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How to choose a stool in the kitchen? Photo and Prices

It is said that the first time such an attribute as a kitchen stool came to Europe from Byzantium as early as the Middle Ages. Since it is an integral part of every kitchen.

How to choose a stool in the kitchen?

Stool or as used in the popular lexicon - a stool, it's not just the usual attribute of kitchen furniture. From its convenience depends on the comfort of all households. That's why the first purchase their favorite model at least unwise.

Often, the main selection criteria are price and appearance. In this article, we'll understand, if guided in the choice of these parameters enough, what is really important to pay attention and give some practical advice, how to choose stools in the kitchen.

Basics stool choice in the kitchen

So, it is important to pay attention to?

  • The design of the brand.
  • The convenience and product design.
  • In the material of the stool is made.
  • On its size and compactness.

In order for you to understand why all of these criteria are important, we explain in detail each of them.

When choosing stools first thing that catches the eye is its design, look and feel. It is important to keep in mind about the design of your kitchen, because the stools should be in harmony with it.

Convenience and stools design

Thanks to modern technology, today a new convenient and comfortable attributes began to appear in the life of people. Current models can have a simple and convenient design. Usually it is the seat and support. You can select a stool at one, three or four poles. The priority of the model on four pillars, they are more practical, stable. It is important to consider if you have at home, there are people with more weight. Choosing a stool on three legs, remember that it can easily capsize.

You may want to give preference to options that have additional bracing in the form of lower pronozhok. Choosing a stool, make sure that you are comfortable to sit on it.

Quite a few important factor is the choice of material. Today, you can choose the product of:

From what material made stool depends on its price. But, remember, it is not always "dorogo9raquo; It means "kachestvenno9raquo ;.

Stools Plastic affordable. They are lightweight, compact, but not strong. In addition, they are unlikely to decorate the interior of your kitchen.

Metal model - very high quality, they can be made in different designs. However, their disadvantage - too much weight.

Especially prized wood products. They can be decorated with carvings. Models made from natural wood are environmentally friendly. But mixed wood materials can, on the contrary, be harmful to health.

Popular combined variants, for example, wooden seat and metal legs. If you choose a combined model, keep in mind that the seat and legs should complement each other. Metal legs perfectly in tune with the high-tech style.

Of course, you purchased the furniture should be certified.

Size and compact stools for the kitchen

When choosing stools it is important to pay attention to its size, because they must be easily located under the sink. Norms regarding the dimensions are: height - 50 cm, the length of the side of the seat - 50 cm depending on the material of construction of the model..

When choosing a seat is important to know what they are. So, you can buy a model with a soft and firm seat. Soft - are distinguished by their convenience, but at the same time practical. Leather or fabric upholstery quickly wear out with repeated use (as usually occurs) remain on the surface indentations. If the seat upholstery is made of cloth, it is difficult to clean. Stools with a solid seat will serve you for a long time, they are better and more versatile.

Stool from IKEA

Practical tips will help you to easily cope with the selection of stools in the kitchen. Take them into account.

  1. Convenience. Before buying a seat on a stool, vote, whether you will be comfortable on it, whether it is your weight and height.
  2. Determine whether the needs of design, color, appearance, design, material. If there are visible defects, for example, on the elements acts as glue, then do not make such a purchase.
  3. Rate stool weight, its size. Compare these settings with the weight category of his household.

From cheap options should be abandoned immediately, as acquired the thing does not serve you for a long time. In today's market, you can easily find quality products and domestic production. The main thing - do not make a purchase in a hurry!

Design stools - there is a choice! 40 photo examples

Hello dear readers! Most likely, each of us, at home there is a stool, most often they are made according to certain standards, namely the 4 legs, beams and seat rails. But you want something unusual, exclusive, so maybe it was time to change the simple stools, on the fashionable and actual ?! In this connection, the subject of today's review "Design stools - there is a choice!".

