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Overview 9 species best tool boxes

Tool box saves space for storing equipment. The compact arrangement ensures quick search required.

How to choose a tool box

According to the construction stand boxes, cases, containers, folding boxes, modular system.

Capacity made of solid material. Form generally rectangular, box consists of four walls and bottom interconnected. The cover is removable or hinged, closed lock.

Sometimes, as the cover acts as a sliding compartment. Purpose - permanent storage location of the instrument or its transportation by a small distance.

It consists of a set of trays. Containers of different sizes are used to store a large supply of tools.

The compact suitcase, which is widely disclosed. Mandatory element of the case - the handle side end. Incredible Surround equipment it will not work place.

Container small height, divided compartments. Embodiments - case with a handle or a cabinet with drawers. Section of small size designed for storing small fasteners and accessories.

By controlling the space in the organizer placed a large screwdriver and pliers.

Open container, like a box without a lid. Sometimes models are on a flat tray with a recess for the tool. Not intended for transport in the hands of as many are not equipped with handles.

It resembles an ordinary gym bag with a pair of handles and strap. The advantage is considered to be a large capacity, high carrying comfort.

The disadvantage performs soft tissue that makes it difficult to transport large equipment, not protected from damage, moisture. Some models are equipped with a rigid frame.

External similarity with conventional rucksacks, the internal space is adapted for positioning of instruments. Some models are equipped with cages carrying hefty objects. Take inventory uncomfortable.

Rectangular box divided into compartments, so the tool is expanded by type. Some containers include removable trays wheel. Folding models are executed in the form of a transformer.

The product occupies little space and when fully unfolded turns into a warehouse full of tools.

The product of the soft material is mounted on the belt. Such models are useful during repairs.

Fabric clothing with pockets for various items. Dimensions of large appliances, tools are distributed evenly.

Classic apron is worn on the neck, with a bandage on his belt. Ahead in the pockets is hand tools.

In the shape of a rectangle with a variety of devices for securing items. Stored in collapsed form, and is developed and used for other purposes if necessary.

Lack of cover - minimal protection from external influences. The advantage is considered to be the ease, compactness.

Container on wheels with handle. The size is usually large, large capacity, the internal volume is divided into sections, often sliding. Used in workshops and factories. Distant transportation will not tolerate.

  • A pen. Transportation becomes comfortable. Open the drawer and a lot easier.
  • Appointment. If only it supposed to transport the equipment, suitable plastic container, as it is lighter in weight.
  • Number of offices. The more branches, the easier to sort and sort the parts, but each compartment makes less space.
  • Section. The design includes a retractable compartments divided into several parts. Section ensures compact products, the availability of the content in expanded form.

Retractable stands (on a table) and sliding (laid out in different directions) type section.

  • Wood is suitable for storing tools and similar parts. Additionally covered impregnation against moisture and insects.
  • Metal - a guarantee of safety. Popular aluminum. Stainless steel is also characterized by resistance, but weighs more. The metal surface is better than galvanized or painted.
  • Plastic crates are common because of the ease and cost. When choosing important to look at the technical characteristics of the body, which allowed the temperature, there are no bends when pressed.

Particular attention to the bottom, because it keeps most of the load. Place seam is further strengthened.

The best tool boxes on wheels

Structurally, the box is a vertically disposed housing on wheels. Inside the space is divided into sections, equipped with pull-out compartment.

The wheels are made of plastic or rubber. The most simple model presented metal container with wheels and a handle. Designed for storing and carrying a small amount of equipment.

  • It is made of plastic.
  • It is equipped with two wheels.
  • It is equipped with a lock.
  • Many models have a handle.

  • Easy to move without efforts.
  • Spacious.
  • A large assortment.

