Washing machine during the spin cycle jumps to do

Washing machine jumps during the spin cycle: how to cope with the problem?

Every housewife tries to optimize the washing process, so to buy a washing machine is suitable responsibly. But sometimes a happy owner of a new technology will be disappointed - the washing machine during the spin cycle much jumping. If the apparent reason for this is not, then someone is "behavior" may seem normal. If you deal with it in due course the situation is even more aggravated. What to do and what action to take, if the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps?

Causes of surges can be different, but the vibration is always evidence of irregularities. If idle, even new equipment may be damaged permanently.

Causes severe vibrations during the spin cycle

Most often, the vibration technique provokes the following factors:

  • Uneven surface on which you place your assistant. If the floor is made of boards and flex, vibration will increase. The same applies to the uneven surface. First, check the machine feet. Sometimes they are unscrewed, so the machine becomes unstable. To solve the problem, it is necessary to fix each leg lock nut;
  • Faulty shock absorbers. They are applied in order to prevent fluctuations in the tank and eliminate bumps on the body. Check their work easy: open the door of the machine, pull it toward you, then release. If she starts to sway from side to side - they should be changed. It may be damaged plates of plastic or other parts which extend from the tank. If you want to replace it yourself, remove the shock absorber, removing it from the mount. Then you can install the new parts;
  • The problem with counterweights. If fastening came loose or deteriorated counterweight, washing machine jumps. These units are heavy and durable, often fails mount;
  • Worn bearings. They can be destroyed by high humidity. The machine will begin to publish rattle, and then will be vibration during the spin cycle. In this case, you can not use the machine - if the bearing is "smashed", can suffer and other details. Yourself to change it is not recommended if you have no experience;
  • You forgot to remove the shipping bolts. They are installed on all new machines. This is the answer to the question: "Why is jumping during the spin cycle a new washing machine?". These bolts are used to drum properly secured and not damaged during transport. When you bring home appliances, be sure to remove them, no matter what model of your machine. Fixed drum vibrates very strongly that causes wear nodes;
  • Unevenly distributed laundry in the drum. Try to put all things neat - if the machine has ceased to vibrate, the reason was just that.

These are the most common problems that cause the problem. Remember that if the washing machine started to jump much during the spin cycle, it may not only fail, but also cause damage to surrounding objects. All of its components at the races under strain. Gradually, it will begin to break down and repairs can be costly. Regardless of why it is "dancing" will not be able to revive it in the most severe cases.

Why else jumps washing machine during the spin cycle?

When you select a unit women do not always notice that one model can be easier to all of their "rivals". Already in the first wash mistress sees that technique began to ride even on a rubberized mat. In this case, you need to fix it - you will rubber cement.

Check the "stiralki 'legs and put them on a level. Lubricate the surface, which is adjacent to the floor with adhesive. You can only use rubber cement.

Do not touch the machine for 24 hours, and when the time is up, you are ready to wash.

If you are good at will cause the glue and wait until it is completely dry, even with strong vibrations your assistant will not be jumping around the bathroom floor.

What if the machine jumps: tips

Before calling the master, try to determine the cause of their own jumps. First, inspect the floor on which the unit stands. It must be tough, monolithic. If the floor boards, can be put on top of a solid foundation.

Check the level of the legs. During use, they can otkruchivatsya so disturbed stability. Each foot should be examined separately, and then adjust and fix using locknuts.

If the first two stages, you have not found problems, pay attention to the shock absorbers. Over time, they wear out and fail. To view them, you need to detach the rear or front wall. Disconnect fixture and check the "move" - ​​if it is light, the vibration appears. To rectify the situation, change the shock absorber.

The counterweights are made of plastic or concrete, and they are fixed with screws. Concrete details often cause inconvenience - they crumble during the operation, there are cracks. If the bolts were loosened, it is necessary to strengthen the fasteners.

Hostess before buying think much about how the washing machine does not jump and does not vibrate during the spin cycle. It should be understood that any technique requires careful handling. Machine to serve you for many years, it is necessary to load the laundry correctly.

If you create an imbalance, the unit will jump.

