Warming balconies with their hands step by step video instruction

Tips for insulation balconies with their hands

loggia Winterizing carried out in the course of work on the redevelopment aimed at combining it with the rest of the kitchen or a room (depending on the type of apartment).

In some cases, these construction activities do not imply association with the main area of ​​the balcony space of the home, but are aimed at the transformation of the loggia in a separate room.

The idea of ​​combining or transformation and, as a result, thermal insulation loggia comes to mind for many owners of apartments, but realize it is not decided by each.

Deters many common misconception about the complexity and high cost of the work, some do not want to pay for the work of professional builders and do not know what kind of work you need to perform to achieve the desired goal.

The paper will be presented step by step instructions of insulation balconies inside and outside, using which any person can perform all installation work yourself.

Many people who decide to insulate a loggia or a balcony, do not know where to start. The first thing you need to consider all the pros and cons of the installation work, to explore appropriate management, photos, showing each stage of works, the video in the article.

If there are certain skills you can calculate the thermal conductivity of the future design - it will allow to accurately select the thickness of the insulation material.

Warming balconies with their hands should begin with a careful and meticulous preparation. The first thing to pay attention to the fence loggia called the parapet.

This is the weakest point, which is in contact with the environment and is intended for blocking noise, moisture, cold and dust.

Most often in the role of the outside fence stands reinforced concrete slab. In this case, before proceeding to the thermal insulation, it is necessary to eliminate the gap, laying them in any building material, e.g., a silicate or ceramic brick. Small holes need to be concreted.

Often in new buildings acts as a metal construction of the parapet.

In this situation, you need to start warming loggia with installation of masonry fences and walls (if necessary). For these purposes, use sand-lime bricks.

The thickness of the masonry to be not less than brick (preferably half). The outer part built of brick parapet can be finished with decorative material - it will contribute to warming of the loggia. Metal parapet should be removed.

The second preparatory step is the installation of double-glazed windows. Glazing and insulation loggia conducted using plastic designs are characterized by high thermal insulation performance.

Installing double-glazed windows must be done by people with extensive experience in such a case.

Installation packages inexperienced person can affect the quality of construction. Glazing perfectly suited triple-pane packages with more than three centimeters thick.

Warming of the loggia and finishing imply the absence of the slightest cracks at the joints of glass with each other, the upper slab floors, walls and fencing, so the joints must be filled uniformly with the foam, which must lie evenly and have no defects.

Glazing and insulation Balcony closing this preparatory stage can be completed.

Many landlords are satisfied with the result and set in the loggia or a balcony on the heater.

This method is not the best, so people who want to transform the loggia into a full living room, or seeking to combine it with the kitchen, go on.

What is needed to insulate the inside?

Before you proceed with the insulation work, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • insulation - most often it is polystyrene;
  • foam construction and cleaner;
  • the material responsible for the isolation of vapors, e.g., izolon (PE foil);
  • several types of plugs: plate type, in the form of a plastic tube and Gvozdeva;
  • screws, designed for mounting pads;
  • metalized tape;
  • Liquid for treating wood against rot;
  • boards (50 mm × 70 and 45 × 30 mm);
  • guides for securing the decorative materials;
  • hangers for mounting attachment profiles and guides.

Construction materials for insulation balconies need to pick carefully, paying attention to the absence of defects and performance. This applies particularly to heaters.

For the installation of thermal insulation need some tools: a drill, screwdriver, tin snips, pliers, level, foam gun, hand circular saw or electric jig saw, level, level and pencil.

The cost of the above materials and tools is not high, so the ceiling insulation on the balcony, walls and floors, made with his own hands, will cost inexpensive. The exception is level, but it can be rented.

All methods of warming loggia mean incremental installation of thermal insulation materials, starting with the floor and ceiling finishing.

In some cases, made insulation loggia outside using the same thermal insulation materials, ie, foam, or TECHNOPLEX Extrol.

Understand the procedure for such work will help the technology of warming of the loggia. On it will be discussed further.

All work was carried out with maximum quality are requested to draft a warming loggia.

Warming balconies with their hands on the step by step guide will help realize our plans into practice.

When all the tools and materials purchased and prepared, should proceed to installation.