If before the stools were made mostly of wood, but now you can find models made of plastic (plastic transparent chairs are very popular), metal, fabric, fur, leather, bamboo, wood and of course, too. The form has also undergone a change from the traditional square seats, to round, oval, triangular, or simply irregular shapes.

In addition, if earlier on sale were presented only on chairs with four legs, but now you can buy original stools on one leg, two, three, five, and so on. Designers regularly come up with something new, thereby actively adding to the range, such a convenient and necessary furniture.

Traditionally, design stools generally varies around a single structure: the base (legs), seats - without a backrest and armrests. Especially extravagant designers, sometimes violate age-old tradition, yet most of these chairs are performed on articulated scheme.

What is so enticing stools? Most probably its compact, because they can slide under the table, gently place somewhere in the corner, and folding models and did hide in a closet or put to balcony. Design stools are their masters, of course, thanks to the original, non-standard external design.

Unusual stools get in its category, not only because of some special shape, but also due to the original color. Here, for a person with imagination just freedom for the implementation of ideas, you can create a monochrome chair, bright or muted, matte or glossy, with ornaments, imitation animal skins or entire landscapes on the seat.

But, with such a wide range of truly original stools find the right model? In fact, everything is simple, simply indulge your senses and take a look at the interior, which will be located items. Indoors, stylized in the direction of high-tech, a winner will look unusual forms of chairs, silver color, decorated to match the floor carpet.

Style Pop Art underlined model of bright colors, such as green salad in the kitchen. Classic rooms can beat chairs made of wood with carved elements. Vintage direction will be well complemented by a stool in a small flower and openwork covers. Country style will look worthy of the most simple wooden stools, but with unusual engraved on the seat.

Most likely, designer stools, with periodic updating of forms and colors, will be in demand for many years, and maybe even forever!

Decoupage stool (video master class):

How to make a fashionable bag for stool (video):

The site "Comfort House" in the near future, will start a new series of articles devoted to the stylistic direction of premises, so as not to miss a new survey out do not forget to sign up for updates!


Oh, how cool!) I liked the fluffy stools and stool "accordion". Super!

Sasha, but I addition to fluffy, even knitted really like!

Just pleasure to look at all the beauty, thanks for the information, there is something to think about

Irina, I am very glad that you liked the review on stools! These fashionable products, just fine complement the interior!

I liked the stool from the last photo, reminiscent of colorful mushrooms. Very original solution! And I imagine what they must be soft!

Elena, we have agreed with you preference, I, too, as she saw them, so just fell in love!

What a variety of stools. Create comfort at home - this is a very complex process, which is better to attract specialist. I especially liked the colored stools, though well aware that in my kitchen, they do not fit.

Maria da comfort at home is some special atmosphere, which is necessary to try to recreate! And you probably classic kitchen colors "under the tree"?

Very cute = stools), and most importantly a lot of places do not take, and always come in handy!

Elena, thank you! The first stools were recorded as far back as ancient times, how much time passed, but they are still relevant!

A lot of very interesting ideas! A knitted, I would have done to the country. Thank you, Victoria!

And thank you Lada!

So a lot of interesting creative ideas like that is easier seat and 4 feet, and then cleared a fantasy not a joke, impressed stool, folded like waves

Rashid, the type of the folded scarf? Yes, it really is very unusual!

What carbon monoxide! Not every stool would want to have in the house, but look interesting.

Cool stool =) I especially like the male and female =) I would have bought a

Alina, thank you for your feedback!

How interesting. Even I had no idea of ​​such an abundance of design stools. Super. I'll go look at selling something similar. Very much I enjoyed it.

Elena, thank you, very pleased that you have found a interesting models stools!

Thank you for such podborku.Nastroenie would podnyalos.Vot who have such stool Zadar

Irina, I would not have refused such little presents!

Here it forms a blast @ =. My kitchen stools are now needed. But I'm afraid, in our standard interior is little of it fit.

Elena, you can still pick up something in the standard interior, and on the other hand, you can create a specific focus - on the stool! To experiment! Thank you for your feedback!

