What color goes purple color

What color goes purple?

Just note that purple is purple tone, which is characterized by a lighter shade. Palette of colors make up the tone obtained by mixing red and blue. Color is characterized by softness and tenderness. Psychologists believe that these shades are calming people.

Kinship with purple means that almost all of his lucky color combinations are relevant and lilac. But there are differences. About that, with what color goes purple, and talk more.

These colors freshen the skin, soften his features and emphasize the natural shine of the hair. So, what color is combined with a pale lilac? We recommended to choose a dress that color accessories, shoes, and other accents in bright red, muted yellow, pale yellow-green tones. A good mix is ​​considered to be a mint, apricot and golden sandy shades. Lilac color in clothes is beneficial shade tones belonging to the cold scale.

Classic shades of purple

We are talking about shades of purple with an average depth. These colors - the best solution for the girls winter and spring tsvetotip. What is successfully combined the classic lilac? With clothes and stylish accessories pink, soft, yellow, apricot-sand mix. Incredibly stylish looks with a mix of purple malachite and shades of mint green.

Lavender shades also in harmony with the colors listed above. However, to a person they just owners of contrasting appearance, as they are more aggressive.

Lilac with a pink tinge

These colors are called amethyst. They are referred to a mysterious, but at the same time challenging. Incredibly fresh look image in which purple amethyst combined with mandzhetovym, cobalt, mint.

Lilac with a blue tint

Feel free to mix this color with the color indigo, malachite, brown, dim orange and sky blue. This color does not cause an imbalance, inspire confidence, because it sets the tone of blue. Perhaps, it is more the other is suitable for everyday wear in the office as it does not distract the attention and helps to focus. And this is, in a bluish-purple color is something mystical. In addition, the image, which is the dominant purple, clearly alluding to the fact that the girl has a good taste, it is no wonder in the Middle Ages only nobles could afford to wear lilac.

Listen to the stylists advice, of course, necessary, but eloquent of all will tell you that is combined with the purple color is better, your reflection in the mirror.

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What color goes purple color?

Lilac color is a pale shade of purple color scheme. It resembles the inflorescence of lilac and is associated with this plant. Lilac shade has a fairly broad palette from pale pastel to deep COLOR thick purple even violet color. Depending on the shade of the color can be used in the vintage, classic or contemporary interiors.

Lilac pastel palette is in harmony with other soft colors: light yellow, light blue, light pink and light green. But for rich color lilac suit dark purple, white and other bright colors and thick. What color goes purple hue in the decoration of buildings and clothing, we will talk in more detail.

Magenta tone in the locker room talking about the sensitive, aloof, enigmatic and mysterious person. Comes this definition, as in the psychology of this color symbolizes nostalgia, creativity, and bright future. It should be said that, and every shade of purple color scheme creates exactly the aforementioned association. And all because "uchreditel9raquo; all violet-purple range, His Majesty purple, has those qualities.

The person who mostly chooses clothes lavender color, - a unique personality, unable to succumb to another's influence. Such a person in a relatively short time can turn any dream into reality. This patient being receptive of all people as they are. In addition, people who have all of these features are well aware of that, with what color goes purple color in the clothes in the best way.

Person, favoring dark purple products, requires that her life someone ran, it's creative nature, and such people are known to live in the clouds and soar. If you are in the shower you feel anxious and want peace, put purple toilet - and his tone calm and you will certainly dispel all the anxiety. Some experts argue that this color improves vision.

What color goes purple color in clothes

Many people think that there is nothing easier than to choose the clothing ensemble lilac. Far from it. After all, this shade has a certain range of colors, from which depends on how will be and whether the harmonious outfit, combining of color lilac with others.

The main shades of lilac color schemes include classic violet, pale violet, bright purple, lilac amethyst and lavender.

What color goes purple classic color scheme? For many women, this question is quite complex. After all, it is the color of romance, femininity and mystery. It is associated with elegance and sophistication. It's not very bright, medium-saturated color. Therefore, an excellent company he was rich, soft colors: red, red-brown, pink, purple, ocher, yellow-brown hue and denim.

Pretty soaring and gentle "otvetvleniem9raquo; lilac is considered a pale lilac color. It perfectly sets off the color of hair and skin beauty. It is used to create dresses that are worn for a walk or to rest. Wear clothes pale lilac color in office is not recommended. This is absolutely not "delovoy9raquo; Colour. Well, the best company this shade will make rich, delicate and dull colors: golden beige, purple, mint, pink and purple, light brown and blue shades.

