Wardrobe to the loggia

How to make a box on the balcony or loggia

According to an old tradition, on the balcony and loggia kept things that had no place in the apartment. And to the small-sized room is not turned into a dump, you need good storage system. The most practical option -built closet on the balcony or loggia. Often all that is required - to do the construction, which will hold the shelves and put the door. With this task will easily cope with their own hands, even with minimal skills.

Design closet can be divided into two parts: the frame and the door. Sometimes, if necessary side rack, there is also a lining.

Rack cabinet mostly made of timber. The cross section of approximately 40 mm or 40 * 50 * 50 mm. Option is not bad, but unheated balcony can be high humidity. A tree - a material that changes size depending on the humidity. There is another point: Not available in all regions of the bar is cheap.

For the carcass mainly use two materials: a wooden beam and a metal profile

There is another option - to collect on the profile frame for gypsum board. On it is mounted perfectly any sheet material such as chipboard, plywood etc. If you take the galvanized, no moisture problems are not afraid.

The easiest way to cut shelf size of a sheet material. It's all the same chipboard - plain or laminated, thick plywood, OSB can sometimes use, but the shelves for heavy loads have to be willing on a wooden frame.

They can be fastened to the prepared place on the frame - mounted bars or screws. There is an option - right corners of the wall. But it is good if the wall can be drilled screws at once, or plant plugs on each shelf for too long. Then easier to assemble the frame and fastened to it.

Mounting shelves at the corners

There is an even easier way to make a shelf on the balcony or loggia: use metal rails and brackets to them. These systems are used in stores, but they are more than suitable for this case: height varies quite easily with a small step. Just brackets outweigh the other holes.

Convenient system for shelves on the balcony

With this organization and all the need that to put the door. Here is ready to cabinet in the loggia or balcony.

You can, by the way, to do something similar, and of wooden bars: the recess under the shelf with a certain step. You can make cuts saw, and then remove the chisel.

EXAMPLE shelves to the cabinet on the balcony with adjustable height

Often the shelves are made from cut pieces of boards. Since the width of the balcony is usually small, in the case are all sorts of scraps. Only for a long time they did not lose their form and easily wiped, they must be something to cover. And though the glazed balcony and a loggia are more relevant to the interior, paint and varnish products take for outdoor work, like protective impregnation. They contain substances that protect against UV rays. Without them, a couple of years, the wood will be pathetic.

The shelves of the boards on the balcony make the most of

So when working in an apartment not too "smell" can take a water-based lacquer. It does not create a film, but the dirt into the surface is not absorbed.

In the closet in the loggia or balcony doors made of three types:

All these doors can be the full height of the cabinet, but it is more convenient to divide it into two or three parts, and each hang their doors.

Doors can be hinged

The cheapest - hinged door. Themselves need the doors and hinges, and "plant" them in place is easy to own. More expensive sliding systems. Need guide - top, bottom and sides, as well as rollers system, which is installed on the door leaf. But this option is attractive because it saves space.

Sliding doors and shutters

The most expensive - shutters. But they are attractive because they are ready to set, and the installation is mainly "supplied" to purchase.

For information on how to collect the sliding door for the balcony enclosure Watch the video. Much clearer.

How to make a balcony cupboard, wooden frame,

First slice 4 rack to the desired height of the cabinet. If you want to make it up to the ceiling, each is measured separately, and not cut the same. Height is often well characterized. Sliced ​​rack is attached. The distance between them determines the depth of the cabinet, but most often depends on the available space. How many there are as many uses.

If there are three blind wall is no problem. Beams are fixed to the wall plugs. Presses the bar to the wall shall be verified vertically, through drilled fixing holes in the right places. The bar is removed, is inserted into the hole in the wall of the plastic plugs from the plugs. By setting the bar at a place, screws are screwed to the wall.

Examples of fastening struts

If you make the cabinet on the balcony, one side is attached to the wall, and the second - to the elements of the frame, or only at the top and at the bottom - to the ceiling and the floor (ispolzuem reinforced metal corners).

