The box for the bathroom

How to choose a functional box for the bathroom

Bathroom in every apartment has different functions. This is primarily a place for daily hygiene, the second and third - for storing dirty laundry and storage of household chemicals. It is important to place harmoniously in the same space the bathroom drawers for clothes and sanitary equipment.

A set of furniture for bathroom

How to choose a functional box for bath

Bathroom furniture there are so many. Headsets, individual suspension and floor elements in sizes intended for huge spaces and for reciprocally toilets. Any coloring materials, types, made entirely or in budget embodiment. What criteria should be guided in the selection box for the bathroom?

Mounted boxes in the bathroom

  • hanging cabinet;
  • floor cabinet;
  • pencil case;
  • rack;
  • nightstand;
  • laundry basket;
  • built-in wardrobe;
  • organizers.

Let us consider each type separately.

  1. Wall cabinet - irreplaceable furniture in small spaces with tightly occupied floor surface. Perfect for storage of clean bath towels, household chemicals, personal care products. Cabinet doors are hinged or sliding, which is also important in a crowded room. Outside on the door can be integrated mirror. The height of the fixing of such a furniture plan, focusing on the convenience of the family members.
  2. Base cabinet - well combined with suspension elements of furniture. Often komodnogo, shelving or mixed type. It should be a box to store dirty laundry, as well as household chemicals and sanitary cleaning of the apartment. Personal hygiene items family members can be positioned on the top surface of the cabinet countertop in special organizer.
  3. Foam for a bathroom - is the best solution narrow bathrooms, where furniture does not lose its working space due to growth in the drawing. Functionality is the same as that of outdoor furniture, an additional bonus may be integrated mirror and shelves for storing toothbrushes, toothpastes, razors for cabinet doors and out of sight.
  4. Rack - virtually the same pencil, with the well-ventilated and easily accessible shelves. Of the benefits - airspace and less traumatic. Of the minuses - complete visibility of the cabinet contents.
  5. Bedside table with drawers built into the bathroom under the sink. Great solution to save space. Because of plumbing fittings in it is difficult to organize the space. In this case, to the aid of a variety of organizers that can be placed on the walls of the cabinet inside and hinged doors cabinets.
  6. Laundry basket - can be an independent element and combined with the interior, or be an organizer for other bathroom furniture. Large and deep braids are designed for storing dirty laundry, small and medium - for storage of towels and bathrobes.
  7. Built-in (or secret) wardrobe collected locally or adapted for this purpose, pencil cases, if the bathroom has a design niche. In order to effectively use the space in the groove wall complement the shelves, drawers, hinged doors. Inner cabinet size and its functionality depend on the size of the original niche. In any case, this is a reasonable solution to optimize space bathrooms.
  8. Organizers - a wonderful assistant for ordering and allocation in place all the necessary items relating to the bathroom. Baskets, boxes, hangers, small shelves, cup holders, taped, and other variants of the organizers will be able to most functional way to organize a local storage location for bathroom accessories and other means, especially if used in conjunction with other types of furniture.

Containers for laundry

Bathroom - a place of high humidity

Particular attention in the choice of furniture should be paid to the materials from which it is made. The most popular materials are:

  • plastic;
  • wood, MDF, particle board;
  • drywall repellent;
  • rattan-bamboo;
  • metal;
  • glass.

Most often hanging drawers in the bathroom is made of plastic. This is explained by water repellency and chemical neutrality material. Of the minuses - the instability and fragility of the structure.

Cupboard under the sink is made of more durable material - wood or its derivatives: a chipboard or fibreboard. But as a drawer liner using plastic panels to protect the material from getting wet. Wooden furniture is durable, although afraid of water, but the MDF and particleboard under the water can begin to delaminate over time.

On the surface of the panels hanging furniture wet particles gather steam. For long-term operation of hinged boxes need to fence off from the rest of the bath shell space waterproof curtain.

Drywall - it's one of the most controversial materials for use in the bathroom. And although it is water-repellent and modifications necessary to apply it with caution. He has one big minus - its fragility. For the construction of hanging cabinets or drawers is better to choose another material. But embedded in the designs it will fit a niche.

Natural materials bamboo and rattan are very good with clothes storage. Their durability is dependent on the water-repellent impregnating materials and careful attitude. They make good box-organizers.