Top aluminum tool boxes

  • Fit65610 - the most reliable. Presented in an aluminum casing. The design is very robust, equipped with a handle. The interior space is divided by partitions which are rearranged as needed. Weight - 1.58 kg.
  • Dexter- the most compact box. Designed for hand tools and small parts.
  • Wilton16910U- the best organizer Aluminum. The housing in the form of suitcases made of aluminum with steel loops. On the cover of a large number of pockets.

Aluminum products are practical and compact, they are suitable for storage of tools and small parts. The peculiarity of the material is high resistance to deformation and corrosion.

  • Carrying handle.
  • Form suitcase.
  • The soft inner coating.
  • Average weight - 3 kg.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Resistance material.

  • They are more expensive than plastic.
  • A small selection.
  • Limited space.

Best car tool boxes

  • Bawer- the most versatile. The product is mounted under the frame of any car, intended for storage of equipment, consumables and spare parts. Avtoyaschik resistant to temperature extremes.
  • KAMAZ- the most reliable. Mtallichesky housing guarantees long storage of inventory, and simple design will ensure the serviceability of all the elements.
  • I-580- the most comfortable. Made of polyvinylchloride, weighs 35 kg, contains 90 liters.

Characterized by the presence of special fixtures for vehicle. Material - high-impact plastic, metal (steel, powder coated, brushed steel, polished steel).

Drawers are equipped with secure locks. Protection against moisture is provided by end seals.

  • Gray or black color.
  • Rectangular shape.
  • Simple construction.
  • Castle.
  • The thickness of 1.5-2 mm.

Most large tool boxes

  • STANLEY Mobile Job Chest- fromamypractical.The space can accommodate a lot of inventory. Length - 962 mm width and 600 mm height. The material - a durable plastic.
  • StanleyFatMax- very thoughtful. Functional splits into three sections. The lid is equipped with latches. The lower compartment contains massive tools.
  • Peli0450- the most mobile. The container accommodates one upper tray, six small compartments and one deep.

For transportation equipped with three handles, wheels. Housing waterproof, airtight. The metal elements are made of stainless steel.

Larger boxes are equipped with offices, handles, wheels. The containers are put one on another, which eliminates the loss of elements.

  • Open access.
  • Saving transportation time.
  • Useful space.
  • Wheels for transportation.

The best tool boxes on the balcony

  • FIT- ideal for small items. Made in the shape of the case, it accommodates fasteners. Adjustable partition can easily change the size of offices.

Transparent cover reduces the search time needed items. Plastic clip organizer will protect against accidental opening.

  • Lot-3- the most affordable. Colored plastic products organizing home space. Compact in size, inexpensive cost, comfortable handle. The trays are placed on top of each other.
  • MosPromTara- the home. The product is simple: without branches, but with the handle or lid.

Popular and expensive special organizers considered. Most often they are presented wooden containers with compartments or shelves. Boxes are put forward.

Portable organizers to easily move around the house.

  • Durable material.
  • Various designs.
  • A plurality of compartments.

Cons depend on the particular type of device.

The best tool boxes with combination lock

  • Brauberg- the most reliable. Special carrying case the most valuable things. Material - steel 8 mm thick and impact resistant plastic. Inside 6 compartments.
  • Hairwayand- the most secure. The box consists of plastic with metal elements. Combination locks fitted on both sides of the product.
  • Facebox- a box for delicate items. Aluminum storage case. The inner space of the soft. Feet on the bottom of the suitcase is convenient for storage.
  • Form suitcase.
  • Gray or black color.
  • Robust construction.
  • One or two combination locks.

Top metal boxes for tools

  • Intertool- sliding metal box.Inside is equipped with five sections, through which open access to the internal sliding compartments. Additional advantages - robust handle and a sturdy lock.
  • STANLEY Expert Cantilever-mostcomfortable. Small dimensions compatible 5 folding storage sections. The design of sliding, equipped with special finger protection.
  • BoxMatrix- the most elegant. A metal container with a cover and a handle for transportation. Containers are removed without opening. Handle adds convenience.

Depending on the inventory volume of housing material is selected. Massive equipment is more convenient to store and carry in products which include lightweight metal or high impact plastic.

