Three-tiered beds for children

Three-tiered bed withdrawable - comfortable furniture for children and their parents

For large families, forced to live in small apartments, the organization of high-grade berth for each child becomes a real problem. There are many options to save space in the nursery, where three or more children living at the same time, however, the best way out of this situation may be a three-tiered bed withdrawable. When folded, this ergonomic furniture does not take up much space, leaving enough free space for fun and games, and may, if necessary, to turn into a comfortable bed for each child. Similar designs for many years successfully used for relaxing during the day the kids in kindergartens, camps and sanatoriums.

Three-tiered baby bed can be made of wood or laminated chipboard. The second option is considered the highest quality. This material is extremely durable, hygienic, resistant to mechanical damage and handsome. Furniture manufacturers offer a huge range of similar products. Depending on the age, you can choose bright cheerful crib, decorated with images of favorite fairy tale characters. Often these models are complemented by developing panels. For older children are offered a more conservative options, but the color scheme is not limited here.

In the folded position, a three-tiered view of the bed has a large stone. Berths are nominated by means of roller bearings. Moreover tiers can roll out in any order, independently of the others. Thus, you can manually construct a configuration that best suits your needs. As a rule, when buying such items of furniture are included, and comfortable mattresses. They are made of natural materials and fully meet all hygiene standards.

Buying such a product, be sure to check its technical passport and do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate. Each three-storey bed should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, we are talking about the health of your child. It is also necessary to carefully assess the height of the bed - between the upper tier and the ceiling should be enough space to the child comfortable. You should also pay attention to the strength and reliability of the design. Three-tiered bed should be stable, and the tiers - easily advancing. Bumpers for each withdrawable unit should not be less than twenty centimeters - it ensures the safety of children.

If you can not find furniture that is appropriate to the size of your room, you can always book a bed on an individual project - this service have all, without exception, furniture stores. Moreover, this option would be far preferable to buying ready-made models. In the case of an individual developing a three-tiered bed guaranteed to fit into your living space, and the design and implementation of such a model depend only on your imagination.

Choose the original bed for three children

The family, which grows three beautiful children, the issue of the room arrangement for them is particularly acute. Has been selected and pokleit wallpaper, bought the decor, but the sleeper is not yet organized. Of course, three children living in a single room - it's not one child or two, but in fact each of them will need personal space, inviolable and his alone.

Taking into account that in addition to the beds in the room need a place for the working area, games, as well as for the organization of things storage, one bedroom space may not be enough. Then the parents start to think about what would have to sacrifice: to remove the play area, to reduce the work area, to buy very compact cabinets ... There is a solution much easier! Perhaps looking at the photos, you guessed it, that will focus on the original multi-tiered beds.

Thanks to the imagination of contemporary designers and manufacturers of furniture, can accommodate three children in the same room, each of them will feel comfortable, absolutely at ease. So-called bed-loft, performed in this embodiment, which will be present once three beds, will be truly original solution, suitable even for very small rooms. In addition, this piece of furniture will surely enjoy the children, because it is utterly unusual and trivial in their understanding.

As can be seen in the photo, a bed for three children can be made in many different variations, for example:

  • Two of the three beds can comfortably sit at the bottom, and the last - at the top, and the design can be quite functional and hanging shelves and even a full wardrobe;
  • It is settling at the bottom of one bed and the other two respectively on the upper level;
  • construct can be completely stacked, when each bed is located above the previous one;
  • when using a bunk bed, a third bed can be retractable, which significantly saves space in the room.

The design of these beds is very diverse, so you can choose the appropriate model for any interior. It is important to consider the structure of the piece of furniture, well, if in addition to the convenient and comfortable beds, it will have drawers, shelves and even a small closet where you can store all kinds of things, including bed linen and children's clothing.

Stopping the choice on the original multi-tiered structure, you pretty quickly realize its benefits:

  • such a bed takes much less space than three separate, single beds;
  • two- and three-tier beds are always popular with children, because such a structure associated with their adventures, their own castles and other amazing fantasies;
  • Design of such a bed is always unusual, and therefore, it will make the same, and a children's room.