Cabinets or drawers under the sink in the bathroom is sometimes made of a metal. It makes a special coating or chrome. Such furniture looks very stylish. The main thing - do not scratch the surface. This furniture is much more expensive than plastic.

Another unusual material - the glass. It produces some interesting and avant-garde design. For furniture used tempered glass, but still dangerous drop heavy objects on it. And the glass there is another feature - it is on the mirror, see all the stains and splashes, and glass boxes do not hide their fillings.

Equipping your bathroom furniture, consider the safe mounting boxes and electrical insulation fixtures and sockets. Calculate the length of the drawers open, swing doors of lockers. Imagine how it will be placed in a small space bathrooms. The smaller the space for experimentation, the need to more closely relate to detail.

10 solutions for "smart" storage in the bathroom

The internal organization of cabinets and drawers helps to take a fresh look at the storage space in the bathroom problem

Hair dryer, curling irons and hair straighteners, electric toothbrush and razor we need every day. However, if you store them in the open, a feeling that in the bathroom a permanent disorder.

In your house there are small children who find it difficult to reach the sink? Or maybe you yourself hard to get items from the top shelves? Forget about dragging stools from room to room, because the solution to this problem more elegantly. Pull-out or fold-out step is a necessary thing in the bathroom, which is used by all members of the family (and everyone has their own growth). Place it directly under the sink or a high cabinet, and your child would get himself all that he needs.

You will not believe, but the order in the drawers can be induced once and for all, if you use the internal partitions and dividers. All you need - is to sort all the items in the bathroom on the "themes" (combs, razors, body care products, etc.) and to allocate a separate section for each group. See how it works. For one whole façade, three drawers, with each of them have an insert that can be removed at a time, and then clean place. Partitions and separators operate on the principle of design, that is, you will always be able to organize the drawer space to fit your needs.

Buy a model with an innovative guide and hinges.

Many people get up earlier than their relatives, and in a hurry going to work. They are, of course, very appreciated and loved, but very few people nice to wake up to the roar of slamming drawers and doors. And certainly no one nice pinch fingers are too stiff drawers. That's why engineers have developed a modern, soft rails and hinges for furniture, door closers and system «push-open», acting on the principle of "pressure to open." All these innovations are particularly valuable in families where there are children and the elderly. Furniture with the "stuffing" is quiet, safe and secure.

Cabinet with mirrored doors - a classic for any bathroom. But if you are going to update the interior, look for or order a model in which the mirror is not only outside but also inside. Why? First, the inside mirror will quickly find hidden in the depths of the little things. Secondly, you will be able to look at ourselves from the side and from behind, which is very important if you, for example, doing a complicated hairstyle. The model presented in this picture, there is also a magnifying mirror, indispensable when applying makeup. And thanks to the guide, on which a mirror slides up and down, they will be able to enjoy and young ladies.

Your apartment is small and there is no place for the laundry? Then there is nothing left, how to register a washing machine in the bathroom. Just hide it in the closet. When closed, it looks like podstole dresser with six drawers. But in fact, the entire right side - a false door of the three fronts of drawers, fastened together. Her hidden built-in washing machine.

Have you ever fought head on the open door of the cabinet in the bathroom? Or maybe you do not like folding doors, because they cover the review and all the time interfere to pass? In any case, if the comfort and safety - that's what you need from the bathroom, consider buying cabinets with rising or sliding doors. Often these models are available with semi-automatic drive, which makes them even easier to use.

The standard bathroom every square centimeter counts, so today furniture designers offer unique solutions to practically use the space to maximum advantage. Look at the cabinet-pillar. Instead of the traditional narrow and deep shelves in her integrated extension module. Search for the right thing, burrowing deeper and deeper, it is not necessary, because all cosmetics and bath accessories in a location visible at a glance "smart" storage has become the norm, and in addition to such withdrawable modules designers have come up with a lot of useful tools:. Corner cabinets rotating carousel for deep compartments, additional compartments on the inside of doors and much more.

Recently there have been mirrored bathroom cabinets with built-in LCD TV. Now washing up, you can see the morning news release, and soaking in the bathroom - a series favorite series. Music lovers will approach lockers with built-in speakers to preparing for a difficult day or a nice night, you can listen to your favorite music.