  • Strength.
  • An extensive range.
  • content security on external factors.

Best plastic tool boxes

  • StanleyClassic- the most comfortable. Product appearance seems fragile, but the body is made of impact-resistant material. The transparent cover helps to quickly find necessary.
  • Tayg- the most rational. The model uses all available space to accommodate the necessary equipment.
  • STANLEY"Jumbo"- the most practical. Easy product design ensures access to content, compactly located in the top cover with three compartments.

Presented different models: trays, organizers, durable products with massive drawers, automotive devices.

  • Functional devices.
  • Any size, shape.
  • strength of the product.
  • Rich assortment.
  • Any color.
  • Low price.
  • A light weight.
  • Long service life.

Top rofessionalnye tool boxes

  • Stanley- the most indispensable. Locks coated corrosion protection. Placed on the handle soft insert that provides comfort when moving.
  • BoschLT-BOXX-simplest. Vivid blue color, durable material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) ensures easy to use in difficult conditions.
  • Stanley-the most reliable. Special container is equipped for storing drills and other accessories.
  • Protect from moisture.
  • Roomy.
  • Multifunction.
  • Surface resistance to shocks and falls.


The modern man, living not only in a large house, but even in a small apartment, there must exist a couple of handy screwdrivers, a handful of nails and a hammer. And not to mention the master of all trades, working in the arsenal which present not only a couple of nails and a screwdriver, but the screwdriver, screws, nuts, bolts, not a screwdriver and a host of necessary in house use tools. In order that would have all of these tools are not lost through the house or not gathered dust on the shelves or the balcony of every self-respecting host must be on hand convenient and practical portable tool box. Toolboxes are available in all DIY stores or markets, but if you're a handyman, then you will not be difficult to make such a portable tool box with his own hands.

Variety of portable tool boxes

Classify these boxes worth of volumes. Many ignorant owners often confuse these toolboxes already stocked sold complete stores, for example, a screwdriver or a wrench, it's not that.

  • The first in this classification are portable boxes and cases, which are important when necessary, you can take on the road. They come in small, medium and large in size. Depending on the size of them may be placed on primitive small things such as screws, nuts, nails, drills, screwdrivers and hammer drills, and to drill and even hammers.
  • Another kind are lifter instruments, they can be transported bulk welding machines or apparatus used in tire service.
  • There are also cases of small size, for transport and storage of small parts, they often add up nails, screws, screws, or bolts, such cases are a lot of small bays, and they will be a real boon for those who deal with a wide variety of small things.
  • And last, for the storage and transport of tools in this classification are bags and belts. They are often used to work at a great height, which greatly facilitates the work, because all the tools are at hand.

Plastic tool box

Plastic case or toolbox is a great help for those who have not so much a tool in the arsenal of his home. Such a case can be taken to the country, unless of course you have a few sets of tools for home and garden. This box is made in form of a rectangle and has a handle on the lid. When lifting a box, its walls should not be folded or deformed, so it is very important to the quality of the material, namely plastic material of the box. Drawer lid should fit snugly against the walls of the box, otherwise in the middle may be dirty or dusty. In today's tool box when you open the lid put forward a small space for small items. In the box is usually located a few shelves or trays that when you open the box is easy to be nominated or removed. Compartments for small parts must have the necessary cover, which are tightly closed, or in the process of transferring small parts may be scattered all over the box. If the plastic box of large size, the bottom can be arranged wheels for easy transport. Model plastic boxes various sizes as well as in the smallest such a crate can fit only a few necessary at some point you tools and a large all the tools available in your home.

Forms plastic portable tool box

  • Case - a suitcase with a handle, which is fully revealed. Inside, it has a wide variety of compartments and organizers, as there are movable partitions. He has a small weight and volume.