Thermal insulation of the floor on the balcony with their hands begins with the preparation of a base which is made from timber 50 × 70 mm and attached to the plate. Wood need to be pre-treated with antiseptic.

It is important to understand that the gaskets must be aligned using a spirit level. Bars are arranged in parallel and perpendicular to each other, forming a cell.

To gaskets fastened with screws timber, whose size is adjusted considering the fact that the height of logs was not greater than the thickness of the material more thermally insulating than 5 mm.

The resulting cells are filled with foam or other material acting as insulation.

Formed on top of the structure is lined with a vapor barrier material. This procedure is necessary to ensure that the foil joints were not on the outside corners. This will prevent the occurrence of drafts.

All joints vapor barrier material is necessary to glue a metallic tape that would lead to high thermal insulation qualities.

At arrangement of combined balconies imperative that insulation material reached room floor.

In this board, nailed or bolted with screws, make the floor loggia is slightly higher than in the room.

Warming lodge inside continues mounting ceiling insulation. The first thing to it attached to the clip, which will be mounted rails.

Further to the floor slabs by means of foam plugs or attached a heater for balconies and stairs. Pre-need to clean the ceiling and in the insulation is necessary to make holes for suspension.

The main stage in the installation of insulation - is wall insulation loggia. Before attempting to carry out this work, you need to decide what you need to insulate the walls, and what - no.

We need to insulate the parapet and wall corners bordering the bathroom. In general, thermal insulation of walls follows the same principle as the insulation of the floor.

The main thing to remember when installing thermal insulation - is the need to observe the level. Otherwise, it may be skewed and form angles of curvature. The angles are equal, it is necessary to use a level.

Warming of the loggia inside completed. The next stage - the decorating. On the boards, available on the floors and walls, mounted crate, in which were edged boards 15 - 25 mm.

For walls it can be used siding. On top boards applied any finishing material at the discretion of the premises host.

Ceiling, namely data in this suspensions, equipped with rails on which is mounted a profile. Thus it is made installation of suspended ceiling.

The window between the core and the living quarters can be dismantled. This is especially useful if you combine a loggia with a kitchen other than a small area.

In such a situation walls under the window, can be an excellent bar or a table for a meal, which was easily accommodate several people. If dismantling is not possible, then the window sills are installed.

In carrying out finishing works is desirable to comply with the concept chosen for the arrangement of the interior decoration the other rooms of the apartment, but in general this option is left at the mercy of the landlord.

In this installation work is completed. Proper insulation balcony or loggia allow the temperature inside the apartment and the loggia be at the same elevation.

If necessary, you can equip the loggia heaters, but, as a rule, it is not required.

Embodiments provide for insulation loggia mounting insulation from the outside of the balcony. To do this, use a sufficiently thick insulation for balconies and apply sealant, not leaky.

For high-quality thermal insulation is necessary to step through the calculation of heat engineering calculation.

They can not be done without appropriate skills, so it is best to warm your balcony, taking into account the experience of its neighbors - probably someone in the apartment building have bothered with this problem.

In an extreme case, you can see in magazines and photo or video on the construction of the article.

Material for insulation balconies outside can serve as polystyrene. Such insulation will not use a pair of insulator, since these materials have low levels of water absorption. Polyethylene foil must be placed inside.

Roadmap for warming loggia outside is as follows:

  • the first thing you need to qualitatively clean surface on which the insulating materials will be placed, that is, outside of the parapet and side walls;
  • Next you need to consolidate logs, which will serve as the basis for finishing materials in the future. As these may be used boards whose thickness depends on the used heater. Joists are installed parallel and perpendicular to each other, forming a cell;
  • insulated material by means of foam or dowels attached in the cells;
  • exterior fences and walls can be refined using the finishing materials. But the best solution is a siding.

This method of insulation has a loggia both advantages and disadvantages.

The former include:

  • thermally insulated balcony loggia is not reduced in the area. When carrying out thermal insulation inside the building size is reduced by approximately 10 - 15%;
  • balcony, insulated from the outside, is not different from the thermal conductivity of a thermally insulated from the inside;
  • arrangement thermal insulation on the outside is less labor intensive.

