Tool box with his hands

How to make a tool box with his hands?

In order not to waste time on searching tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers), you should store them in one place. But what if all the shelves and cupboards in the house filled with? An excellent solution to this problem will become a self-made tool box. You are not required to have special knowledge and skills. Sam manufacturing mobile box process will take no more than 3-4 hours.

The first thing you have to decide - is a box size. It all depends on the size, number and total weight of the tools that will be stored there. As for the configuration, it does not matter. The finished product may have a square, rectangular or any other shape. As you wish.

Homemade tool box is usually made of artificial wood or lumber (OSB-boards, plywood, sheet, particle board). Often, different metals and high-strength plastic used. Beginners are difficult to work with these materials. Therefore, they prefer wood.

How to make tool box: Expert advice

If you do not want to make some serious mistakes and spend time in vain, then listen to the written recommendations below. Only in this case, you can expect a good result.

1. To make a convenient and reliable tool box with their own hands, we must first create a design drawing. This is done taking into account the type, quantity and total weight of the tools.

2. Usually the boxes are manufactured from boards previously used in other constructions. Before re-using their purified from dirt and dust residues. For easy tools is better to take the plywood and heavy - strong board.

3. On wooden surfaces applied marking all the boxes of parts. Further Scrollsaw workpiece using a saw or jig saw with fine teeth.

4. If you want to make an open tool box with his hands? This design provides for a central handle. To install it is necessary to drill two blind holes.

5. The assembly of parts by using screws and the screws. Securely fasten the handle and all the joints.

6. Produce a tool box with his hands - only half the battle. It is also necessary to give it an attractive look. You can cover the surface of the box with paint or special varnish.

Very soon we will start the practical part, but in the meantime prepare all necessary. So we need to work:

  • drill;
  • PVA glue;
  • plywood (thickness 12 mm);
  • saw blade designed for wood jigsaw;
  • a hammer;
  • Jigsaw function sawing at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • varnish for wooden surfaces;
  • drill;
  • several bars of 15x15 mm;
  • clamps;
  • small nails.

Making the tool box with his hands: step-by-step instruction

That we must eventually happen? Wooden structure, where the Clippers will be kept in the future, a screwdriver, a hammer and other tools. The Action Plan is the following:

Step number 1. To begin with we take into the hands of the plywood. Her we will use for the manufacture of the side walls of the box. To the ends of the well-coupled to each other, they need a little pruning, arranging jigsaw sawing at an angle of 45 degrees. This kind of docking specialists call "link on the mustache".

Step number 2. greased ends of joiner's glue. If you can not buy it anywhere, use PVA.

Step number 3. Getting to the assembly of the whole structure. To items scattered, they need to fix the tape. Make sure that the walls are connected smoothly. Now we wait until our harvesting dry.

Step number 4. For designs available nailed slats that will keep the bottom of the box. Here you have to be orderly, as the nails are very small.

Step number 5. Produce bottom of the box, and then glue it to the rails. Using the same PVA.

Step number 6. For convenient carrying handle make the box. Take a thin board. Jigsaw cut thinning on it. It is very important. Also, do not forget to cut out small squares at each corner of the handle. Their depth equal to the thickness of plywood, which is made from a sidewall.

Step number 7. The side walls of the drill and bore holes for the handle. Make sure that nothing is loose. In the sidewalls of the handle and the walls of the box must be blind holes to insert the dowels.

Step number 8. We turn to the handle assembly. All joints with its sidewalls, and the sidewalls and the walls thoroughly coat with PVA. Gradually we collect details of the handle. We fix its position with the aid of clamps.

Step number 9. All that remains for us to make - is the holder of the compass, chisels and screwdrivers. We will use plywood. Cut therefrom strip, which width 4-5 cm and a length equal to the inner dimension of the long walls of the box. Then drill holes for tools. The strip smeared with glue and attach to one of the walls using a clamp. Once the glue is completely dry, you can proceed to the finishing drawer surface. For this purpose, suitable varnish or paint.

Now you know how to make their own tool box. There is nothing complicated. The main thing - clearly comply with the instructions described above. The materials from which to create a design, you can easily be purchased at any hardware store.

Nipponese> Blog> The box for the instrument with his own hands.