  • The container - usually a box shape having a rectangular trapezoid. The walls and the bottom are fixed and also soldered together, which allows high weight to avoid deformation tools. Inside, the same as in the previous there are compartments and moving partitions, which can significantly increase the space if necessary. When you open the lid can be put forward compartments, as well as container often has wheels, it is very practical, since it does not have a little weight.
  • Multibox - a box that looks like the structure and shape of the chest. It tiered boxes are located in most cases at least five. Most often, this box is used in the workshops, but also as the previous can be transported, if necessary.

  • Folding boxes - these boxes are often used when transferring a large number of tools. When closing it decreases several times and shelves fall on each other, and at the opening of its walls and separation in different directions.

Tool box made of plastic has many positive qualities. Plastic is very light, so when carrying heavy tools, it does not add extra weight. If this box is made of high quality materials, the tools that are inside, not made extremes of temperature conditions. Fasteners on such boxes have strong locks, so in case of a fall is unlikely to open the drawer. The handles on these boxes are made of non-slip material in large boxes located, often several handles, it allows you to carry a suitcase for two people at the same time (if it is composed of a fairly heavy tools). Some boxes are made of transparent plastic, which is very practical and allows you to see the location of all the instruments inside. Box of plastic is practical to maintain, it is easy to wash just like water and any detergent. Stores are now offering an extensive range of tool boxes of plastic, differing sizes and colors, so you can easily pick up a plastic crate according to your taste and needs.

Metal tool box

Before buying a tool box should all be carefully considered. What kind of tools you will be kept in a drawer, where it will have you stand and what size it should be. Box, tools made of metal, as well as a box of plastic has many advantages, but many of them are very different from those advantages, the plastic box. Most metal boxes are made of aluminum, so they are quite easy, but it is very not least the quality, because the instrument is often a lot of weight, so the weight of the box should be minimal.

Despite the fact that the metallic box is protected from corrosion by otsenkovki. Everyone knows that the fire resistant metal, so when a sudden fire, your tools will remain intact. Comfortable ergonomic handles allow to carry the box easily. All metal tool boxes are equipped with robust steel locks. Thanks to a special coating, which not only protects the drawer against corrosion, but also betrays a good and fairly modern appearance box. The size of the metal box, we can choose according to the required size for you personally. If you would like a tool box with unusual shapes, the company manufacturer is always ready to make concessions and make it to your personal measurements. Thanks to this assistant the right tool is always with you, you can take out of town, to the construction site and to carry in the car. Branches and inner sections in the box allow you to store the instrument from each other depending on the size. If you intend to store in a drawer dimensional and heavy instrument, as an aid in the transport may be ordered at the manufacturer, special wheels, which are attached to the bottom of the box. This box can also be used for other purposes as well, such as a safe or cabinet with a personal and necessary documents. Metal tool boxes are different from plastic, a long service life and good reliability, but, despite all their quality metal is metal and yet it is heavier than plastic.

Tool box with his hands

Many frequently used tools, such as the level or a hacksaw with a hammer, not always placed in standard plastic or metal boxes for tools, so an excellent option for this can be a manufacturing tool box with his hands. This is one very big plus, so you produce a box directly on their individual size.

The box can be made very simple design without closing the lid, thanks to this it can fit even the overall tools. For the manufacture of such a device, you will need a board or plywood, as well as self-tapping screws (nails or stapler) for fixing. We are making a preform for this cut bottom, and two identical side walls. The side walls should be two short and two long, short, must exceed the length of the height. After collecting the blanks in a single-piece box. Between the short sidewalls fasten the long crossbar (handle). This box is very easy to make, but it is well kept and only carry bulky instrument, but for small details he did not do.

For storing small tools and components is best to make a box with several compartments and drawers. For this we need a box a plywood board, no more than 6 mm thick. The box will outwardly resemble terrific mezzanine. It has two doors that open onto themselves, after the opening of the drawer can be divided into two halves, one with a pull-out boxes will be installed for small parts. Can be installed on the door the bar with several through-holes into which can be inserted in the screwdriver. Time producing such a box it will take longer than for the manufacture of the previous one, but upon completion of the work, your employment will be justified.