Do not load the whole thing a lump and do not exceed the specified weight - do not. In addition, since the quality of washing will be much lower.

Why is the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps? The causes of vibrations and their elimination

Washing machine has long been firmly established in our lives. It significantly reduces the time needed to care for things, even for those who need a delicate wash. But sometimes it happens incidents. For example, the machine starts to jump. Most housewives can not find the reason for such behavior of household appliances. Often, these automatic movement talk about damage, sometimes serious. Why is the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps and how to remove excessive vibration, this article will tell.

Reason for the strange vibration of the machine a lot. Some problems are easy to diagnose and removed easily. But there are breakdowns that require serious repairs.

Why is the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps: Causes

The most frequent breakdowns can be caused by:

  • unstable position due to improper installation (uneven floor, the installation is not on a level);
  • imbalance of the laundry loaded into the machine;
  • is not removed when you install the machine transport bolts;
  • hit between the drum and the tub of the machine small items or parts of the laundry (eg, buttons, bones bra, underwear buttons, rivets);
  • malfunctions springs or shock absorbers;
  • failure of the bearings;
  • fastening disturbed or total deterioration balances;
  • Damage to the motor.

How to find out why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps? Troubleshooting - is the first thing you need to take. The reasons for the unhealthy machine vibration machine a lot. Diagnosis should begin with elimination of simple problems that can be detected by careful examination of the device.

From what experts recommend starting in clarifying the causes of the mobility device? To answer the question of why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps, you must first check whether the drum balance is disturbed. It may indicate:

  • Shot down after spinning the laundry in a single lump (eg, duvet cover).
  • For the selected mode is not complied with the maximum permissible weight of the laundry (permissible load specified in the operating instructions of the device). It is not always possible calculated loading washing machine corresponds to a single program.
  • Things fill the drum more than two-thirds.

Not removed transport bolts

This is a fairly common cause, which explains why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps. It occurs when a self-installing the device, without recourse to skilled craftsmen. If the machine erases the first time and "went to the dance," then one hundred percent probability we can say that during the installation were not removed transport bolts.

They are set at the factory and are designed to provide a reliable fixation of the tank during transport. Place of attachment are described in the attached instructions. four of them usually.

There is another common reason why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps. Identify it easy. It is necessary to swing the machine at idle. If it can be easily, so when installing the mistakes were made. It needs to be fixed, preferably using a spirit level.

Objects are stuck between the drum and the tub laundry

Why is the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps, if the installation was carried out precisely according to the instructions? There is another reason, which is not difficult to fix. Help is a simple flashlight. They need good light the drum, gradually his scroll. Experts Easily remove foreign objects stuck deep in the machine.

Failure of dampers or springs

A less desirable embodiment of why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumping, -technical reason. Fix them without the expert will not work. In this case, the vibration will be accompanied by a characteristic knock in the hull of the drum machine, perhaps even grinding. The same sounds can be characterized by wear or counterweight mounts him.

This fault can be diagnosed on their own. To do this, remove the cover of the machine, the machine and check the items described. If they are fit, then left two reasons the unit jumps.

Damage to the motor or the marriage of the manufacturer

So you have all watched, but still have not figured out why the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps? Technical problems "serdtsa9raquo; device or an error in its issue may be the main cause of failure. Here we must recall that the appliances that has not left the warranty period, can not be opened independently. To correct all problems should be treated in warranty or the store where you buy equipment.

Measures to deal with problems at home

In most cases, the causes legkoustranimy problems. First and foremost you need to decide where to put the device and how to fix. If the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps, you should strictly follow the algorithm of actions to eliminate this nuisance. When the device vibrations occur because of a simple imbalance, actions may include the following:

  • turn off the washing mode and turn off the machine from the network;
  • you must open the door of the machine, and if it can not be done, you need to make an emergency water drain;
  • after unlocking the door should be released from the laundry drum;
  • it is recommended to lay half the dredged linen (the expanded and no more than 2/3);
  • should close the door and start the appropriate mode.