Another option for such a case - if you want to close something glass window - the window to put the wall (eg chipboard), to fix its top and bottom corners to the floor and the ceiling, and then attached by the wall (and to the stream and the floor) frame bars.

Near the glass to put the marginalia of chipboard, and her mount shelves

Then nailed to the posts transverse bars. They give the whole system a high degree of stiffness and they will build shelves.

Option from the shelves to the removal of glass

In order not to "walk" the place near the window, this part is also occupied by shelves. Since the width of the furniture is obtained with different, often doing two separate small cabinet: the lower and upper halves. yet they often differ in depth: the bottom can be made wider and heavier to hide and overall things. Top rack in this case can be made less deep. In this case, the top of the lower cabinet can be used as a countertop.

It can be made of two parts of different width and can, and the depth

Another embodiment of the enclosure on the balcony of two parts and an example of its use

Further, only concerned over what and how to make the door. The most optimum variant - to make sliding. Their scheme in the figure. Parts lot, but you can understand.

Corner cupboard on the balcony: photo

First balcony was covered with clapboard. Immediately after that, the same lining began to make a case. It was decided to wish for a corner, not to cover so much window. On the opposite side of the cabinet it takes up almost the entire width, slightly short of the balcony door.

Racks are not fastened. Nailed the bars on the ceiling and the floor, these walls. They will receive a short - three boards. By bunk wall nailed slats, which are stacked on the same boards, cut to get the shape of the cabinet.

Stages of construction of the corner cupboard lining

The top and bottom of the doorway stuffed battens across the opening. Measured remaining distance, subtract 1.5 centimeters to malfunctioning and such a length cut on the door linings. They took six pieces. Shot down by four transverse strips knocked at the door. Hung with conventional hinges.

Door canopy, made at the bottom of the shelf

The free space between the enclosure wall and the paneling nailed balcony two shelves. A little later, we were added slightly higher with rounded edges. The last stage came under the ceiling and on the floor plinth (close the gap), then polished and painted cloth linings stain.

The result of the work and after three years of operation

Talk about some standards regarding the enclosures for balconies impossible. And the size and configuration, and glazing at all different. Because even with the size of the shelves have to be determined "in place." But a few examples that you can change as you need to give.

Cabinet of sheet material (OSB, plywood, chipboard or a particle board)

With the Department for bulky items

Of different depths and with different content (both sides balcony)

Another embodiment of the layout for a sliding door (depth shelves less the width of the lower guide)

Another variant with open shelves and two rows of hinged doors

Design folding table, who may need it)))

Photos of finished cabinets in the loggia and balcony

It left the door hang

Wooden cabinet on the balcony

When fully glazed balcony can make the cabinet up to the window sill

Not quite a case - seat with storage compartment underneath

Wardrobe in the balcony storage

Closet on the balcony of plastic

Height of the window sill, so as not to spoil the view

Wardrobe to the loggia - design ideas for filling

Due to the small living space of our apartment, and some special thrift citizens, kept at home all the right things can be very difficult because of the banal lack of space, not to mention the things that "might suddenly code something useful." Therefore, much of the necessary and "not quite dispensability" accumulated on the balcony and there worthy of living out his life, at the same time stored in a chaotic manner, and it is sometimes very difficult to find the right.

In fact, to reclassify it from the back room to the winter garden, sports area, or, for example, a place to relax not be easy, you just make the cabinet to the loggia, and all their goods neatly folded on shelves. So it is possible not only to restore order and clear the room of clutter, but be sure to always fast there.

to lodge furniture has its own specifics, due to limited space, and therefore pick up ready-made kits that would have the best functionality with maximum use of available space, is almost impossible.

So often it is made to order, or with your hands on the actual size of the room. In this case, in the absence of experience and specific features of the place before you reach perfection is possible to make some a lot of mistakes. This article provides the material to learn from others' mistakes and avoid theirs.

Naturally the desire of every area of ​​the deficit make furniture Corner maximum capacity, by analogy as coming inside the apartment, but for this particular place as a loggia in most cases is not only desirable but even harmful, and there are quite reasonable and good reasons.

