Sweet cakes without eggs

Sweet cakes without eggs Recipes with photos

Egg, of course - the most popular in our food but not everyone agrees that the use of this ingredient in health food useful. As a general rule, avoid their use, and the followers of vegetarianism, and the congregation assembled with fasting, in the post. And a lot of people and worse - are allergic to this product. So for those who do not use for any of the reasons for eggs, in this paper we present some recipes. Remember: home sweet cakes without eggs - it is real! You can cook a variety of rolls, cookies, cakes, pies. And do not think that without the eggs is almost impossible to make pastries: let's make sure in reverse on its own culinary experiences.

Short pastry without eggs for the sweet pastry

As is known, the dough may be leavened without yeast, with or without eggs - but in general, people have come up over the history of a great number of variants. Preparing it to dairy products: yogurt and cottage cheese. And sometimes sweet cakes without eggs and milk. For example, shortcrust pastry - one of the most common in home cooking. We need to take one and a half cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, half a cup of sour cream, one hundred grams of butter. Salt to taste.

In a vessel to put the test oil (to be soft) and sugar. All this is carefully rub the (sugar should be dissolved completely). The total weight of introducing flour (gradually rubbing lumps) and salt. By the way, before preparing the meal would not hurt Sift: this will add air to the test. Then add the sour cream and mix everything again very carefully. The dough was wrapped in plastic wrap and put on the bottom of the refrigerator, so that it "otdohnulo9raquo; (About one hour). After this time, you can already start making goodies - for example, shortcake.

Meatless pie with any jam

How to cook sweet pastry without eggs? Recipes with photos we publish below. For example, a simple to prepare cake with jam (meatless) who can cook almost every day, if there is inspiration and desire. And if a lot of jars of jam different available in stock. Such a sweet pastry without eggs is preparing almost any kind of jam or jelly, which is available in your home at your fingertips. You can also use the remaining syrup without berries. And products for the preparation of the test will always be on any kitchen (by the way, can be replaced with starch flour), it is done very quickly, and in this recipe turns out delicious sweet cakes without eggs. Recipes are easy to perform, and the desserts are delicious.

  1. First, prepare the dough itself. Take three cups of sifted flour, a spoon of starch, 150 grams of vegetable oil, a little cold water, half a cup of sugar, the juice of half a lemon, a pinch of baking soda, a little coriander, a little vanilla and salt.
  2. We will need a piece of plate to the test, rather deep, which we measure all the ingredients dry starch and baking soda, salt and sugar, vanilla and flour (Pour it not all at once, and half a glass of leave, then to be added during cooking). All mix thoroughly.
  3. In a second container a smaller measure off all products, liquid: water, oil, lemon juice.
  4. To a dry add liquid. Knead the dough, flour podsypaya left. For a long time it does not need to knead, because it leaves layered. When the dough does not stick to the table and their hands, riding well - it's ready.
  5. Next roll out the dough layer is thinner (thickness 3 mm). Cut fragment to the bottom of the cake, transferred to a baking oven, cut the hanging edge.
  6. Evenly sprinkle the flour (starch) with a not too large sieve. The amount of this ingredient depends on the selected jam. And it is more than the liquid, the greater the amount of flour (starch, as an option) to sift to the dough sheet.
  7. Spoon evenly over jam decompose (optional at first you can turn it into a homogeneous mass immersion blender, but you can leave the berries or pieces of fruit).
  8. We then bends out of the corner of the dough sheet and decorate the top of the cake from the remaining network. If you are preparing a festive meal, with the help of forms cutouts, laying them on the edge and on top of the jam.
  9. We bake our vegan cake in a well preheated oven until golden brown. Then we diminish the fire and bake for another fifteen minutes on low.
  10. We take out of the oven. We wait until the cake with jam has cooled, cut into pieces and serve.

Sweet cakes without eggs in the form of the dishes looks very tempting and appetizing. If you do not know what can be cooked with pumpkin porridge in addition, be sure to try it! Preparing this American pie is not too hard, and always turns out very tasty. This boundless field for culinary experiments, and every woman can make a cake to your taste (for example with condensed milk).

we need the dough: flour in an amount of 200 grams, half a cup of sour cream medium oil, 2/3 packs of butter. For the filling: pumpkin puree - pound of cottage cheese - 200 grams (a pack), 100 grams of condensed milk (it is possible to weld pre), spices as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, several spoons semolina.

