Topiary beautiful photo

Topiary in landscape design and interior of the house

My dear fans of art design! I hasten to share with you a non-transferable impressions that I received today from the contemplation of these masterpieces decor - Topiary. I was lucky enough to visit the man-made nature reserve landscape design, in this tale of emerald green. In the morning on the walk, I ran into my old friend, she invited me to visit for a cup of coffee.

Topiary - emerald comes from ancient art

At first glance I was very impressed with the two-storey mansion with a high wrought-iron fence. When the gates opened, I literally froze in delight. It always seemed to me such an ideal accommodation not artsy modern house, in the yard of a riot of greenery, alpine garden with a small pond, narrow paths of paving slabs, The low garden lanterns. But the most impressive green trees that would otherwise like art and name it is impossible. No means of fixing what he saw in me with, unfortunately, was not. That you understand what I mean, look at this picture here.

Exactly such an emerald-green balls were all over the yard, along the alleys, and, of course, near the entrance to the house. Could not resist, I touched the tiny bushes.

- It Topiary - the beginning of the story of the mistress of the house.

- when we designed the project, looked on the internet a lot of photos and decided that in our yard is sure to be a miracle. Americans since the 1980s, are familiar with this art, and we Topar just a few years ago began to appear.

Topiary - one of the areas of landscape design topiary and trees. This is a very ancient art, it has been known to mankind since prehistoric times. In ancient times, topiary were the main decoration of influential people in possession. In fact, since then, little has changed. You must agree, for example, such a beauty not everyone can afford.

Topiary - the art of "tomorrow"

Familiar told me that Topiary garden can be created only from certain trees. To get in a few years an amazing living sculpture, you need to plant a plant upright habit. Preference is given to softwood and trees with dense foliage, for example:

Of course, the result will be not soon enjoy. After proper haircut will turn around such a masterpiece.

If you plant a tree in a large tub, you can for the winter bring a natural ornament in the house. Evergreen creation will delight you all year round.

For those who want to quickly get a beautiful topiary, there is a rapid method. In this case, use the vines:

- Ivy, for example, can form a ball - continues to tour around the green garden hostess. - During the summer, its vines grow well in the garden, and you can take it to the house for the winter.

Decorative trees in the interior of the house

This decoration will be an original look in the interior of any room. With these thoughts I crossed the threshold of a cozy home. Inside, I was waiting for the next cultural shock. Green fairy tale migrated from the garden into the room. The pots grow mini-trees and bushes of different shapes. They are everywhere: in the living room, the kitchen, in the bedroom. Indeed, Topiary organically combined with all the style of the room. Here I found 10 detailed master classes on making Topiary own hands.

Topiary art also includes the manufacture of artificial decor elements. This is the - for those who are engaged in fashion now hand-made. Now very popular these decorative ornaments:

The mass of options, you only need to include fantasy and creativity. Make a beauty out of scrap materials: colors, fabric, coffee beans, lace, crystals and more. Each master of applied art has its own secrets creative findings.

After finishing his coffee, I hurried home. I will not hide: the soul of a little tickling feeling of envy. Good, of course! Really wanted and at home have the topiary story. Firmly I decided that necessarily owning a green little tree shorn. And to begin with and make ourselves a coffee Topiary, which has pictures below.

Topiary with your hands (99 photos) Master class for beginners

Topiary art has come to us from ancient Egypt. In those days, highly prized talent to give the plants the unusual geometric forms. An example of this is a wonder of the world, as the Gardens of Semiramis.

Today Topiary - a small tree from natural and synthetic materials. We will share with you ideas and decor will tell, from what you can do yourself a beautiful tree.

Of sweets with his hands

Of coffee beans

From what we can make with your own hands

Decor with their hands

Creating a tree of happiness, you can decorate them like your own home, and to present it as a gift for wedding, housewarming, anniversary. Product dimensions are different, depending on your preference and ranges from 15 to 50 cm.

Important! Topiary has a purely decorative function. And on your imagination depends, to make you a small original tree in the form of heart, or unusual patterns of seashells.

The idea for the marine style

On Valentine's Day

The most simple available materials for the manufacture of the following Topiary:

  • pasta;
  • money;
  • branches;
  • coffee beans;
  • napkins;
  • candies;
  • cotton pads.

Ideas for Topiary own hands

Ideas for a New Year gift

From what we can do

Tip! A popular option is the tree of money. It is made for a gift with small denominations. It symbolizes wealth, luck and success in business. Suitable for the kitchen or any other room.

Usually money tree made mini versions for installation on window sills. Also, this can be a present and in the floor a small pot, which put near a coffee table or a sofa in the living room.

An unusual idea for money Topiary

Cup from scrap materials

How to make your own hands Topiary

If you decide to decorate your own home, before making a composition, consider the design of the main components:

As a basis suitable paper, old newspapers, plastic foam, polyurethane foam, a children's ball. What do you decide.

His hands from threads

In the form of coffee heart

Coffee heart for the holiday

On the theme of the sea

Tip! Experienced seamstresses use foam for the figures in the form of letters, numbers, hearts.

