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Wedding album

The wedding celebration is always fine - happy newlyweds, breathtaking bride, fun, guests, generously laid table and intricate decoration of the banquet hall. However, after the holiday, many points are erased from memory, as time goes by. How to save at least a particle of the wedding atmosphere?

Wedding album - a great way to capture the "forever" the most touching, amusing and funny memories. Imagine how great it would be a year-three-five life together to open the cover, and inside - a photo with a gorgeous wedding cake, elegant bridesmaids and groomsmen in the "parade" costume.

Many people prefer to use the services of a professional photographer, and then the "fruits" of his works placed in a wedding album purchased, accompanied by funny inscriptions and wishes of the newlyweds. However, you can put in a little effort and create a work of art. Today we take a closer look different design options for the wedding album.

Making a wedding album

If you chose to purchase the album for photographs, the first step is to determine the type of product. Today on the shelves you can find a variety of photo albums, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

A classic - photos are placed in a transparent plastic "pockets." The main advantages of this method of registration is to protect the image surface from dirt, and the ability to change the location of the photos on your own without difficulty. However, to substantial "downside" of this method of registration of a wedding album is the lack of "space" for the imagination - you just need to insert a photo into the "pockets". In addition, it is necessary to select only one format photos.

This type of photo albums - the latest trendy "squeak". Its feature is that the photos are placed on the main page, and then covered with a special transparent film. Photo held by an adhesive applied onto the base sheet. This makes it possible to place pictures of all sizes in all "angles".

The disadvantage of the album with the "magnetic" sheets has been limited the period of validity of the adhesive that holds the photograph. Therefore, after a certain time photos can fall out with "their homes" places. Furthermore, during prolonged storage album is not excluded yellowing magnetic film.

This wedding album can be designed, for example, in the style of the 19th century. It is in the old photo album fastened using beautiful corners or glue on the strips of parchment paper. Today it is possible to use a double-sided sticker instead of corners. This design wedding album gives room for imagination, since it is possible to design each page - photo, decoration, application of sequins and fabric scraps, inscriptions, wishes to young spouses. However, over time, some design elements may come off.

So if you already have an album ready, it remains only to place his "pockets" or on magnetic sheets wedding photos. The album with the "corners" composition can be supplemented with original wishes or comments.

How to make a wedding album cover

Cover for wedding album - a kind of "calling card." The choice of cover depends on the style of the wedding, the newlyweds taste, as well as the creativity and imagination of the donor. In general, these items need to be carefully considered, taking into account the wishes of all the "parties".

Ready wedding album in a beautiful leather cover - practical and durable. In fact, the skin is resistant to damage and reliably protect the contents of the album from the time of exposure. In the photo - wedding albums with leather cover:

However, many of the skin will seem a little "officious" option, so you can pull the top velvet, silk or other rich fabrics. Get a truly royal wedding photo album:

An excellent embodiment can be a combination of different materials - for example, leather and velvet. The cover looks original wedding photo newlyweds, so pick up for this purpose the best photo.

The style wedding album

Photo Album displays the usual wedding theme, inner peace or hobbies of young spouses. Your wedding in the European style? Arrange photos into relevant topics with the addition of pictures of the wedding cake, the bride's bouquet to the wedding room. Interesting stories you can think of by placing in a photo album of guests and relatives of the bride and groom.

Lovers of vintage style will be enjoyed by the next design a wedding album:

Page wedding album may also be decorated in the style of "retro" - today it is fashionable. Pick funny photo of bride and groom in childhood and connect all elements of the composition together. Black and white photographs also make "flavor" in the decoration of the wedding album in retro style. In the photo are some options:

But look at the design of album pages in different colors:

What is scrapbooking? This style of decoration using various materials - lace, ribbons, beads, rhinestones, foil, paper, artificial flowers, and many others. How to make a wedding album in the style of scrapbooking? Let's go through a small workshop.

To begin, determine the size of the upcoming album - is calculated from the size of the photos. For example, photo size 10x15 look good on the sheet size 25x30. Take the watercolor paper and cut-sheet 14. Of these, 12 pairs glue (we would get 6 sheets), and the two leaves - on the endpapers. Through a stencil on the sheets with the "golden" acrylic paint is applied drawing pattern. The edges of the sheet of dry toning brush.

Do 12 substrates for photo - the number of pages of the album. Spread in random order multiple substrates and causes through a stencil golden paint. We have turned parts of the pattern on each substrate. It turned out original and creative!

Now take a patterned hole punch and begin to decorate the corners of our sheets. Then, on the substrate to be determined location for sipe pictures. A pencil and mark the line with the help of a mock knife cut through. When the slots are ready substrate sticking to the paper in a contrasting color. We are careful to not seal the slots!