Which of these new products would you like to use in the interior of the bathroom? Or maybe you already have a "smart" furniture? Share your opinion in the comments and photos.

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The idea of ​​the organization of storage space in the bathrooms

Beautiful, comfortable, spacious bathroom, where everything is arranged with rationality and practicality - the dream of any of us. The oversized bathrooms organize storage space for necessary accessories is easy and requires no special ingenuity. But the regeneration of small bathrooms is often necessary to solve the problem of a lack of available space for shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers. However, displaying creative imagination, listening to the advice of designers and builders, can be converted into the original room bathroom:

There are many ways to equip the bathroom with a special place for storing items. If properly organized space can be compactly place a lot of useful and necessary things.

Traditional methods storage equipment

The easiest way to pick up a ready-made washbasins with pedestals. But not always the design of plumbing pipes and hoses, room layout allows the use of standard furniture, so most of the residents have to deal with storage of individual projects.

The easiest option - to construct modular shelves of several cubic boxes. This variant of the least expensive and it is available to everyone:

Conventional racks can vary shelves of different sizes, configurations. Such open design look very impressive and unusual:

The most popular and traditional place where you can place the bottles with hygiene, boxes and packages containing detergents, towels and more - the space under the sink:

Built-in cabinets with doors are harmoniously combined with open shelves for storing towels and other items:

For more convenience, better to arrange the shelves with towels near the washbasin or shower:

Under the sink is easy to arrange drawers separated by partitions inside - this is a great option to keep in order all the necessary items. The configuration of internal drawers can be very diverse, depending on the horizontal or vertical position, you will be storing items:

Drawers under the washbasins can be equipped with metal rods on which to hang towels:

Racks on withdrawable mehanizmah- is very convenient and practical: you can reach the most remote objects:

Very convenient and compact rolling out the boxes with a vertical way to store items:

Such uprights can be fitted with additional outlets for hair dryers, stylers and other devices:

Built-in furniture is very comfortable and practical, as created directly for a specific project and takes into account all the nuances of planning. Large built in storage system, where there are open shelves, and cabinets with doors and drawers allow to contain all the necessary accessories in the order:

Storage space can be a system that combines individual cabinets under the sink, and integrated into the recesses of a shelf, drawers and cabinets:

Symmetrically placed niches are ideal for decorating the shelves. They will give a finished look to the interior of the bathroom:

Also, any hole in the bathroom wall can be used for the organization of stands and shelves. This method does not require a search of additional space and building materials:

Such supports can be positioned in proximity to the bath or shower equipment. This is very convenient because shelves constitute the monolithic unity with the wall construction. If you decorate them with the same material as the walls themselves, these mini-niche is easy to clean from pollution:

With the embedded structure with shelves and cabinets easily hide any defects in the premises, the pipes, meters and other equipment:

Cantilever designs to accommodate different bath accessories and cosmetics - this is the most suitable option for small rooms. Shelves can be made of many different materials.

The interior style loft (it is also called industrial) organically fit metal constructions:

Shelves made of wood looks very stylish in an interior bathroom and suitable for ecological and rustic:

Glass shelves, equipped with additional lighting, create a feeling of weightlessness and will be appropriate in all styles:

Cantilever shelves models are convenient and rational: they do not take meters of free space without cluttering the space, they can be placed on any free wall areas above and below:

Hanging pedestals placed under the sink, - it is not only a compact storage space, these models allow for comfortable located near the sink:

If a chest of drawers with a console system has a fairly high resolution, it is necessary to create additional support at the edges. The distance from the floor to start boxes can also be used as an additional storage space to mount if, for example, a lattice stand:

Typically, the wall above the toilet remained untapped, but in a small bathroom this site can be used with the rationalization of the use, if easy to attach the shelves there:

What you need to consider the organization of storage facilities in the bathroom

Necessary nuances in the regeneration of bathrooms:

  1. good ventilation, because towels, bathrobes and wickerwork accessories, wooden items from excess moisture easily damaged;
  2. good lighting in order to find the necessary items without difficulty;
  3. use materials that are easily cleaned, do not rust and are not very visible water stains.

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