Trim tabs electrical rating of the best models

Top models of electric trimmers

Electric trimmer can be considered a competitor to gasoline mowers. Compared with the latter, it has a number of advantages. Firstly, it you need not serve: To change the spark plugs, monitor the internal combustion engine lubrication and fuel level. Secondly, the issue is much Elektrotrimmer less noise, and there's a simple explanation. The engine is located inside, works in a different principle, so to operate the instrument in some cases, can not resort to the help of noise-canceling headphones.

A clear disadvantage of the device is lack of mobility: Use Elektrotrimmer can only carry. Cord during operation can fall at his feet, or be an obstacle in the path of the blade. However, these disadvantages can be considered insignificant, because in all other respects, the device even beats the mowers. If you decide to stop your choice will not be more than it is in the electric version of the trimmer, find a list of popular brands and the best models in 2017.

Popular manufacturers Elektrotrimmer

Manufacturers of trimmers are several well-known brands. There is, of course, and a variety of Chinese, but their quality leaves much to be desired. By purchasing a unit of unknown manufacture that only the model index, should not expect any miracles.

Experts strongly recommend to give preference to proven brands that have developed dealer network and guarantee.

So, let us consider briefly the main Elektrotrimmer market participants.

  1. Bosh. Perhaps the case when the manufacturer does not need an introduction. The company has been in existence for more than a decade. A lot of experts in various fields (construction, repair, maintenance of garden and kitchen garden) have a wide experience of products from this manufacturer. The company "Bosch" relies on mass and a wide coverage of the market by introducing its technical products in various areas and processes. "Bosch" Elektrotrimmer are an excellent choice.
  2. Makita. Another global brand specializing in the construction and garden equipment. The share of "Makita" in the market is quite large. Products are in the middle price segment, creating a strong competitive potential and space for dumping. One manufacturer that relies on the availability and the optimal combination of quality and cost.
  3. Stihl. Equipment for questioning by the company "Calm" is well known to domestic cottagers. Many applauded by gasoline mowers. For those who prefer eco-friendly and less noisy vehicles, there is a version of the mower with an electric drive. Almost all the models belong to the middle price segment and are not only affordable, but also a high degree of reliability. A good choice at a reasonable price.
  4. AL-KO. If you need to purchase a reliable and high-quality tools for lawn care, the trimmers on "AL-KO" is just what you need. producer model of reliability and level of warranty service at a high level. Quite often trimmers are more expensive than similar models from competitors, but in the case of "AL-KO" user pays for proven quality.
  5. Patriot. This is an American company that has won worldwide popularity. Known manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for different tasks. Trimmers from "patriots" are equipped with powerful engines and reliable units. The build quality is always high, and the prices can surprise even the most experienced user. "Patriot" is the company with which the consumer usually has a long and strong relationship, increasing brand loyalty due to the high quality of service.

Familiarize you with the big players in the market garden machinery, go to the list of the most successful models in 2017. Our rating is based on customer reviews and expert opinion on the reliability of the instrument.

10. Bosch ART 26 CombiTrim (0.600.878.C00)

Top 10 opens the model from the company "Bosch". Budget solution from a reputable manufacturer, sells for 1859 rubles.

The width of the mowing grass to 26 cm. The electric power 450W with the lower block location. Power consumption is 450W, and the number of revolutions of 11,500 per minute. The handle is folded and is adjustable in height. The deck and hull are made of matte plastic, resistant to external influences. The slope of the rod is missing. The set comes with a reel blade.

An additional advantage is foldable head and the level of the bar inclination. In addition, you can also tilt the bracket.

The weight of the device is very small, only 3kg. The budget price segment unit shows very good results due to the relatively powerful motor capable of developing a large number of revolutions. Performance Elektrotrimmer described as average, but given the price tag, it is possible to forgive some shortcomings. The optimal entry-level solution.

  • low price;
  • build quality;
  • robust plastic housing;
  • line was complete;
  • high engine speed;
  • mowing width;
  • good insulation of all electronics.
  • noise;
  • a short power cord;
  • not very resistant to voltage drops.

