Spathiphyllum species


Spathiphyllum - a frequent visitor in the flats flower lovers. This exotic plant grows in South America and Southeast Asia.

Common in the humid tropics, where it rains regularly and always warm. It was in this climate it feels comfortable. To this flower grew well, blossomed and developed properly in a city apartment, it is necessary to create similar living conditions.

Under the heading you will see photos and names of the species and varieties of indoor Spathiphyllum (female happiness flower).

In room culture is grown several kinds of plants that differ in size and shape of the leaves. The largest species are spathiphyllum gelikonielistny and tends to spoon. These plants grow up to 1 m in height and have a beautiful large leaves with wavy edges.

Smaller species: spathiphyllum flowering and charming. These plants are more compact - about 50 cm in height. The smallest species spathiphyllum Wallis (Photo below) does not exceed 30 cm in height and has a narrow dark leaves and buds with a narrow white veil.

several varieties of plants bred in Holland. Grade Spathiphyllum "Domino" has small dimensions and original variegated leaves. Grade «Caiti» has leaves with yellow washes. Its height is 70 cm. The largest variety «Sensation» is designed for landscaping large areas. At the height it reaches 1.5 meters and has a large white inflorescences.

Other popular varieties of Spathiphyllum: Strauss, Chopin, Alan, Picasso, Gemini, Bellini, Verdi, Haiti.

The bush is a rhizome with multiple shoots with leaves longer oblong with pointed tips. Their edges can be straight or wavy.

In some species grows up to a height of 1 m, width of leaves - more than 20 cm. In small species with a sheet width of 12-15 cm bush height not exceeding 60 cm.

This plant lives long. With good care it It grows and blooms at least 10 years, and often much more. But even if we take care of them bad and grossly err when grown, ruin it just will not work, he will live for several years and may even bloom.

Since the strong sun is harmful to plants, put it on the windowsill can be only in rooms with windows facing the north.

However, many cultivated flower in bright sunny living room, because it is quite large and very decorative plant, decorate the room. In this case flower should be put not on the windowsill, and on separate locker or a table far away from the window, to diffuse light falling on it. This will protect it from direct sun, and will look beautiful in a living room interior.

Now you have seen species Spathiphyllum and be able to choose suitable for you.

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Spathiphyllum: popular species and varieties with a photo!

Introducing popular species and varieties of Spathiphyllum (spatifillum): descriptions and photos with tips on care. Recently Spathiphyllum "women's happiness" is gaining popularity and more and more often settles in our homes.

Description of species Spathiphyllum with photos

When choosing Spathiphyllum does not hurt to get acquainted with popular views and their features.

After all, we need a flower "Women's happiness," one that would be liked and gave pleasant emotions.

The best-known types are: Spathiphyllum Wallis (Spathiphyllum wallisii) and flowering Spathiphyllum (Spathiphyllum floribundun).

On the basis of these species displayed most hybrid varieties of Spathiphyllum, which florists grow in their homes.

1. Spathiphyllum Wallis (Spathiphyllum wallisii) - a compact plant that adapts perfectly to the home.

Normally the plant grows 35-45 cm in height, but there are also dwarf forms (15-25 cm). The leaves are oblong dark green color.

Ear of white around the narrow long white veil. Flower profusely for a long time and bloom in the indoor environment, quite unpretentious and shade tolerant.

2. Spathiphyllum flowering (Spathiphyllum floribundun) - inhabitant of the rainforest in Colombia. The home grown varieties derived from it.

The flower grows up to 50-70 cm in height, the leaves are oval-lanceolate dark green with lighter underside. It flowers profusely and for a long time, peduncle 15-20 cm and 10-12 cm bedspread.

Spathiphyllum varieties: The most popular!

Varieties Spathiphyllum is a tremendous diversity. Every year there is a lot of new hybrid forms are gaining their fans.

We look at the most popular varieties in the CIS, which often can be found in flower shops.

Spathiphyllum hybrid varieties are more endurance and longer flowering (there are varieties with year-round flowering). Of the large number of ornamental varieties, growers are isolated from miniature ( "crumb") of the large ( "giant", "Figaro" "Sensation").

