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• Shovel for snow removal on streets

• Wide wooden shovel for snow removal on streets

Shovel for snow removal or keep warm in winter?

Shovel for snow removal can be of different types: plastic, wooden, wide, narrow. But whatever it is, in our cold winters it is necessary and summer residents, and owner of a private house, and a motorist.

Shovel for snow removal can be of different types: plastic, wooden, wide, narrow. But whatever it is, in our cold winters it is necessary and summer residents, and owner of a private house, and a motorist.

1 snow shovels: the device and its features

The choice is huge, but when buying a tool you need to pay attention not only to the manufacture of material, price and quality, but also on ease of use for you personally. Size matter, whether convenient handle, and whether it will be able to perform the job for which you purchase it. Snow shovels as Shovel, consists of a fabric and handle. But its main difference from the others is much wider scoop rectangular or semi-circular shape.

Material for the manufacture of today there are snow shovels: aluminum, plastic and wood. Cuttings are also made of wood, metal and plastic, which for convenience fasten reliable rubberized handle. It is considered to be the most productive wide wooden shovel shovel with a rectangular with borders, because it covers a large area, and the snow from it does not slide off.

But working with it can only be a strong person, and if in the process of raking snow at the same time you want to practice a little and well with the warm - take just such a tool. People who are not accustomed to strength exercises suitable alternative tool of plastic with a semicircular blade, as it is more lightweight and maneuverable.

2 Why is snow shovel made of plastic is preferable?

Modern plastic - very robust, durable and wear-resistant material. No wonder plastic garden furniture so prized by vacationers. Therefore, the most comfortable, convenient and reliable tool for raking snow in our winter will be a little shovel made of plastic with a handle of the same material.

The owners of this instrument have noted that in their characteristics and practicality it is superior to the metal: it is much easier, is very durable, has no knots, well tolerated cold and moisture.

The plastic version of the tool is good by the fact that it does not hurt to be cleaned from the surface of the snow. Therefore, your steps and walkways of decorative tile will not get any chips and cracks. But, brushing the snow from them, it is not necessary to press very strongly on the handle or attempt to split the ice, because even the strongest tool can not withstand abuse.

3 What to look for when choosing an instrument?

When buying a shovel in the store in the first place to draw attention to its strength. Therefore, never hesitate to test the tool. To do this, you need to tilt the shovel, press down firmly at the top and see how resilient the bucket. If the hole cloth, which is inserted into the handle, remains intact and without cracks, the tool has been tested, and it can be considered reliable.

Better not take a very large size shovel, because, the larger the area of ​​its bucket, the more difficult it will be on snow. The length of the handle, too, depends on how comfortable it will be in operation. Pick up a shovel height according to their height, so that when you work with it, you are not bent or strained back. And do not forget to buy for her high-quality pouch in which it will be convenient to store and carry.

Well, if you have golden hands, and have free time, you can try to build a snow removing the instrument yourself. As practice shows, home-made snow shovels made of plywood, are no worse than store tools. But how to make the most of such an accessory, we will explain in the next article.

Snow shovel with his own hands

For snow removal invented a lot of modern technology, but a shovel and remained an indispensable tool in this case. The simplest tool claimed for cleaning of sidewalks owners of private courtyards and city street cleaners. If desired, shovel snow with their hands may be made of any lightweight, durable sheet material. Let's look at several options for the manufacture of the snow-clearing tools.

The most convenient for cleaning and throwing snow is considered a plastic shovel. Scoop is easier to buy in the store. Houses will only impose it on the stalk and fix screws. Easy Shovel is very convenient. Durability scoop provide cast in plastic, stiffening ribs and the wear edge webs protected steel strip.

Made from PVC sheet shovel snow with their hands at the following method:

  • For the scoop you need to find a piece of plastic. Sheet should be durable fracture and at the same time flexible. Experience it can be bending, of course, within reason. If the plastic does not burst, then you get a great scoop.
  • On a plastic sheet draw a shape scoop. The most convenient size -. 50x50 cm cut blank jigsaw. Burrs on the plastic can not cleaned. They wear out during cleaning snow.
  • The most difficult job is to mount the cutting. It is fixed in the center of the scoop by means of sheet steel linings.

To web was resistant to abrasion, the working edge of the scoop encircle galvanized sheet steel and its fixed rivets.

Aluminum snow shovel

On the strength of winning metal shovels, but they are heavy for snow removal. The only exception is lightweight aluminum. Soft metal is perfect for the scoop. Let's look at how to make a snow shovel for aluminum sheet:

  • Aluminum scoop better to do with borders. When applying a marking on the sheet, it should be noted shelves on three sides of the workpiece. After the tailgate stalk will pass, so its height must be greater than 1-2 cm thick wooden member.
  • Aluminum is easy to cut. Suitable for cutting shears for metal, electric jigsaw or in extreme cases you can use the grinder. On cut a piece on three sides folded side. The rear shelf pre-drilled hole of diameter equal to the thickness of the cutting.

