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Trimmer "Calm": reviews. Trimmer Stihl: technical specifications

Increasingly, country houses and farmlands of the places an additional source of food are transformed into an oasis of prosperity and tranquility. This is not surprising, because in an era of rapid human progress related to environmental degradation and an increase in the factors that negatively affect the nervous system, it would be desirable to find a corner where you can achieve harmony with the soul and retire from the madding crowd. For this reason, most of the sites does not sound like a plantation of collective farms, and converted into a nice looking place. Lawn, alpine slides and a lovely gazebo - that is now most common in the courts. But to the aesthetic component is constant and ubiquitous brought pleasure, these elements require constant care and maintenance of a decent standard. This is particularly important for surfaces coated with various turf and vegetation in the form of bushes. Neatly trimmed grass and bushes are the determining factor in shaping the views of owners of the house and the mood not only the guests but also passers-by.

Features petrol models

For more convenient and successful you must maintain the appropriate equipment necessary level of landscape design of your site. Various lawnmowers, and even more braids do not always cope with the necessary amount of problems. Trimmer "Shtil9raquo; - a product that will satisfy the needs of any, even the most demanding owners. Easy handling, quality and guarantee trouble-free operation and the ability to influence not only on the forest floor, but also on various vegetable crops make this trimmer is indispensable in any environment. To ensure the quality of gasoline models use 4-MIX engine, which determines the product as a more secure with respect to the environment and also reduces noise and vibration emitted by trimmer. The petrol model has the following characteristics:

  • product capacity is 1.4 kw / hp .;
  • the displacement volume is equal to 31.4 cm 3;
  • total length - 1.77 m;
  • cutting tools - or fishing line mowing head;
  • total weight - 5.8 kg.

In addition, this trimmer is equipped with an automatic decompression and anti-vibration systems, which increases its service life and greatly facilitates the work.

Characteristics of electric models

Elektrotrimmer "Shtil9raquo; It has the following characteristics:

  • w is 4 kg;
  • power consumed by the product, equal to 540 V;
  • operating voltage is 230 V;
  • overall length (except for cutting products) - 1.53 m;
  • cutting tool - mowing head.

It should be noted that this tool as a gasoline or electric, has many varieties with individual characteristics for each of them. For this reason, the above parameters are for the most common trims, with averages.

Advantages of petrol models

Petrol trimmers run the system is simple and reliable. Due to the use of engine modifications of this product is transformed into a holiday and monotonous work to bring the portion into the desired form only cause pleasure. Low noise and vibration will ensure the absence of the need for extra efforts for holding the instrument. In addition, this factor is enhanced by the strap provided for in the design. The strap is double, and in the places of contact with the body has extra soft lining. This is especially important, since such a method allows to use the trimmer for quite a long time and handle large areas. Petrol trimmers "Shtil9raquo; It has a comfortable bicycle handle which ensures proper range of motion and quality results. Due to the design, its position varies depending on the desire of the user. Almost all control systems, including the fuel, are on this element design that allows you to use the trimmer without the distraction of superfluous actions. The device of the cutting element contributes absolutely any mowing of long grass and bushes. Points, which are included, to protect the organs of sight, and the shape of the product contributes to its easy carrying and transportation.

Advantages of electric models

Electric models allow us to quickly eliminate the disadvantages associated with landscaped plot design. Electric trimmer "Shtil9raquo ;, thanks to the support wheel mounted on the cutting member, to easily remove vegetation around trees, shrubs, flower beds and other plants without the risk of harming them. Ergonomic handle a significant portion dampens oscillations and facilitate reliable process. products apparatus ensures reliable fixing power source and prevents it from falling into the scope of the cutting element. Extra long cable (15 m) makes it possible to carry out works on large areas without the use of additional equipment.

Schematic model effectively cope with the task in a complex application as a gasoline counterparts, and independently.

Both gasoline and electrical modifications have many advantages. They make trimmer "Shtil9raquo ;, reviews which mostly only positive, the most sought-after commodity among peers.

Due to the fact that the product manufacturer is Germany - a country that is famous worldwide for its quality products, difficulties in the acquisition of the trimmer will not. On this fact does not affect a country where the assembly has been made, nor the presence of a small amount of negative reviews. Trimmer "Shtil9raquo; is presented in all its diversity, not only in large cities, where there are officials of the company, but also in relatively small communities. If the desire to purchase this product is limited by its lack in your area, do not be upset. Thanks to the delivery of any service the nearest representative, this problem is solved quite quickly. Trimmer "Shtil9raquo ;, the price of which is quite acceptable, and is widely represented in the online stores. A wide variety of prices will pick up the product without sacrificing the family budget, and the various methods of delivery and payment will make the purchase process as easy and simple. The average value of the trimmer ranges from 70 to $ 215 - electric, and from 150 to $ 550 - for gasoline models, depending on the characteristics and modification.