Trimmer to cut grass from the company "Makita" - device average for the price 5139r. This portable type apparatus with mowing width of 35 cm and a maximum speed of 6500 / min. The electric motor has a power of 1 kW. Network 300 mm length of the cable is connected to a conventional power outlet. Location of the power unit top, which greatly facilitates the use of the device, especially after prolonged use. Besides, the engine itself is equipped with Emergency lock system.

The handle has a classic D-shaped structure and can be adjusted in height. The deck and hull, according to tradition, made of impact-resistant plastic. Rod straight, with no control. The complete coil is supplied with a line, and a belt for fixing the shoulder. Weight of the device a little less than five kilograms. If you do not pay attention to some failures in the operation of the engine, on the whole, the model leaves quite pleasant in use. The noise level does not exceed the comfort zone that does not lead to rapid fatigue. The engine speed is slightly less than the previous model's rating, but the increase in rates of productivity is due to high power.

  • reliability;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable grip handle;
  • wide mowing grass;
  • arrangement of the power unit (upper);
  • low consumption of fishing line;
  • body material.
  • rather poor equipment;
  • price;
  • low speed.

The review will not be complete without a model from the company "Champion". Despite the fact that she had been released in 2016, it does not prevent it from being one of the most popular in Russia Elektrotrimmer models. First of all this popularity is achieved by relatively affordable price (525p.). This portable trimmer has a very good level of mowing to 43 cm. From the top layout engine has a capacity of 1,2kVt. Peak 7500 rpm / min. The handle can only be adjusted in height, but folded for easy carrying, or other type of transportation.

Special mention deserves the equipment: in it, in addition to the coils of fishing line, includes a shoulder strap and a blade knife.

In addition, you can use fishing lines of different thicknesses - from 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm. This is very useful when dealing with weeds and grass of different density levels. The device turned out quite weighty - 5.7 kg, however, due to the fact that he was quite well in the hand, it is not felt. With the trimmer, you can work for a long time without any consequences. The noise emitted by the device during operation, is at an acceptable level. Quiet the trimmer will not name, but the discomfort it causes too.

  • reliability;
  • deca durable plastic;
  • bright appearance;
  • thick power cord is protected from kinking and twist;
  • easy to transport;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • It fits nicely in your hand;
  • rich equipment;
  • You can use several kinds of woods.
  • inconvenient button switch (fingers become tired of a constant pressing);
  • belt attachment;
  • rod length.

7. Greenworks 24V Basic 2100107

Rate continues to model from a major manufacturer of garden tools "Grinvorks". Interesting device of the budget price segment with the characteristics inherent to most middle class. Among other things, interesting and layout engine: it is at the bottom. The average unit cost of 3290 p. Mowing width is acceptable, 30 cm. The electric motor is a battery, the battery capacity is four ampere-hours with 24V. Container itself to hold the charge of the lithium ion type. The handle has the ability to shape and height-adjustable. The deck is made of plastic, as the body itself. a straight rod type. It comes with only a fishing line from the reel.

Notably, it is possible to use only one of line thickness - 1.65 mm. Other types of data (knife-blade for cutting of weeds and grass) is not provided.

In general, the model turned structurally interesting and convenient. In the market of similar class trimmers quite rare. Many will appreciate the ability to work without the need to wear for a long wire or continuously monitor the fuel level.

  • interesting engineering solution;
  • capacity battery;
  • a good, reliable engine;
  • sturdy body;
  • knot security of all components and aggregates (rod, the rotor);
  • there is no need to take care of the fuel;
  • low consumption of fishing line.
  • noise;
  • the problem with spare parts;
  • no knife-blade.

The most reliable brand for horticultural purposes. Manufacturer, known worldwide, has expanded its range of aggregate average price level. Average price tag is 5490r. For this price the user receives the following set of characteristics: the width of mowing as much as 35 cm, electric motor with a level 1,2kVt rustle at maximum load to 96dB. Electricity consumption corresponds to the power of the power unit. Sam motor is located in the upper part of the trimmer.

The handle is height adjustable and can be folded, the deck and the housing plastic, rod straight. The package includes a coil of string, the blade knife and a shoulder strap. Trimmer quite reliable, simple and convenient in everyday use. He will cope with different types of loads - as with the conventional high grass and shrubs or bushes with thistles.

