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Preferred diadem valuables and Queen Elizabeth II British monarch exists more than 1200 liters.

Windsor Castle - the residence of British monarchs. Part of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom 11. 3. Alice.

Illustrator xnhan00 (Nguyen Thanh Nhan). Part 1. .

Illustrator xnhan00 (Nguyen Thanh Nhan). Part 2. .

Titian. Portrait Tiziano Vechellio (Italian Tiziano Vecellio, 1488/1490, Pieve di Cadore -. 27 av.

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Beautiful paintings by contemporary artists

A selection of paintings by famous contemporary artist.

The most popular paintings in the world

The most popular paintings in the world

How much do you need to become an artist? Maybe talent? Or the ability to learn something new? Or violent fantasy? Of course, all the necessary factors, but what is the charge? Inspiration. When the artist literally puts his soul into the picture, it becomes like a living. The magic of colors works wonders, and the sight is impossible to translate, it would be desirable to examine every detail ...

In this article we will look at 25 truly brilliant and famous paintings.

"The Persistence of Memory" Salvador Dali

This small picture and brought the popularity of Dali, when he was 28 years old. It is not only the name of the painting, as it has the name "Soft Watches", "Persistence of memory", "memory Hardness".

The idea of ​​the painting came to the artist at a time when he thought of melted cheese. Writing about the meaning and significance of the painting Dali did not leave, so scientists interpret it in their own way, tending to Einstein's theory of relativity.

The painting was only three colors - red, blue and green. They symbolize heaven, earth and humans. In addition to "Dance" Matisse wrote another picture of "Music." They ordered a Russian collector.

It has no unnecessary details, only the natural background and the people themselves, which were frozen in the dance. This is what the artist wanted to - to fix a successful moment when people are one with nature and filled with ecstasy.

"The Kiss" - the most famous painting by Klimt. He wrote it in his "golden" period of creativity. He used the most genuine gold leaf. There are two versions of the biography of the picture. According to the first version, the painting depicts himself Gustav with his beloved Emilie Louise Flöge whose name he said, the latest in their lives. According to the second version of the same, now I ordered a graph that Klimt painted his beloved.

When asked why the graph in the picture is not the kiss Klimt stated that he is an artist and he sees. In reality, Klimt fell in love with a girl graph and it was some kind of revenge.

Cloth found only 13 years after the author's death, and it immediately became the most expensive of his work. During his lifetime he was trying to sell it to the mayor of the city, but all to no avail.

The painting conveys the original meaning and profound ideas. Soothe, relax - that's what feeling is "The Sleeping Gypsy".

Picture of the most ambitious of all his surviving works. The story does not need to explain the picture, everything is clear from the title. The Last Judgment, the apocalypse. God's judgment and the righteous and the wicked. The painting is divided into three stages. In the first scene of paradise, green gardens and bliss.

In the central part of the Judgment itself, where God begins to judge people for their actions. The right side depicts hell as represented. Scary monsters, red-hot hell and terrible torture of sinners.

"Metamorphosis of Narcissus", Salvador Dali

For the base was taken a lot of subjects, but the most important place is the story of Narcissus - a guy who is so admired for its beauty that he died from what was not able to satisfy their desires.

In the foreground picture Narcissus sits pensively at the water and can not break away from his own reflection. Near depicts stone hand, in which the egg, it is a symbol of rebirth and new life.

"Massacre of the Innocents" by Peter Paul Rubens

For the basis of the picture has been taken from the Bible story, when King Herod ordered the slaughter of all newborn boys. The painting shows the garden in Herod's palace. Armed soldiers force taken away from infants crying mothers and kill them. The earth is strewn with dead bodies.

Jackson used a unique method of applying paint on the picture. He had offered the canvas on the ground and walked around it. But instead apply strokes, he took the brushes, syringes, and splashed on the canvas. Later this method was called "action painting."

Pollock did not use sketches, he always relied only on their emotions.

"Ball at the Moulin de la Galette" Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir is the only artist who never wrote a sad picture. The plot for this Renoir found near the house, the restaurant "Le Moulin de la Galette." Lively and cheerful atmosphere of places inspired the artist to create this picture. For writing works he posed for friends and loved ones Artist's Model.

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

This painting depicts the last meal of Christ with his disciples. It is believed that painted the moment when Christ says that one of the disciples will betray him.

Looking sitters da Vinci spent a lot of time. The most difficult was the image of Christ and Judas. The choir Leonardo noticed the young singer and drew from it the image of Christ. Three years later, the artist saw in the ditch drunk descended and realized - this is the one he was looking for and brought it to the studio.

When he sketched image of a drunkard, he confessed to him - three years ago, the artist drew with him the image of Christ. So it was that Jesus and Judas images have been charged with the same person, but in different life periods.