Maintenance of various species of the trimmer is not problematic and complicated. Before starting work and after their completion is necessary to examine the product off. This is done to determine the integrity of the fuel tank body and electrical cable. Any disruptions in the product should not be ignored and require an appropriate response. In the case of serious damage to eliminate them you can contact the service centers of the company, which not only will make repairs, but also to give professional advice on the correct daily maintenance. If damage is not serious and does not require professional intervention, spare parts for the trimmer "Shtil9raquo; It can be purchased in specialized shops and by mail order. Quality of details for the product is guaranteed by the manufacturer, so do not worry.

Before starting work on the site is necessary to assess the state of the plant cell. These actions will help to make the right choice of nozzle when the cutter is removable. Rare and soft grass to mow more convenient with the help of line, at the same time, abundant and dense grass better suited knife. Before using the gasoline tank to be filled with oil. If the tool is new to third filling is not recommended to work at maximum speed in order to prevent early failure and the need to grindings of parts for further qualitative interaction. It is necessary to find the optimal position of the trimmer, and for the convenience and quality of the result in the need to break the land sector. After work, the cutting tool must be cleaned of grass.

Before starting the work necessary to rid the land of the big elements, check the condition of the product and wear a protective mask. It is not necessary to use knives, which are included in the box of another brand trimmer, the cutting tool itself in the process should not be placed parallel to the ground. It is not necessary to use the mower, especially electricity, in wet grass and wet weather. Pay attention to the length of fishing line. Trimmer strings "Shtil9raquo; It will support the process of mowing and do not pose a danger to human body parts, in particular for feet. During operation, make sure no other people on the site.

Trimmer "Shtil9raquo reviews ;, which is referred to as an exclusive machine for lawn care, is able to meet the needs of any user. Among the large number of product reviews positive points stand out. Quality, trouble-free operation during the entire warranty period and ease of use - the main theme of almost all consumer reviews. Among the negative aspects can be identified frequent neighbors requests for use of the product on their sites. And to be serious, it is worth noting the presence of damage, often occurring after the warranty ends. Trimmer "Shtil9raquo; It has such parameters, which can hardly boast of any of the analogues of the instrument. Almost all users of this product indicate trimmer "Shtil9raquo; as a reliable tool, which is almost always possible to apply in all circumstances, with minimal skills such units. Ease of trimming provides speed performance goals, and reliability of operation does not allow distractions to other aspects. The warranty period is always maintained in full. Ease of construction allows to enjoy the process, which naturally affects the outer form portion. After working with a trimmer, any user to get real aesthetic pleasure.

Trimmer Stihl petrol

Increasingly, the owners of country and gardens, its territory to transform into a zone of peace and prosperity. This is due to the sharp deterioration of environmental standards and increase the number of factors negatively affecting health. Nowadays, everyone is trying to create in his yard, the so-called "green corner", where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the smell of freshly cut grass, without any admixture of unburned gases. In the case of care for a place like this indispensable helper will trimmer gasoline Calm. It can help you keep track of the lawn, get rid of weeds and other unwanted vegetation.

To determine which unit is better and which model to choose, you should learn the basic characteristics of the devices, the advantages, disadvantages and to assess the amount of work to be performed by the trimmer gasoline calm.

Stihl trimmers recommended for bevel grass on small plots of land, where there are a variety of shrubs, trees, slopes, lifts, and other uneven terrain. In these cases, the standard wheel mower will not be able to show the most of their opportunities, because in remote places it is simply not pass, that the power of any handheld device.

Brushcutter able to get to places where no one gets mower

Motokosy simple design consists of an elongated pipe length, one side of which is a gasoline engine, the other - the working area, with the rotating cutting line, the cut grass blade.

Options trimmer coil is divided into two types:

  • The coil with a long segment of the fishing line, which unwinds and produces his work in service;
  • With a few short fishing line from a stronger material with increased stiffness.

Principles winding fishing line on the element also can be of several types:

  • collapsible - in order to reel the line is necessary to remove the central spare coil;
  • nonremovable - fishing line threaded through the hole in the head and scrolled using the special lever;
  • removable - mounted coil already wound with fishing line and a factory spikes.

Cutting knives are divided into 2, 3, 4 or 8-petal variant with plastic, metal blades or discs of durable steel material.

At the moment, the market garden units, there are many versions with different types of trimmer coils, engine power and performance. Consider the most popular models of petrol mowers.

Petrol trimmers Stihl FS 250

Powerful mower with a gasoline engine, a volume of 40 cc The device is lightweight, making the task of caring for the lawn will not be complicated. The average sound pressure level varies from 98 to 110 dB, the degree of vibration is not more than 6 m / s.

