Storage box for toys

Choosing the right toy box

Modern children have no shortage of toys. They are beginning to buy before the birth of the child, and later their number is growing every holiday.

Everyone comes to visit the family, with small children, be sure to bring a toy. And at some point, parents understand that all these treasures need to be stored somewhere.

This concern of parents is understandable, because if the disorder will surround the child right from the childhood, it is likely in the future lead to a general lack of organization. Toy boxes you can do a true service.

Psychologists have long conducted a study that children who are accustomed to the procedure, will be much easier then to go to school. Having a handy toy box, it is possible not only to maintain order in the house, but also to teach this child. Children, putting things in order in his room and adding toys, learning to not only accuracy, but also the basics of systematization and analysis of their actions.

To this activity was not too onerous, toy boxes should be comfortable, bright, beautiful and functional. The preferred models that are shallow and low. In this case, the child can easily get the desired toy and it is also easy to remove it.

Very easy to use can be one big box, in which several small boxes inserted. In this case it will be possible to keep it sorted toys, such as cars in one compartment, cubes - in another, paints and crayons - in the third. So the child will be easier to navigate in the diversity of their wealth.

Many manufacturers offer a toy boxes on wheels to be easily moved from place to place.

Such containers are cheap enough, but take up a lot of space. For a small apartment, you can use this option: in the self-adhesive hooks attach to furniture, walls or even the inside of the cabinet small containers with toys - they will look very original and unusual.

If you only plan to make repairs in the nursery and buy furniture for it, you should pay attention to a bed or a sofa with built-in toy boxes or very comfortable and functional children's table with a container for storing board games, paints, albums and toys.

Many parents prefer to install the shelves along the walls. At first, they can put toys and as they grow older child they become shelves for books and various articles. You can make them or purchase order. Typically, manufacturers use them for materials such as particle board, wood, plastic.

You can purchase metal brackets plastic boxes or containers. In this decision a lot of pluses. can "grow" as the child grows in the first place, on the shelves, you can neatly arrange all, and secondly, a rack. Initially, the height of the stack would be equal to the growth of the child, and when the baby is older and taller, for one or two rows of drawer can install another one. Third, firmly mounted rack can separate the playing side of the room from the rest of the space.

It can be installed in the wall mounting for suspended pockets for toys. A variety of mesh pockets for storing toys you can buy or tie themselves, for mothers of girls is a good occasion to teach her daughter to keep in the hands of spokes. Of course, such capacity is not very strong, but they can quickly and easily find the right thing.

In recent years become very popular chests. This furniture can decorate a child's room, it is possible to store toys or items. On the chest you can sit, you can use it instead of the bedside table. Boys suitable plastic or wooden boxes, stylized pirate.

And girls like stylish wicker chests of bright colors. Nice to also buy a round fabric container that you can quickly collect the scattered toys, if you need urgently to restore order.

In short, the options - weight. How to choose, you decide!

How to make a toy box with his hands: a master class, and recommendations. Toy boxes with their hands out of the box

As a rule, their children, we buy a lot of different toys (dolls, cars, soft, developing, and so on). As a result, they are scattered in different corners of the apartment. To this was not, we offer you to learn how and what can be done for a box of toys with their own hands. At the same time it will be possible to accustom to the order and the child.

Using unnecessary cardboard box

Big box from under footwear, household appliances and so on can be reused. Just zadekoriruyte them - and you have a convenient place to store children's dolls and machines.

Master class, how to make a box for toys with their own hands, described below.

  1. You will need a cardboard box, glue gun, a large piece of cloth.
  2. Promazhte bottom box on the perimeter of the glue gun.
  3. Unfold the fabric and the middle Cover the bottom of the box, the flap gently stroking and pressing it to the adhesive.
  4. Promazhte all the inside walls stretch the fabric and glue it to the marginalia.
  5. Wrap fabric on the outer side of the box and glue it to the bottom of the walls.
  6. Turn the box and wrap the cloth on the bottom. Shred exactly should be pressed against the wall. Glue the fabric, and cut off the excess.
  7. In order to strengthen the bottom promazhte fabric glue along the perimeter of the box and glue on top of the cardboard.
  8. Turn the box.
  9. Top Pin clothespins, and inside put something heavy, the fabric is well glued to the box.