In 1912 the artist was diagnosed with a double cataract, because of this, he underwent surgery. Deprived of the lens in the left eye, the artist was able to see ultraviolet light as blue or purple color, because of this, his painting acquired new and bright colors. Drawing this painting, Monet saw lily blue, while ordinary people have seen just an ordinary white lilies.

Munch suffered from manic-depressive illness, it often had nightmares and depression. Many critics believe that the painting Munch depicted himself - from panic and screaming mad with terror.

the artist himself described the meaning of the painting as a "scream of nature." He said he was with friends at sunset and the sky turned blood red. Trembling with fear, he allegedly heard the same "scream of nature."

For a picture of the artist's mother posed. Initially, he wanted to mother posed standing, but for the old woman, it turned out to be difficult.

Whistler called his painting "Arrangement in gray and black. The artist's mother. " But over time, the real name has been forgotten and people started calling it "Whistler's Mother."

Originally it was an order from a member of Parliament. who wanted the artist painted the daughter Maggie. But in the process she gave up painting and James asked his mother to be the artist's model, to complete the picture.

"Portrait of Dora Maar", by Pablo Picasso

Dora came to Picasso as a "woman in tears." He pointed out that never could write her smiling. Deep, sad eyes and sadness on the face - these are the characteristic features portraits of Maar. And be sure to blood-red nails - this is particularly admired artist. Picasso often painted portraits of Dora Maar and all of them are worthy of admiration.

The painting depicts a night landscape that the artist expressed his thick, bright colors and the atmosphere of the night calm. The brightest object is, of course, the stars and the moon, they are drawn most pronounced.

On the ground, grow tall cypresses, as if wishing to join the fascinating dance of the stars.

The meaning of the painting is interpreted in different ways. Some see a reference to the Old Testament, while others just are inclined to think that the picture is the result of a protracted illness of the artist. It was during the treatment, and he wrote "Starry Night."

The picture was the reason for one of the biggest scandals in history. After all, the one with a naked girl lying on white sheets.

Outraged people spit in the artist, and some even tried to spoil the painting.

Mans just wanted to draw a "modern" Venus, show that this woman is not worse than the women of the past.

The artist is deeply worried about the events connected with Napoleon's attack. In May 1808 Madrid uprising ended tragically and it is so touched the soul of the artist, that 6 years later, he poured out his feelings on canvas.

War, death, loss - all this so realistically depicted in the painting that delights the minds of many so far.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring," Jan Vermeer

In the picture was another name for "Girl with a turban." In general, the painting is little known. According to one version Yan painted his own daughter Mary. In the picture the girl as if turned to someone and the viewer's eye is focused on a Pearl Earring in girl's ear. Glitter earrings gleams in the eyes and lips.

According to the film it was written novel, subsequently withdrew the eponymous film.

This group portrait Company of Captain Frans Banning Kok and Lieutenant Willem van Roytenbyurga. The portrait was commissioned by sharpshooters.

For all the difficulties of the content, the picture is full of the spirit of the parade and solemnity. Like musketeers posing artist, forgetting about the battle.

Later the picture was cut on all sides to make it fit in the new hall. Some shooters disappeared from the picture permanently.

In the picture the artist painted portraits of King Philip the Fourth and his wife, which can be seen reflected in a mirror. In the center of the composition depicts their five year old daughter, surrounded by his entourage.

Many believe that Velasquez wanted to portray himself in the moment of creation - "painting and painting."

"Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" Pieter Brueghel

It is the only surviving work of the artist on the theme of myths.

The protagonist of the picture is almost not visible. He fell into the river, the water surface of a leg sticking out. On the surface of the river plumes scattered Icarus which flew from falling. And people are busy with their chores, no one cares about the fallen youth.

It would seem that the picture is tragic, because it depicts the death of a young boy, but the picture painted in soft, light colors and seems to be saying - "nothing happened."

To "School of Athens" Raphael had little experience with frescoes, but surprisingly, this mural will receive an excellent genius.

This painting depicts the Academy, founded by Plato in Athens. Academy meetings were held in the open air, but the artist has decided that a more brilliant ideas come in a beautifully made antique building, and therefore depicts the students is not on nature background. On the mural depicted Rafael and himself.

This is the fourth of nine frescoes of the Sistine Chapel ceiling on the subject of creation. Michelangelo did not consider himself a great artist, he has positioned himself as a sculptor. That is why the body of Adam in the picture is proportional to, has pronounced features.

In 1990 he discovered that in God's image is encrypted anatomically exact structure of the human brain. Perhaps Michelangelo was familiar with human anatomy.

Mona Lisa and to this day remains one of the most enigmatic paintings in the art world. Critics still argue who is actually depicted on it. Many are inclined to believe that the Mona Lisa is the wife of Francesco Gioconda, who asked the artist to paint a portrait.

Main picture of the puzzle lies in the smile of a woman. Numerous versions - ranging from a pregnant woman and a smile gives fetal movement, ending with the fact that in reality it is a self-portrait of the artist in the female form. Well, we can only guess and marvel at the incredible beauty of the paintings.

"Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli

The painting depicts the birth of the myth of the goddess Venus. The goddess was born from the sea foam in the early morning. God helps Zephyr winds goddess swim to shore in its shell, where it meets the goddess of Ora. The painting represents the birth of love, is a sense of beauty, because in the world there is nothing more beautiful than love.

We tried to fit in this article are just a few of the most popular paintings in the world. But there is also a lot of other interesting masterpieces of art. What kind of picture do you think popular?

vivid picture

Stylish interior painting (+ 30 photos)

How to choose a work of art, the most interior decorating? This is what our today's article.

When buying paintings should be noted that the shape, size and, in fact, the image itself is a significant effect on the visual perception of space, so let's clarify some nuances:

1. The elongated space can be reduced and expanded decorating end wall in a square pattern or a horizontally elongated frame.

2. Arrange for a couple of posters, wall hanging under each other, or vertically painting, and low ceilings necessarily become higher.

3. A number of horizontal images to increase the space and push the narrow walls.

4. The plot must be placed at eye level (approximately - 150 cm from the floor), and the rooms, where accommodation of sofas and other seating areas, paintings Center should place a little lower - at a distance of 40-60 cm from the top of the backrest point soft furniture.

5. If you are the owner of a luxury copyright works of art, the interior of the need to create "a picture" and not vice versa. Bright monochrome walls, muted shades of furniture, a minimum of decoration - draw the room needed so that unnecessary details are not distracted from viewing the picture story.

6. Do not place images near the bulky pieces of furniture - they are "lost". The most suitable places: the wall above the sofa, over the mantelpiece above a small chest of drawers or a bar.

7. Do not forget to relate the size and shape of the picture with the location of windows and doors of the room. The best choice in this case is the symmetry: measure the space and divide the result by two - this would be a good place for the center of the composition.

Stylish, modern paintings interior

Abstract art and Cubism, digital portraits and self-created computer collages - the images are the modern decoration of any stylish interior, however, pay attention to the fact that the Mona Lisa is unlikely to fit harmoniously into the ethno-lounge, and a poster with a favorite dog image just do not decorate the walls in the style of baroque.

In the picture - almost a perfect location with stylish picture of a large size for the interior in the style of constructivism. Pretty boring furniture and monotonous color of the walls seemed to explode from the abstract plot, made in bright colors. In addition, repetitive circumference soften strict geometry upholstered furniture and floor standard lamps.

Stylish, modular interior painting

Modular paintings - a few (mostly 2-4) images, united by a single storyline or divide a single image into several parts. The most common is a symmetrical arrangement or grouping of modules small portions near a central.

See how the stylized image of kidney willow blend in accentual gray wall living room, decorated in the style of pseudo-loft. Separation module branches become more dynamic and, in addition, pay attention to how the correct position of the picture - the distance between the back of the sofa is not more than 30 cm, which allows you to close the empty space and leave the plot at eye level, sitting in front of guests.

Stylish picture bedroom interior

If the room can accommodate virtually any image in the kitchen - lovely still life or miniature, the bedroom choice is complicated: bright posters before your eyes will interfere with sleep, pictures with fine details make recalculate "clouds before going to bed," and large items will be annoyingly affect psyche.

Pastels, tranquil plot, the average size - a perfect picture for the bedroom decoration.

A child of the sea - what could be better on a sky-blue walls monotone double bedroom? The color of the sand on the poster is combined with wooden bedside tables, water adds movement impersonal wall and herbarium of dried reeds in a large floor vase paintings combines story and interior room.

The stylish black-and-white paintings for the interior

Modern art - it's not just drawn or photographic images, but also the installation, made of unusual materials.

Unusual picture, does not it? This mirror-plastic installation is made on a black mat, it is the best fit in the room with gray walls and leather sofas in the ethnic style. This is a case when the ornate pedestal floor lamps, sofas and black shades reflected cubic picture elements aimed at creating the image of the landlord - for sure, middle-aged man, very loving yourself and kitsch).

Stylish paintings for the interior with their own hands

Here a flight of fancy is truly boundless, as modern technology can create a picture of virtually any material.

We once talked about the embroidered pictures, but this is a little out of the available opportunities: beads and paper, paint and feathers, leather or felted wool - every detail can be part of your personal, author of the picture.

"Why buy a small picture if you can spice up the wall?" - thought the owner of the property and drew a stylized image of the eye. Trendy, very modern and perfectly underlines the overall design of the room.

Of course, for such a pattern requires special skills, but the Internet is now a number of templates and stencils that, if desired, you can manually decorate any surface.

"All borders in our heads."

If you have no imagination, peeped. If there are no brushes - use the hands. No big poster - a printer and A4 sheets to help you.

Black and white or bright, expensive, or bought for a penny - what's the difference? If you like, if the room was beautiful, any picture becomes a work of modern art.

Go ahead, try it, read our article, and all you get!

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