If anyone knows how to tinkering with his own hands, it is possible to make the organization of your seat. I would like to show you a box that I made with their own hands, and basically did not want to use a ready-made boxes that are. Box made from the most inexpensive material from 6mm plywood that was at hand, which was left out of the different projects, and decided to apply them in practice. Since any size, I did not plan, I laid out with all the tools on the floor and about to outline box, and you can tinkering under the desired razmer.U I turned 50 14 40. He worked as a jigsaw, although it is possible to cut a simple old-fashioned way. For gluing use German carpenter's glue Pufas. The box was very strong although initially I thought it tinkering of 8 mm plywood, but I wanted to box and was lightweight and durable. You can safely stand on it. The same can be said about the finished Chinese boxes. Here are all sawed and then collected and see the result. Now that there is a box how to organize your workplace? Ie what can be done to easily and conveniently find all things to be at hand?

How to store the tool so as not to scatter and scatter? At the beginning I kept them in the trunk in a simple cellophane and the most frequently used tools just lost on the road in the country. In a word so stores are not convenient and not professional. It is necessary that each instrument was in place and if it is not in its place, it is necessary to find and put into place, and not to forget the road or worse under kopotnom. I have defined a set of tools that I used for 2-3 years. So I'm comfortable, and there is almost everything you need. Problem-how to retain all right, that they are not mixed and tools from falling down? To this end, I made the cradle of 1,5cm yoga mats. At the beginning of the marker did the markup tools and then a sharp little blade cut pattern. It can be neatly put all his tools box and are not afraid that they will fall out, except of course the hammer, as it is very heavy and falls all the time. Ahah. I attach a photo of the process. In this manner and worked all gathered. Then he asked to borrow to cover up and apply lacquers painting. He even professional bass player and free time does not, then it is very requested, he agreed to help me, because it is too time and a good painter. He attached a comfortable handle, you can now conveniently transport box and store it the necessary tools. During this special thank Arthur for the night playing the guitar and in the afternoon my painted lacquer chemodan.Teper in the car there's a self-made set. There is also a simple shovels antiquated set of heads with ratchet. A house has a pro set Toptul consisting of 130 subject. This set of the most favorite and for certain repairs and quality is also on the level. Bye everyone.

The tool should be stored in the garage

I also did himself.

And how important carry a forceps, clamps, tape, kolumbik?

A luggage do not drive. Cross wrench jack screwdriver and a pair of wrenches.

Then, sorry, it's different. So easy to order and suitcase "just in case"

What tools are fixed? say heavy - hammer, adjustable ...

Not as a hammer and wrench falls with trkdom. When it is necessary to carry out the work and the auto and motorcycle technology take a suitcase in the garage. In winter, mostly sitting at home. Since the spring will begin to restore the bike to the garage, and 750 do not go without these sets.

I myself did form a small ratchet head of foam, which is almost at the output does not expand. Wrapping the head in cellophane, and poured foam. A couple of hours blade customized size, a little putty, primer and paint, and you would think that as if prefabrication. Photos unfortunately not foolishly broke it.

Tool box with their hands - it's more practical than spending money at the store

The image of the master is inseparable from the tool box, which he holds in his hand.

This is not just an element of fine folk, and functional adaptation. Sooner or later, the number of the tool reaches a critical mass, and all this wealth must be such as to organize.

In addition, there is a tool that simply can not be stored in bulk. For example, files or drills. From rubbing against each other, these items tupyatsya. And during the work, as the tool is dragged along at random, forcing you to take the time to search for him.

If necessary, take the repair kit on the road, for example - you go on holiday to his dacha, is necessary for carrying containers. Or do you want to share metalwork and carpentry tools. A kit for a garage not supposed to interfere with other accessories for home repairs.

So - we need a storage box for the right tools, supplies and fasteners. For sale is offered a variety of options that are convenient, compact, practical. Some are real works of art. However, they are certain the money.

Only one way out - to make a tool box with his hands

To begin, define the purpose. How in general can be a box for tools?

It placed a small number of subjects, usually corresponds to the nature of the work equipment. This box must have a strong castle, so he did not open accidentally during transportation. During the movement of the tool should not hang out inside, each element has its place, and secured as possible.

However, it is a relative term. Just a box does not carry with them to the place of work. It can be accurately moved within the workshop. In such an arrangement does not provide for fixing the tool, but they are arranged into sections and are usually divided into groups.