A third embodiment is presented in the tool box as trunk. This box is a relatively simple construction with a top closing lid and two handles on the sides (they can be cut in the tree or to attach screws). Such a box can be made as well with all sizes and all possible branches and inside sections. The same holds nesting dolls feature in a large box can be placed several boxes of smaller size, important to correctly calculate the size of the internal boxes.

If you have the desire and time, it is possible to manufacture any tool box according to the desired size. Just do not forget that it should be first of all easy and convenient. Boxes made at the plant manufacturer, more omni than made personally.

Best selling tool boxes can be called a box fit firm tools, the box is very roomy, there are several small organizer for small items and one large compartment for large tools. Quality fasteners and durable plastic material of the housing box.

Producer STANLEY boxes for tools is the undisputed leader in this type of cases. They come in both plastic and mixed (metal and plastic). The box is divided into many different departments and organizers, have external pockets. In large boxes are located at the bottom of the wheels that allow to move heavy boxes filled with tools easily.

Box irwin tools made of high-strength plastic, which when reloading and carrying not deforms the wall of the container. The box is quite painful for a large size that allows you to transfer and store it as a drill and hammer. For small tools on top of the large separation section is removable. The box itself is closed with two metal buckles. On the lid are openings for the padlock.

Box tayg tools ka is small, and the overall size. Small and medium-sized boxes look similar to the chests. The lid opens upwards. Boxes of this firm can be calculated for a tool (punch or drill), and a full set of all necessary tools. They come with a removable compartment and large on wheels.

Before purchasing the tool box necessary to take into account its size, which depends on the place of its future location (balcony, storage room or garage). Thanks to this box you will save a lot of their time searching for the right tools, which are often scattered throughout the apartment. Before buying a tool box be sure to check its bottom, it must be made of high-strength material, as the main load in the weight falls on him. Prices for portable tool boxes may fluctuate significantly, this is largely dependent on the quality of the material and the manufacturer, so before you buy a cheap tool box, make sure of its quality. This is a reasonable purchase you will be a wonderful assistant, not only at home but also abroad.

Tool box: choice and manufacture your own hands

Business card of the master - the box in which he keeps the instrument.

Do without this accessory is not possible, if you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without wasting time searching for drills and screws, taps, screwdrivers and dozens of other useful details.

Plank box with handle, for centuries served as a hand tool storage, can now be found only in a museum of wooden architecture.

She was replaced by lighter and stronger cases, bags and organizers, amaze variety of forms, volumes and sizes.

How not to drown in a sea of ​​offers and choose the most convenient, compact and reliable enough drawer under the instrument will be discussed in our article.

Why the need for a tool box?

It performs three main functions:

  • Optimize storage space, enabling to place in a minimal volume of the maximum amount of relevant devices.
  • It facilitates and speeds up the work, because all the accessories in it laid out in a specific order, clearly visible and easily accessible for use.
  • Simplifies tool transportation due to the presence of handles, shoulder straps or wheels.

It should be noted that the storage of tools - not the only function of these boxes. Since during operation often requires small mount, then removed the most "honorable" place at the top level for him.

Types of tool storage drawers

Depending on how you access the contents of the boxes distinguish between open and closed types.

The first looks like a simple travel bag. Their main advantage - quick access to stored objects, and minuses - the inconvenience of carrying (the contents poured rollover) and a low level of security.

The most popular are the pits - strong boxes with tight-fitting lid, provided with latch and lock.

Depending on the type of matter used for manufacturing, tool boxes are divided into metal, plastic and metal.

The steel box is hardy and reliable. However, it can not be called easy. Therefore, in the production of more commonly used aluminum - lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant metal. If you need a large portable box for storing tools, revealing its contents in several levels, the preference is better to give it to this material.

Plastic - one material, widely used in the production of tool boxes. He is an affordable price, a sufficiently high strength and durability.