Thus, the substrate of the wedding album is ready and it can be glued to our blank sheets. Now - that tells a fantasy! Lace, satin ribbons, rhinestones, flowers ... before starting the execution of a well thought out concept for the future of the product.

To create the cover you need to take quite thick cardboard, the size of which should be a little more than an album sheets. Then Obi-Wan cardboard beautiful cloth - such as velvet. How to calculate the size of the cloth? They spread it on the table, and putting a cardboard top. Retreat from the board edges 2 - 3 cm, mark the line and cut them. On the surface of the fabric can be glued or sewn lace or beads, as well as to make an inscription on the wedding album - "! Happy wedding", "Congratulations", or other options. On the back of the cover and sew or glue decorative ornaments.

So, we gather all the details of our cover. Take a piece of padding polyester, which is applied to the workpiece made of cardboard, bending its edges inside the cover of the future. Syntepon cut off the corners to give a beautiful neat form. Sintepon glue to the base, and on top - sticking velvet fabric. Wrong side of the two parts of the cover sheets glued flyleaf. On the front cover to place elements of decor - beads, ribbons, rhinestones.

Now it is necessary to interconnect prepared album sheets. To do this, use double-sided tape and a hole punch. Do the holes, insert the metal rings (grommets) for which you need to collect all the sheets. To secure the album cover, you can make a decorative bandage.

Wedding album with their own hands - admire the result of the work!

And here's another photo wedding album in the style of scrapbooking:

Alternative album - wedding photo book

The main difference from the photobook album - photos are printed directly on the page. Of course, such a thing on their own will not produce, so it is best to order wedding book from professional photographer. What is the principle of manufacturing photo books? To begin to make computer collages that are then sewn together to form a book. This product - a work of art, moreover, is very expensive. However, many take such fashionable "trends" and bought a wedding photo book.

Wedding albums - a great opportunity to capture the best moments of this joyful and happy day. And if you make an album with their own hands, then it will be a particle of your soul. How pleasant it is then over and over again his turn over together with her beloved husband, and there with the children and grandchildren. A long memory - the best memories!

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Wedding album

Gallery: Wedding album

Wedding album - an integral part of the big celebration. This is not just a photo book, in which there are pictures from the life of the young. Wedding photo album - it is a story of the bride and groom, which begins long before the wedding, and continues for many years afterwards.

Your wedding album was a true masterpiece, we offer some original ideas design a photo book with their own hands.

Making wedding album: ideas for the realization of your fantasies

Most bridal salons and camera stores offer ready-made wedding albums, but if the standard book you do not like, use our ideas - they will help you to implement the wildest fantasy is not only on the cover, but also within the album.

Cover - the person wedding album, and how original it is, depends on how the guests the impression and the perception of your own holiday.

Wedding - this is the most romantic day of the world the bride and groom, so delicate fabrics and all kinds of love decorations will adorn the wedding album. Satin flowers, pearls, beads, lace inserts, feathers, bright colors will talk about the reverent attitude bride and groom to each other, will open the tender of great love.

Classic white remains the most popular in the design of both the celebration and its main attributes, such as wedding photo album. Use silk or satin snow-white color, add cover art pearl heart - and you get an original creation.

Another good color cover wedding album that you make with your own hands, will be red. Being the color of love and passion, red will tell about the fire between the two lovers. You can also use white decorative elements, combined with red - this ensemble looks great, especially if your wedding is completely decorated in this style.

An original solution for the decoration of the wedding album will become black. Leather cover, decorated with pearls and other more delicate parts - an album like a young creative thinking. The combination of white and black, red and black will be a win-win.

Today, considerable popular aged things. Wedding album in vintage style will love your friends! For the decoration of the album, use the special cardboard aged, worn leather, perennial beads, for example, taken from my grandmother's necklace, flower cuttings from old photo cards, fountain pens, and so on.

In the design of wedding albums are always relevant doves, butterflies, hearts, angels, cut from cardboard, made of satin ribbon or lace, beaded or even gold and silver.

In addition, your album can be made entirely in the form of butterflies, for example.

Fine fabrics for the cover design wedding album with their hands at all times been velor, suede, tapestry, velvet, velvet and others. A variety of fabric colors now allows you to choose your perfect option for styling album.

Elegant looks are photo albums, complete with box, which neatly knotted belt or locked with a key.

When the cover of the wedding album is framed, it is necessary also to think over its interior. Depending on the overall style you can stay on aged paper, plain white sheets of dense, multi-colored sheets with pockets for photos and so on.