Instructions how to make a box of children's toys with handles will help you in this matter.

  1. Take two kinds of fabric, ribbon or thick rope, glue, glue gun.
  2. Cut a strip of fabric. In width it should be greater than the height of the box (you need to flap could close the bottom and a little wrapped inside a box). Along the length of the fabric must completely encircle the perimeter of the box.
  3. Glue the cut-out rectangle of fabric to the walls of the box.
  4. Wrap the excess fabric on the one hand inside the box, and on the other glue it to the bottom.
  5. Measure out a piece of the other color of fabric. It should cover the bottom and walls inside the box.
  6. Promazhte bottom inside glue and glue the fabric.
  7. Promazhte inside wall and also the tissue glue. Along the edges make gateways.
  8. Glue the gateways at the intersection of two types of tissue.
  9. Measure tape and glue it to the bottom, along the perimeter of the box, using the glue gun.
  10. Measure out two identical pieces of tape. Among them will be made pens.
  11. Stick the two tapes to the walls on the sides of the box.
  12. affix another tape around the perimeter of the box top. It should cover the bottom of the knobs.

Toy Box is ready!

The easiest way for this to take a self-adhesive wallpaper. Then do not mess around with glue and wait until all the walls are dry.

But, no matter, you will paste the next toy box or self-adhesive paper wallpaper, the same principle of operation:

  1. Cut a piece of wallpaper to the length he could encircle the perimeter of the box.
  2. If necessary, promazhte wall with white glue.
  3. Glue the wallpaper on the perimeter of the box.
  4. Make an incision at the top and bottom of the protruding parts of the wallpaper.
  5. Wrap the inside and on the bottom of the protruding pieces.

Wooden box for toys with their own hands is quite difficult. But such a thing gives a very reliable and will last much longer than a cardboard box.

Also, it can not simply engage in the interior as a decorative element. This box can become a functional part of the room.

For example, if you put the box under the wall, put a blanket and couch cushions, there will be an additional seat.

For convenience, we give guidance on how make a wooden box for storage of toys with their own hands.

  1. Create a sketch of the future box (picture 1). Consider its dimensions, what will be the height, depth and width. Will he stand on legs or bottom on the floor? Will handle and where they should be located?
  2. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools (picture 2). To start, you need to plywood or MDF board. They are sold in a hardware store. But if you have old furniture (such as a table, a chest of drawers, wardrobe), you can disassemble it and get the necessary materials. Also need screws and corners, hinges, PVA glue or carpenter. Of the tools it needs a simple or circular saw.
  3. If you buy materials at the store, you can ask to be there you have sawn boards to the desired size. If this is not possible or you are using improvised material, do it yourself (picture 3). For this raschertite board on parts and Saw her. As a result, you should have the following number of parts: four walls (all the same or two different ones), and the bottom cover.
  4. Start box assembly. To this point the walls are coated with glue joints (picture 4).
  5. Then connect the two corners (picture 5).
  6. Attach the lid to the box with hinges (picture 6).
  7. Wipe off excess glue with a cloth and leave to dry box.
  8. Zadekoriruyte box. For example, it oshkurte and color (picture 7).
  9. Attach the handle and optional legs (picture 8).

Box for storing ready!

Wooden box for toys can be made from planks. There are two ways of collecting.

  1. Take the plywood to the bottom corners of the nail and four wedges. Later they were nailed thin nails plank. Between the tree can make slits, it would be better ventilation.
  2. Nail the box to the bottom on both sides of the plywood. And it nailed boards. Thus, the sides of the box have to be solid, and the parties - with slits.

System Storage children's toys

The seemingly bad when a lot of toys for children? And the fact that they are scattered through the rooms and their owners are not very fond of picking them up. Proper storage of toys in an apartment or house - a pledge of peace and order (moms especially) because even the mere maintenance of order in this case - a task of high complexity. Facilitate its possible and necessary. You will need furniture for children's toys - racks, shelves or cabinet, as well as a decent amount of boxes, cases, bags and pouches.