Expressive and rich shade of purple is a bright magenta color. However, not all girls can wear clothes made in this palette. When choosing such products should be sure to pay attention to the way they blend in with the shades of hair and skin. So what color is combined with lilac bright color? A fit him the same as he did - saturated and bright colors: orange, brown, yellow, green, light brown, blue and pink.

Purple amethyst and lavender color - these are the two shades of clothing that can not be worn to work. The first color is considered to be sexual, and the second - specially created for those persons who want to attract attention. And combining these color schemes with different shades. So, create a great company amethyst brown, light orange, lime and mint colors. And lavender is combined with fuchsia colors, dark brown, orange and beige and grape hues.

Now that you know with what color goes purple color in clothes (photo presented in this article), they will easily be able to create exquisite sets of his wardrobe, which will be the basis for experimenting with different images.

Bedroom interior, executed in shades of lilac - quite trendy and modern solution. But this room is chosen mostly by women. And men abstain from such a decision, since equate this shade purple to pink color scheme.

Venturing on such an important step as the creation of the decor in these colors, it is necessary to have accurate information about how the color blends with the color purple in a bedroom interior. Quite frequent reception of designers to design premises - the connection of lilac with white. This bedroom will light and will not create a sense of closeness. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere is recommended to combine the color lilac with cream, beige and light brown tones. A duo of black and purple colors will make your room a mystical and intriguing.

Lilac color is perfect for room decoration, which take a shower. If in this room walls and floor to lay tiles with purple ornaments and patterns, the room will look dignified and beautiful. To help the user to navigate in, with what color goes purple color in the bathroom interior, we present the following data: if the apartment is owned by a single man, then it is better to opt for a combination of purple tones and shades of indigo. People who wish to emphasize their perfect taste, can dilute the color lilac with white space. Well, to create a visual constant cleanliness should be issued bathroom lavender and menthol-green colors.

"What color goes purple?" - the question makes us think of many designers. After all, with different styles of decoration apartments it will look differently. So, before you start to buy purple paint, wallpaper and paints, pick them appropriate "naparnikov9raquo ;.

What color combined with the purple? What color goes purple?

How to combine lilac color with other colors? What colors lilac harmoniously combined?

Lilac is a very versatile color, and depending on the color and color intensity it will be combined with different colors in different ways. Here is the range of colors suitable for bright purple

PURPLE COLOUR perfect for romantic natures. Lilac color in the clothing gives the impression of mystery. For example, if it is combined with white and lavender - an impression strengthened. Creative nature skillfully combine lilac and red and pink, yellow and blue. Lilac with delightful looks with a dark blue. A quieter option - a combination of purple and silver, brown.

Purple colour It is well suited for people who have light skin type.

Combined lilac color with a fairly large number of other colors and shades with bright red, with red-brown, reddish-purple, pink, light yellow, pale yellow, the color of ocher, with aqua-green, emerald green, pale light green, menthol, jeans, violet-purple, beige and apricot. Examples of compatibility with color sirenidae given for classical violet color, which has high saturation.

By the purple flowers, I think that's fit these colors:

  • daffodil
  • vermilion
  • mint
  • ocher
  • pink
  • pale carrot
  • pale lime
  • emerald
  • jean
  • aquamarine
  • red-purple
  • beige and apricot
  • violet-purple
  • russet
  • light yellow-brown

Lilac color is usually combined with various delicate colors: pink, green, beige. Although sometimes sharp design decisions are made, and in the interior and harsh colors used in clothing: red, blue. Well combined with lilac purple.

Black and white color is combined with all colors, including the lilac. In addition to the purple will go well with gray, pink, color, almost all shades of blue. It will look good with purple gold and silver color

Combinations with lilac flowers

This elegant color goes well with blue, blue, pink, gray, yellow, lemon, green, but in general, all blue and green gamma approach. Once more to reassure pobogut color white and black colors.

Lilac color refers to cold colors, which means at your disposal all the shades of the cold range - a pink, blue, cyan, purple, will also look great with white and black colors.

I really like the combination of lilac color with delicate light green. Lilac close to the blue color in the spectrum, and lime - to green. A blue and green - the neighbors in the color palette. This combination does not hurt the eyes.

With lilac combined bright yellow, white, green-toxic, light cyan, black, white, emerald green, blue, raspberry, peach, beige, brown, pale gray, blue, burgundy / beet.

Very harmoniously combines purple and yellow, both in clothes and in the interior. I love this color and this combination.

Another well with green.

And, of course, the classic - black and white.

Lilac color is very much combined with purple 🙂

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