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Pink children's room - 65 photos

It is often used interchangeably pink shades with a white background.

Dull, gray interior design, thanks to designers, thing of the past. In the design of buildings, more and more bright colors. For example, popular enough to become pink. Use it often for children's rooms, and is mainly for girls.

It is often used interchangeably pink shades with a white background. Rooms made in these colors look more serious and calm. Very good pink shades harmonize with peach tones and different saturation beige shades. Such combination gives the interior special tenderness and softness.

For example, white walls combines with pale pink curtains. Some interior elements, such as bedding, pillows and so on. Are also made in pink.

Pale pink walls in harmony with the blue color, which echoes in the interior of the boy's room.

Unfortunately, it is rarely used with the pink gray background. But, nevertheless, the designers claim that the rooms with such color schemes look very original.

Most often, pink can be seen in furniture and textiles, and here, for example, the carpet in this color performance are less common. Generally, in children's rooms is better to use a plain surface or surface with a graphic decoration. In modern or pop art is dominated by a motley decoration and wall decor. But if you have decided on such an experiment, it is better not to overload the interior of a child by filling out this way, only one wall.

For the background is best to choose wallpaper for painting with abstract patterns or plant, but you can also use a variety of decorative plasters, if you want to create an original texture effects. You can choose different shades of pink - a gentle, calm or rich.

For teenage girls metamorphosis pink very diverse. From pale pink to bright shades of neon, cerise, fuchsia, and many others. But in any case it is better to use several shades, but not be limited to one color.

The color temperature of shades of pink and should determine the overall range of colors. Fresh and original looks cool range with mauve and pink shades, but you can also choose to pink decoration light olive shades or deep blue.

Very often in the interior of a child's room is used darker shades of pink, almost turning into red. However, such a design can excite the nervous system of the child.

But when you make a child's room in pink color, remember that too bright shades of pink can inflate the self-esteem of your child. This view of psychologists and child psychologists. We can conclude that this color scheme will be very useful for insecure children, for those who have complexes.

Design a child's room for a girl in pink

Designed for children's girl in pink with a wardrobe house

Design a child's room for girls - Modern

Designed for children's girl in pink with bright colors Hello Kitty

Pink and blue children's room for girls

Designed for children's girl in pink with bright children's illustrations

Design a child's room for girls in the style of hi-tech in florets

Designed for children's girl in pink tones with an arch and ceiling

Design a child's room for girls ala Masha and the Bear

Bedroom design for girls in Barbie's style

Design a child's room for girls

Design of child for girls in pink and gray tones with a snow-white chandelier and a large rug

Design a child's room for girls

Design a child's room for a girl with pink wallpaper

Design children's bedrooms for girls in pink and cream colors

Design for girls room with pink light colors

Cot and chest of drawers in the nursery for girls

The pink room for girls Hello Kitty

Pink circles and ovals in the room design for girls

Pink house with a cot at the top

Stylish design a child's room is light pink and light green scheme

Children pink room for girls in retro style

Pink children's room for girls

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    Pink children's room for the young princess.

    Every child should live, every day feeling the care and love of people close to him. To the little man was easy and comfortable to grow, develop and learn, adults need to take care of comfort and home comfort. To equip a children's room for the girls, talk with your child and find out what color she likes more. And if you have two daughters, you have to consult with both. If they choose the color pink, then check out this article.

    Make repairs in the room intended for the nursery. Glue the wallpaper or paint the walls.

    Draw pictures on the wall by hand or use the wallpapers with cute drawings.

    Walls can be decorated with a variety of panels and drawings of children.

    Pink color harmonizes well with many colors, and in the children's this combination should be bright and cheerful.

    The pink color can be present in the interior on a par with other colors.

    Soft pink combined with white beneficial effect on the child's psyche.

    A deep pink color, according to psychologists, helping the girl to win a lack of confidence in their own abilities.

    Still, do not overdo it with pink. Too rich color and its abundance can annoyingly act on a child.

    And if the pink color will be combined with other colors, especially with light, the result is only positive.

    Try to establish a subsidiary in the room lightness and airiness.

    All girls dream of being princesses. Let a child they Practice to adulthood to become queens.

    Fabulous room in which the girl will live as a child, of course, will have its positive impact on the formation of multiple personality.

    When you have finished repairs in the nursery, you need to choose a comfortable and beautiful furniture. Of course, the pink!

    Kids love sofas and armchairs small size.

    Bean bags are versatile and modern.

    Except upholstered furniture, will need a table for games and activities,

    as well as the trunk for storage of girls' jewelry.

    All furniture should be not only beautiful, but functional and safe.

    But the furniture can be a different color, such as white.

    Choose furniture necessary in accordance with the child's age, but something can be envisaged for the future: the bed-transformer, tables, cabinets and chairs.

    Teach your daughter to keep things in order and room.

    Even hangers for clothes are beautiful pink color.

    When all the furniture is in place, do some sewing curtains and bed linen or browse in the shops ready-made options.

    The essence of the arrangement of a child's room is to your girl for this room was the best in the world, its a magical place where everything is fine and well.

    Pink butterflies of different sizes have to live in a pink children's room.

    Birds also did not interfere.Flowers let them be everywhere: on the walls, ceiling and furniture.

    And the little fairy with wings men will guard the young creation.

    Interior in pink color support "crystal" chandelier,

    as well as the lights in the "pink".

    Pillowcases on the pillows, lamp shade on a lamp and your favorite soft toys can be pink.

    And other toys should be a lot, including dolls.

    Sew their own hands soft pockets for different things.

    The pink color has many shades and is best to use several of them for registration of the nursery.

    Do not try to arrange the room subsidiaries expensive and prestigious. She should remember his childhood, as the years of caring and loving parents. Therefore, children's room furniture, do it with pleasure and warmth.

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