Furniture for storage in children's toys

The furniture in the children's room needed from the first days of life. And most often it is a chest of drawers and shelves. But first they engaged mainly linen and children's clothing, toys and take up little space. But gradually the fun stuff - rattles, teddy bears, cars, PUPS, etc. getting bigger, they require a separate place, but sometimes more than one.

The most convenient option - rack. No closet with doors, namely rack with open shelves, which can be boxes. Keeping toys in a form optimally - and the baby is convenient to get them, and remove them quickly.

At first you can buy or make a rectangular rack, and preferably with a square mesh. Now you understand why ...

Rectangular rack with square compartments

While the child is small, it is possible to put "lying" - as in the photo, the long side of the floor. So it is more convenient for a small child - it will first explore what is at the bottom, then move on to the top shelf. And security - grown children can use shelves as a ladder, and will climb high is not in such a situation))

A couple of years the child gets older, toys will be more. You can turn the rack and put it "high", and the vacant place of the second set or to make shelves. By combining multiple racks of different heights will get children's toys storage.

Different shelves are going to the toy storage

Doraschivat volumes can gradually: to buy a single rack or as soon as talked - whatnot, then another. The beauty of a nursery in that they do not even necessarily have to be the same color. And if you care - paint them, or select a neutral color "under the tree."

How to organize the storage of toys: ideas

The racks can be put different boxes, boxes in which to unload small and not toys. Immediately note that the wooden boxes (or plywood, particle board and other similar materials) for young children - not the best option. They are too heavy, trying to get the toys children often injure your fingers. They also have traumatic tight corners, which can, of course, slightly rounded, but still they remain rigid. These boxes are suitable for students. They already and more strength, coordination and better developed. A storage of toys for kids to better organize more soft and not-traumatic plastic containers / baskets or in the dense boxes, pasted colored paper or cloth.

Heavy crates should be replaced with light

Furniture for injured or do not buy so much difficult, but to teach the child to put his toys - a task more difficult. Girls bookcase can be made into a house. Then it will settle itself "residents" and to create conditions for them.

Shelves for toys in the nursery for girls

With the boys it does not work. They usually have a lot of cars and the main problem of storage of toys boy - dotting machine. To do this, you can make a wall-mounted garage. This long, narrow shelf, on which is placed the entire fleet. More options - Transparent pouches to fabric (sold as shoe storage system) or shelf assembled from plastic tubes.

How to organize the storage of machines (garage wall)

To stimulate the desire to "chase" car in the garage, on the floor can be masking tape to make markings on which "after a change", they call in the parking lot.

The road to a parking lot

In principle, these pockets can be used for storing collections of dolls and soft toys.

The pockets on the wall convenient place and dolls and stuffed toys

When places on the shelves and racks in the children is not enough, we need more ideas. Besides pouches can be made drawers (large) under the bed or table.

Drawers under the bed - do not take place, and hide there you can already bored with toys

To large boxes do not lay all the bulk, small things can be put under a plastic basket. So all there faster than in the general pile.

Storing toys should be organized properly

Boxes can be mounted in racks not only on the shelves: it is possible to suspend them. To this end, the side walls of the cut grooves into which are inserted just skirting the baskets and baskets. Baskets can take plastic (if you can find a sufficiently rigid bumpers), and can be metal - from equipment closets or wardrobes.

How to install a basket for toys in Shelving

The largest free surface in a room - the walls. And you can use them. For example, to attach to the wall (side wall of the cabinet, a lamp shade, etc.) the Velcro strip. Soft toys in the back to sew too small pieces of this tape. They are easy to hang on the place and shoot. And the decor at the same time become more diverse.

Velcro - one of the easiest ways to find a place for soft toys

On the walls you can hang from a wire mesh pots or plastic. They also arranged a wonderful small doll-bear-bunnies or cars.

