The narrow entrance to a depth of 30 cm

Small hallways, to a depth of 30 cm 5 subtleties arrangement

For small hallways well suited minimalist style, because it involves the use of a minimum amount of furniture opens the front door and find yourself in the narrow, long tunnel. Common situation? Yes, this is a standard apartment building hallway. A lot of people who live in small homes, are at the mercy of circumstances - have a long narrow corridor at the entrance. But the corridor, it is the room that is designed to perform several functions at the same time: the hallway and interior posts. That is, there must be a lot of furniture, and plenty of space to move around. How to plan a narrow corridor, so that was free and the most useful?

The only way out - the small lobby, 30 cm deep

Little as possible, and the need is there. That's what makes us prudent and rational use of every centimeter of our apartment. You have calculated that, leaving room for the passage you are left with only a 30 cm square, where you can place the hall? Do not despair.

An entrance depth of 30 cm is taking place. With that, it can do no less functionality than large, bulk hall in two-story cottage. Instead, use the depth of height.

Only need to correctly plan your hallway furniture sets, carefully consider every detail, the area of ​​destination, and its size.

To visually enlarge a small hallway, you need when you make use light colors: white, yellow, beige

Even in the hallway with a depth of 30 cm can be placed furniture elements of the following parameters:

  • Small cabinet height of 2600-2700 mm;
  • Coat rack with hooks for clothes height 1600-1800 mm;
  • Niche shoe. Its optimum height - 1000-1200 mm;
  • Space for hats. It can be placed on a clothes rack at a height of 2000-2300 mm;
  • Mirror. Its upper part is to be at the level of 2200 mm above the floor, not below.
  • At the height of 1400-1500 mm equip space for bags, umbrellas, gloves.

Even if you're not a carpenter or joiner, and the possibility to equip the hall, under the order you do not, do not worry. Furniture manufacturers produce standard hallways whose depth and 30 centimeters too. You have to only select the appropriate option.

Arrangement hallway width of 110 cm and more

With entrance hall with a depth of 30 cm, we figured out, but not everyone has the luxury - to dedicate to the hallway as much as 30 cm of space from the wall. There are apartments, where the corridor a little wider than the front door. In this case, the entrance hall a depth of 30 cm is simply to stand in the middle of the corridor.

In this case, consider the version of the combined entrance hall, where you can place a sufficient amount of furniture. The width of a hallway is more than 110 cm since, Useful area will move smoothly from shallow to deep, and put everything on the 110 centimeters fail.

Pieces of furniture in the hallway should be positioned so that they do not interfere with the free movement of

In addition, you need to determine whether there is an opportunity to increase the depth of the hall along the corridor. Do not clutter the hall pass. It is necessary to carefully consider the sequence of pieces of furniture arrangement.

Sequence, the depth and width of objects hallway furniture in the course of the door:

  1. Mirror, it takes a minimum of space from the wall. Permitting the depth, it can be fitted underneath the shallow shelves for combs, gloves, umbrellas, shoe care products, etc.
  2. Above the mirror set can be placed decorative studs for hats;
  3. Behind the Mirror Organize shelves for shoes. Providing them sloping shelves, depth of 20 cm will be quite enough to put the entire shoe.
  4. At a height of 1 meter above the shelves for shoes, place a shelf for bags, and over them - hats. A depth of 20 cm. Is also sufficient for this purpose.
  5. Complete the hallway, you can open a wardrobe, a depth of 30 cm. Place it inclined holder trempel attached to the wall or the back of the hall, and you will be enough space to put the outer clothing, dresses and suits.

Place for pereobuvaniya in a narrow hallway can be organized in the form of a folding chair, attached to the wall.

Hallways: height and depth, which is not proportional to the

This type of hallways - it's shallow halls, which in addition to its primary function, also perform the function of zoning. That is, if your house is one huge hall, but no living room or dining room, with the help of furniture, which is part of the hall can be advantageous to divide the huge hall into two or more zones.