If the cause of the vibration is improper installation, you need to:

  • dismantle the machine, after disconnecting from electricity, water and sewage;
  • carefully align the surface occupied by the machine, it is desirable to use the building level;
  • install the device in place, and now with the help of scroll feet on a level adjust the horizontal;
  • in the case of slippery surfaces put under flooring or machine skid antivibration mats.

If the cause is an unhealthy vibrations objects are stuck, you can try to take it out on their own, something picked up. In case of failure should cause the expert, since the machine will have to disassemble almost to the ground.

Came in the spring disrepair or shock absorbers should be changed. They can not be repaired. It is only necessary to consider that even if one of the defective shock absorbers must be replaced, both since the load must be distributed evenly. Should have the skills to work with different tools and experience of its use, you can find a diagram of the work in professional journals and act independently. Otherwise, you need to contact the company for repair of household appliances and entrust this work to master. The same scenario is necessary to act, if broken bearings. They are, incidentally, have a lifespan of no more than 5-6 years.

If the machine does jumping because of a fault counter, proceed as follows.

Depending on the brand and model of machine-gun with a screwdriver, pliers or keys, you need to remove the top cover and inspect the counterweight. This is a special weighting, which is usually made of concrete or cast iron. Its second half is almost above the floor. If fixing the weighting agent blabbed, they should tighten. In case of failure must be replaced. If deformed concrete weighting itself, it can also be exchanged for the same.

And, of course, if the vibration caused by the breakage of the electric motor, there can not do without a specialist. Consultation with them will help to solve the question of maintainable machine or need to buy a new one.

It is necessary, of course, take into account that all machines vibrate slightly. This is the eternal laws of physics. But this technique has its own laws. For example, it is seen that the narrow cars are more prone to vibration than the width of a standard device. This is easily explained: the support area at least narrowed the machine, consequently, the stability it will have a bad, from which there is excessive vibration. In addition to that these devices are special narrowed drums in their underwear easier straying into a ball that unbalance the work and also leads to vibration. Under these machines they are necessarily enclose a slip or anti-vibration mats. They dampen excessive vibration.

Before buying a machine you need to consult a specialist retail outlet and find out what material is made linen tank. For example, the metal container is very loud in operation, especially during the spin cycle. While made of plastic drums are considered to be more stable and quiet. And it works silently modern units with linen tanks, which do not come into contact with the body.

Washing machine jumps or vibrates during the spin cycle

What happens with a washing machine when it is without any apparent reason, begins to jump and vibrate? The first thing that comes to mind is lost legs in the machine, it is not even worth it. Many consider it frivolous and leave the problem without a solution. However, it should be addressed, because it is not just shaking the machine, it can be a symptom of serious technical failure. And if time does not take action, then we can all aggravate. It is therefore necessary to understand in detail why jumping washing machine during the spin cycle, so much so that sometimes the neighbors heard the noise.

Reasons because of which the washing machine can vibrate a lot. Some of them are very simple and are identified quickly and easily. Others on the other hand requires careful study and further repairs cars. "Unhealthy" vibration can be caused by:

  • not in the correct position the machine on legs, her precarious position;
  • an imbalance of laundry in the drum of the machine;
  • shipping bolts that were not removed prior to installation of the machine;
  • small objects stuck between the tub and the drum, such as coins, pins, buttons, or metal bone bra;
  • failure of the springs and dampers;
  • bearing failure;
  • Looseness or destruction of the counterweight;
  • motor breakdown.

As you can see, the reasons are completely different, and in order to understand what happened, you need a little bit to deal with this issue. So where do I start troubleshooting, when the washing machine during the spin cycle jumps to do? First, we rule out the simplest of reasons.

One of them lies in the imbalance of the drum machines, namely:

  • during the spin cycle the laundry gathered into a ball, like small things huddled in a duvet cover;
  • laundry weight exceeds the maximum value for the selected washing mode;
  • drum overweighted in terms of when things fill the drum more than 2/3.

Important! On some models of washing machines in such a case, you may receive a UE or a UB error on the display.

If you erase on a new car, and there was a strong vibration when it started spinning process, it is necessary to check whether the transport bolts are removed. They provide a safe transportation of the washing machine, fixing the tank. In the picture shown, which are arranged such bolts. As a rule, there are four things.

