Solar panels for the cost of kit homes reviews

Solar panels for homes and feedback on them

Solar panels exist because of the sun's energy, which is generously given to us from above. To date, we have learned to use the grace of the sun energy and convert it into heat and electricity.

Solar panels for homes and reviews about them have become very popular, especially in the countries and cities where predominates warm climate and sunny days.

In Russia, they also acquired great fame, because they possess many significant advantages, such as high environmental performance and allow you to create a single energy system.

How solar panels are arranged?

The remarkable solar panels? So that they are able to convert energy from the sun, namely, its radiation into usable electricity for us. This type of battery is very effective if used correctly. Reviews of the majority of people who use them, converges to the fact that solar panels are very convenient.

However, they too have their own criteria. For example, the higher the power of the solar cell, the more electricity it can work out. The efficiency of such a battery will also depend on whether a sunny place, in which it is installed. The more days of sunshine a year is, the better it will work.

Types of solar panels and reviews

  • Conventionally, all solar cells are divided into several types: universal, low-power and solar instruments.
  • Low-power batteries are designed for a wide range of actions. From them it is possible to charge mobile phones and other electrical appliances, but they do not enjoy popularity. The whole point is that the power of them, as already mentioned, very small, and they are thus quite expensive. By and large, this is an interesting toy for those who like unusual things.
  • Solar universal type battery made for a fairly wide range of people. Sometimes they are not only high quality, but also engaging and beautiful design. The price of such batteries at odds and can vary greatly. Most of these batteries are available for field use. The most frequent buyers of such batteries are tourists and lovers of travel.
  • There is another class of solar cells. This solar panel elements which are a set of photographic plates, fixed on the substrate. In fact, they are the workpiece to create other end devices based on them.

Make your own, or buy depends on how much you are confident in their abilities and means. Do it yourself you can, the Internet is a necessary material for the job, but not everyone can do it for one reason or another. If you do not want to risk or waste your time, you can do solar purchase. It will cost, of course, more expensive, but will save you time and energy. And do not forget about that and like any technology, the solar panel will need to serve, that is clean from dust, dirt and other things. good selection of solar equipment and wind turbines!

I'm in a private home country installed solar panels, but they are fed by the kitchen. Generally, I install them in stages, as it were, to increase capacity. While the roof plate 3 of SPM 160, 180 and 300 W with a common operating current of 15 A. The point is that with time cheaper solar cells, and therefore do not purchase all at once. And for lighting the kitchen, I use LED and energy-saving lamps, charge controller, battery and LED strip. Conveniently, the more we have here the wind is often terminated wires.

We do all asserted that the solar panels will not pay off, especially if you read our forums. so first we were in no hurry to put them, and then we were asked to install a transformer station, because voltage and power in the network is not enough for us. we figured - about 20 thousand dollars for everything about everything needed.. The general sent them to hell, and established an autonomous solar power system SANFORS 800 solar modules FSM 200P. besides that saved, so it is much more convenient to go out and gain on buduyschee.

I'm about to say the Russian North. . . The husband in Murmansk his house, he regularly goes there to work, and as a parallel source of energy has recently installed a solar energy system COC San Energy 1.2 - I helped him choose a lot of information on the Internet in this regard shoveled. . . Just in his house autonomous heating based on gas. He said it is very warm even in the coldest winter. . . and there are no problems with electricity and what no savings there.

I first saw 15 years ago, solar panels in Siberia, where frosts are below 40 degrees. They are often installed in buildings such as office when the owner wanted to save on additional costs, and the room was very warm. Therefore, when we built the cottage, immediately began to look for a suitable solar power system and settled on the ASE Sanfors Promo. It fully satisfies our need for electricity, so our hopes for the solar panels come true.