In carrying out such work and has one major drawback: a loggia can be located high above the ground, making it unavailable for installation of thermal insulation materials without the involvement of special equipment. Because of this, the value of the work undertaken can greatly increase.

At low temperatures, for insulation may be needed loge installation of thermal insulation materials from both inside and outside.

Concluding from the foregoing, it is clear that the insulation loggia - is laborious, requiring a certain cost process.

But, having a zeal you can do most of the work, without involving construction professionals that will significantly save on this event.

Transformed loggia can be a great study, a place to relax or addition to any room.

Attention! All materials are provided solely for information!

Warming balconies with their hands: step by step photo instructions

Most home owners want to increase the total area of ​​housing at the expense of acceding to the balcony. To be able to use this space as a living, it should build quality. In order to avoid unnecessary material and physical costs can be carried out warming balconies with their hands: step by step photo instruction you will be an indispensable assistant. After correctly carried out the work on weatherization help turn a cold balcony in a cozy room.

Nice balcony with panoramic windows

The better insulate the inside of the loggia

Today's market offers a wide range of building materials to suit all tastes. Most often in the form of insulation used the balcony:

  • Styrofoam. Is a foamed plastics having different densities. Product form - square and rectangular plates. The foam is easy to process and is extremely easy to install. The distinguishing feature - a longer duration service life. Step by step photos, how to insulate a loggia with their own hands with the help of foam, shows the example of all the possible options for installation. Find this instruction can be on the Internet at construction sites;

Secluded vacation spot with soft cushions

  • mineral wool. Made from different glass, volcanic and sedimentary melts. It is produced in the form of rolls and slabs. It is a very effective insulation for balcony rooms;
  • XPS (penoplex). The material is obtained by extrusion of plastics. View - rectangular plates of various colors. On the perimeter it is equipped with a chamfer that allows for more tightly and quickly produce packing. In some cases, used as a subfloor. Penoplex has an average degree of combustibility and fears of chemical solvents;

Loggia with warming in two layers

  • foam foil. This layer is of polyethylene filled with gas, soldered to the aluminum foil. This foil material without too much effort to style and cut. Enough fine structure of a heater allows you to lay it not only butt, but overlapping. Aluminum base - a kind of thermal reflector. Beating a different temperature, it increases the thermal efficiency is almost doubled.

If you plan to warming of the balcony space, it is best not to use mineral wool. Its handling is quite laborious and requires additional costs. In addition, there is a high probability of condensation, which is very undesirable can affect its technical qualities.

As an effective protection against moisture and vapor is used izofol

Please be aware that the balcony in any case it is impossible to weight. Therefore, as the insulation is best to use a lightweight foam, of a thickness not exceeding 5 cm its cost is much lower than that of mineral wool and more modern material -. Extruded polystyrene.

How to insulate a balcony with his hands: step by step photos and instructions. Common mistakes. Installation of windows. Insulation of walls, floor and ceiling. Warming of the balcony roof. The nuances of winter warmth.

Warming balconies with their hands: step by step photo instructions

Properly produced works on arrangement of the balcony will help you save considerably on utility bills. The heat will be stored in the apartment and not go beyond it. Main repair balconies with their hands gradually and slowly. The basic plan of action is as follows:

  1. Thorough cleaning of the balcony from foreign objects.
  2. Dismantling of old materials.
  3. Glazing.
  4. Laying electrical wiring.
  5. The choice of the insulation material.
  6. Warming of the floor, walls and ceiling.
  7. Inner trim.

Pasting insulation layer may be used for planarizing

Important! Before starting work should immediately determine the installation of an additional heat source in the balcony. After installation of the batteries requires some preparatory work.

For glazing balconies is better to use the services of professionals, and how to properly insulate the loggia inside the home, we discussed in detail in this article. Theoretically, you can finish all the work in ten days, but in practice always comes out much longer. Be prepared for this when planning repairs.

To preserve the heat in the room should perform high-quality glazing

Step by step video "how to insulate a loggia with their hands" can be viewed on the Internet. In the video you can see all the main stages of work, and the various nuances required for its high-quality performance.