If you still prefer more traditional solutions, you can always purchase three separate beds of the same design. In the photo you can see all the details of the most successful solutions.

By purchasing a bed for three children, each parent should be aware of the nuances, which need to focus:

  • environmental friendliness and quality of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture;
  • reliability and durability used fittings;
  • securely protective bumpers on the upper levels;
  • Is it convenient and durable ladder designed for lifting the upper tier;
  • how safe and comfortable bed mattresses.

Of course, choose a comfortable, practical and beautiful bed immediately for three children - a problem quite complicated, requiring a completely different approach, but it is doable. Remember that a comfortable bedroom interior - is the key to a joyful mood wonderful children and relations between them.

Please tell me how much is three-tiered bed? I really liked the simple bed with white mattresses. If it is possible that the size of the price? And please tell me whether it is possible that the change in size. Thank you in advance.

Hello. I'd love to buy a toddler bed with pull-out lower tier of dark brown color in the photo is a white mattresses. Tell me, please, its price and how to contact you. Thank you.

Bed for three children: 6 rules of selection of furniture

Bed for three children should be practical and functional Children - is our happiness. The more children, the more happiness from their parents. But the trouble is also greater. Well, when the kids are playing. They do not get bored, they entertain each other, find common classes and practically do not distract from the mom and dad of affairs. But the game ends and the time comes all put to bed. This is where the problems begin. The sleeping area is most problematic in the house, where there is a third and more children.

Bed for 3 children: how to organize the space properly

Design options sleeping area for three, four or more children, there are many. The choice depends on the parameters of the room that you can dedicate to the children's bedroom. If your family lives in a small apartment, this is one case. If at your disposal a house, but still fit to inhabit the attic, then it is another matter.

Bed for three children is better positioned against a wall or in a corner

Bed for 3 children alone, this is an option for small apartments. If you have enough space, it is best to do for each child their own separate bed.

Psychologists say that the more self-confident and promising in the future are those children who since childhood have a permanent own space. Beds in this case, too, must be separate. Of the options available, you are sure to find the type of combination that will suit just you.

Types of three-tier beds:

  • Pull-out bed;
  • Roll-away beds;
  • Bed-transformers;
  • Suspended bed;
  • Stationary three-tiered beds.

The main rule of this piece of furniture should be a way of combining them, and the security that they provide to children.

Three-tiered bed for children: accommodation options kids

In many ways the combination of children's room for three children depends on their age. Moreover, the greater the age difference, the easier it is to cope with the task of delimitation of space. Another thing, if the population is almost the same children's age. Then the problem is, at first glance, almost insoluble.

Three-tiered bed suitable for children only when children of different ages, and you have to send someone to the top. Children up to 6 years old laid on the upper tiers is not desirable and dangerous. It is better to place the teens. The three-storey bed get very high.

Three-tiered bed for children should be first and foremost safe

If the kids are not great, and saves space in the room still have to then provide the inhabitants of the upper floors of one hundred percent safe from loss of sleep at night. In this case, you can also use this option as a sliding bed. It takes up very little space and provides absolute security.

Terms of the three-tier bed accommodation in the nursery:

  • Try to provide a bed a place away from windows, doors and other noisy places;
  • If little space, it is possible to choose a bed design that allows to use it also as a playground with a maze;
  • At low ceiling is not desirable to make the bed the third tier, because sleeping under a ceiling will be stuffy and hot;
  • Provide easy and safe ascent to the place of rest;
  • Just a child, "living" on the third floor should be free to fill his bed;
  • Rising to the upper floors should not interfere with neither himself nor those below.

To avoid conflicts between the children, before using a new bed competently explain why children who will sleep and it is in that place that you define it.

