The figures for the garden with his own hands

We register portion via garden figures

Garden does not master and his splendor is entirely up to you, what style you are interested in, what kind of flowers and trees and how to select the seedlings, as figures will decorate your flower beds and paths - the answer for you!

This article is dedicated to a very interesting topic that fascinates lovers to make their area more beautiful. I love to do things that at first glance appear to be highly complex? Or all that seems beautiful, you are in the house? So you're in luck, as luck, and you stumble on the correct address, and this publication is written for you.

Thus, the figures for the garden - that now occupies the top of the podium in popularity. With this capability, you can get into a fairy tale, but this beauty is worth a king's ransom, so the article will tell you how to make your own garden figurines.

Enough to understand the simple principles to figure manufacturing process does not become a mistake. Correctly picked up style, a couple of figures, and here it is - the garden of your dreams! So, let's begin.

What you need to know before figurines choice for the garden?

  • Figurines appropriately should be in harmony with the garden style. If you do not respect this principle, the presence of figures do not fit can ruin the whole interior beauty.
  • You have chosen the right figure, but suspect that it may not fit. For this case, there is an easy way to get rid of doubts. Take cardboard, cut silhouette statues and try on it on the places in which planned to install this item. Thanks to this method, you can quickly identify the site where the product will look harmonious.
  • It is undesirable to arrange the pieces one by one. It will look gaudy. Our goal is to create a beautiful garden in harmony with the natural world.
  • To create an elegant garden composition figure put on the first place is not required. A small world and a single figure, ideally located in the garden can be a composition of which can not be given a look. Similar decorated of the object are pleasant and sweet surprise.
  • A delightful picture of a bouquet of flowers is placed in a particular vase. Of course, matters to a garden figurine other design bases have been added. Be creative, try and you will succeed.
  • Small garden figurines create unforgettable impression of the whole picture as a whole

Materials for the manufacture of figurines

All these figures are interesting, but what does make such a beauty? You can use any improvised material, the main thing - the presence of desires and creative potential. At this stage, worth a stop and make out details. Commonly used material for garden figures:

Let's look at each of the materials.

Wood - a piece of our nature. Figures from the tree look very interesting and attractive. They kept warm. Many believe that the wood work guarding planet of unexpected guests.

The stone seems alive, when we create from it a shape. For such a creative suitable stone is required. It must be the right size. We also need the magic hands of the artist. You must be able to see in the usual cobblestone small kitten, puppy, joyfully greeted the owner, a lion cub, who is learning to walk, or a family of dragonflies. Such instances, by nature, can be used as a decoration, and they will remain forever in the memory.

Miracles shows and foam. Minimum costs will leave a long-lasting, interesting and fun shapes. By creating a statue of the foam, you get a reliable result of wet strength. With the help of this material often create masterpieces in the form of dolphins, dwarves, snails, swans, storks and many more different characters. Create a character can be for any style of garden.

As for the garden pieces of plaster, they have to be very robust and waterproof. Special clarity here does not play a role. You can create a small figure without foundation. If your intention is to create a large model, there is need to reinforced frame. Cut pieces of reinforcement, it is necessary to connect them to the frame so that it looked like a future crafts. Attached to such creations should be the foundation.

Garden figurines adorn the garden. It is believed that the gnomes perform the role of guards. Perhaps for your harvest it will benefit.

Master-class on making figures from foam

Today your heed is given a master class on creating garden figures made of foam. Make interesting shapes that you can proudly show to family and friends.

2 will be described in interesting patterns. You'll like it. Sit back, we begin to move into the world of beauty and fairy tales!

Garden or cottage you can also decorate articles made of tires.

The sculptures in the garden can create a magical atmosphere. How to choose a sculpture for the garden, read here.

Our first character - frog, which can perfectly decorate any garden. What do I need to buy to create a garden figures:

  • Cylinder foam - 1 pc.
  • Old pan - d = 25 cm. - 1 pc.
  • Metal bank volume of 1 liter. - 1 PC.
  • Oil paint. Green colour.
  • 2 large beads. (For eyes).

Take 2 containers, completely fill them with foam, creating a body and a frog's head. Once the images are dry, combine them with a wire or pins.

insert wire (Solid, but it is good to bent) where will the future legs and attach them to the form. Then carefully added foam in thin layers on a place that foot. Each layer must dry thoroughly.

Once all the layers are dry, you can begin paint our frog. For convenience, you can use a narrow brush. When our figure completely dry, sticking beads where eyes should be. Frog ready! Feel free to invite guests for tea, show and tell about the manufacturing process. You'll see, they will be delighted with your talent to create masterpieces!

