different painting technique.

Now full of a variety of schemes and video with step by step master classes, you can choose any of them depending on their professionalism. And you can even dream up and create your own unique flower.

here Several schemes gradual drawing of colors, where he first sketched the bud and stem, then the petals and leaves are drawn:

Here's another quick video on how to draw a flower-birthday greeting to Vkontakte. True video owner to draw a flower enjoys the tablet. Do the same with the mouse will be more difficult.

It all depends on what kind of flower you want to paint. Here are some simple paint scheme colors.

With this scheme will be able to cope and the child:

Here the main thing - to follow the step by step diagrams and succeed.

Draw flowers step by step is not so difficult, the main thing that it was possible to see where the principle, here for example, several options of drawing some flowers, tulip, dandelion, a flower and sunflowers.

Despite the draw, crayons or paints. gouache or watercolor. If the paint is better to take a bunch of flowers to put in a vase in front of you and start drawing. first to avoid details, outline sketch, then work out the details. There are only two ways to learn risovati they need to be combined: to draw from nature, and copy the good work of other authors. and, prorabatyaa and thinking through each step, to understand how the author drew it, make a drawing, as it were their own.

How to draw a flower

How to draw a flower in stages

Hello, dear readers of the site

That his article would like to dedicate the theme colors drawing. It flowers often draw children greeting cards for moms, grandmothers, sestronok and little brothers. I mean, children of preschool and early school age.

It often happens that a child can not correctly draw itself or that flower, he can not, he is upset and turns to his parents for help. How to help your child to draw, for example, rose, if he did not know how? I usually am in a very difficult situation, when my child asks me to show him how to draw anything, because to draw I have no special abilities. And it starts "vymuchivanie" figure, no one is erased eraser and spoiled some paper before you can create something similar to the one that asked to draw.

And most importantly, you can not really explain to the child how you drew, because by the end of the drawing do not remember the beginning. For many parents probably familiar situation?

Of course, very good, when the child attends any drawing a circle. Then - no problem: there he was taught how to paint flowers, animals, fruits, various items. And if yet not? How to help your little artist?

I drew his attention to the gradual drawing lessons. They can be very easy to draw anything by following the step-by-step.

I had to spend a lot of time to find what you need. In general, I gathered together a lot of different instructions on how to draw step by step the simplest and the most "in demand" in color with a material and shaped it into a small catalog. As a result, I was able to benefit from the 36 instructions.

I offer a "benefit" to your attention. Hopefully, it will help you and your little artists to design holiday cards and greetings, and perhaps (who knows?) Will give rise to the disclosure of the creative abilities of your child.

Click on the image to enlarge and start drawing.

How to draw a tulip (1)

That's not all! Here is a selection of very fresh, as many as 18 variants gradual drawing of flowers.

How to draw a lily

Draw online! With the application Flavion you can draw directly on our website! In the article "Draw online for kids" brief description of the program.

Where is the rose? - you ask. they were first on this page, and then we decided to arrange them separately, and create a page "How to draw a rose." Click on this link and there will be a phased version 21 drawing roses.

Here are collected the most simple color drawing instructions. They focus on children 4-7 years old who do not have the ability or desire to attend a large drawing a circle and draw a greeting card, for example, on the birthday of his grandmother like.

For those who show an interest in drawing and have the ability, I advise you read the article "How to teach your child to draw," which describes several ways to learn drawing, to understand the pros and cons of each method and a link to the free video tutorials drawing for children.

Then another video: "It is easy to draw a stunningly beautiful flowers - peonies"

And another video from a channel KapukiKanuki for the youngest artists.

How do you stuff?

If you have a moment of time, please leave your feedback in the comments, if you happen to draw flowers with these instructions?

You can see the other articles in the column "How to draw.", As well as to subscribe to the newsletter and receive new articles in your mailbox.

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How to draw a flower - 11 comments

Thank you for your interesting and informative article! Good luck!

I came to your website at just the right moment. Son needs to learn to draw flowers - and then the whole collection. Wow - now use your drawing experience. Thank you.

Here is a selection of video lessons:

Very interesting about the painting. I can not draw, but after your lessons seems to me that even I could! I will try!

Video is very useful!

Your drawings are very useful without them I drew bad but once girlfriend gave your site I immediately went and now I am much s top risuyu.Spasiba! Excellent site and your pictures just super.

I did not know how to paint flowers, but really wanted to learn. and your site helped me a lot. THANK YOU. -D

Ochen interesnyi urok. Kak raz iskala temu po risovaniju cvetov. Spasibo!

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