Yak maljuvaty rose

How to draw a rose pencil? Lesson for beginners

When making a holiday greeting card or poster commonly used painted flowers. To draw a rose easiest (only daisy even easier), so often choose this flower.

The easiest and most intuitive way - it's panache rose in pencil. For greater simplicity and clarity, there is an algorithm of how to draw a rose gradually.

  1. We begin to draw a flower with spiral: start from the center and clockwise make a few turns from the inside out. Spiral should be slightly elongated and angular, the shape of an oval, not round.
  2. From the center of the spiral to postpone the eye about three of its height perpendicular to the plane of the bottom whorl. From the point of deferred conduct curved S-shaped line, without connecting it with the tip of the bud future roses.
  3. From the same point of the same line of conduct in a mirror image, which is already touches the left edge of the spiral. Another curved line is drawn from all of the same terms, but declined more than the left.
  4. Next rounded line should connect the dots base bud, we have postponed, and the point where it ends left S-shaped curve. I should get a petal like in the picture. Similarly dorisovyvat lobe located behind bud.

You can not just draw a rose in pencil, but also to give it the volume of simple techniques.

Before you draw a rose with stem and leaves, pay attention to how they grow and how they form.

If you want to leave the pencil drawing, you can try to identify shadows, giving even greater scope and realism rose. First, determine which side of the incident light. Make darker recesses between the lobes and the places of their joint. A little finger rub these areas to hatching did not look rough.

Despite the apparent complexity, learn how to draw a rose can anyone just need to understand how the structure of the flower. Just look at the photos to see how the bud, stem and leaves of roses.

Another way, more complicated, you can look at the video:

Video, with a more complex, realistic picture:

How to draw a beautiful rose pencil

rose flower - is the most popular flower for artists. After all, this extraordinary flower has a beautiful shape, various colors and shades. In most cases, it is a rose painted red, but sometimes there are other colors such as white, pink and yellow. And it can be drawn in pencil and ordinary and at the same time to add some shadows. And it will also not look less impressive.

In this article, we have chosen for you the most simple ways pencil drawing roses on paper.

A simple diagram drawing pencil roses

1. In order to draw a rose you will need a pencil and a clean white paper. First, draw a smooth vertical line. It will be for you a guide and of course the center of the rose stem.

Council: When drawing the line is not necessary to acquire and use a pencil line.

2. What would draw studs, first need to draw a line with a small bend to the left to the left of the center line. Then Doris same tail as a smile toward the stem. Thus to get the first spike.

3. In a similar way to the rest of Doris Rose thorns on both sides. They do not necessarily have to be the same size.

4. For leaflet will need to draw a horizontal line with two arcs of the upper and lower parts.

5. Next you need to add a line from the end of a leaf that she had joined him with a stem. Doris has a few leaves in a similar way. What would the leaves looked varied, better to use different angles.

Dorisovyvat on slips stripes

6. On top of the stem to draw a couple of leaves that resemble banana. They must be of different sizes.

Drawing on a rose bud

7. Then, on the same pieces of paper in the shape of a banana, draw two large lobes. Between them should be a space.

On pieces of paper, draw two large lobe

8. Doris has a few leaves, with the petals. But it is worth remembering that they do not need to fully draw, as they are partially hidden.

Doris has a few leaves, with the petals

9. Next, you need to draw the central rosebud. Its top slightly ajar.

10. Gradually add the shadow of each petal. See which side is light.

eleven. After Rose is ready, it can be colored to your discretion.

Draw beautiful rose in pencil step by step:

1. First you need to draw two branches. It will have two flexible lines, stretching from one another.

2. Then, around these lines draw a wavy line that will bend the edges of the petals future.

3. Draw the lower part of the bud.

4. Doris has a pair of inner edges of the petals.

5. The next step needed to finish a petal from the middle of the bud that is bent.

6. And a couple of petals, they will make the tip of the bud.

7. Add the internal petals.

8. Doris final details of the internal petals.

9. It is best to start drawing under the leaves bud. First, add a curved line that will be the edges of the leaves.

10. Then you need to finish the leaves under the bud.

eleven. To get the stem, you need to draw two parallel lines emanating from the bud. For a more realistic picture of you need to change the angles of the stem several times.

12. Next, you need to draw the leaves and branches that come out of the stem. Leaves resemble droplets.

13. By leaflets Doris heart and veins.

Draw a heart and veins of leaves

14. After add the spikes, you can delete the extra line in places where they will have.

15. Carefully trace the marker line that drew a pencil. Wipe off any excess that is drawn with a pencil.

As in the previous scheme, it is possible to paint a rose as desired.