It should be called two major disadvantages of this material - low bond strength "casing-lock" and the cold brittleness. Therefore, such a case for tools from strong shocks should be protected during the cold season.

Finding a material that combines the ease of plastic with metal strength resulted in a galvanized metal and plastic. Boxes He obtained roomy, light enough and can withstand very high loads.

Another feature of the tool boxes relates to method of use: professional and domestic. First characterized by high capacity, maximum reliability and high cost. Domestic models have a small size, and to make them use inexpensive materials and accessories.

"Specialization" tool boxes also can be different, that it is necessary to consider when buying. The box can be designed to store only carpentry tools and plumbing supplies. Universal embodiment combines in its structure compartment intended for different types of snap mounting (screwdrivers, drills, grinders, clamps, drills, screeds, self).

Often for easy layout of hardware allocated all available space. Such a call box organizer.

Many of the tools it will not put, but all necessary for small things fit completely.

How to choose the right option?

First you need to answer questions such as:

  1. How much and what tools you will often need to work.
  2. Will there be enough for your needs for a standard bay of hardware (screws, screws, bolts and nuts) or better for them to buy a separate box-organizer.
  3. How often do you move the tool over long distances (version with wheels, shoulder strap or a pen).

Having understood your needs, you can proceed to the choice of a suitable model, focusing on the production of well-known companies. Them to "pans for" the market is not very much.

The most popular foreign brands Stanley, Kroft, Keter, Fit, Blocker. When choosing a tool box of domestic production, it is worth paying attention to the products of the company "Bison".

US firm Stanley (Stanley) publishes professional and household tools cases. Its products are traditionally high quality for which will have to pay decent money. So for a standard 19-inch plastic box of the manufacturer (49h25h24sm) sellers asking more than 2 000 rubles.

The average cost of box made of metal and plastic (size 20 inches) - 2900 rubles. Large boxes of the company, equipped with transport wheels can be bought not less 8000 rubles.

For domestic use are good inexpensive tool boxes made by the already mentioned Fit firms, Keter, Kroft, Blocker. Depending on the size and material quality tags for these products are in the range from 400 to 3 500 rubles. Models with wheels are usually a bit more expensive.

The company "Bison" produces bags for tools in different cost categories (from 500 to 4500 rubles) and almost compete with the products of foreign brands. Therefore, among its products will find a suitable option and experienced master, and fans of home crafts.

When choosing a tool case, pay attention to the quality of plastic soldering, its thickness and reliability of fastening latches. This last point is particularly important as tool case with the spontaneously opened or broken locks is extremely inconvenient for carrying.

Those who use not only small manual, but also a larger electric tools, probably like a model with removable partitions. Removing them can significantly increase the internal volume of the box.

How to make a tool box with his hands?

Particularly complex elements in this design is not, so it is quite possible to do on their own. The easiest homemade tool box - open box with a handle.

For its production, you can use a thin board, plywood or OSB panels. After cutting pattern two ends with openings for the handle, these screws are screwed sidewalls and bottom. After that, put in one or two partitions. Their height should be chosen such that the top there is a place for the installation of a shallow wooden or metal drawer, in which to store the small fasteners.

Wearing such a box cover of durable artificial leather sewn thereto-compartments pouches, can significantly increase the amount of the stored tool.

Wooden handle can be replaced Strap, more convenient to carry.

The more difficult task - to make the tool box sofa with his hands. He is very roomy and easy to use.

The most interesting feature of this design - the lever system (metal or wood), with which it opens its offices on several levels.

After collecting a large lower and four upper compartment, place them one upon another as shown in the figure, then mark the location for attaching the swivel arms.

Before you fix them permanently, check the smooth running and accuracy of uncovering the entire structure. On the side walls of the upper branches need to fix two metal carrying handles.

All necessary accessories (locks, latches and hinges) on a homemade box can be purchased at specialty stores.

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