The second character will chanterelle. Records that need to work:

  • Plastic bottle.
  • Polyurethane foam and fastening tool.
  • Sand for backfilling.
  • Wire and a hollow plastic tube.
  • Sticks of different lengths and solid components for the ears.
  • Small rubber balls.
  • Paint and varnish.

Let's get started. You need to fill in a plastic bottle of sand, so that it becomes stable, and overlaid with a layer of foam. Must be carefully applied in several layers, waiting for each layer dries.

The wire is inserted into the hollow tube and create a framework for the legs and tail of a fox. Create your neck of the stick desired length and inserted into the body fox. After penim the joints.

Several layers need to be applied to the legs, the head, tail, creating the shape of the figure of the animal. Apply in the case thick cardboard, cut ears and insert into the head. Carefully place penim ears. Mode of line segments of equal length, with black paint. So we created a mustache to be inserted into the muzzle chanterelles. Also paint with black paint, rubber balls (you can pre-purchase the black balls of small size) and place where the eyes are.

Dried finished garden figure made of foam should be covered with an oil paint, if desired, can also varnish. Our artful beauty is ready! Now you can install this wonderful specimen in a suitable location of your garden.

By creating such wonderful shape, you can not only enjoy themselves at the sight of them in the garden, but also to please loved ones. As the saying goes, the best surprise - a gift, created by their own hands. So why not create an elegant gift and not give? A good option. But there is also another plus, which many took advantage.

More on the video:

Build a business on this idea is fairly simple. Knowing all the secrets of the pros and cons, you can easily become master of your life and have their own business, which would be nice to translate. Create, enjoy, admire and raduyte others! All in your hands!


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Decorate sad.Figurki garden with his own hands.

Decorate sad.Figurki garden with his own hands.

Every year the tendency to decorate the garden grows. Amazing beds, paths, fountains, bridges, waterfalls with cascades ... There is so much interesting gardens that you can walk on them as the museums. And you do not want to leave.

In general, he wants soul to heaven, but sin is not allowed. If you can call sin unobtrusive revenues. But our people, as we know, to the bakery for a taxi ride will not. Because the bread is baked themselves. And the figures for the garden with his own hands makes for many. In the article it goes on thoughtful designs of tires, painted in cheerful colors. Although craftsmen manage to get up to the wonders of the gross rubber. I say that not only in the home but also in the garden a lot you can do with your hands is quite professional. Besides saving money it brings a large portion of endorphins in the blood. Because creativity, especially in nature, it is the most remarkable thing in the world to do.

Let us examine what the garden figures with their hands can do, how to do it, and how to place. As always emphasizing on the fact that a reasonable price in time and money. As always we go from simple to complex.

Figurines from stone garden

And you can paint the stones in delicate shades of dawn. And white paint applied decorative band. You can make graffiti on the rocks! How do you like this idea? You can make some of the smooth stones many ladybugs and spread them throughout the garden.

Similarly, good strawberries from stones! Why would not dilute the green grass red?

And as you are "zhivye9raquo; stones (see. photo)? A great idea, but you need to be able to draw. Decoupage here will look very alien ...

Decorate garden beds

"Ukrasheniya9raquo ;, which will spoil your garden:

Garden figures made of branches

Figure animal from a cropped grapevine

Tomorrow's garden hedgehog from the helmet and putty

Gypsum-cement-made figurines

City with his hands in the garden

And such a palace is actually not a complicated thing. The ground-Ground foundation. In this case, trimming iron pipe. Cementing the cutting in the hole-foundation. They are generously coated with cement. Cement lay shingle. Cut a plastic bottle, the future of the window, glued directly to the concrete. But it is much more beautiful to be, if present, are glued glass. Remains of glasses will be glad to give any studio. The remains of tiles - in a store that sells tile. Pebbles can be collected on the river or the sea. For the money you will only get the cement! And even he is, is unnecessary from the neighbors :).

Crafts for the garden: the top 10 master classes

Crafts for the garden with his own hands can bring you great pleasure. Select the figure that best suits your personality and design your garden. let's try to make garden figurines made of cement with his own hands. The process, surprisingly, is not as difficult as it seems. But the result is truly amazing!

Look, what beautiful flower containers can be made of cement mortar and old rags. Here, truly, articles made of scrap materials!

Decorative openwork ball of cement.

For work, we need cement solution - knead thick solution of 1 part sand, 1 part cement.

Immerse in a solution of a rope, it could also be strips of an old T-shirts, etc. Inflate the balloon, preparing for him a stand, where it will be dry. This may be a conventional bucket. Balloon winding rope in the cement mortar.

After drying the solution, a needle deflate balloon. All! Our garden art object is ready. It can be painted if desired.

Original articles for the garden of the cement.

Agree, it looks like a dragon's eggs)) We do this out of cement.

