Winterizing windows inside slope

Winterizing slopes of plastic windows

Dilapidated wooden windows made to change the frame of the plastic profile. This decision is justified because the new materials provide better sealing and thermal insulation of the room. However, it is possible to achieve positive improvements, subject to installation technology and the subsequent finishing work. These processes include the insulation and the slopes of plastic windows.

If mistakes were made initially during installation, eventually mounting seams will collapse. Naturally, such a window does not fall out of the opening, even after dozens of years, but every year it will show through from stronger. Without waiting for such a sorry state, we can immediately take de warming slopes of plastic windows, moreover, that it is long and expensive.

  1. Make the right choice

Slopes are an additional source, through which flows away from the heat of the room. Also, due to the formation of condensation on them in the room, you may receive the smell of damp or mold. Deal with it immediately, but have to exert less effort in the initial stage of the installation window.

Layered arrangement of materials

In this case, using modern insulation materials:

  • polyurethane foam;
  • mineral or basalt wool;
  • foam plate;
  • fiberglass foil rolls;
  • sandwich panels.

It is also possible to carry out insulation Isover slopes of plastic windows (glass fiber). Preference is given to any method based on the technological possibilities, and subject to aesthetic appearance.

Isover insulation for the slopes

When using foam, it will need to cover from exposure to ultraviolet light and moisture. Otherwise, it will break down and turn into dust.

Treatment of joints with foam

If spending insulation slopes of plastic windows with their own hands with the help of foam, then you must know that this porous material can accumulate moisture, which in this situation is undesirable. It is preferable to choose Penoplex plate that shows improved performance, but has a higher cost.

Another high-quality material for such works is fiberglass. It blocks air circulation, moisture and even an insulator. However, work with it in such conditions difficult.

It's worth noting that the result will be better if the work is carried out with the slopes on both the inner side of the room, and external surfaces located outside.

Options slopes of plastic PVC windows

When significant frosts without reliable insulation slopes of plastic windows from the inside and outside, you can even get a drizzle on the walls. Therefore, to neglect such an operation should not be.

After installation, the new plastic windows home immediately concerned about ensuring aesthetic appearance of the repaired part of the room. It is recommended at this stage to hold a trim insulation problem areas by using one of the types thermofiller. They are mounted on the inner or outer surface and then carried plastering and lining.

Overall thermofiller parameters depend on the climatic conditions, as well as the thermal conductivity of the wall of the building. The effectiveness of insulation slopes of plastic windows with their hands as a video depends on the degree of fit of the thermal insulator to the wall surface. There should not be allowed, or blisters of the air layer in the gap.

Method seal inside slits

You can use one of the options that are feasible even with independent work.

  • After installing the window at the window opening formed plane heater is fixed, which after fixing must overlap the seam between the frame and the wall. This creates a small overlap on the front of the frame. When soft insulation is used, such as stone wool, the surface layer are covered with gypsum board, the outer part is necessary to putty and to paint. When a plate of extruded polystyrene foam is used, the drywall sheets are not mounted. The horizontal part of the slopes is also subject to insulation. After mounting plates, carefully overlaid with the face of the plaster netting. Heat-applied cement mortar prepared. The final layer is the finishing coat.
  • To achieve high-quality thermal insulation of plastic windows slopes as the video will be able to help with the installation of sandwich panels. This material includes a heat insulating layer composition. This type of work called "chistym9raquo ;. This insulation is perfect for plastic windows in their style, because similar surface decoration and frame appropriate to harmonize with each other. To create a better contact, it is possible to put an additional layer of mineral wool between the panel and slope.

Note that as the insulation is recommended to use only a stone (basalt) wool. It is made from the melt and is absolutely safe for indoor use only. Unlike stone, glass wool manufactured of the molten glass and quartz, which enables to use it only for thermal insulation space from the outside.

VIDEO: What are slopes for PVC windows is better - plastic, plaster or plasterboard

One popular option is the use of foam due to its affordable cost and relative ease of working with him. Before using it you need to prepare a smooth surface. This is done after the installation of a plastic frame. Slopes plastered with cement mortar, including sections with mounting foam. After drying treat antibacterial solution which prevents the appearance of fungus, and prepare the foam plate about 5 mm thick.