Awesome stools! Eyes run, one better than the other. There is something to see. * YAHOO *

mila thank you for your review, I am very glad that you liked the review!

What a variety of stools! liked knitted and fluffy stools. Such home - cozy ... =)

Larissa, I'm to be honest, they too, are most popular!

Stool - just lovely! That would be offered me to choose something, I would have hung for a long time. * PARDON *

Although first attracted me is knitted stools, but this is not surprising.

Thank you for the pleasure!

Elena, thanks for the positive feedback, go to the guests on more often!

people's imagination is boundless, but everything is new - is well forgotten old.

Arina, it is! * Clapping *

I had no idea that stools design can be so diverse! Like a furry knitted stool and very cute!

Catherine, though - they're so cute, I am very delighted with them!

What a wonderful variety of stylish, creative and unusual stools ?! Like wicker stool in the grass and made of solid wood-like stone.

I even could not think that there is such a variety of stools! Very cute. A knitted easy to tie their own hands 🙂

Olga, I would like to associate such cases, they are very trendy look! * Hi *

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    Stools for the kitchen - which to choose? Browse popular models of 90 photos!

    Ordinary stools with a nice seat ordinary piece of furniture of any kitchen. If you decide to purchase, brand new stools, you should take into account the features of the design of the kitchen and the tenants preferences.

    Stools should be convenient and comfortable for the user, so the views of the residents depend mainly final choice.

    Many believe that when choosing stools there are no complications. But it seems only at first, in fact, has its own nuances and exceptions. Select only the shape of the seat of the stool have been difficult, because a huge selection. And this is only the most simple in the choice of stools for the kitchen.

    When choosing kitchen items you need to consider that all combined with the overall design, but it is not simple and straightforward.

    When buying stools note:

    • Seat dimensions.
    • Design stool.
    • The design of other items in the kitchen.

    • The dimensions of objects in the kitchen.
    • Material from the seat of the stool.
    • The material from which the frame is made of stool.

    • The stability of the stool.
    • The cost of the stool.
    • The coloring of the stool.
    • Stool quality materials.

    The main thing in any piece of furniture is a framework. It depends on the quality of the object frame and the time that it will serve you.

    Each material has its own advantages:

    • Chipboard looks outwardly good. This material is resistant to moisture, it can withstand heavy weights.

    • Wood is a classic. It is safe and well - can also withstand heavy weights.

    • The framework for the stool Metal looks stylish, reliable, it can withstand heavy weight and easy to care for metal.

    Choose wisely upholstery for stool. The most common material is synthetic leather and flock.

    Color stools plays an important role in the overall kitchen design. If the stool is cheap, and the quality will be at this price.

    Listen to the advice you will be able to choose the right quality and stool that lasts for a long time and will enjoy its beautiful appearance.

    Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen stools

    The most common stools in which soft seat. The stools with upholstered seat better solid seats:

    • They are convenient and comfortable for them to use durable and comfortable materials, a good mix of many designs.
    • Some stools are made of non-combustible materials. This is a huge advantage for the kitchen.
    • When buying stools learn about the possible nuances.

    If the kitchen is a small area, the folding stool is a great option that would save space.

  • Conventional chairs tangle in a small kitchen. Folding Furniture already familiar and many people use it in small apartments.

    Except the kitchen folding stools come in handy when traveling.

    This is a compact version of the furniture. Stools are versatile and comfortable to use. In principle, they are comfortable, some have armrests.

    Stool considered Barney and look great at the bar counters. Just a stool handy if you have a child.

    These stools are modern, stylish and fashionable look. Suitable for high-tech style.

  • Soft stools for the kitchen with his hands

    It's not hard if you have a little imagination and skill. Many variations on the sale of this furniture with his own hands, but it costs several times more expensive. Why not save money and do a stool at home.

    Properly selected stools for the kitchen with a soft seat to give the area a highlight dinner.

    So w e stools save space, because they are without backs, so it's a great alternative to the chairs. The main thing that it was convenient and comfortable to sit for lunch or dinner.

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