Take all the same balloon and cover it with cement mortar. There can be a solution to add a tablespoon of gypsum, but must work quickly.

After drying the solution, remove the ball and paint the inside of the egg. It can be used as Easter decorations in the country - making it the flower arrangement of primroses.

Crafts for the garden. Garden gnomes with their hands in cement.

These cute garden gnomes are made is also made very easy.

Gnome we need cement, metal rod, stockings and a rope. cement solution is poured into a stocking, for the strength of it inserted into the metal fittings. Spinning rope forming nozzles, feet. Do not forget about the beard - it is an additional piece of material under the noses of the gnome. Dangle gnome for top hats and leave to dry.

When the cement dries, remove top and dwarf polish more grout cement with gypsum. We look forward to when the gnome is dry and can be tinted or painted. Handsome, is not it?

We will not talk about the principles of the creation of the fountain in the country. This a topic in detail and you can read it here. We will do the leaves of the cement.


We need a large enough list, and with the help of cement, we create a copy of it.

After drying, the sheet may be more detailed and paint.

And you will be almost free, the owner of such a beautiful fountain.

Original flower beds with their own hands.

You are not a sculptor? But, believe me, you can do these original flower containers.

We need a plastic container, foam, reinforcing mesh. Make a solution of cement, adding gypsum spoon right in the palm with a solution, and so shape our "sculpture"

But not all of us are fans of modern abstract art. But you may well make crafts for the garden in classical style.

But because you're not a sculptor, you need a template - this may well be an old doll.

Because it will not just decorative garden figurine, and a flower bed in the form of a head of the girl, the upper part should be cut.

Then painted the head. In order to give texture pattern paint first dark gray paint. Allowed to dry and applied paint layer lighter. After drying which, light strokes applied layer has a lighter color.

This is a very simple process, and all the examples of this style that you see in the article, made by teenagers in the labor class.

Beautiful hand-made articles for the garden. Garden figurines with their own hands.

For those who liked the manufacture of handicrafts made of concrete process, we'll still just create a stunning welcome garden figurines.

Yes, we again need an old doll!

First, strengthen the doll with hot glue and bamboo sticks for sushi on a heavy stand. She, incidentally, can also make cement. Cut the foam angel wings fastened with hot glue to the doll. We give the doll a new dress and, with help of hot glue dabs create a more interesting texture on the wings and hair.

Daubed our template solution with cement plaster. Paint.

Now, with the help of old toys, you can make almost any garden figurine of yourself.

This funny cat bed made from a plastic bottle and cement. We need: cement, sand, plaster, water, a large plastic bottle, wire, paint, wooden slats, lacquer.

this cat hostess Natasha Konev tell us how to make a funny figure with his hands. Cut the plastic bottle - this is the capacity and will be our flower garden. To cement is not crawled with plastic densely okruchivaet its wire. Bring down from the wooden frame rails. Fastened to it with our plastic container.

Knead grout consistency of thick cream rate of 1 part of sand, 1 part cement. Gypsum will only add to the finished portion of which we have in hand, as solution with the plaster hardens instantly. We work in rubber gloves.

Take in your hand a handful of solution and add the tablespoon of gypsum. Mash in your hands, roll off the sausage and fastened to the frame. Since steps impose portion of the solution on each other, creating the desired convexity and smooth surface.

Muzzles our cat lepim of small balls about as a solution, as we have fashioned out of clay as a child. To better kept small parts, before attaching them to the body surface of water lubricates the figures.

Wet hand polish the surface of our garden figurines. Drying figure cover with plastic wrap for 3-4 days. On the first day figure should be added periodically moisten with water. After drying, sanded surface sandpaper.

To paint such a figure can be water-based paint, enamel paints. After staining cover surface lacquer. In the winter garden figure must be removed from the street, because frost it can crack. Perhaps you want to find yourself such a wonderful cat.

The great thing about the figures of the cement, they are cheap to manufacture in comparison with garden figurines made of metal or wood. You can start with simple crafts for the garden, which can be no less interesting than some particularly complex. You can combine cement with other materials. - for the face of this little garden "Ladybug" fairies took the old doll head.

How to effectively use the crafts for the garden.

Plan in advance the location of the figures in the garden. So you will be easier to determine the exact size and color garden figurines.

Decide what style of your garden. Whatever your beautiful crafts for the garden - they must be designed in one style.

Do not overload your garden crafts. A few simple, but funny garden figures in the winning places the garden will produce more of an impression than an ill-conceived mass of the most remarkable and interesting garden crafts.

Match the size of the figures and the garden. Large open spaces require large figures. A small garden figures may be interested in are located near the trunks of trees, near a small pond or fountain, along the garden paths.

Crafts for the garden, made with his own hands, will add more interesting details to the general appearance of your garden

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