I went to Israel to a friend, there they are generally very many use solar panels, and in Russia it is not so common, but it is also advantageous in many cases. For example we have in the country in Surgut worth Sanfors ATU-500 fully meets our electricity, partly helps to save on heating, which is very convenient in our northern krayah.Brali it in Sanveyse

Girls, my husband bought "Sanveys" autonomous solar energy system for the garden, so I can not get enough. It should of course expensive, but at least it helped us a lot - lighting, television, radio, mobile phones and tablets. We still do not conduct electricity, because without it would be like without hands. In addition, the husband has to finish the repair, an electric uses intermittently. Incredibly handy for holiday home !!

also want such batteries, watched how they can create one yourself, well, first of all need a husband who would understand in etom.tak first husband, then solar panels)))

I looked on the internet just the cost of the finished battery - very expensive ((

Such beautiful pictures - akkkuratnye houses and all with solar batteries. How did I miss the sun. We all cloudy and overcast.

This is probably because it was conceived and would we then cho their men to get started these batteries.

What is it. soon learned by heart all of these batteries)

I so understand it is very advantageous, because then the heat will generally be free of charge. ))

Solar panels. Comments about economy

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August 25, 2016, 9:57

Careful attention require batteries - so to speak "expendable material"Which is often in a solar electric power system occupies a large part (in value terms). Batteries work 3-10 years, but can be killed by improper use and for any year, the coolest battery.

High-quality and properly sized inverter will also run smoothly for at least 10 years.

In the solar system, as well as everywhere working principle - "miser pays twice".

August 25, 2016, 10:12

You are right that the purchase of a solar electric system will not be profitable as long as the cost of electricity is low.

The most important thing - to understand why do you need such a system?

only in case of sale of electricity can talk about her return on "green tariff". In this case the system has no expensive parts such as batteries; you each month (until 2030, according to the Law of Ukraine) get into your checking account the money for the sold to the grid of the state electricity produced by your solar station (less kWh used by your home). In this case, the system is RETURN: eg 10kW station (its value with mounting about 13 thousand euro +/-) discourage approximately +/- 6.5 years.

August 25, 2016, 10:21

Batteries with proper maintenance work 3-10 years, but can be easily and ugrohat year.

Yourself solar panels are guaranteed to work 25 years, but after this period are not necessarily change them - they will continue to work. In the 50s, in America, it was installed on the roof of the first solar panel - they still work! Yes, progress has gone far ahead, and those first panels have a much lower efficiency. And in the future release panel with a more powerful efficiency - it is, in principle, it is something for which they can then be updated.

Again, we must first understand why we need such a system!

August 25, 2016, 10:57

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September 10, 2016, 18:19

The windmill will not make more sense, because On the one hand they are noisy (and it is not like you or your neighbors, if the wind turbine close to the house), will cost about the same as in the second high-quality wind turbine with associated equipment, as well as a set of "solntsem9quot ;, in the third - the windy part of Ukraine is south near the sea or the Carpathians (weak and fickle winds do not provide you with the stated capacity, noting that the average wind speed over Ukraine 4-6 m / s, and for high-quality work on the windmill need 8- 10 m / s, otherwise the production falls), in the fourth - wind turbine has moving parts, to- require precise setting and regular teh.osmotra specialist (prmerno once a year).

Maintenance of solar panels - a periodic wash them with dust (if the rain does not wash away).

Batteries need to be addressed in any system - and solar, and wind turbine.

A savings of use of alternative energy sources (or at all - the appropriateness of their use) only need to be considered. There are options when there are no power in the area, then have nowhere to go. And if there is a connection to gos.energoseti - you to help only a qualified specialist, to-ing is not constant vtyuhat you a set of equipment (if only to sell), and justify "it is necessary, it is not necessary" (And discourage, if you do not have), and will offer options of savings opportunities to capitalize on "green energy".

October 17, 2016, 12:33

Zvіlniti od Mitnija zbіru zasobi alternativnoї power industry.