How to insulate a floor on the balcony with his hands

Many people ask the question: how to insulate a loggia that it was warm in the winter? You should begin with the qualitative arrangement of the floor. So, the work plan:

  • carefully swept debris from all corners and potholes in the concrete;
  • seal the gap on all of the floor surface and in the connection joints. This should be done by means of foam, sealant or polyurethane mastics;

When laying Penoplex should not forget about the vapor barrier

  • give time to complete drying;
  • waterproofing and vapor barrier. Use special membrane or ordinary plastic wrap. All connecting joints attach the tape construction. Remember that material should fit snugly to the walls. Look at the video "warm floor on the balcony with his hands," it clearly shows all operational aspects of the process;

Helpful advice! Never put insulation film with the cold side of the insulation, otherwise you will greatly reduce the heat transfer. When using foil material - brilliant coating should "look" downward.

From the slits on the balcony, you can get rid of with the help of foam

  • secure the wooden frame using the mounting foam. It is applied to the floor in the form of straight lines. On top of a wooden beams, keeping the distance between them is about 50 cm. Be sure to install spacers, or foam can raise the frame and disrupt the proportion of the structure. After drying the spacers should be removed;
  • Lay insulation between the joists, securing it with special glue. The resulting voids are filled with foam or using a sealant;
  • secure the basic board or chipboard on the bars;
  • proceed to the decorative coating.

Wooden frame under penoplex

The technology of thermal insulation of walls and ceiling is identical to the above. On the internet you can find many object lessons on warming loggia Penoplex own hands. Step by step instructions, photos, and videos to help you understand yourself with all the subtleties of the upcoming repairs.

Warming of the floor loggia Penoplex with self-leveling floor

When using Penoplex as a heater, you should pay special attention to the foundation and floors balconies. For example, elevated humidity level immediately eliminate the use of mineral wool. After all, it can accumulate a water vapor, and it will negatively affect later on the state of your floor covering. Furthermore, it can lead to excessive moisture, mold and mildew formation.

For fixing the insulation used dowel fungus

Choosing a concrete block, remember that the amount directly proportional to the heat transfer. The higher the layer, the warmer. Therefore, if you do not need to significantly increase the level of the floor, this material is better not to apply.

An excellent choice is penoplex (expanded polystyrene). The material has following indisputable advantages:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • moisture resistance;
  • high compressive strength;
  • durability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of mounting.

Flavor adhesive for mounting the extruded polystyrene should be based on the humidity level of the room

The procedure itself is simple in execution of insulation and consists of just a few points:

  1. Place the waterproofing layer (polyethylene membrane), securing it carefully.
  2. Paved with floor joists surface using a builder's level. This will help to more accurately and efficiently to make packing.
  3. Place the sheets Penoplex between rails and lock the edges with foam.
  4. Cover structure with plywood or chipboard.
  5. Above apply decorative finishes as linoleum or carpeting.

Laying Penoplex between wooden joists

Helpful advice! In no case do not use the foam core comprising toluene or adhesive with an organic solvent. These substances can damage the insulation.

Wall insulation and finishing of balconies in their own hands

In addition to a warm floor, on the balcony should be given additional insulation in the walls and ceiling. This will allow to keep more heat in the room. How to insulate a loggia inside their own hands, the video clip will show more detail. You can easily find it on the Internet. Phased the description of this process is as follows:

  • thoroughly clean the walls and ceiling;
  • be sure to treat the surface of the antiseptic. This will protect them from mold and mildew;
  • tamp the ceiling and walls of the boards lathing. construction height should be slightly greater than the thickness of the selected heater. To better secure the dowels should be selected with locking screws;

Constructive solution of using a loggia

Helpful advice! To insulation was qualitative purchase mineral wool of 7.5 cm, and penoplex 0.5-1 cm thick. Larger settings common to use only outdoor applications.

  • glue heater using foam cylinders;
  • Lay the top layer of plastic film or foil. This will create the necessary vapor barrier;
  • complete the electrical wires for future clarification;
  • sew on top of plastic or wood paneling. It can be used drywall, but waterproof. It must be done with the use of nails, screws or clips.