In lieu of flowers in pots put toys

Borrow an idea from the kitchen and can be: mounted in horizontal pipes of different bags. To the neck were rigid, they can be tightened or sew the embroidery frame resilient wire.

Pockets or bags on the pipe - is another idea to store toys in the nursery

Pockets are doing and on a wooden base. It can be cut out of plywood, paint, nail a few hooks, pockets and pouches. Toy mini storage system is ready.

One of the variants of pockets for toys

But not all can be attached to the wall. Some things require crates or boxes. For example, sportinentar - all the balls, balls and other projectiles. They are easy to store in a wire trash baskets.

Wire basket for storage of sports equipment and large toys

If desired, the basket can be attached to the walls and train hit the ball in the basket (away from breakable objects and windows).

toy storage from the category of "cheap and cheerful" - folding cloth basket. Of course, they are inexpensive, look good, but very quickly torn. Especially net: toy caught, her child pulled ... .dyrka.

Folding cloth baskets to store toys

It would not have tried to parents whose children do not really want to clean up the toys. Or rather, do not want. In this sense, a perfect bag-mat.

Bag-pad for quick cleaning

This ingenious solution: on the edge of a round rug sewn small height "wall" along the top edge of it made Drawstring, which prodernut cord. To remove the toy, you just have to tighten the cord. The edges of the mat and the mat will rise transformed into a bag.

Quickly assemble toys easily

Then these bags can be placed somewhere near the wall or hung on special hooks. Really perfect.

Boxes for toys with their own hands

Looking at children's prices are not on the nice wicker or plastic baskets in stores, think about the fact that the idea of ​​making a colored box for toys with their own hands is not so bad. Need cartons of thick (not corrugated) cardboard, probably out of household appliances. You can try their luck with friends: Many manufacturers offer warranty repair only if the packaging. So people keep boxes. The warranty period for a long time has passed, and throw away the packaging forgotten. Here are the boxes and is - the best option for the children.

Another option - to ask in the department store. They too often get items in rigid packaging. For example, in such come diapers, napkins, etc.

With the found boxes cut off the lid. In the side walls (narrow) hole-slotted handle. All joints on the inside sizing tape.

We cut off the box lid, performed in the sides of the hole-handle

We take a multi-colored paper. Excellent wrapping in which gifts are packed. It is firm, there are a large number of different patterns. You can also use paper for scrapbooking. If the decoration is made of paper of different colors, cut into strips of equal width, if the paste will be patterned, measured bandwidth adjustment box.

Take the adhesive (PVA), lubricates the surface of the brush box and the start angle with glue. We try to glue without bubbles, smoothing the paper gradually, from edge to edge. Next put a sheet with a small entering not last. So, until the paste over all surfaces.

Look at the light, cut out with scissors handles. That the edge was more accurate, sizing handles slices thin paper strip. Also the bands make out the top slice.

Ready homemade box for toys

In this case, all the corners of the box you can glue tape on both sides - will last longer. Next, take a cloth and cut to fit two sets of blank boxes. One severely in size, plus seam allowance, the second 1 cm smaller and also with an allowance. On seams add 0.5-1 cm on each side. One can cut a workpiece at once with a cross, but the fabric is greater consumption - separate pieces economical))

Cut the fabric double set pieces and sew them

We sew parts, first in the form of a cross, and then making a bag out of the workpiece. Try on the box. One (larger) stretch the outside, inside the second straighten.

Now take a universal glue and glue tissue on the bottom of the perimeter of the inside and outside. Then sizing the corners. So the fabric will not move.

Sizing the fabric along the edges of the box

The edges of the two sacs folded the inside is sheathed box on hand perimeter.

Sheathe the top of the box for toys, cuts through the handle

Using scissors, cut through the handle. Just do not cut big chunks. It is necessary to leave about 1 cm "extra" tissue. We wrap it inside, handle Hemming.

Having pens, get ready box for storing toys.

Decorated with self-adhesive film

Thanks, very interesting. I found one solution - bags, mats IWIS-KIDS, about which you write, really liked the idea. I bought myself and use it with pleasure. Handy thing - advise!

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