Brief specifications:

The volume of the fuel tank

When the rules of operation, trimmers well fulfills its purpose. Built knives can mow the grass is not only one kind but also a large weed - nettle, burdock, willow-herb, etc. The unit saves fuel. Tentatively, the processing section 16-18 ar require no more than 2.5 liters of gasoline.

Modification has compact dimensions and simple construction, is more than enough for the care houses adjoining portion. For ease of use, on the unit housing has keys that are responsible for setting options and equipment speed.

Power gasoline engine, hp

The volume of the fuel tank ml

Displacement, cc

Two-toothed blade for bevel, goggles, strap-holder

Technique has a simple structure and light weight that allows you to work even people without any experience. Trimmer calm FS 38 for bevel uniform grass weed species without admixture with a larger diameter of the stem.

Stihl FS 130 - Professional for use in the process of cutting coarse grass, weeds and shrubs, even the young tree seedlings. It provides a complete set of high-powered petrol engine and user-friendly control system.

Power gasoline engine, hp

1.9 horsepower

The volume of the fuel tank

Displacement, cc

Knife with two blades, belt-holder

Estimated cost varies

from 26 000 to 28 000

Gasoline aggregates this model considered the most suitable for the processing portion with high degree of overgrowth.

Owners are advised to buy gardening trimmer upgrading parts. Based on the reviews, it must be concluded that with some models even in extreme conditions, the equipment regularly carries out work as intended. There are many advantages and a few minor flaws technology.

Brushcutter mobile, has a low weight, it is convenient to cut the grass in large areas

Positive customer feedback:

  • The equipment is simple to construct and easy to manage, which has a positive effect on the ease of use.
  • Technique has a small size, so for her wounds do not need to provide a lot of space.
  • Good equipment, which includes even eye protection.
  • Durable belt for a long time can withstand the weight of the equipment.

It is very convenient for users, in the configuration provided by the presence of different knives, coping with vegetation, shrubs and young trees.

  • The equipment is equipped with easy start option that allows you to start the unit without applying much effort.
  • Excellent service is available parts, which can be purchased in almost any specialty store or ordered from dealers.
  • professional purpose model an excellent job of work and a long time do not want to replace the coil or repair petals steel knives.

VIDEO: How to set up trimmer how to mow than to fill

Disadvantages Calm equipment:

  • Units of the household category are heavy and small capacity, as a result of quickly tired back and arms. The processing of a small area is necessary to spend a lot of time and in the meantime, take a break to rest.
  • Despite the relatively small size, difficult to transport equipment on the car.
  • Some models do not provide for the presence of additional baits and line, a standard coil with only a knife.
  • Prior to use, be sure to carefully examine the site and remove all solid objects - pipes, bricks, etc., otherwise there is a risk of breakage of knives.
  • Overpriced units at domestic destinations. In the market of agricultural equipment sold model of competitive producers at the price of one or two thousand less calm.

How to distinguish a fake from the original

Previously, the first indication of the Chinese "kopirovaniya9raquo; It was the price - much lower than the original products. Today, these 2 categories to compare, so the risk of "narvatsya9raquo; on low-quality goods has grown significantly. And she seemed even works at first almost as a source, but if there is a failure, none of the Chinese Service Center nobody will fix it. That is why you need to be very careful at the stage of selecting the machine.

  1. All original products Stihl has a unique warranty and serial numbers and markings. On the case occurs several times the number, it is duplicated on the packaging - all the numbers must match each other.
  2. Under the silencer on it or it is stamped serial number and the STIHL logo. Rooms are also individual and should match the numbers in the domains of.

On mufflers Stihl always affixed label thermal pencil as white brush stroke. Such a label set, when the saw is certified test stands.

  1. On the body, usually at the silencer or in the area should be marked with a serial number and the country code.
  2. On the box, all the above information is duplicated, including serial, serial and model numbers.

It looks like the original tire, which comes complete with the original saw Stihl

  1. Original Stihl saws are equipped with the original bus, which is even visually different from the Chinese forgery.

VIDEO: Practical tips for working with the cutting line on the trimmer

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  • Trimmer «Stihl»

    Subject Trim is becoming more popular. It is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any gardener. They can cut the grass, to equate the lawn and get rid of weeds and bushes. The thing is quite useful and effective. Unlike mowers, trimmers comfortable, maneuverable, are lightweight and mobile. You can take them anywhere. One well-known manufacturers of trimmers is the company «Stihl9raquo ;.

    Trimmer company «Stihl9raquo; It has shown good results, as evidenced by customer reviews. What are the different types of trimmers «Stihl9raquo ;? What are the most popular models and their characteristics? All this we learn from this material.

    If you do not know, all devices can be divided into three types:

    As for the line «Stihl9raquo ;, the storage units the firm does not issue. It is famous for its petrol and electric trimmers. First, consider the petrol trimmer.