Children's room for three children in a big house

A large family has to live in a big house. And if someone has this requirement corresponds to reality, the better, and do not want. Kids, like anyone, for the full development requires a lot of space. Volumetric role play so de not fit in a small area. And if you talk about the full restful sleep, it should be noted that the option of bed on which the child spends almost half of the time, it affects the development of the individual. No wonder children revolve in a dream. This suggests that they do not suffer from complexes, opened and are constantly in knowledge. If you sharpen a child in a narrow bed, the breadth of his being rapidly closed in the frame.

Children's room for the three of them should be broad, spacious and cozy. Bed it is best to place smoothly and the same. Brother or sister, sleeping on the floor above, will unconsciously dominant personality in the eyes of those who are sleeping downstairs.

Among the advantages of bed for three children it is worth noting the functionality and good looks

The only option when split-level life will not affect the mental development, is when children of different sexes. If you tell the girl that boys must give it the best place it will save the situation. But children have three, rather than two, and someone will still be discriminated against in favor.

How to post in pediatric three beds:

  • An ideal variant is the one when the same bed are located in one line, laid out with the same covers, and the same size;
  • If one of the older children, and two younger, you can select an option when two beds are at the bottom, and the third from the top perpendicularly;
  • If the room is very small, it can be arranged around the perimeter of the bed, and under them there is a chest of drawers and drawers.
  • If the area allows, it is possible for each occupant of the room take a separate space that is identical to the others, in which position the bed, playing and writing desk.
  • If the children are young, or of the same sex, it is possible to put three in a row under the Ottoman wall.

No matter how you arranged the bed, they should be as comfortable and safe to use.

What should be a bed for two children of different ages

Modern design projects contain many colorful patterns on children's rooms, it's hard to imagine how we can all implement. Can. And even need. After all, life circumstances sometimes force us to find a way out of the most desperate situations.

Bed for two children of different ages, it is in most cases a bunk bed, where one surface is larger than the other, or just have.

The color and shape of the bed for the troit children should choose depending on the interior of a child's room and personal preferences of children

Equipped children's bed like, you can save a few meters available for registration, as required in this room, and other areas. If you are not satisfied with the commercially available options for bed, you can make their own hands.

How to choose a bed for two children of different ages:

  1. Measures the parameters of the space that you are willing to allocate it under a bed;
  2. Ask your children what colors, shapes and compositions arranged longer;
  3. Select several models corresponding to the vision of children and show their kids;
  4. Together with them, make a selection;
  5. Check the quality certificate for the product and make sure that the bed is made of environmentally friendly materials;
  6. Check the conformity of the product safety certification requirements in the operation of children.

Provide gala was applied to the crib in the home, and arrange about it a little holiday for the whole family. Then your kids will fall asleep quickly, immersed in a pleasant delicious memories.

Bunk bed for three children of different sexes: the formulation of a child's room

In large families the acute problem is the correct form of children by gender. The beauty here is that no matter how many you have any children after the two sexes is still no more than two. It is said to already easier. Of course, adult children of different sexes need to settle in separate rooms. But we're talking about kids.

Bunk bed for three children of different sexes will come to the rescue in a situation where you want to place in a small room three malyshat. Having laid the boy on top of a bed, and the two girls at the bottom, or vice versa, you solve the problem perfectly.

To the room did not seem monotonous, the color of the bed should be different from decorating materials

Picking up one of the beds on the second floor, you free up additional space for other functions of the nursery. After all, this kind of room is the most functional of all. If competently to zone the rest of the space you have to bring it closer to the ideal. Such planning will not only free up some space, but also decorate the room.

  • Sleeping area;
  • Game Zone;
  • hobbies zone;
  • Corner Arts;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Working surface.

Our young residents of the apartment are so active and demanding that they need to have everything at hand. For this purpose furniture and accessories should be comfortable and practical.

Model beds for three children (video)

If properly equip the interior of a child's room, which is home to two or more children, you will help them to avoid conflict with each other and fighting for territory, and bring up worthy, active, self-motivated individuals.

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