  • In the center of the scoop is attached with rivets slot cutting. It is made from a piece of sheet aluminum. The preform is placed on the cutting edge and try to press down the edges. Further, an aluminum plate obstukivayut hammer until pressed out semicircle. In the end, we get the scoop, as shown in the photo.
  • Now we have to take a cutting, to hold it through the rear rim scoop hole and insert into the slot. To do not shovel fell off during snow throwing, cutting softwood end fixed to the jack.

    Step by step instructions making wooden shovel

    To make their own hands a shovel for snow removal are prepared: plywood, wide pine board, board for cutting, galvanized steel sheets, and woodworking tools. If all of this is available, then feel free to forward:

    • First of pine boards length of 50 cm is necessary to make the basis for fixing the cutting and plywood. That is, the tailgate scoop. Board take at least 8 cm in width. From both of its ends on the end faces of mark lengths of 5 cm. Further, the center side of the board starting to abate angles to a plane marks. At the end should get a preform with a flat side and a semicircular side.

  • Finished parts processed plane. You can additionally be sanded with sandpaper.

  • The handle is made of a beam cross section of 40x40 mm. First, a plane attached to a circular shape workpiece, and then carefully cutting sanded with fine sandpaper.

  • The next step based on the need to make a seat for the handle. Choose a chisel recess in the center of the board. Do it on a flat side. The width equal to the thickness of the cutting recesses and the depth 5 mm are added to the bevel of the handle. Digs first make a hacksaw cutting 2, and then remove the piece of wood with a chisel.

  • When all the parts are ready to do a test fitting. Plywood encircle semicircle base and mark the places segments. The end of the handle is cut at an angle. The cut should be tightly pressed to the plywood, and the stalk to go into recess.

  • Identified deficiencies during the fitting correct. Plywood cut by marking the canvas for a scoop, then all work again polished on the cut.

  • It is time to connect all the blanks. First, a semicircular side edge of the plywood bases is applied. Hammer the first nail in the middle. Further, the veneer is pressed against the base, giving the scoop semicircular shape and as flexion, continue to nail the canvas. Instead of nails, screws can be screwed.

  • Ready to scoop up and turn over the foundation applied handle. Bevel cut cuttings have in the middle of the working fabric, while its lead into the groove on the base. If everything is perfect, the handle nailed.

  • Now we have to work to sheathe the edge scoop galvanized. To do this, the sheet 2 is cut strip 5 cm wide. One of them must be folded in half in length. The resulting U-shape is put on the plywood, which will be the working edge of the scoop. The steel strip is compacted, tapping with a hammer, and then fixed with rivets.

  • The second band covers another abradable portion scoop - joint plywood with a semi-circular side of the base. Galvanized bolted screws. The edges of the strips can be folded onto the base sides of the scoop. The handle is not pulled out of the groove, it also enhance the piece of steel strip.

  • Shovel ready, but it is not yet final. Scoop need to flip. Where leather is applied to the plywood nailed piece of steel strips and screwed into the screw 3-4. This enhancement will not break the working web from the cutting under the weight of snow.

    Now we can say that the snow shovels with your hands completely ready.

    The video provides instructions for the manufacture of spades:

    Auger snow shovel

    High capacity auger is characterized by a shovel, but it is not easy to collect. Firstly, you need to draw the correct drawings. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the operation of the screw. Scheme of factory machinery can be seen in the photo. With work auger snow removal equipment we are now face it.

    Let's start with the fact that the workers themselves mechanisms - screws installed in nutria steel snegopriemnoy camera. Its lower edge is moving on the hard road surface, just as it does the bulldozer blade. At this time, the capture layers of snow. Rotating augers direct it into the upper part of the chamber where the outlet. It can be located in the center or offset to the side, depending on the size of shovels. Typically, the central location is observed at the outlet of the screw shovels width of 1 m or more.

    The rotation of the screw directs the snow to the outlet nozzle, but they are not able to push him out of snegopriemnoy camera. For this work, juggle our blades meet. They rotate together with the screw, pushing the snow fed into the hole nozzle.

    According to the principle of the factory can produce homemade counterpart screw snowthrower. Semicircular snegopriemnika body can be bent from galvanized steel. In the center hole or a side cut outlet, and mounted. Sides need strong, bearings rotary mechanism will be fixed after them. PCB or water-resistant plywood is suitable for their production.

    For the manufacture of the screw taken steel bar or tube of 20 mm diameter. This will be the shaft. The blades can be welded from sheet steel or made of solid rubber. In a second embodiment, the shaft need to weld on steel strips. These bolts then the rubber blades are secured.

    In the manufacture of the screw is important to sustain the same spiral blade pitch and choose the correct direction of rotation. If the outlet is mounted on the center of the chamber, in the middle of the shaft throws welded rectangular metal blade a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

    It now remains to the side walls of the chamber to fix the hub to the shaft implant bearings and insert the screw into place.

    The tool will operate manually as a shovel. To this end, the side of the body fasten the wheels, and the rear camera is fixed knob. For large dimensions auger shovel fastened to the front walk-behind tractor.

    Snow removing any tool is only needed in the winter. All the rest of the time it is stored in a dry place, it is desirable away from heating appliances.

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