  • the optimal ratio of quality and price;
  • high quality motor;
  • good equipment;
  • reliable and trusted brand;
  • eye-catching design;
  • handy strap for fixing the shoulder;
  • ease of operation.
  • noise;
  • a short power cord;
  • increased consumption of fishing line.

Looking through various offers to choose the best trimmer, should pay attention to the domestic producers. In 2017, the user is not only the quality but also the price for which he bought the instrument. With a price tag in the device there are no problems - its average market price in 1660 rubles. This trimmer has a portable mowing width 30 cm. The knife is rotated at speeds up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. An electric motor disposed in the bottom of the unit, has a capacity of 500 watts. The handle can be adjusted in height, the deck and the housing plastic. It includes only the reel and line. An interesting feature of the device - the semi-automatic mechanism for feeding line and the presence of the protective bracket. For the specified cost competitors have Interskol little. Great entry-level model.

  • sturdy body;
  • price;
  • low power consumption;
  • fishing line feed mechanism;
  • reliable engine;
  • high speed.
  • It is not always enough available capacity;
  • You can not mow the bushes;
  • expensive wood.

In an effort to choose the best trimmer look at another well-known manufacturer. "Huter", despite its budget is capable of surprise. unit cost 1990r. Grass mowing width 32cm, the engine is able to develop 11 to thousands of revolutions / min. Power 600W power unit. Handle, traditionally, D-shaped, with the possibility of height adjustment. Rod straight, deck made of plastic, like the rest of the body. It comes only spool of fishing line.

Reviews of the model, in general, positive. The owners are happy with the price and are willing to forgive "Huteru" some design flaws. However, the latter not so much. Strong, robust body and comfortable grip handles allow you to work for a long time without being interrupted by breaks.

  • price;
  • reliability;
  • good quality components and assemblies;
  • distinctive appearance;
  • comfortable grip;
  • rod length.
  • noise;
  • short cord;
  • lower engine layout.

The top three winners of the open model of the "Montfermeil". Wanting to buy the best grass trimmer, you should pay attention to this product. Its cost 5990r. Good level mowing width -. 45 cm powerful motor to 1200W with the upper arrangement.

It is noteworthy that the handle is not a classic, and the J-shaped type, but also height adjustable.

The kit includes a standard coil with a fishing line, a knife-blade for cutting brush and knots, as well as a shoulder strap. This unit is the average price level has turned out very well-balanced, reliable and convenient in operation. Its performance can be assessed as novice users, as well as those who already have a long history of use Elektrotrimmer. Despite some flaws, as a whole, the unit impresses durable and well-assembled device, which is definitely worth the money.

  • reliability;
  • cord, protected from bending and twisting;
  • High levels of protection against ingress of moisture;
  • colorful design;
  • good equipment;
  • the top position of the power unit.
  • increased consumption of fishing line;
  • blade material;
  • noise.

In search of what Elektrotrimmer to choose, we went down to the second line of the rating. Its cost 2750r. The width of mowing is one of the best in class - 42cm. Revving engine achieves the blade rotation speed to 11 thousand. Rev / min. Power 1500W power unit is smooth, it is located at the top of the trimmer. The handle is very comfortable, with possibility of folding and adjustable height. The rod is straight and at an optimal location relative to the surface level.

The device turned out quite weighty - 5,4kg - but heavy it is difficult to call. The owners of the model point out that even after prolonged use shoulders and arms do not get tired. device standard operating mode: 20 minutes operation, 20 minutes to ensure that the engine is cold. Strong power cord is protected from twisting and straining. A good choice for those who appreciate the sweet spot.

  • reliability;
  • value for money;
  • good equipment;
  • comfortable grip;
  • rod length;
  • low consumption of fishing line;
  • sturdy case.
  • noise;
  • difficulties after-sales service;
  • hard to find consumables.

The best model of "Calm" company always occupy the top ranks of various ratings, and FSE 81 is no exception. The average market price 9490r. The maximum speed of the portable trimmer is equal to 7400 per minute. Powerful electric motor (1000W) with an upper arrangement is reliable in operation and is not satisfactory in service. Foldable handle can not be adjusted in height, but this is not required due to optimum selection of the level of its location.