Make the trunk of a solid wire, twigs, plastic tubes. Choosing what to make of the barrel for topiary, consider the size of the future product. If it is a small model - use a pencil, if floor - one flat thick branch.

The idea for the unusual trunk

Crohn's - that part of the crafts that will most attract attention. Suitable paper, polymer clay, beads, buttons, shells.

How to make a heart

Depending on the size of the product and ideas, as a stand will serve as an ordinary flower pot, a toy bucket, flat wooden plank. Decorate it with a cloth, lace, decoupage or paint shall describe. How do you decide.

Decoration pot for Topiary

The original pot Topiary

Pot Topiary

Tip! To stand is perfect for an ordinary cup, which you no longer use in the home.

Step by step instructions for crafts

For those who are carried away by this wonderful idea, we'll show you how to make a beautiful topiary steps. Before proceeding with the crafts, think carefully about the future of ideas tree, and prepare all the necessary materials for the trunk, crown and base.

Creating a topiary, perform the following sequence:

  • Prepare the crown. For the manufacture, use available materials or specially stocked seashells, beads, beads. For non-standard crown-shaped figures or letters cut out the desired shape of the foam. Be sure to make a hole for the barrel;
  • Prepare trunk. Depending on the idea, use twigs, sticks for sushi, plastic tubes. If you plan to make a large outdoor topiary that place in the garden or on the street in a private house, use of wood sticks, twine wrapped or covered with the desired color varnish. Place the crown on the trunk;

The original idea for Topiary

Topiary from scrap materials

Tip! If the krone round shape, just enough to put the foundation on the trunk. If your topiary is a custom view, additionally secure it with glue.

  • stand. Use pots or planters. Pre put into the pot and fill it with foam weak grout or alabaster, level and dry. This will serve as a reliable framework for crafts.

How to decorate for Goshokov Topiary

The original pot Topiary

Tip! Since the beginning craftswomen not always guess the proportions of the solution, experienced handy advised to use the consistency of liquid sour cream - too thick mass fills the space between the pot and foam.

Such an interesting hack you can easily make with the children for the garden decoration or any room in the house.

Children Topiary of sweets

Topiary for beginners

Candy Topiary own hands

Simple master classes Topiary

Remarkable trees can be purchased in souvenir shops, as well as make their own hands. Topiary common model is created from foamirana. The master class on how to make an unusual tree view in the video

Gentle original Topiary of foamirana.

Topiary of foamirana own hands

Make their own hands Topiary of beads. Master class includes the following steps:

  • preparation of materials. Buy beads, ribbons, cords, wire for the barrel, pot, plaster, glue. Use tweezers for easy gluing beads to the base;

Tip! As a basis for the crown using a conventional ball or cut from another piece of foam, for example, the heart. Such Topiary is a perfect gift for the Day of St. Valentine.

  • glue beads to the base;
  • to take the trunk wire, wrap it with string or tape, bend as desired;
  • Insert the crown into the trunk and secure with glue;
  • a second end of the barrel to install preformed pot with pieces of foam;
  • fill with plaster and let it dry;
  • decorate the stand.

The product is ready. According to MK are many novice masters.

It looks nice topiary of tulle. Look master class on video. You step by step will explain how to do crafts with their hands.

A few interesting ideas Topiary of tulle.

Unusual topiary with tulle

Heart of tulle

Interesting topiary with their hands out cotton discs. Step by Step Master Class is shown in the video:

For advanced needlewomen interesting topiary make beaded by hand. With this choice of wood used different techniques of weaving: nodular, French pie, thick oblique, American harness. Detailed master class offered at the video:

Below are two more works of art - trees from beads.

Topiary of beads

Topiary idea of ​​beads

The easiest option - Topiary of pasta with their hands. After all, every kitchen has pasta in the form of shells, horns, helices. You can paint the macaroni glued on the basis of different colors or cover spray. Master class on the basis of manufacturing is similar to the tree of beads.

Tip! Interesting and creative look crafts from cones, buttons and thread.

The idea for Topiary

Among the common types of CZK you can choose the most pleasant you the option. Thus, the shape of the crown of your topiary can be in the form of:

It looks nice hack in the form of beads glued nest with birds. For fans of customized solutions in any room or office will look great floating cup.

At Easter, with their own hands

The idea for a cup of coffee

Topiary for needlewoman

The idea for the flying cup

The design in the form of heart or a tree with dollars suited as a gift. For spring mood fabricate a fruit tree. For memorable events Construct the product in the form of letters or numbers.

Heart from flowers

Of flowers

Looks great sea hack, decorated with seashells, sand and other natural materials. Masters like further decorate the crown nest of twigs, flowers. An interesting variant - Topiary vintage burlap decorated these small hours. Festive looks marshmallow Topiary. If you have at home is not enough indoor plants, manufacture of crafts lagurusa.