In short, what would be your wedding album inside, it depends on your imagination and the overall wedding style. However, you should not be limited to only general directions. To date, creative shops offer a lot of incredibly cute decorative elements to suit different tastes.

As is the case with the cover, it can be beads, seed pearls, satin ribbons, cardboard cuttings of different characters and so on.

In order not to clutter up the inside of the wedding album, you can arrange colors or just bows of your favorite decorative materials. Thin satin ribbon in the tone of the album will serve as a bookmark.

Lovers colored veshchichek and lovely details will appreciate the idea here is such a romantic wedding album. To insert photo cards can be cut out of cardboard backing in the style of the youth of your beloved grandmother, and as a decoration fit the old brooch with birds, buttons, woven ribbons, tulle, bows and even your hair from the first school bell. This album does not leave anyone indifferent!

It is worth noting that each photo bride and groom can be accompanied by a beautiful signature, for example, quatrain. If you are asked to leave as a guest in a beautiful desire album Young, you can take an idea from our article "the wedding poems."

If you are a bride, groom and album artwork completely entrusted to you, show fantasy - Add to your favorite the photograph the most tender love letter lover. After many years of reading it will be a pleasure not only to you but also to the author.

It will be a great addition as minor little things, presented in love with each other. It can be as simple cardboard valentines and miniature kulonchiki, amulets, stones from the seaside resort.

As you can see, the wedding album design options are many - from the classic lace-up detail of sea style, from birds and hearts to my grandmother's brooches and pearls. Do not limit yourself - even if this book will be your pride!

Wedding album scrapbooking technique in their own hands

Traditionally, wedding preparation begins long before the actual celebration, so that the bride and groom had the opportunity to choose the clothes, decorations for the banquet hall, think about a photo shoot style (the idea for it you can find in our theme article "Wedding photo shoot") and the future of the wedding album. In addition to texts and photographs in it must be the original decorative elements - only the young can safely say that this is their first joint creation.

Today we together will make your first album in scrapbooking technique. For example, take just such a nice checkbook desires - this framework is well suited for a small and easy to produce a wedding album, if you are doing a similar hack for the first time.

  • A large sheet or several sheets of design board chocolate color Majestic (you can buy in the online store, the color - to your taste).
  • Scissors, a pencil and a ruler for cutting.
  • Board for scoring.
  • Bookbinding board thickness of 1 mm.
  • Masking tape.
  • The fabric for the cover of your choice and glue tissue.
  • Magnetic button.
  • Black marker.
  • Decor elements of taste.
  1. From a sheet of cardboard is cut Majestic-page spreads upcoming album - that is our foundation.


  • Inside spread - 12cm x 17cm + 17cm + 0,7sm. That is, you should have a blank height 12 cm with two sheets of 17 cm and 0.7 cm binder (pictured bottom is blank).
  • Average turn - 12cm x 17cm + 17cm + 3h0,7sm.
  • Main reversal, which is secured to the cover - 12cm x 17cm + 17cm 5h0,7sm + + 3.5 cm + 3.5 cm. Thus, you get the blank with a final binding size 5h0,7 cm, and 3.5 cm - this is opposite to the binding part and the remaining 3.5 cm will serve as a fitting part for installing fasteners buttons.
  • The second step - creasing binding. For this we need a special board.
  • Now we assemble the entire structure of our upcoming album. For this purpose probigovannym bend lines our preform and accurately glue them together, starting from the central album reversal. You will have a bare mini-album, which later will need to dress up in the cover.
  • Cutting the cover - a crucial moment, because it requires accurate and precise measurements. For the cover, you can take a special Binding cardboard 1mm thick.

    Raskraivajut it as follows: 2 sheets of dimensions 12,5cm x 12,5cm x 17,3sm and 3,2sm, and 2 stripes of 12,5cm x 3,5 cm. To make it easy to work, glue the parts masking tape at a distance of 3-4 mm from each other.

  • Now for the installation of magnetic buttons. To do this, you must identify the puncture site under the buckle on the strap workpiece, which will be closed. At the same distance from the edge outline the space for two more buttons.At your request buttons can be placed next to or at a distance from each other.
  • Anchoring the back side of the button, set shaybochki (sold complete with appropriate size buttons).
  • We merge our design with the cover already covered with cloth. You need to start bonding with the back cover and strap on which there are buttons. The front part at this stage remains intact. Set on the cover of the second half, tinting installed midway marker buttons, thus making the mark on the cover.
  • Is fixed on the cover button, glue the design completely. Our wedding album scrapbooking technique is almost ready. You needed to draw the face of the cover and inner sheets, which will be placed photographs.
  • Following the example of a checkbook, cut and glue the cardboard backing, photo frames, decorate the cover beading, satin flowers, figures of birds, angels, hearts - all of which wish your soul.