Sealing foam slopes

Since the surface of the insulation is not sufficiently easy to use solution, oshkurivaem it using sandpaper. Next, grease the surface with special glue and attached to the slope. Excess plate construction remove knife.

By the corner of the building must be mounted corner of the plastic, and then putty and his. The plane of the bracket serving for the room wall, will be hidden by decorative trims, paper or other common coating finishing room.

The front of the foam without problems be able to decorate the most preferred way:

  • apply a coat of colored plaster;
  • hide moisture-resistant gypsum board;
  • install decorative panels.

The main thing to ensure the unity of style in the room.

A faster version of the installation will be able to provide, if the glue layer of drywall prepared with a sheet of foam. Formed multilayer preform. It is mounted on a slope with a few plugs. Cap screws and hide the ends of the plate plaster.

Instead, it is recommended to use foam penoplex. In a similar foam sheets Penoplex manufacturing technology further baked, which improves the quality of the structure and, as a consequence, the functional characteristics.

VIDEO: Thermal insulation foam repose. standard solution

The positive effect of warming will be greater when to hold warming slopes of plastic windows from the outside. The work above the second floor you must take the help of professionals.

If the surface is uneven, then treat it with cement mortar and expect to complete drying. Cooking stove Penoplex in size exterior slopes. Applied to the surface layer of glue and fix on a vertical surface. Additionally mount points 4-5 anchors fungal hats, and then fasten the corner.

Warming slope foam outside

The front surface is processed spetskleem on which is mounted fiberglass mesh, pressing it into the surface. Dub all filler. After drying to a warming of the outer slopes of plastic windows can be applied to water-based paints.

VIDEO: How to insulate windows, if the walls are flowing inside (condensation, mold)

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  • Instructions on warming the interior and exterior window slopes

    Owners of old window designs tend to replace them with new plastic windows, wishing to ensure good thermal insulation of the room. In practice, the replacement of windows - this is only the first step, which must follow the second - in the form of decoration and insulation of slopes. Positive results are directly dependent on how warm the slopes of plastic windows inside and out so that the operation of the new frame brought the owners of exclusive use.

    Why should you do warming

    First it should be noted that the insulation - is a necessary part of a quality installation window system, which was later not only last longer, but the difference is highly functional. The main reasons that require thermal insulation:

    • the window frame is loosely fitted to the slope surface, leaving the corresponding joints, which are often filled with foam to seal. This material shows excellent thermal insulation properties, but often reacts to moisture and temperature changes, being exposed to destruction and loss of basic functions.
    • Window boxes, devoid of additional finishing, poorly protected from the influence of external factors. If you do not carry out insulation, joint space will be subject to the ingress of water, under the influence of low temperature results in the destruction and loss of the window fasteners.
    • After shrinkage structure formed free space between the window casing and openings that lead to freezing and cold air to indoors.
    • For insulated windows not typical accumulation of condensation on the inside, resulting in the formation of mold or mildew.

    Winterizing slopes window opening protects from freezing and condensation

    In addition to functionality, insulation windows slopes give the design a stylish appearance which harmoniously merge with the interior space.

    Consider several options through which you can make a warm slopes with their own hands. So:

    • Styrofoam. The material shows good insulation qualities and relates to one of the economy in the insulation segment. But there is one significant drawback: due to the porous structure of the material is able to accumulate moisture inside.

    The foam has good insulating properties

  • Penoplex can be used as an analogue of the foam, but it is inferior in properties quality insulation for the inner and outer slopes, but is stable to moisture.

    Penoplex more stable to moisture than the foam

  • Plaster with subsequent painting. The proven way to warm slopes on the windows of plastic or wood, suggesting excellent hydro and thermal insulation at the correct technology works.
  • Plastering followed finished decorative plaster. Good functionality, which at the end can be successfully combined with the interior premises.
  • Also, as insulation can be applied fiberglass. The great advantage of the material is excellent in insulation: it prevents moisture or air from outside passes. But it should be noted that the insulation plastic windows slopes with their own hands with the help of glass making is very laborious.

    The space under the windowsill can zapenit

    Insulate the slopes on the windows can be any of several materials, but it is important to remember that the work should be carried out in relation to both internal and external slopes. In the case of the windows will blow on the outside must be thoroughly repaired all the empty windows of the place through which penetrate drafts in the room. Qualitatively, the work did not allow freeze at low temperatures inside the windows, forming frost or ice on the frame area. Insulate the slopes of the windows, do not forget to do the same thing and with sill. It can zapenit or carefully lay the foam voids all.