Hallways with little depth, and height almost to the ceiling look great in a large, spacious house as dividing elements of the interior.

The disproportionate height and depth hallways look good built-in wardrobes

Depending on the layout of your home, configure your hallway cabinets of this size, so that they perfectly fulfill their function and at the same time beneficial to divide the space. In this case, you can even plan your furniture-doublet - that is, on the one hand it is an entrance hall, and on the back side, for example, shelves for books, or living room accessories.

The furniture that is most suitable for the hall, performing the function of zoning:

  1. Wardrobe with two doors dress width of 110 -120 cm;
  2. Closed wardrobe with shelves and drawers width of 150 cm;
  3. Holds or niche with mirror 100 cm wide.
  4. Chest of drawers for shoes with wide pull-out shelves of 140-150 cm. Above it you can put shelves for bags, umbrellas, and the top of the closed cabinet with shelves for clothes.
  5. If the width allows, equip location for pereobuvaniya. Its width may be from 80 to 180 cm. Below it can be advantageous to place baskets for indoor sports equipment or slippers.
  6. Complete design of a width of 50-70 cm rounded module.

With proper arrangement of furniture sets perfectly in tune, and it contains everything you need.

Small vestibules 80 cm

Hallways, small but wide, high and deep, even 1100 mm in width appear just huge compared to the hallway, a width of 80 cm, "What can be placed on such a tiny space?." - you might say, but what if the architects who design project apartment building left for the hall is only 80 cm. try to understand.

The hall width of 80 cm should be placed only a little furniture, such as a bench or dresser

Hallways a width of 80 cm can not accommodate a lot of furniture, but at the same time, by selecting the desired module for each small area can achieve the desired results.

Even such a small entrance hall can be divided into 7-8 zones useful. And even place a small mirror in it.

. In a small hall, a width of 80 cm can accommodate the following elements:

  • Cabinet for shoes;
  • Clothes hangers;
  • Shelf for hats;
  • Small cabinet width 30-40 cm;
  • Boxes for keys, gloves and other things;
  • Shelf for bags;
  • A small mirror.

To save space and space mirror can be placed on the cabinet door. It is an elegant look and bring maximum benefit.

Arrangement of the small hall depth of 30 cm (video)

In any case, a narrow corridor - this is not a sentence. With proper use of the available area can get enough living space. If you design your own drawings, or even better - to consult a qualified specialist, your small hall will be the most useful and comfortable.

Cheap hallways 30 cm

Save space - not an easy task. Especially when it comes to a small corridor. Selection of furniture for such premises is responsible and sometimes challenging.

The solution is to purchase an entrance hall depth of 30 cm. This furniture is functionally little different from their deeper counterparts. At the same time significantly saves valuable corridor area. Feature narrow hallway 30 cm deep is the internal space organization. In such models often telescopic rod and arranged crosswise.

Design and layout hallways depth of 30 cm is no different from other models. On our website you can manually choose the color of the facades, frames and housings. Attention should be paid to the components that make up the hallway. If you want to store a large amount of things, large wardrobe should be an integral component. The presence of a mirror or mirrored facade will help expand the space visually corridor.

Hallway 30 cm deep can have a lightweight construction and consist of cabinets and shelves mounted. This option would allow the maximum free space of the hall, with the possibility to provide comfortable storing seasonal clothes and shoes.

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Attention. Hallway to 300 mm. It must be attached to the wall for increased stability!

Hallway depth of 30 cm

Size: 1580 x2187 x340mm

(+ 2)

Size: 2430 x2226 x318mm


Size: 1 840 x1200 x2210 x335mm

(+ 2)

Size: one thousand six hundred and fifty x600 x2210 x335mm

Size: 846 x2020 x320mm

(+ 2)

Size: 1980 x2226 x318mm


Size: 2250 x2226 x318mm


Size: 1,926 x1146 x2226 x318mm


Size: 3186 x1596 x2226 x318mm


Size: 540 x1140 x318mm


Size: 900 x1140 x318mm


Size: 900 x1140 x318mm

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