There are many ways how to draw a pencil rose gradually. You can try these simple techniques that are sure to turn out even for beginners. And then proceeds to the study of more complex elements. Good luck!

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    How to draw a rose

    Hello, young artists and their parents!

    Today's release phased drawing instruction is dedicated to how to draw a rose.

    We have written more than 20 variants and 2 video!

    Rose is considered to be the queen of flowers and a symbol of love. Each color of rose symbolizes anything, and in fact rose more than twenty colors and shades!

    Have you noticed that most greeting cards present a rose or a flower? This is no accident. People from ancient times tried to convey their feelings through colors. But more often still on the cards depict the rose.

    At the same time, draw a rose is not so simple. No, draw a rose in pencil, in general, it is easy, but the paint and at the same time to make it look realistic - it is much more difficult. Here it is important to be able to work with shadows.

    But in our selection, as always, we tried to take into account the different levels of training of the young artist. Therefore, using these instructions stepwise paint roses, draw a card or drawing can doge smallest. Of course, if a little help to parents.

    Of course, you can congratulate and finished the purchase cards, and not harass paper, pencils and eraser. But the value of drawings made with love with his own hands, a thousand times higher!

    Well, it's time to start? Draw a rose!

    To enlarge a picture with a scheme to full screen, click on her arm. The picture will open in a new window.

    At the end of the article - interesting video tutorials.

    How to draw a rose pencil

    How to draw a bouquet of roses

    How to draw a rose tattoo

    How are you doing? Share in the comments, it is very important to know your opinion about the collection.

    All our lessons gradual drawing you will find under the heading "How to draw ...".

    Draw online! With the application Flavion you can draw directly on our website! In the article "Draw online for kids" brief description of the program.

    • Funny video drawing lesson for children rose. Watching it you will realize that to draw a rose is not so difficult.
    • How to draw a rose pencils. The artist's work is simply mesmerizing. And note - because the artist draws the rose upside down (in the sense, the rose upside down, and not an artist). Enjoy watching.

    Do you want to learn how to draw in the same way as in the second video? If so, read the article "How to teach your child to draw" on our website. In it, we tried to review the methods and ways of teaching drawing and posted links to video tutorials.

    Till! We proceed to the preparation of the next collection.

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    How to draw a rose - 20 comments

    I love these lessons! The first time you have on your site, and I must say, impressed! From the simplest to the most complex roses! I'll try to learn itself. My son loves to draw, but still too small for such patterns.

    klassssssss you think that Tanya

    There is really extensive collection of turn-based schemes. There is not quite simple and interesting. Here is what I got: https://youtu.be/DzfkrHKQ_m8

    thanks very interestnyi site thanks

    I am very interested and I seichyas blagatarya you create one rose thank you

    Thank you for information! Little sister taught drawing, for which she then in the school of Fine Arts 5 set! And indeed I had thought about the question, how to draw a rose ... But now I know that the impossible does not exist.

    Ogrooomnoe thank you. 😉

    These reviews are very pleasant and inspiring for further work

    but the site does not work good! from me, just do not come out the artist

    Do not despair, Maria! Of me the artist, too, no, but if you start with the most simple and keep trying again and again, be sure to succeed! I just know it.

    Try, try, and you'll score!

    very beautiful roses! especially easy to draw a rose heart and beautiful. ♥♥♥ ☼

    cool, I like it.

    The site is just class! thank you so much for this site 🙂

    I just do not know what to say!

    But this I say, thank you to the creator of this site and direct my sister is now an artist 🙂

    Hello. I really liked the site. I have long wanted to do drawing, and even go on drawing. The first picture is my dragon on A3 format, and here on vacation, we were asked to draw a rose. I did not know that I can draw so beautiful roses, I pereprobyvala all your drawings. Well I liked. Thanks to the developers website.

    Julius and Kristen, thank you for your kind words! When you read these comments, you know, that labor is not in vain that your time and effort spent on the development, vorstku, website promotion have brought someone to benefit.

    Very cool I just ROSE drawn and get a nice

    I narisovla grandmother a birthday

    Class! Painted all rose, except the heart and bouquet (does not work).

    Thank you with all my heart! parents drew a poster on the day of the wedding, was very helpful.

    klasssssss I Potressov

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