    Determine what warmed the slopes, go to practice. It sometimes happens that during a plastic box, regardless of the good foam processing, get wet glass and the wind blows from the slopes. This often acts as a consequence of negligent installation, as a result of which, the design may have to put in order.

    • Remove foam remnants.
    • Treat the surface primed with antibacterial action to prevent future mold growth.
    • Plasterer window area, achieving a flat surface, which can then be seamlessly glued foam.
    • Well we clean plastered places pass primer and begin to lay the insulation.
    • In the case of the foam need to scratch the surface of an abrasive sheet to reduce smoothness. After which the material can be easily pasted to the slopes. Cutting pieces of foam desired, measure slightly larger sizes that can be trimmed always, instead of sticking with missing pieces.

    Before installing the foam is recommended to scratch the surface

  • Allow to dry and design shpaklyuem area.
  • After laying the foam proceed to the final coating selected to your own taste. This may be plasterboard or paneling, decorative plastering.
  • Understood in practice, as the slopes insulate plastic windows inside, move to the outside works.

    For owners of apartments in high-rise buildings insulation slopes of plastic windows from the outside with no balconies are always best left to professional installers in order to avoid possible risks of falling from the balcony there is vysoty.Pri not forget about insurance and care.

    Scheme insulation on the outside slope Minplita

    So, how to properly insulate the slopes from the outside:

    • In the case of a new installation for starting remove excess foam and process face primer with protection against mold and mildew.
    • Stucco is required if the slopes on the windows are made with irregularities.
    • In order to improve thermal insulation, insulation Penoplex choose. Cut pieces of material on the desired size, we pass special glue and adhered to the surface. For Penoplex strength can be secured with screws dowels mushroom shape. Such details do not break the structure of the material well and keep it on a vertical surface of the plastic window.
    • Next is the installation of a special corner.
    • On insulated outer slopes impose glue and put it in fiberglass mesh, carefully align the surface. We allow a little dry and causes another layer of glue, after which equate spatula.
    • After complete drying of the surface is covered with water-based paints.

    Outer side of the foam layer of plaster and paint will not allow to penetrate into the room cold air and warm inside slopes dew point is shifted to the side exterior walls. After completion of the street and interior installation warm slopes on the windows can be considered complete. Do not forget how warm slopes of plastic windows from the street heat will depend largely indoors in the winter, so do not take the time to perform the technique on all the rules and avoid rework later.

    In addition to the windows will not be superfluous insulation wooden or metal doors that are equally responsible for the comfortable temperature in the room.

    Door slopes is also recommended to insulate to save heat in the room

    As the door insulation plates can be chosen from polystyrene with a density of 35%. We begin insulation door slopes:

    • Completely clean the surface of the traces of paint, plaster or tiles.
    • We cover the platform primer and allowed to dry for 2.5 hours.
    • Getting polystyrene adhering, causing spatula on each of the plates the adhesive portion. Allows the material to dry thoroughly.
    • Fasten the heater by an additional plastic dowels using the perforator.
    • Sizing finished portions of the plastic mesh that protects the surface from the appearance of small cracks. For complete drying of the glue required from 5 to 12 hours depending on the room temperature.
    • After drying over plastic mesh applied a layer of putty. If the first layer to level the surface failed, boldly apply subsequent drying taking into account all sites.
    • The dried filler handle coarse grit sheets and causes the primer layer.
    • Inking stations.

    In this insulation slopes front door can be considered fully consummated. Thorough insulation of windows and doors contribute to the excellent thermal insulation of the room. Do not forget the technology, explaining how to do the process right, then the work will bring excellent results.

    All you need to know about the warming of the slopes

    The issue of choice is a very important material for insulation of slopes. It exists in the construction market a variety of options that we will discuss:

    Thin foam - one of the most popular and economical option. Working with this material is quite simple, but still it has its own nuances. The foam expands from heat and it is necessary to apply a small amount of adhesive at its attachment. Otherwise, the glue can crack and lose their insulation properties.

