Stash Bag style Shabby chic

Casket in style Shabby-chic

So, it took me a little wood to work casket, glue PVA, acrylic paints, candle, Tissue motives for decoupage, gold glitter, stencil for paintings gold paint, matte varnish.

1. The basis of man-made product - a small wooden casket.

2. casket I primed made their own hands mixture of white acrylic and PVA glue.

All subsequent phases of work their own hands above casket in style Shabby - chic alternate complete drying of the paint or adhesive.

3. casket I painted brown paint and rubbed corners and folds candle. This reduces the link next to the brown paint layer and makes it quite easy to remove

4. Now came the turn light layer paints. I covered my casket a layer of ivory paint and, after drying, lightly rubbed its edges with fine sandpaper. casket immediately bought "had lived" look due to residues candles between the layers of paint.

5. Now is the most pleasant moment decoupage - embellishment. Paste the cut from napkins fragments. AT Shabby-chic style important thing is not to overdo it with an abundance of patterns, because "scrapes" are themselves decoration.

6. After that, through a small stencil I drew patterns paint color "old gold".

On roses and patterns caused a small amount of gold glitter, just enough to emphasize the "remnants of the former luxury."

7. To paraphrase a classic, I would say that in casket everything should be fine, as the outer side and the inner.

8. All ready-made box style Shabby-chic I their own hands covered with several layers of matte varnish.

It remains to put in your jewelry box and put in a prominent place to visit no doubt in your aristocratic origin. After all, such an old, shabby time thing could get you just inherited!

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Stash Bag style Shabby chic. MK Olga

I decided to show how I made one of his works, I hope u will be useful to someone.

1. That there is such zagotovochka MDF. Pencil eraser removed, sanded.

2. Inside also sanded.

3. Napkin, which will decorate.

4. sanded and prepared for brush, roller and ground.

5. Brush struck the ground.

6. Roller leveled.

7. Inside also primed, there will be a colored paint, and the smooth surface of the MDF paint will lay down evenly (on the ground can be seen).

8 This is all densely covered with soil, you now need to have a good dry. Primed 2 layers with drying if wood is enough to layer 1. Sanded fine sandpaper 240.

9. Since the primed white, I need to cover dark, worn in Shabby usually dark, black. Personally, I'm black is not very much, it seems to me, that looks rather tartly. I like the softer colors, so mix black and Burnt Umber.

10. vkusnyuchy turns the color of dark chocolate.

11. The box covers this color using a brush, a roller leveler, dried oshkurit fine sandpaper

12. The paint was left, throw a pity. Film can be close or shift in a jar, under the film during the day could easily be used, after starts to dry.

13. Now the fun - take a candle, a candle rubbed only where I want to be strong abrasions and chips, and where they do form in reality.

14. These are the most prominent parts: legs, corners - something that bounces and chipped off in the first place. And a few dabs anywhere. Paraffin pellets sweeps stiff brush.

15. Now you have to cover the light color. The Shabby-chic are commonly used white and pastel colors. Off-white I do not want to, so take warm white.

It can be themselves and do - in white, you can add a drop of ocher. get ivory; if Burnt Umber, there will be a pinkish shade if natural umber, then lightly with Zelentsy etc.

16. Here one can see the difference between white and warm white.

17. One layer appears through the lower, denser need.

20. I take shkurochku 240 and start to work actively.

21.Nu that's actually what happens.

22, 23. In other places I just actively rubbing sandpaper to scuff were. Due to the fiber structure MDF scuff get interesting.

24. Angles active labor.

And that's what happened

29. A pressure-napkin using the file.

30. it is possible to smooth rubber roller or trowel. Spatula under strong pressure can reduce napkin, so I do everything carefully.

31, 32. The top coat with glue again, focusing on the chamfer, there should be good all the fluff and press the brush, because if there is a bubble or not even one, everything just starts to come unstuck, and the work will be poor-quality appearance. Then all the land well.

33. Bag dried and covered with 1 layer of varnish, for protection. First defending his napkin, and secondly will continue to work with stamps, and if suddenly something goes wrong, you can wash away all.

34. shtampinga paint pick a theme, I want to make lace, style Shabby-chic is quite suitable.

I mix white, natural umber, and a little bit of Siena.

35. Stamp silicone.

36. Nameshivayu paint.

37. The paint is distributed over the entire plate, so you can dip a sponge.

38. A piece of sponge is needed.

39. The sponge dipped in paint, it is necessary to evenly distribute surplus on a paper towel should be removed.

40. Now rub stamp chpokaem not, namely, rub, and without pressure. If chpokat, the paint will get inside to die and the subsequent shtampinge is continuous blur.

You can make a kind of ink pad: the broad plates, a piece of glass, tile, or any other non-absorbent paint material put in 2-4 times folded cotton cloth and soak it with paint and has already stamped itself directly dip - as a seal. But the paint thus takes considerably longer.

41. smeared stamp

42. On a sheet of paper can be trained.

43. Push down as evenly as possible. You can ride a roller, but careful not to move, press or put the pin and evenly, but we press is not very strong and does not dot, otherwise it will be dirt.

44. Printed, but slightly paler and softer than I should be for the casket, so I will smear even less.

45, 46. The stamped prepare for further work.

47 is printed on the surface.

48. What happened.

49. That it happened.

50. It's a long side of the box, and here the stencil completely covered the entire side, so trying on dry stencil, paint is applied it is not completely, but only where you need printed.

51. We see the transition, but when the paint dries, it will not be as noticeable, but if you still noticeable in the skin care. I'm fine shkurochkoy straight over the paint of the past, in some places a dot, because I had an old lace.

2 52. Inside primer layer.