Gentle option with their own hands

For beginners, masters

Of flowers with his own hands

For the garden with his own hands

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    Stylish Topiary: photos, tips, design ideas

    Topiary is quite familiar decor in the European floral design. We do these wonderful trees only gaining popularity Knowingly or European Topiary tree is called the tree of happiness. This souvenir brings home a special atmosphere, and it is said to help him tend embodiment cherished desires. So often these trees daryatsya birthday, wedding, anniversary of marriage. A tree that has attracted the financial well-being in the house, it is even possible (and necessary) to put in a pot of coins. On the twig trees sometimes fixed figured folded various souvenir banknotes.

    Photo gallery is replete with examples of such souvenirs: there are simpler patterns that will quickly make a novice, there are trees, over which will have to work more than one day. And you can choose an example for inspiration, and to follow it.

    Topiary of banknotes contributes to the financial well-being in the house. The higher denomination banknotes souvenir, the tree looks more solid

    His hands can make original topiary.

    Such unrealistic beautiful flowers can adorn the crown of trees. Work with the corrugated paper is simple - it is cut into small pieces, which are then made from the petals. Paper runs well, so that the petals adds volume. Thread or glue them together in one bud. Thus, the crown of the tree can decorate lush crimson roses, sweet dairy peonies, purple asters and fiery poppies. One inspiration, rather than work.

    Adding flowers from corrugated herringbone décor Topiary can be obtained for the New Year celebration

    Another kind of original souvenirs - paper flowers can be unusual, fragile, delicate and very beautiful. And from the music paper roses look a bit vintage, strict, but very elegant. Tree with roses in such black-range for a few hours can be done by hand. Staged photo with souvenir look incredibly stylish.

    Incredibly elegant topiary of musical sheet. A great gift to the teacher in the school of arts

    Current souvenir in the run-up to Christmas. In this case, the bumps can be decorated. There are different ways: you can paint the cones of white and light blue gouache and then go over them with white glue on a soft sponge, and immediately on top sprinkle coarse sea salt. And you can just transform the bumps spray paint - gold or silver.

    Of course there are then these candies should not be, but the effect is worth it, and the flavor will be appropriate. In the photo you can see, it looks like a tree. Round, flat lollipops - the best option. Fixed on the basis of the ball-they glue gun.

    Topiary with the crown of the cones - aktuatny souvenir during the Christmas holidays, and the crown of the tree with candy - the perfect complement to it

    The most interesting is that the more souvenir specimens of trees you see, the more pictures to view, ideas come themselves. It can be used as inspiration for new works of their own hands.

    Topiary sea (video master class)

    The simplest Topiary own hands

    Topiary Coffee is considered to be one of the easiest. Making it easy to: judge for yourself, you need a pot for stem rod (thick pencil), the ball-base, coffee beans, and there are different decorative stuff.

    Such a coffee tree is very fragrant, it is an added bonus of a souvenir

    Ideas about coffee trees:

    • Normally the grain is left in one piece, without making them any additional manipulation. But you can paint them! Even gold spray transform tree.
    • In a pot used normal coffee cup. Or normal, and any asymmetrical or with a funny sign, perhaps, with your brand recipe for brewing coffee.
    • If a tree you are going to someone give topsheet pot (cup) decorate the artificial grass or glitter.

    Soaring cup shampoos contain not coffee: it all depends on your imagination

    A special case - the so-called floating cup. Look at the photos, it looks like a spectacularly. Jet flavored drink, this is the framework in which the cup is held.

    Topiary creative new ideas

    Very nice Christmas Topiary can do with their hands out Christmas balls. Buy a pair of sets of small Christmas tree balls, it is desirable - the same color. On sale a lot of balls of dense materials that do not shatter at the first fall.

    Decorate the Christmas tree garland and get the original lamp, night light

    Technique is clear - a ball-blank glue gun to attach the balls you will in turn. Particularly creative master can in the space between the balls fit neatly flat souvenir snowflakes, beads, glass beads. But the barrel at this New Year's trees must be in tune balls. If the balls, for example, the blue, the trunk should not come out of this color.

    Candy tree with his own hands (video master class)

    Fancy Topiary own hands

    What are examples only souvenir the trees can not be found - and use natural materials and fluff and flowers and candy.

    candy topiary - bright and colorful decoration for children's celebrations, which, moreover, is a sweet dessert

    Perhaps these ideas will help you make the hands very creative Topiary:

    • painted pasta. And what is not an idea? Color figured makaroshki's favorite color, and now the crown trees take a very original look.
    • shells. In memory of summer vacation - a great option. Only the trunk and pot be issued in the same style.
    • Acorns and nuts. Autumn version tree, next to which can get a miniature souvenir squirrel.
    • Burlap and beads. It requires complex weaves, almost jeweler's work. Often used for photo shoots thematic ideas are supplemented with braid, lace. In the photo turns out impressively.
    • knitted heart. Is not it unusual crown? And find just worthy setting their needlework.

    And in the course are the gears, deposits of old beads, pompons, trim strips, etc.

    Souvenir tree - the subject of manual labor, inspiration, which can put their creative ideas, fantasy stories and a little humor. For simple operation, you can choose an interesting decor, but still in a pot with a little tree can be a roll with the beautiful wishes.

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