    Foamed polyethylene foam - has excellent insulating properties, it is also considered to be moisture-resistant. Further duplicated foam foil. When you finish these materials Windows must be carefully sealed joints.

    Mineral wool - a very practical option warming slopes. It not only provides reliable thermal insulation of the window, but also has sound insulation properties. Another advantage of wool is its resistance to moisture.

    Sandwich panels - the practical and reliable option. Plastic panels have a thermal insulation layer. They are mounted simply and quickly. As sandwich panels absorb noise, they are not afraid of moisture and behind them is simple enough to care.

    Conduct an internal thermal insulation is often not enough. In order to further protect the box from moisture and precipitation Send the Prince insulation slopes of plastic windows from the outside. For outdoor works sold, as a rule, polystyrene or Minplita.

    Foam more easy to use and you can make yourself finish without special construction skills. There are ready-made slopes of foam, which are very easy to install. In choosing the material necessary to consider features of the window. Usually selected plate thickness of not more than 2-3 cm.

    Initially, you need to measure the width of slopes to choose the right stove for heat insulation. Cut the material strip with an oversize of 10-20 mm. Plates should be planted on a special reinforcing mesh. The mesh is attached with an adhesive solution, it must be pasted with a 10 cm overlap.

    Strip heater are coated with glue and attach to the grid. Plates are smoothed using a level. After complete drying of the glue must be cut and trim strips. Then you need to once again miss the mark edge insulation adhesive mortar and reinforcing mesh wrap leftovers. Next is attached to the corners of the plates. After the glue has dried completely (approximately 24 hours), the solution must drag plate again. In this case, the adhesive should be slightly less than for the fixing plates. Using a spatula do screed mortar. And after it is completely dry you can begin priming and staining.

    Conduct external warming slopes of plastic windows with ready-made foam termootkosov much easier, as the sale is all ready elements: D-like strips, angles, etc. to carry out the preparation of the surface for installation of the material is not necessary, since they are mounted on metal profiles.. . The guides are fixed to the wall with screws and have them directly superimposed termootkosy. Joints between them must be sealed using a sealant. There are different color schemes termootkosov that you can choose according to the facade of the house style.

    Remember that exterior insulation works on the slopes of the windows should be carried out only in the warm season and in dry weather.

    Method insulation inside slopes will depend on the version registration window. If you make a slope from the plasterboard, it is very convenient to use for thermal insulation of mineral wool or foam. Also fill the space between the sheets of plasterboard can be special foam.

    One of the most popular ways of internal insulation of slopes on the windows is to install the panels. They are mounted on profiles. Initially be measured slopes and cut guide. The vertical side and cut the upper profile with an allowance of 2-3 cm. Profiles are attached to the wall using screws.

    Initially, two upper profile attached parallel to each other, and then the vertical side. You should also cut four strips of the profile, which will be attached horizontally to the two side walls of the window. First, anchoring screws to the upper panel profile, and then latched rest on it. They also need to fix the screws. To make the window more aesthetic appearance to the wall and fasten the profiles, they sutured the gaps. The ends of the panels are cut at an angle of 45 degrees and are glued to the wall.

    Polystyrene insulation boards for slopes on the windows must be 2-3 cm in thickness. The heater should be fixed so that the assembly seam was closed completely. The foam is planted in a special adhesive mortar. Before finishing the foam must be attached to the surface of the reinforcing mesh. Next, you need to install drywall. The seams between the sheets GCR shpaklyuyut. Then you can be primed and painted.

    Optional stitching slope drywall if you use extruded polystyrene. Field fastening material and completely dried plate shpaklyuyut solution and then primed. Further it is possible to conduct coloration surface. If you use for thermal insulation mineral wool, then it is necessary to wrap the foil further. This will be an additional protection against moisture in the material. Mounting of mineral wool is recommended to mask and gloves, because the fiber material adversely affect the skin and respiratory tract.

    Internal insulation should be carried out together with the installation of the window sill. Also, the air in the room should be dry. As you can see, insulate the window is not difficult. If you take into account all the recommendations of the decoration you will be able to carry out these works. Insulate the inner and outer slopes of the windows in the room, you save not only warm, but also protect it from moisture.

    In the video you can see what technology solutions are used by European developers installation technologies. Look at the record, and learn how the process of warming of the slopes, walls, and which are necessary for this material.

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