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December 9, 2016, 18:17

Solar station in under 10kW "green tariff" on the roof of a private home it pays for itself in about 6 years. On January 1, 2017 for 1 kW-hours of green power sold to the grid, you get 18 euro cents (every month on specially opened rasch.schet in UAH equivalent will receive the difference between the generated electricity to the roof and consumed by your household). The law provides for the payment of up to 2030. And private owners can put the station up to 30 kW

Let me remind you that March 1, 2017 will be another increase in the cost of electricity for the population.

Some statistics on "green tariff" for privateers: at the beginning of 2015 it was about 50 roofs; at the beginning of 2016 was 298 roofs; at the end of September 2016 already 625!

So everything - work, paid and pays

December 29, 2016, 23:52

April 30, 2017, 11:38

May 24, 2017, 12:02

June 16, 2017, 8:38

Pros, on loss of power lines by the inverter can apply a voltage to a gas boiler.

To increase power can be phased.

Payback 5 years, problems with removable panels, etc. it individually with the customer.

Solar panels for private homes: debunking the myths and the real opinions of owners

In our modern world, constantly progressing technology, the issue of providing us with energy getting to the fore. Oil, coal, nuclear power - these traditional sources of electricity are not endless, expensive, it is not necessary to speak about the dangers of radiation.

Of course, we have alternative methods of energy production, including wind station, but they are useful only in open areas where wind prevails, as hydroelectric power stations are useful, of course, only in areas with large flow of falling water.

But solar energy is able to meet the needs of society, at least five billion years, and the solar collectors (solar panels) can be installed everywhere.

the usefulness of

Driving use solar Pros use solar panels are not limited to the ability to install them almost anywhere.

Consumers of this alternative source of energy has to pay only for inverters, batteries and installation of solar panels, the sun, in turn, offers virtually free electricity. It will pay for the installation cost.

Suffice it to recall how much the average person consumes electricity by simply left in the power supply units, burning the television lights and other appliances.

Thus, the consumption takes place around the clock, regardless of need is a person or not.

However, as elsewhere, the question of solar portrayed in their myths. Some people think that the acquisition will not pay for itself during the period of his service.

Apparently, they forget about the little things, the above-mentioned (power supplies, lights, etc.), And for some reason do not take into account the fact that a properly installed solar panels can provide power to a private home for 25 years.

Myth 2: "Any shadow interferes with"

The next myth says that the solar panels do not produce electricity on cloudy days or in the winter, and only on a clear day can be used.

Of course, the peak of its activity, solar collectors show only when the sun is at its zenith in cloudless weather, but it does not mean that they will not produce energy when the sun is hidden behind clouds, the battery simply will not work in full.

But full stop only at night, when there is no light. Even the light from a light bulb is able to make a solar panel to operate.

Solar Opponents argue that the solar collectors are not strong enough to withstand various types of damage.

However, manufacturers are not stupid, and always test your product for strength, thereby proving, and convinced of the quality of its production. Solar panels are able to withstand even heavy large hail.

Myth 4: "The snow will be the main enemy"

In his review, Internet users often point to the threat of snow, really, it may block access to light, but only if there was frost and snow will be hooked.

In addition to all, the problem is solved quickly by the wind. It is also a good solution would be to install the batteries on the roof and walls of the house are not as winter sun gives a "rolling" the light, and the vertical position of the batteries only improve their work.

In winter, on silicon wafers ray gets no less. Therefore, we can safely say that the problem of snow - contrived disadvantage of solar panels.

Everyone knows that the "demand breeds supply." And China is open in this area to choose from. It is hard to imagine the modern world without China with highly developed technology.

therefore wrong to assert that the solar collectors made in China, do not have high quality. The fact that 90% of the total production of solar collectors and heat pipes is concentrated in China, and that this production is continually evolving, just need to take.

Products Chinese enterprises completed the certification both at home and in Germany, and has a high technical characteristics.

Do not be afraid of this alternative energy source, sunlight.

Most of the negative reviews about solar written by people who have never used them, as evidenced by the myths that they use and which we in our article dispelled.

Watch the video, where you can see a real review of solar cells for the house owner in the form of a detailed account of the operation of own solar power plants:

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