Unlike the first two embodiments, such a storage is intended for a specific group of devices. For example, wrenches, or set of bits and drills for the screwdriver. Besides the main content, such boxes are usually put to service and materials.

These versatile devices more convenient, but they need a few pieces.

Therefore, prior to production, it is necessary to determine which version you need. To begin with, an inventory of their tools. Arrange them in groups and sizes. And you will immediately become clear how many boxes and what you need it size.

How to make tool box

  • Drawer for metal tools. Make it not so easy. It may need welding. Self-made box of steel would be too heavy to carry, but it also has advantages.

Heavy and cumbersome instrument is not so fast break cells. You can not too shortly with precision stacking key 38h52 weighing half a kilo. Hefty set of coupling heads are not will break the wooden floor.

But for devices with acute sharpening, or file - it will not work. The best option - installation of the drawer under the bench. Only need to set the limiter to a heavy pan fell off your feet.

By making the mobile or portable option - you can use a thin sheet, and execute the example box factory designs.

Another option for imitation - steel trolley with drawers for tools and accessories. This design is popular in car repair. For a home studio - this is ideal, but the production is associated with technical difficulties;

  • If you need the same strength and functionality - try to make the tool box of plywood. Strength slightly decreases, but to handle such material much easier.

    Before you make a box with his hands - paint drawings. Hack should be neat and match the size of your tool.

    To select the thickness of the main body 8-10 mm. Wheels (if you need them) you buy at the store household goods. All connections should be on the screws. Nails quickly become loose. Joints further coat with PVA glue.

    Boxes with cells can do their plywood 6-8 mm. Prefab wall material thicker bottom and thinner cell. If the tool is not too hard - as guide bars select hardwood. You can fasten metal corners.

    Then you will not be afraid that the box will drop you on your feet. Wide and low trays perfectly divided into sections with internal baffles. The more - the better to sort tool and consumable supplies for the intended purpose. Tool box, made with his own hands - provides ample opportunity for creativity.

  • Wooden box with his hands. This is a classic joinery. Drawings of the portable storage were published in the journal "Young technician" 50 years ago.

    Required for the manufacture of boards 10-20 mm thick and hacksaw on wood. It's actually all. Therefore, despite the many modern designs, the masters of the old school choose this option.

    Classical design does not provide compartments and whether other functional devices. Just a deep box and comfortable grip along the entire length.

    This form of the handle has a practical significance. If the tool weight is distributed evenly, you can always find a point of the center of gravity, so the bear box always convenient.

    Practical addition to the insert with its own handle that adjustment takes 50% of the box. This insert is used for fine tool (screwdriver, awl, minor keys), and consumables (drills, screwdriver bits and so on.). It can be manufactured from plywood or a thin wood.

    The bottom (ground) is a major tool compartment. Hammer, drill, planer, large pliers;

  • If the crate does not require constant carrying - you can make a box with a sliding lid. Such vessels do more of the same size. They are placed on the shelves, at the end of the inventory is done, there are some contents.

    you can make a completely different structure from wood and plywood. Box-stands (only without the mirror).

    The doors are additional cells that form the pad when opening the size of the tools with a rear wall workbench. The box is not designed to carry, but from place to place it accurately can be rearranged. Therefore, the top has a handle.

    Inner section can complicate a small box, in which are formed the smallest items. When not too heavy tools - compounds as in the preceding embodiment, PVA glue and wood screws.

  • Combined tool box with his hands

    The adaptation will be more practical, if we approach to making it creatively. You can apply a variety of materials - wood, plywood, metal, plastic ready-made sections. In the illustration, we see an example of an integrated approach.

    The main part and a section for a large-sized tool is made of a board of 12 mm thick. On the power wall posted organizer factory, bought in the store household goods. Aluminum scraps produced flat boxes with a Z-shaped folding mechanism. There placed drill, screws, bolts and nuts.

    Do the carrying handle of the box is meaningless. He was too heavy to become mobile. However, you can always put it where the tool should be at hand.

    If the tool bit - have compact designs. In this box is convenient to use at work, and it is quite easy to carry. Plywood is made from 6-8 mm thick. This is a convenient option for storage or balcony. it is too small for the workshop.

    Or completely original design, assembled from plywood without a single nail.

    As you can see, even a simple attribute of the home worker as the tool box - can have many variants. Which one to choose - you decide.

    Organizer for the tool. Video more convenient box assembly with reduction of the size and manufacturing methods.

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