Working with mineral wool requires precautions

To select a coating for the walls, pre-check a different photo of interior finishes loggias on the Internet. Select the most attractive in price and structure for you. Only then proceed to substantive work.

How to insulate a loggia Penoplex

Penoplex can insulate balcony surface in two ways: an adhesive and the carcass.

When insulation adhesive manner on the prepared walls and ceiling of a thin layer of adhesive (Sevener, Ceresit ST 85). Then penopleksnye neatly stacked plates. Some experts advise to spend additional strengthening by means of screws or other fastening tools. It is not a prerequisite, and remains at the sole discretion of each. Give the frame a little bit dry.

Gluing is carried out on the perimeter and the middle sheet Penoplex

Above apply another layer of glue. Are installing special fiberglass reinforcing mesh (5x5 mm), and again cover the adhesive. Once construction is well dries, you can begin to various finishing activities. If you have any questions on how to insulate a balcony with his hands, step by step photos to help you understand all the nuances.

Frame method is considered more difficult and prolonged. First carried waterproofing then made insulating frame. It consists of the cellular skeleton (metal profile rail, bars), which is fixed on the treated surface. Cells tightly filled with insulating material (roofing paper, glassine), and plates Penoplex.

Installation of insulation on the ceiling is done in a staggered manner

Set top vapor barrier (polyethylene), which serves as additional protection from moisture. Wood or decorative panels can be laid just above, and for wallpaper or painting required a layer of drywall.

Hear practical advice on how to equip the loggia with their hands from a few specialists, and then choose the method of warming loggia.

In addition to the insulation on the balcony it is worth considering a vapor barrier

Modern homes are often built panoramic balconies. They provide an excellent overview and help to avoid the primitive layout. Photos balconies, combined with a room, to help you find a new interior design solutions. For example, to create a beautiful winter garden and a cozy place to relax.

Warming of the balcony of this type begins with the careful processing of field welds. Exterior operation consist in installing the battens, internal - in sealing of cracks and dents foam.

EXAMPLE combining floor heating with a heater

Then, the first layer of insulating material is laid. If you choose penoplex, begin to mount the plate on the angle strictly. To do this in concrete drilled holes in them are covered by plastic fasteners (three pieces for one plate).

Chess masters recommend to comply with the order placement to improve sealing joints. All the empty spaces are filled with construction foam gently in order to avoid heat loss.

Upon contact with the air foam expands and polymerizes

Helpful advice! Ceiling tiles better additionally fixed with special glue. This will improve the reliability of the connection.

The next step is to create a protective layer, saving condensate. Use penofol or penolon. The sheets are stacked so that the foil side of the "watched" down. All joints are glued aluminum tape. Then start decorating.

Use of electric floor heating under the tile in the insulation loggia

If your balcony has panoramic windows, then take advantage of geo-line technology. It allows you to put on a glass base warm loop made from PVC structures. Implementation of these works should be entrusted exclusively to professionals.

The floor surface should be necessarily warm. You can do this with the help of electricity, paving the necessary cables or heating mats. If you do not want to have extra costs to pay electricity bills, then you should perform a more traditional arrangement of the floor. How to do it - it was described above. However, in case of the panoramic windows, insulated material and can be laid in two layers. Large glass surfaces transmit more cold than concrete walls.

Infrared film floor mounted for finishing

Warming and finishing of balconies on its own - not very complicated, but time-consuming and lengthy. It is worth noting that the time and resources spent will pay off when you get a spacious, comfortable and nice room. In addition, it will serve as a buffer zone in the apartment, helping to keep extra warm in her residential area. Look on the internet video step by step instructions insulated balcony with his hands, and create a new space and the interior without spending much.

Wall insulation foam with your hands: step by step guide

Alpine slide his hands. Step by Step Photo Instructions

A pond in the country with their own hands. Step by Step Photo Instructions

Frame house with his own hands. Step by step instructions of building stages

Frame bath with his hands: the construction step by step guide

Step by step instructions with their hands laying laminate: features work

Warming of the balcony with his hands: step by step instructions, video

Until recently, time balcony in apartments used as a kind of storeroom where he kept different things or preservation. And often, it must be confessed, is simply stored all sorts of rubbish, which is why it is a pity to throw.