See, itself a building structure with balconies already doomed rooms on the lack of sunlight due to the fact that the parapet and ceiling of the latter, greatly narrow the target to this add the loss of light intensity on the glazing, and if still there appears a huge wardrobe closing of the windows then do not be surprised electricity bills, as in the whole apartment would burn light even in the daytime. Therefore, the storage location must be designed as easy and openwork and be sure to take into account the configuration and location of the windows.

Fig.1. Closet on the balcony of the window closes, which reduces the flow of sunlight into the apartment.

Of course, hardly anyone on the balcony to hang a crystal chandelier meter length, but also ultra-compact LED spotlights have also not for everyone, mainly used for lighting diffusers, which are very tangible dimensions and pretty much act. In this case, by making the structure of the cabinet to the ceiling there is a very substantial risk that the door will abut or touch the ceiling.

Figure 4. Built-in wardrobe. Open the door to limit the curtains or blinds.

The apartment - a private space, and everyone is trying to protect him from outside, including views, partly invented drapes and curtains for this reason. Probably no one will cause doubt that they also required a certain space, and it is unlikely they will be shared as brothers one place with the doors of the cabinet, most likely they will interfere with each other. Therefore, this moment is absolutely necessary to take into account when developing the design.

Comply with all the above features, you can restrict the height of the cabinet by two meters, is on the one hand allows to nullify the problems associated with lighting, on the other hand decides the question of fixtures, the third allows you to use and shutters, and blinds and Roman shades without any problems. At the same time you get a fully functional and does not clutter the space design.

Depth - is first of all the capacity, of course well, what can be to push it as much as possible of things, freeing room apartments, but still loggia - is not a utility room, and the huge size of the construction will reduce its area even more, it is unlikely that It will contribute to the solution of the underlying problem.

Figure 11. Corner cabinet compartment. This cabinet does not reduce the light output and does not interfere with curtains and blinds.

In principle, the future of storage can be any size, but if the task of aesthetic perfection with maximum functionality, the face it should be on the back side, so to speak from the inside, ie, think about the filling. Theoretically in closet can hold the upper and lower clothing, footwear, some utensils, pickles or small objects, such as an essential tool in the economy.

Figure 12. Closet on the balcony with a clothes hanger.

Suppose you decide to release your closet and organize the storage location of off-season clothes on the balcony, how to do it? You can do this by providing a special compartment and set the bar, but in this case, the depth being built structure should be at least 50-55 cm, and it is precisely a negative impact on bulk products, as stated earlier. If this approach does not is permissible, it is necessary to use modern technology and see a sliding bar, their minimum size starts at 25 cm.

Figure 13. The slider member

Given the dimensions of the installation must be 5 cm more compartment depth, it turns out that the smallest possible spot size under outer clothing is 30 cm while maintaining the capacity.

Now all that concerns drawers. Do not allow their deep space dimensions, so basically go on komodnomu option, ie is made of the entire length of the enclosure and limit of 40 cm width, thus worthy retained capacity. Such accessories like laundry baskets try not to use, again due to their mounting dimensions, they begin to retractable fittings 50 cm.

The most optimal option of filling - a shelf, their size can be arbitrary and depends on the destination, as well as the magnitude of the alleged storage items. Traditionally they are made 40 cm high.

A good one for filling, given the limited space - the installation of a special mechanism for storing shoes.

Figure 18. Shelf for shoes

Having dealt with the filling can take some time to the exterior - the doors. Immediately it should be noted that on the balcony is best to use the most simple and traditional swing doors, and loved by many door coupe is better not to apply. The reason is cramped conditions and technical features, which steal valuable space at least 10 cm in depth and width. In turn, the swing can be made of wood, MDV, chipboard. All these materials will be perfectly fulfill their function.

To summarize we can say that we should not try to grasp the immensity, a more correct to find a compromise between functionality and aesthetic part of the component, and if something does not fit, then perhaps this is not much need. On this philosophical note, let me finish the article, and in addition take a look a few examples of how it is possible to equip the loggia.