The boom in this unit is bent, L-shaped, which significantly eases the burden on the waist. Now you just place the unit in a suspended position, this will be enough. An indisputable fact: trimmers with curved rods is much easier to use. The set comes only reel and line. Weight 4,7kg device.

  • quality from a reputable manufacturer;
  • low power consumption;
  • reliable engine;
  • ease of use;
  • curved rod;
  • low consumption of fishing line;
  • You can set the knife-blade.
  • noise;
  • expensive consumables;
  • price.

Choose the best electric trimmer is not so difficult to fit your needs, it is sufficient to follow a few simple rules. Firstly, you need to rely on the tried and tested brand, which for a long time on the market, therefore, has behind him a rich experience in the development and implementation in practice. Secondly, it is important to take into account the price: the lower it is, the lower the technological advantages and the safety margin, pledged by the manufacturer. And thirdly, it is important to examine not only the favorite model, but the price and the main competitors - all of a sudden another producer for the same amount there is a more interesting model.

Ranking of the best models of electric trimmers for grass

All owners of garden plots should monitor the condition of the grass and cut it regularly, to maintain order. Doing this by hand - a laborious activity, so the grower is better to get a special device - trimmer. The choice can be difficult to ignorance of the situation on the market, as well as a wide variety of devices, differing in equipment and cost. Top models of electric trimmers, was in the rating versions of the portal will facilitate the care of a garden, and we offer a look at the list of characteristics that need to pay attention to when buying.

Trimmer allows you to quickly mow the grass, but since the areas are different in size, the best tool should be selected on the basis of the basic device settings.

  1. Power. This rate is selected depending on the type of vegetation. Devices whose power is 600-700 W. ideally lawns trimmed edge remove grass along fences and under benches. A Elektrotrimmer whose power exceeds 1200 W, working with a knife and good clearing overgrown areas.
  2. Fishing lines. Most models on the market are equipped with a trimmer head wound with fishing line. It rotates at high speed and cuts the grass. Each device is provided monofilament desired thickness, zavimosti the motor force. Low-power model equipped with the fishing line to 2 mm, and in order to cut thick stems qualitatively desirable to select a device with a scaffold to 3 mm.
  3. cutter. Trim tabs, which are intended to get rid of small shoots of bushes and dense grass or knife disc equipped with several blades providing cutting width up to 25 cm.
  4. motor Location. Engines with small power are fixed below the bar. Such models are good maneuverability, but on wet grass with them is better not to work in order to avoid electric shock. High performance engines are placed over the rod, thus, it is possible to balance the construction. Such devices can even mow the grass in the morning, as the engine does not interact directly with dew.
  5. Shape pen. Small trimmers equipped with a handle in the form of letters «D».
  6. Barbell. They are practical tools with a straight barbell. The curved bar provides the ability to handle even in remote areas of the zones. But such a structure is considered to be less reliable and is found only in a small capacity models.
  7. Dimensions. For comfortable handling device portion should be selected considering User growth. The tall man must choose for themselves the bar length of 140-150 cm, otherwise he would have to bend over. If the tool will work different people, it is better to choose a model with telescopic handle. It is necessary to take into account the weight. Men may operate the device, a weight up to 8 kg, female - 4 kg.

In addition, the selection of trim note the anti-vibration device, a shoulder strap and swivel mechanism.

Please find affordable models in the rating of the best, cost up to 5000 rubles.

Easy and ergonomic device which is suitable for processing small area.

The model is compact and has a folding design, so it takes up little space during transportation and storage.

Spool of fishing line is easily changed, and the fishing line automatic release system ensures continuous operation of the trimmer. The device weighs 1.8 kg, the motor capacity - 280 watts. Included monofilament has a thickness of 1 6mm. Rod straight.

  • short cord;
  • not equipped with a safety device against accidental operation;
  • no lock key while turning the model.

Price: from 2120 rubles.

Electric trimmer is designed to handle young and tender plants in a limited area.

Handle the device is equipped with a soft grip, which makes it easier to hold model.

Engine power is 350 watts. The tool is powered by the mains cable and provides mowing width 24 cm. Column length is 30 cm. Comes monofilament.