    High demand model »Sthil FS 55". Valuation models are quite high. But why? All the matter in the performance and assembly. This portable instrument on board the engine on gasoline, with a two-speed. The volume of 27 cm 3 with a capacity of 1 liter. from. Set of 55 small models: two types of cutting element (knife and fishing line) and a shoulder strap. In the photo you can see how looks trimmer.

    Now let us discuss its characteristics. A knife rotates at a speed of about 7,700. / Min maximum. Grass catcher from «FS 55" no. Two-stroke engine is at the top, on the back 7000. The device features a good tank 0.33 liters. To work trimmer was comfortable each handle has a telescopic design. As for the size, they are small - 5 kg. Run gasoline trimmer «Sthil FS 55" is not difficult, and comfortable. The deck and the housing is made from high-quality plastic. And what to say about customer feedback? They are very different.

    Here is what Sergey from Moscow, "I take it for 5 years. During the work of these noted advantages: lightness, power, agility and ease of use. You can also find inexpensive spare parts on different sites. Only here with the carburettor problems began: brushcutter glohla. Helped replacing the carburettor. "

    And Gennady Moscow put it this way: "3 holiday season trimmer shows excellent results. Unit advised the neighbor. It is lightweight, comfortable and good in the hand. Trouble-free and economical. With a dressing can work for 3 hours. The only time when the bit is vibrating. "

    But this is not the only model that has enjoyed success. It is worth noting and «Stihl FS 250". It is much more powerful, since the engine has a volume of 40 cm 3 with a capacity of 2.15 liters. from. A knife rotates at a speed of about 9,000. / Min. And his tank twice - 0.64 liters. Only here because of these characteristics it has a weight of 6.3 kg. And the price on the trimmer almost twice as much.

    Medium variant among the petrol products - a trimmer «Stihl FS 38". He's a little less than 55, but with similar characteristics. 38 cm mows grass. The engine too with 27 cm 3, but the capacity of 0.9 l. from. It operated at 9500 rpm tank same - 0.33 liter plastic deck and hull and the trim weight - only 4.1 kg.

    It turns out that even for a lower price, you get almost the same device, and even easier. In this case, almost all of the positive reviews. It is clear that serious meadows beyond him, but with a lawn copes with a bang.

    The advantage of such models is that they are not as noisy, do not give out the exhaust, and also do not need gasoline for them. All that is required - it's outlets and extension cords. It is clear that to take it to the regiment will not work, but the work around the house electric trimmer is perfect.

    Electric models are not calm so successfully. Estimates from consumers is much less. Medium can be called in the price range brand «Stihl FSE 60". It mows grass at 36 cm. The knife is rotated at speeds up to about 7,400. / Min. Throws device 60 dB noise.

    Consumption unit power - 540 watts. Handle telescopic deck and hull plastic. The weight of this miracle - 3.9 kg. It is light, good trimmer to hold in hand and operate. And in the service they are cheaper. The only negative - a small power compared to gasoline. But this is offset by a small amount.

    Reviews ambiguous. According to Igor from St. Petersburg, the device works, it does not vibrate, it is easy and convenient. "The good news is, - says Igor - that it is possible to replace the line on the knife. However, power is clearly not enough, because the grass is longer than 15 cm is not cut off. "

    But Oleg from Moscow said: "The quality of work, reliability, low weight and noise make it very good. And taking a little energy. Mow perfectly. The bad news is that there is no belt on the shoulder -. Inconvenient "

    The cheapest of the trimmer line -. It «Stihl FSE 31" Elektrotrimmer very lightweight - 2.2 kg. But that's lame performance. It is suitable for smaller landscaping work. The knife is rotated at speeds of 10,100. / Min, and the motor is located below.

    Unit consumes 254 watts. It is better to cut the grass, the rest of the lawn mower along walls, fences and borders.

    And perhaps the most expensive - «Stihl FSE 81". Among all it is the most powerful works of 1000 watts. A knife rotates at the speed of about 7,400. / Min. The engine is at the top. Telescopic handle. Weight trimmer - 4.7 kg. Among all models, it is better to cope with the task.

    Most of the reviews are positive. Stas from Komsomolsk-on-Amur said: "The device is super! They work for 3 hours a week, beveling 5 acres. He does not get hot, and works without problems for 3 years. Deficiencies are not noticed. " But Ilya of Zhukovsky said: "I am glad the build quality and materials. Work comfortably. Only there is a caveat, the operation is heated curved barbell. But at this price it is not essential. "

    If you conclude that trims «Stihl9raquo; demand and perfectly cope with their tasks.

    The advantages of the product is the quality, reliability, ease of use and performance. After analyzing all the models, you can choose something for themselves.

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