26 ideas beautiful cabinets on the balcony

To use the maximum size of the apartment, without cluttering the space with unnecessary things, you should mount the rack on the balcony. The photo collection of articles, you can find the most suitable option, as well as to understand how nice to make furniture with his own hands. This cabinet can be used for various purposes: storing tools, children's toys, food preparations for winter equipment (sports or gardening), etc.

1. Built-in modules

Swing embedded option. Facades - MDF, frame made of laminated chipboard, furniture - matte hrom.Raspashnoy closet. Elevations - MDF, chipboard plates of the frame, fittings - matt chromium. The main drawback paspashnoy system - you can not use the place, which is occupied by the door in an open state, that is floor space is used inefficiently.

Inner carcass breakdown. Housing - laminated chipboard plates, facades - plastic. The walls are covered plastic lining, as floor covering selected linoleum. Advantages swing open: long service life, the doors are closed well in an open form can be assessed directly on the contents of the shelves.

Integrated model of MDF fills a niche in the space of a balcony. two textures are chosen to create (a creamy color and texture of the wood).

Built-in frame, which are used for creating chipboard plates. The door leaves are made frosted glass insert, the metal profile provides opening. Lighter shade of chipboard with imitation wood texture suitable neutral palette of the room.

Sleek design in a modern interior balconies. Lakobelya doors, mosaic and ceramic tiles in the decoration. The main disadvantage - the kind of opening takes place inside the module.

Plastic facades sliding system in the interior of the loggia. The material does not require special care, however, scratches can appear on its surface. Bright colors are subject to fading during the operation.

Models created from wood, eco-friendly. Often, when you create a design use the same type of wood that and for the walls in the loggia.

The space under the window to complete the module, which can accommodate the necessary items. This option is suitable even for small rooms, as it takes a minimum of space. Such a design can be made with his own hands or to entrust the work of professionals. Due to the cabinet there is an additional warming of the parapet.

Headsets on the balcony of the MDF. The walls are covered with wooden paneling.

SLR-door coupe in the loggia visually enhance the area. Such techniques are useful to apply to a small balcony in the Khrushchev.

Spacious units with sliding doors (façades - white plastic). Two modules are suitable for separate storage of items such as clothes and building materials.

Elevations decorate furniture design PVC panels. This design can easily make their own hands.

To create a material used chipboard.

Freestanding design based laminated chipboard consists of a frame, hinged doors, open shelves and drawers on ball guide rails. This model is considered to be cost-effective, as applied to the production of the most simple materials.

Detached wardrobe, for the production of laminated particle board took two colors (white and wood texture). Open shelves allow compact place potted plants or decorative items on the balcony. Besides active element structure makes it easier to visually.

Angular model with a sliding opening mechanism. This design helps to build non-standard shape of the room and use the area for a maximum of functionality. Often to create the inner part do not use an additional material are flat base wall.

Corner cabinet with folding doors to the loggia. The walls are covered with non-woven wallpaper, ceramic tiles on the floor. To create furniture on the balcony used chipboard and MDF. There is a large variety of colors and textures that combine with each other, creating a unique design furniture.

Built-in furniture will allow to correct the geometry of any room. Often, on the balconies of unusual shape, invisible storage area, with the right design, and quite roomy. The doors are made of laminated wood boards texture. Sliding Raumplus system.

Nonstandard angle balcony masked sliding wardrobe laminated chipboard. Built-in model fills the entire space of the wall from floor to ceiling. Mechanism razdvizheniya Raumplus.

Interior design in the room, trimmed with clapboard. Detached unit with hinged doors and armchair in a modern style (Ikea).

PVC panels in the interior of the room. Built-in furniture with hinged opening valves. Independent installation saves the family budget, but it takes a private time in the repair process.

Frame made of sheets of drywall. For the walls balcony used MDF. The design features a simple installation and low weight, not to create high costs need. The main drawback - the material is influenced by moisture and mechanical deformations.

For facades and walls of the room used MDF. Installation was carried out by hand.

Furniture made of chipboard material with sliding doors. Sliding Raumplus system.

Modern design. Constructions shelving made of wooden elements. Open niches can be filled with decorations or use it to store other items.

Dressing the loggia (chipboard material). The furniture consists of a combination of open shelves and cabinets for shoes.

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