  • short body;
  • uncomfortable delivery system scaffold.

Price: 1180 rubles.

The model developed for the improvement of small garden plots. Good mows the grass around the trees and flower beds.

Equipped with curved rod, which facilitates the handling in tight areas.

Plug rod facilitates transportation and storage of the tool. Power model of 1KW, the cutting width - 35 cm, weight - 5.2 kg.

  • comfortable design;
  • normal cutting width;
  • low price.

Disadvantages: insufficient size of the housing for collecting grass.

Price: 3190 rubles.

An electrical device that is suitable for the treatment of a small area of ​​lawn. Model changes the angle of inclination of the head, which facilitates bevel grass in hard to reach areas.

The curved bar is adjustable in height, thereby increasing user comfort.

Engine power is 450 W, weight - 2.6 kg, cutting width - 30 cm. Comes shoulder strap and wood.

  • good build quality;
  • low noise model;
  • convenient cord retainer;
  • convenient replacement of the system scaffold.

Disadvantages: inconvenient to clean the casing of the grass.

Price: from 3990 rubles.

Light electric model for grass, which produces little noise and is designed for cleaning small areas. The tool is equipped with a cutting line for cutting grass, and a telescopic handle for easy use of the trimmer. Motor power is 600 W, the cutting width - 32 cm.

  • comfort in operation;
  • a light weight;
  • easy to clean from the grass.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Price: 2280 rubles.

Here are electric trimmers worth more than 5 thousand. Rubles.

1. Daewoo Power Products DATR 1200E

Schematic model equipped with the improved characteristics of impact-resistant protective casing ABS.

The housing has an optimum balance and is equipped with a vibration damping system and noise.

Instrument power is 1200 W, the weight - 3, 9 kg, the cutting width - 38 cm. Included delivers shoulder strap and wood.

Disadvantages: in the original equipment is not a spare knife.

Price: 5490 rubles

Electrokos equipped with a curved barbell and a D-shaped handle, which facilitates the processing of hard to reach places.

The device is equipped with a special cover, which prevents the escape of mown grass.

The set is supplied shoulder strap. Motor power is 1 kW, cutting width 35 cm, weight - 4.3 kg.

  • easy to operate;
  • good body balance;
  • a soft pad on the rod;
  • adequate cost;
  • a small flow of line.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Price: from 5190 rubles.

A good tool is equipped with motor protection and grip with a soft nozzle, which dampens vibration. Apparatus ideal edge trims and mows lawn grass. Weight trimmer is 4 kg, the noise level - 96 dB. Included is a fishing line.

  • ease of operation;
  • light weight;
  • great treats lawns small area.
  • lack of power;
  • no belt included.

Price: 7490 rubles.

Electric model, which is intended for the treatment of hard and soft grass on the lawns of the small square. Rod Tool is broken down into two parts for easy transport and storage. Included are two cutting parts - a knife with 4 blades and reel with the fishing line.

For safe operation, the power button has a lock.

Motor power is 1230 W, the cutting width - 39 cm, weight - 4, 8 kg.

  • soft start;
  • good power;
  • full set;
  • ergonomic handle.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Price: from 5027 rubles.

5. Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E

Schematic braid, which is equipped with a three-bladed knife and durable plastic casing. Versed aluminum handle facilitates storage and transportation models.

The housing is optimally balanced and has a damping system vibration and noise.

Motor power is 1400 W, the cutting width -. 42 cm Included is a shoulder strap, knife and monofilament. Tool weight is 4.7 kg.

  • high power;
  • light weight;
  • good build quality;
  • ease of operation.

Disadvantages: a small shield.

Price: 6490 rubles.

The battery model with high productivity. The tool is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which need 3 hours to recharge. Telescopic handle changes the length. Cutting width is 23 cm, weight - 2.3 kg. The set has a knife.

  • rapid discharge of the batteries;
  • no stop button.

Price: from 7359 rubles.

Electric lawn mower, which is designed for cutting grass and weed control. The tool is easy to use, it features light weight, low noise and vibration. The set is supplied shoulder strap.

Model equipped with an upper motor can operate as a fishing line, as well as with knives.