Sweet cakes without eggs

Vegetarian recipes sweet baking without eggs: pies, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and many other delicious dishes.

Since childhood, I love pancakes. And what a holiday can do without the pancakes with cream? In this New Year I want to share a recipe that we have in the family.

Chocolate and honey gingerbread glaze

Chocolate and honey gingerbread suit when you come visit for tea. Leave guests in a sweet surprise from the magic taste. Chocolate gingerbread.

Pondering over what to cook tasty, I thought, "Why not try to make an inverted pie with apples and cranberries!" And then.

Gingerbread House (meatless, vegan) - workshop

Eve of Christmas and New Year - it's time for the festive magic - Gingerbread House! This recipe gingerbread house is ready not.

Traditional Indian samosas are baked in oil. In the present embodiment serves recipe SAMOSA fruit (Crimean worn on beaches).

Lean chocolate cake with zucchini

Lean chocolate cake with zucchini in a series of crazy cake. Girlfriend said that it is similar to brownies. And when they learned that he had no kislomolochki and with.

Very fond I purchased banana muffins, but when tried to prepare herself, all the time it turned out that something is not right. This is my perfect recipe for banana.

Grated pie rye flour can be made with different toppings - both sweet (for example, jam or poppy seeds) and savory (such as stuffing.

Icing for cakes - 6 recipes without eggs

So how soon Easter, I want to share with you a few good recipes for frosting cakes without eggs, some of whom are completely vegan. All .

For cake icing of akvafaby (chickpea) without eggs

A white vegan frosting without eggs, with which cakes and other baked goods will look really elegant and festive! In addition, this.

Crumbly, crunchy shortbread cookies with sweet aroma of coconut and vanilla, to the same lean, but they are not less tasty.

Lean coffee and walnut biscuits

Crispy lean coffee and walnut cookies - for lovers of coffee and nuts. Ingredients: 140 g wheat or spelled flour 45 g of corn.

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Baking without eggs

Recipes for baking without eggs. If you can not eat eggs (or just all the eggs in the refrigerator run out), these recipes will become your lifesaver.

These brownies sticky and viscous, what they do-and should ideally be. But if you want your brownies turned out drier, bake them longer.


Chocolate Cake vegetable oil

Rich, dense chocolate cake and no dairy and no eggs. A wonderful meatless cake. Can decorate with chocolate cream or other, according to your desire.

Recipe by: Kristi Demanette

A simple recipe for sponge cake, if you want something for tea or expecting guests.

Chocolate cake without eggs and dairy products

According to this recipe you can prepare wonderful cakes for vegetable cake. Also, the recipe is very helps, especially if you are allergic to eggs or dairy products.

Recipe by: Tina Demasi-Lemons

Simple cupcakes chocolate, from cocoa powder. The most common ingredients to the same without dairy products, it turns out very tasty. You can decorate with cream, if you like.

Recipe by: Eugene

Hypoallergenic cake (no eggs, milk or nuts)

Lenten cake without eggs and milk. Do not be confused by the lack of eggs or dairy products dough, cake still turns out very tasty! If you want to make a high birthday cake two cakes, increase the recipe by half.

Recipe by: Bridget Brooke-meer

Simple cinnamon rolls from yeast dough. When they get out of the oven, all at once come running into the kitchen. The whole house smells.

Recipe by: Amy

Very old and popular recipe. Cheese, butter, flour and soda. Slices are cut from the dough (or squares) are rolled in sugar and twice folded in half. Obtained corners that after baking become like barnacles.

Simple shortbread, tender, it melts in your mouth. If you want, you can add to the dough a little vanilla, almond extract and amaretto.

Recipe by: Carl T. Erickson

Cake can be prepared without eggs or dairy products. Cake can be cut and sandwiched jam, shops pudding or jelly, you get a wonderful meatless cake!

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