    If you do not like such pockets for pictures, you can just stick them to the sheets, and make beautiful labels.

    And here are some original ideas wedding album design in scrapbooking techniques with his own hands.

    Hopefully, you have already taken note of a few we have proposed ideas your wedding masterpiece!

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    Wedding album with his own hands: tips, ideas, photo examples

    Wedding photos - the most important carriers of memories, moods and feelings of this happy day. I wish that they were kept in a suitable place! And much nicer to make a wedding album with their own hands, than to buy in the store. Homemade book for wedding photographs, made in the technique of scrapbooking, will always keep a piece of your warmth and effort invested in it. This article will help in creating the perfect album.

    What types of fixing photos in the album there?

    Photos in the album can be placed in different ways here and the usual "corners" that hold the commemorative pictures in albums for many generations, and recently appeared plates, magnets and simple pockets ... Each of these methods has its own secrets, its advantages and its disadvantages but the most important thing about them is that you can make their own hands.

    Magnetic sheets are dense paper or cardboard sheet, covered with a special adhesive blend. Top sheet covered with a thin film, which is also impregnated with this mixture. To place a photo on the page, you need to carefully separate the sheet from the sheet, place the photo on it and then cover with foil to avoid air bubbles between it and the sheet. The main advantage of these albums is that the picture can be placed at any angle.

    Unfortunately, the magnetic sheets are not ideal in use: in bad light thin film, which are covered with pictures, and prevents glare examine the picture, and the adhesive solution, to which fixed pictures, eventually dries up and dirty from dust penetrating under the film. It may cause premature yellowing photographs.

    Old, proven method of securing decades of photos in albums using a special "corner" is appropriate now. This not only reliably keep your memorable pictures, but also give the album the simple charm of bygone years. After all, it was fixed so pictures our grandparents. So that the option of "corners" is particularly suited to fans of retro style.

    The main advantage of the thin plastic "pockets" is that they close the picture completely, leaving no chance of dust and mechanical damage. Besides the photo you can always remove or swap, which greatly facilitates their storage. However, placed in an album pictures will look a bit impersonal: a plurality of frames. Thus, the "pockets" are more suitable for everyday and special occasions should be used for something more original.

    First of all newlyweds should decide what style they want to issue an album for wedding photos. This will affect the colors, decorations and methods of implementation of the book itself. Then you need to step through the instructions, which describes the master class. Best of all, if the album cover is sewn; then it becomes really strong and reliable. Cover should cover the silk, leather, natural or artificial, velvet. Fine and the cover will look tasteful, covered with white satin, but the pattern or picture on it should choose the most contrast. On average, an album you can put around sixty pictures or a little more. The album can be circular: it needs in every page punch to punch two holes and strung sheets on special rings. It is important to calculate the location for holes so as not to hurt yourself and composition photos. This album will be easy flipping family evenings, but for storage it will require a little more space.

    How to decorate the album cover?

    Best of all, if the cover is decorated with photos of the newlyweds, a symbol of the two rings or a dove carrying a ring in its beak. This will show the album themes and create a special atmosphere for viewing pictures. Also on the cover should write the names of the young couple, make a thematic legend. You can use a suitable quote or name the day of wedding the most important day of life.

    Here, in aid of creativity and personal tastes of the couple. The sheets can be decorated with stickers, colored ribbons, beads, beads, sequins, scraps of lace, colorful pictures and even small embroideries, executed directly on the paper. You can process pages with gold or silver paint, watercolor or pastel fine, as long as the page had time to dry and not soiled pictures. However, it is important to do the photo is not lost among the decor.

    Interesting ideas for decorating album

    • Page in the album can be colored. Then the book will give sun-bright and colorful mood;
    • Photos should be divided into several "chapters" that each of them were pictures that describe a single event solemn day;
    • It should alternate between the usual photos with pictures taken with different filters;
    • Can be placed in an album a few pictures of the places where the couple visited shortly before the wedding;
    • It should respect the chronology of events: while the album will show the mood of all the solemn day;
    • It is not necessary to place many small images on one sheet of paper: it is bad for attention and mood of the person who will then review the album;
    • It is better to make small pictures beautiful collage;
    • You can select a specific page to the wishes of the newlyweds from the guests.

    Making wedding album depends entirely on the pair of taste. This process can be one of the first important events in family life. All depends only on the creativity and imagination of newlyweds!

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