The handle is height adjustable. The tool can be used during the Dew. Engine power is 1200 W, the cutting width - 40 cm.

  • good build quality;
  • Knife complete;
  • It can be easily disassembled.

Price: from 6639 rubles.

This electric trimmer for grass lawns intended for beautification.

The motor model is equipped with a system that protects the motor from overheating, which increases the service life of the spit.

The device weighs 4 kg, and the shoulder belt facilitates the work. The rubberized handle is equipped with a fuse against accidental launch.

  • light weight;
  • quality assembly;
  • convenient cord retainer.

Disadvantages: lack of winding fishing line.

Price: 5990 rubles.

Presented trimmers different power hull structure, complication, and cost. Choosing the right model for your site, it is important to carefully read the description, specifications and reviews of trimmers. And we want you to choose the most profitable and high-quality device, which will cause the lawn in order and make it easy for its owner!

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6 best electric trimmers

Feature Rating

Spring. This is the time when nature, waking up after winter sleep, presents us with a riot of colors blooming gardens and flower beds. But there is in this barrel of honey and a spoon of tar.

Active growth begins and weeds. Which at careless turn your lawn or suburban area overgrown with weeds in the jungle. Fortunately, there's an easy and inexpensive way to deal with this scourge. And we'll tell you about it.

Of course, you can buy a lawn mower, but it is if you want to mow the lawn near the house. And if you just remove the grass along the fence or to mow the weeds in the garden, between the plantations? Here the best choice is an electric trimmer. We consider them, and made a rating of low-cost and high-performance models. It is the most reasonable choice to testify, Tool make your life easier and do not hit the pocket.

The best cheap electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize their work, but low on money, electrical trimmers from this category is what you need. They all do an excellent job with this task, but have their own characteristics. Let's look at three popular budget model and decide which one is best.

Country: Germany (made in China)

Average price: 2330 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.2

Electric trimmers GET-600 is collected in China by the German company Huter license. The tool impresses a low cost in comparison with well-known brands. But here I do not have to pay twice if, as the saying goes? Let's investigate.

The motor rotates the lower location on the rod 180 degrees. But unlike the previous GET-600 model is equipped with a wheel, which makes it more convenient vertical mowing.

D-shaped telescopic handle trim length can increase from 100 to 120 cm. Height adjustable and the additional handle.

Attention! We wish to warn in the first models of the cutting head design was unsuccessful and often fail. Manufacturers have considered it, but such a model can still be found for sale. So be careful. The new models of the head unit it easier now to remove it is only necessary to unscrew the bolt 1. In the old version of it was planted on a shaft in such a way that any attempt to remove it led to the final destruction.

Recommendation from users:

Instead of the native low-quality fishing line set reinforced, square or triangular cross-section. She at times stronger, and better than the sharp edges of cut stems. It can be purchased in DIY stores.

  • Excellent performance for its power, decimated virtually all good choice for garden;
  • Light and compact;
  • There is a wheel for vertical cutting;
  • Adjustable in height;
  • Good value for money.
  • A large percentage of marriage in the first models of the trimmer;
  • Poor dear fishing line.

Country: Japan (made in China)

Average price: 4901 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.5

The Japanese company Makita - brand, which has become synonymous with quality. And UR3000 proof. The engine of this electric trimmer is rotated around the axis by 180 degrees. This feature makes it easy to equate the edge of the lawn and mow the lawn around the bushes and flower beds.

The cutting head with a metal tip, prolonging its life. Monofilament fed semiautomatically. That is, for it is necessary to release it easy to hit the ground with a steel tip of the cutting head, the excess cut off knife on the guard.

Sliding bar with emission of 240 mm and additional handle, adjustable in height, allows you to configure the tool for themselves. A safety button protects against accidental start-up. Makita UR3000 weighs 126 cm length at only 2.6 kg. The model is implemented in the fixing of the power cord extender. Another of the more pleasant things, goggles and shoulder strap included.

  • Quality assembly;
  • Height adjustable bar;
  • The motor can be rotated by 180 degrees;
  • Lightweight;
  • Shoulder strap and protective glasses included;
  • Fixing the power cord.