53. Paint does not lay down very smoothly, so to obtain a dense color, apply 3 coats of paint with a brush, and after drying, sanded fine sandpaper.

54. That such mediums for aging I use them 3 colors.

55-56. Colors such chosen medium.

57. Will the old inner box, because there is no life in such a way that if the casket is actively used, it is inside the new and old on the outside, or vice versa. Old'll brush because dirt have to score it in the corners, there basically is soiled most. I type medium on the brush, shade on a towel and forth.

58. put in the corners.

59. Already antique, here too, a caveat - if the strike only in the corners, the rest of the surface is clean, then this is also not the case. But much too bright is not necessary, so just almost dry brush with the past is already everywhere.

60. On the cover, too old, and stamped the same paint as the lace on the outside, but just spread it glazes medium to imprint was more vague, gentle.

61. Inside, decided to decorate with lace. But it must first be prepared. Firstly, any natural lace needs to be wetted, dried and ironed before use, because it has the ability to sit, especially if PVA glue on, it gets wet from the glue dries and becomes shorter. Secondly, I did not like the color, all merges with the surface, so it will be painted. Can be painted with paint, the medium can be, I decided that I will spoil.

64. Since it is in a box will appear.

65. Glue will be on "moment Crystal"Here, too, especially there. Moment dissolves the paint until it is dry. When it is dry, it can be removed fairly easily. In any case, I delete it. But if, for it, the wet, toothpick drive, it and the upper layer paint is hurt.

Lace butt should be on the side where it is not visible (preferably in a corner). Therefore, we open the box and look at it: two distant corner disappear immediately, so either the right or the left, but the front.

66.67. Glue is applied not just to the entire surface, but gradually. Caused a piece of toothpick smeared, glued, and so on.

A further design of the cover tape boxes, also "moment Crystal", Under the joint bow, bow with lace and ribbon, all on the same "moment Crystal" glued.


Scrapbooking. Suitcase of textured cardboard. Template and master-class Scrapbooking. Suitcase of fact.

Export diary on your computer continues to talk about the transfer of the diary lyre by WordPress. Here's.

How to grow your own kombucha? How to grow your own kombucha? Expression.

Wow! What a beauty! Girls, check it out) I present to you an amazing.

Good day! Never tire of repeating, that the gift is not as important as the otno.


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Delicate Bag of Books in Style Chebbi Shik.Podrobny Master Class

which is not a pity to cut and stationery knife:

We begin to cut the page. The first sheet is not touched.

We step back from the edge of a little more than a centimeter.

For convenience, you can use a ruler.

It should be patient, because This process is time consuming and takes you

a lot of time and effort))

Will gradually take shape features of the future box.

Corners can not immediately give in, they need to pay a little more attention,

that would fulfill all accurately and beautifully.

That would have cut the pages do not interfere with work, I hook the wire out of the ordinary:

By the way, cut the leaves do not rush to throw out -

they can also find application.

If you have a thick book, having reached the middle,

you can simply turn and continue to cut the other end,

meet already carved "okoshku9quot ;.

The result should look something like this:

Next, we will need two clean sheet (1/2 A4 sheet) -

or more, depending what format your book, PVA glue and a brush.

One puts a piece of paper between pages and the underside of the cover of the book:

Thoroughly coat with pages outside of glue:

Do not forget to do the same from the inside:

Put second sheet between pages and

the very first leaf (the one that does not cut it), I have these two were.

Align the book. If she "poplyla9quot; and we place under the press for a few hours -

until completely dry. I usually leave for the night.

As they dry neatly torn off upper attached sheet:

If any of the Page "uehala9quot; (Like me), simply cut off the protruding edge.

The sheet which has been embedded below prikleevaetsya typically very durable,

but we do not stop, just wrap the edges of the inside:

Our pages neatly glued into a monolith:

That first leaf of the book from which we do not have anything to cut,

Now with scissors attach the following form:

.and using PVA glue to the pages.

So "kryshka9quot; Boxes will not hang.

Now we proceed to the decoration.

If you want to decorate a box relief - now is the time to start.

I'll make the podium for the colors:

Cardboard cut out of the ordinary oval, stick it on the cover:

Next, take an ordinary office paper (or any other)

Good crushes it, just do not overdo it, that she would not become a piece of cloth))

we only need a crumpled print:

Glue. Spine until sticking.

The edges of the incision in the spine:

Zaguinay corners and sealed completely:

Select the reliefs under the paper:

Inside the same way as done below:

Now glue the edges of the paper on the spine.

First, from the bottoms, then from the cover:

And feeds paper to the inside:

This is what happens) already have to like))

Now our glue glued to the bottom of the page:

Inside the box is pasted over the same crumpled paper.

This piece of paper is not cut off at the edges, and cut off,

that would be adhered to other layers of the joints were not allocated securities:

Getting toning.

Depending on the planned palette, take the paint,

sponge and brush. You can take a ready-made ink pads.

And carried out on the surface of the paper is not very pressing,

that would be stained only folds:

We leave it all to dry for a couple of hours.

After we proceed to the final stage - the decorating.

I had already blinded from clay "ugolki9quot ;, done florets fabric.

I also need to lace, ribbons and so on.

There is already a select all according to your taste and decorate as you want.

I show a couple of nuances, where issues may arise:

Lace stick with PVA, fixing the folds with pins.

When the adhesive sets, the pins are removed.

Bumpers inside the box also can paste lace,

I have done this before, so now use the tape.

The edges are cut at an angle of 45 degrees, oplavila lighted match.

privleivala just APT:

The same adhesive planted lace on the spine of the book.

Polubusinki stuck on super glue.

Part 12 - Soft Bag of Books in Style Chebbi Shik.Podrobny Master Class

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