Today, many people use the balcony as an additional living space. But for this you need to think about how to make the insulation of the balcony and that this will require.

From the above article, you'll learn how to make the insulation of the balcony with his hands: Imagine you step by step instructions, videos and photos of the work process.

Where should I start? ↑

If you are able to insulate a balcony with his own hands, it will not only inexpensive to expand living space, but also greatly reduced the heat loss of the home. It is through the balcony area in city apartments takes the lion's share of heat from the premises. But you need to know how it all should start. If it is properly composed sensible step by step instruction is much easier to make from a cold to a balcony, though small, but still more or less a full room.

Step by step instructions warming balcony: first sketch out a general plan of action, and then watch the video.

  1. Glazed balcony.
  2. Warming of the floor.
  3. Insulation of walls and ceiling.
  4. Exterior and interior balconies.
  5. Additional heat on the balcony.

Note: Warming of the balcony can be done both outside and inside. But as this work will be done with his own hands, without the involvement of professionals, it is best to insulate a balcony inside.

Next, I suggest you the same video, which contains the most complete information (which is step by step instructions) on warming the balcony of their own. I am sure this video will help you!

Today construction market offers several kinds of materials for insulation balconies. Can choose:

  • Styrofoam;
  • mineral wool;
  • extruded polystyrene.

Technology warming balcony foam and polystyrene foam is practically the same, except for one - the form of the clutch in Styrofoam better through the use of slots.

If you plan on warming the balcony with his hands, it is better not to use mineral wool, as the work will be more. Moreover, the balcony may receive the condensate, which is undesirable for mineral wool. Please be aware that the balcony in any case can not be overloaded, so as better to use foam insulation thickness of 4-5 cm. And it costs cheaper than mineral wool and more "advanced" extruded polystyrene foam.

To begin with you need warming balcony glazing. But the glazing depends on what kind of railing on the balcony. If it is worth a metal crate, it should increase with the help of ceramic (lightweight) bricks or foam blocks. However, the wall thickness shall not be more than 10 cm. If the concrete parapet, then it can immediately install window.

Perhaps the majority of consumers prefer to yet to opt for PVC windows. But it is necessary to choose the plastic profile, characterized by strength and rigidity. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the profile must have improved performance of thermal insulation.

Plastic windows for insulation must have:

  • five-chamber profile;
  • stronger reinforcement;
  • double-glass for the middle band, and a three-chamber - for regions with a harsh climate.

After installation sealed PVC structure, which must be ordered in accordance with the dimensions of the balcony, you can proceed to further work.

B) Thermal insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling

Insulation of the ceiling - an important part of the balcony insulation

At first it is necessary to close up all the cracks in the concrete slab and connections with the wall. To do this, use foam, sealant or polyurethane mastic. After this is done frame of wooden bars 4 x 4 cm. Condensate, use a vapor barrier does not appear to the balcony. Vapor barrier membrane should be placed on top of the insulator.

Important to know: poroizolyatsionnaya film in any case should not be laid on the cold side of insulation. Foil vapor barrier must not be fitted to the foil insulation.

It would look like the classical scheme balcony waterproofing

D) External and interior balcony

It looks good finishing balconies lining the most common

As used internal finishing profile or wall paneling. But it can be used drywall, which subsequently glued wallpaper. But for decoration, you can use and PVC panels. As the insulation film under the stacks infrared linoleum floor heating. For exterior finishing is desirable to invite specialists. This is especially important if the apartment is located above the first floor.

It should be remembered that the spending on the balcony central heating is prohibited. But here you can spend not only lighting but also set outlet. This will give the opportunity to use an electric heater here. Since this space is small, then it can be warmed quickly. Weight of glass for glazing a balcony will be great, so all other materials must be used in weight easier. This applies to both the insulation, also finishing materials. Before insulation the balcony can be strengthened by means of welded metal construction. The proposed video instruction will enable visual inspection, both must be performed insulation balconies with their hands.

How and what to insulate your balcony - detailed instructions:

How to make the loggia really warm floor. How to insulate a balcony with his hands (or loggia). As well as advice on glazing and decoration, information about PVC windows. And the mass of different utilities in design and repair:

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