If you read the reviews about Makita UR3000 you will see that the results of our analysis and the presentation of the rating, the same as 90% of their opinions. And many do believe that he is the best in its class.

+ Low noise level

- It depends on power supply

+ Not picky about weather

- The high price of fuel

- Difficult to maintain

Country: Germany (made in China)

Average price: 2318 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.8

Trimmer from the famous German producer that already talking about its quality. The tool is almost weightless, only 1,8 kg. Virtually silent, you can safely listen to music while working, and nothing will get in the way.

In our ranking of the most low-power model. But and the most economical in terms of electricity consumption of 280 watts. However, they are sometimes not enough: bad copes with thick undergrowth and perennial grasses. The engine has a lower location, the blade speed (1.6 mm monofilament) 12500 rev / min.

It works from a network, so the movement of the tool is limited cable. On the other hand, we do not burden yourself with the battery weight. Compact, in multiples of the length and width of 46x22 cm. Assembled 110cm.

  • Quality materials and assembly;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Consumes minimal power, ultra-quiet.
  • No adjustment of the height of the bar, with the length of the trimmer 110 cm tall man have to bend;
  • Navigating the limited cable length portion;
  • The absence of the fuse from being accidentally pressed.

The perfect addition to the mower for grass, growing in places where you do not get serious unit. Or as a tool to work on 6-acres. The main thing is not to try to set them tasks for which it was not designed, leaving her heavier models.

Most powerful electric trimmers

In this category, consider electric trimmers power of 1000 watts. Such a tool to cope with almost any task. You can mow the weeds, perennial herb with tough stems. And if the bundle includes a metal knife, it is suitable not only for grass, but also for small shrubs.

Country: Germany (made in China)

Average price: 4420 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.2

Electric trimmer German company Huter. Among the models it has the highest power of 1500 watts. The drive from the motor to the gear cutting reel uses a flexible cable. It also plays a role in the collision damper blades with a hard obstacle. Operator safety provides a protective cover. Also key is the fuse on the main handle, excludes accidental launch. Adjustable additional handle and shoulder strap allow you to customize the tool for themselves.

  • High power;
  • Good performance;
  • The price is lower than the competition.
  • Limp assembly quality;
  • Uninformative statement, many of the items that generally are not relevant to the product.

A nice way to give, especially if you need to mow large areas.

Country: USA (made in China)

Average price: 5081 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.6

Electric trimmer DDE EB1200RD American production, a serious tool in the fight with any weeds. Cope even with small bushes. This is facilitated by a powerful 1230 watt motor with a reduction gear that increases torque and improves performance. A damper sleeve between the gear and the shaft, going to the cutterhead protects the motor against shock loads.

soft start and braking unit extends the service life and ensures operational safety. A fuse button will eliminate the possibility of accidental starting. Also provides just two protective casing: small and large.

The cutting reel-type semi-automatic. For the release of the fishing line need not much to hit it against a hard surface. Surplus cropped on a special knife on the shell. Included 3-blade disc and 2.4 mm diameter monofilament.

Additional handle with rubber coated adjustable in two planes. The wide shoulder strap is not digging into the body. Collapsible rod halves are connected using a special stopper and fixed clutch.

  • High performance;
  • Quality materials and assembly;
  • Reliable, clever design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Much attention is paid to safety;
  • Good value for money.
  • When cutting fishing line grass stuffed under the coil disk this is not observed;
  • Increased noise while working with the disc.

In this ranking, this model can claim to be the best electric trimmer in terms of quality and technology. Suitable for grass and bushes to be trimmed.

Country: Japan (made in China)

Average price: 5415 rbl.

Rating (2017): 4.7

Electric trimmer famous Japanese brand. With the soft-start function makes the operation more convenient and safe. Easily cuts both young shoots and shoots hard perennials. Well balanced weight distribution, convenient handle and suspension system with shoulder strap. All this makes using the tool very convenient. Especially that at 1550 cm, the device weighs only 4.3 kg. We can safely say that this is the best model in its class in terms of ease of use.

  • Quality assembly;
  • Much attention is paid to the safety of the operator;
  • Lightweight;
  • Good balance and easy operation.

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