Generally at the moment the most famous and popular varieties are: «Domino», «Picasso», «Sensation» and «Chopin». Spathiphyllum varieties in alphabetical order:

1. Spathiphyllum "DOMINO» ( «Domino») - the variety has the original color of the leaf blade: on the green background there are white stripes. This feature attracts gardeners.

Spathiphyllum 'Domino' grows 40-50 cm in height. Ear of white or yellowish color, while covering white, but turn green over time. Cultivar was bred by Spathiphyllum Wallis.

2. Spathiphyllum "Picasso» ( «Picasso») - sort of like "Domino", is considered to be a new form of it. Dutch growers have placed great hopes on him in the future, and we have an opportunity right now to watch him. Spathiphyllum "Picasso" is derived on the basis of Spathiphyllum wallisii.

3. Spathiphyllum 'Sensation »(« Sensation ») - large size plant with large inflorescence can reach up to 150 cm in height. Leaves grow approximately 60-90 cm long and 30-40 cm in width.

The flower grows well in low light conditions. Grade "Sensation" launched by Dutch specialists.

4. Spathiphyllum "CHOPIN» ( «Chopin») - a very interesting and beautiful variety got its recognition around the world. The flower has bright green leaves round shape and bright white veil large.

Here Spathiphyllum (spatifillum) such species and varieties caught our attention in the first place, but there is still a lot of beautiful flowers. "Women's happiness" is sure to come and settle in every family!

We wish you a pleasant emotions and a lot of beautiful flowers!

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types Spathiphyllum

Main types and varieties of Spathiphyllum

In the culture of the best known are two kinds of Spathiphyllum: flowering (S. floribundum) and Wallis (S. wallisii), as well as a huge number of hybrids and cultivars. They differ among themselves in size, color covers, cob.

Spathiphyllum (Spathiphyllum) - evergreen perennial plant of the family Araceae. The name "Spathiphyllum" comes from two Greek words: "sleep" - the veil, "fillum" - list. The flowers are very showy, gathered in ear white, surrounded by a white or light green blanket.

An important positive quality of species and varieties is not only the beauty, the elegance of inflorescences, but also a long flowering. With proper care, some varieties bloom duration up to six months (March-September).

Spathiphyllum Wallis (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

If the house is not enough space for a large flowerpot with Spathiphyllum, you can buy a more modest view - Spathiphyllum Wallis. This plant has a dwarf form with leaves 15-30 cm in height, inflorescence up to 30, 8-10 flowers. All plant 30-40 cm tall, short rhizome, deep green rosette oblong-lanceolate leaves Beaux. Cob white, covering narrow, three times longer than the ear, first pure-white, then up the green. Flowering abundant, long. The plant is unpretentious, shade tolerant, grows well in the indoor environment.

Motherland - the tropical rainforests of Colombia. This type of exposed active breeding work, resulting in dozens of varieties bred leaves of various shapes and sizes covered.

Spathiphyllum flowering (Spathiphyllum floribundun)

On sale offers many varietal hybrids, but very few people know the progenitor himself, Spathiphyllum species - wild flowering tropical rain forests of Colombia. This type represents srednerosloe plant height of 50-60 cm, oval-lanceolate leaves length 15-20 cm, width 9-12, dark-green, slightly rough surface, almost velvet. The reverse side matt, lighter. Peduncle up to 25 cm, and the veil - 10-12. It flowers profusely and for a long time. Flower buds are laid in the sinuses of healthy leaves, on which depends of inflorescences harvest next year.

Spathiphyllum pretty or pleasant (Spathiphyllum blandum)

A larger form than floriferous, in a culture little known. Plant with dark green, oblong-lanceolate, drawn tip leaves. Petioles long, strong. Inflorescence spadix, surrounded by a greenish-white veil, which is shaped like a small box. Therefore, the second name of this flower - flagolist. It blooms very profusely from April to June, has a large number of inflorescences. With good care can bloom 2 times a year. Motherland - tropical America. Unpretentious, grows well in shaded areas, but the rate of growth of this type are extremely slow.