Another simple reason, which is easy to detect, it is improper installation. Try to swing the machine when it is turned off. If it was easy to make the machine budge, then immediately clear, it is not located stably. That is what leads her to a strong shaking and jumping. In addition, you can use level, and see exactly how much the car is worth.

To check for between the tub and the drum jammed foreign object is enough to shine a flashlight into the drum. Moving the drum in a different position, you can see such a thing.

When the first four causes of severe vibration tested, but it still continues to shake, go to search and identify the serious reasons. If there was a failure of the shock absorbers or springs inside the machine, in addition to shaking, you will hear the sound of the drum of the body. The weakening of the counterweight also causes a characteristic knock. In the case of wear of the bearing, in addition to strong shaking rattle appears.

For a more accurate self-diagnosis of faults, it will be necessary to remove the top cover of the washing machine. If these items are correct, that is for two reasons, because of which the machine is much shakes. It's either there was a failure of the motor or the car has factory marriage.

Please note! Washing machine, the warranty period is not left open you can not, so the exact cause of vibration can only install wizard.

Eliminate the problem yourself

Find out the reason why the shaking machine, proceed to its elimination. If the cause is an imbalance, then it's simple:

  1. turn off the machine and is de-energized;
  2. waiting for the drum door is unlocked;
  3. open the drum;
  4. if the drum does not appear, make an emergency water drain;
  5. We get things and straighten them if a lot of things, it is often retractable;
  6. close the drum;
  7. We run the machine on a spin cycle.

In the case of improper installation, you must:

  • align the floor or surface on which the machine is installed, using the level;
  • adjust the legs;
  • if necessary, put a anti-vibration supports, which will prevent the machine sliding on the floor surface.

If during the spin cycle the machine shakes due stuck under the drum objects, you have to pull them. The easiest way to pull out the jammed bra bone, trying it with something to pick up. But if you can not do it, can not do without removing the heating element and analysis appliance. And this job is better to entrust the master.

Defective shock absorbers and springs inside the machines have to be replaced. They eventually wear out, and they could not fix. Even if one of the shock absorbers looks fine, you need to change them both to create a uniform load distribution. The process of replacing shock absorbers and springs is quite difficult and lengthy, so it is a complete description can be found in the article How to change the springs, shock absorbers.

What if the vibration reason counterweight? First you need to open the top cover of the machine, this may require: pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches. Under the lid and the counterweight is situated, which is a weighting agent, made from cast iron or concrete. Such a counterweight is located in the lower part of the housing of the machine. Act as follows:

  • if blabbed attachment, then try to tighten them;
  • if fixing can not be tightening, will have to replace them with new ones;
  • if deformed concrete counterweight, it is necessary to replace it with a comparable one.

Quite often the reason why the "jumps" machine, a bearing failure. bearing replacement process is fairly complex, it is better to entrust skilled in the service center. And if you want to understand this yourself, read the article about the replacement of the bearings.

For your information! Bearings in the washing machine due to the constant contact with water in an average serving 7 years.

The most unpleasant and financially costly repair can become a motor failure. Replacement or repair of parts of the washing machine carry out at home units will be able to. Therefore, in this case, consultation with a specialist can not be avoided. After all, he will be able to tell whether or not it generally take to repair, or to think about buying a new machine.

It is necessary to know: what kind of cars are subject to vibration

At the end of this article a few words, I would say what washing machines can vibrate strongly. Completely avoid the vibration of the machine is impossible. Indeed, at high speeds, even qualitatively, the machine will be installed shaking during the spin, the laws of physics.

However, longer vibrate, emitting a noise, narrow washing machines. This is because the contact area in a machine smaller than that of the general machine. So, it has a bad stability, which necessarily leads to "jump". In addition, the miniature cars built narrow drum in which the laundry is often strays in whom, and in consequence there is an imbalance.

Important! When installing such machines do not neglect the rubber pads under the legs and other devices that reduce vibration.

Thus, the washing machine - a complex technology with electronic control. And in order to rectify a technical breakdown, you need to have certain skills. Otherwise, in the event of "unhealthy" vibration better call a specialist and do not risk a costly thing.

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