Spathiphyllum kannolistny (Spathiphyllum cannifolium)

Another interesting from the point of view of collecting, species Spathiphyllum with a large bright green ovate leaves similar to leaves of cannas. White-green blanket with very fragrant flowers on a yellow-green spadix. Motherland - the tropical rainforests of Venezuela, Guyana, Thailand, Colombia. Kind used in the hybridization to produce varieties. The culture is rare.

Spathiphyllum tends to spoon (Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum)

It is a large plant up to 1 m, with oblong-elliptical leaves. The length of the leaves 30-40 cm, width-15-20. Record sheet dark green, glossy, wavy at the edges, is held on the long (up to 50-70), strong stalks. Inflorescence-cob, white. Bedspread oval, long. Motherland - the tropical rainforests of Brazil.

Spathiphyllum gelikonielistny (Spathiphyllum heliconiifolium (Dryand) Schott) - valuable ornamental plants suitable for cultivation in the room conditions. Plants up to one meter in height. The leaves are oblong-elliptical, length - 35-50 cm, width - 20-25 briefly pointed, glossy, dark green, wavy at the edges. 75-90 petiole length, vaginal from the base (5-9 cm length). Inflorescence - the cob, length 8-10, white, then darkening to almost black. The veil oval, long cob almost 2 times 15 cm length, 10 width. Motherland - the tropical rainforests of Brazil.

Spathiphyllum and ornamental varieties

Spathiphyllum hybrids are the most common, they are more hardy, blooming all year round. Disabled plurality ornamental varieties as miniature, for example, "Little", which is widely used in the compositions is also very large, for example, "Figaro", "giant" "Sensation". Other popular varieties should be called "Adagio", "Prelude", "Palace", "bold", "feel", and others.

Spathiphyllum "Mauna Loa" - the most common in the culture of varieties of hybrid origin. Has wide dark green leaves up often more than 70 centimeters long stems, broad, snow-white veil forms. Older leaves are intricately droop, creating the effect of a brilliant green stage. Often used as srezochnyh culture, t. To. The inflorescence is stored in the vase life for a long time.

Nevysokoroslye decorative variety with variegated colored leaves, such as "Domino" and "Caiti", with a predominance of yellow color leaf plates. very good from the small, compact, elegant-looking varieties of "Alfa", "Quatro", "Mozart", "Sweet Chico". 'Mini' - a miniature variety, vegetative mutation spatifiluma flowering, reaches 10-12 cm in height; 'Chopin' - an elegant variety with round juicy bright green leaves and large white-veil inflorescences.

"Domino" - One of the most interesting variety of ornamental species. His feature - an original poctraya color of leaves that are somewhat thicker, are dotted with white stripes, strokes. No larger than Spathiphyllum Wallis. White veil turns green with time. Ear of white or yellowish. Easily adapts to home content.

"Caiti" - the Dutch variety is not so long ago appeared on the market. Unlike the previous plants, this cultivar leaf blades decorated with "yellow washes." Leaves softer as the original species Spathiphyllum (S. wallisii). Plant height 50-70 centimeters. Inflorescence virtually indistinguishable from the "Domino". The plant can be a spectacular landscape architecture complement paludarium. Can grow successfully shipped to 50% water.

"Picasso" - a new variety, which has come to replace "Domino" in the range of Dutch horticultural farms, producers of potted plants. However, it seems that the trial run "in a series" of this sort are not pleased marketers. The plant is not widespread (export of this item was suspended). It requires good lighting, but not excessive, with no direct sunlight. Watering rich, the temperature not lower than 16-18 degrees. In general, the content is similar to other varietal spatifilumam derived on the basis of Spathiphyllum Wallis.

Among the largest spatifilumov be noted "Figaro", "Pablo". These plants reach a height of about one meter, commonly used as floor soliternyh compositions PHYTODESIGN Improvement limited illumination.

"Sensation" - large Dutch strain, which reaches one and a half meters in height. This variety is ideal for landscaping the premises with low light. The plant has a dark green leafy ribbed plate length of 70-90 centimeters, width 30-40, inflorescence large.

Spathiphyllum - a gentle tropical plant needs moisture, heat, good light and shelter from direct sunlight and drafts.

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