Sockets countertop

Sockets built into the countertop: new comfort and safety in the kitchen

In today's fast pace of life such concepts as "praktichnost9raquo ;," udobstvo9raquo; and "uyut9raquo ;, take decisive for the qualitative organization of any workplace in a residential or office building.

Many manufacturers of kitchen and office furniture, adopting the latest technological developments and enlisting the support of the designers offer their customers more options for ergonomics and the most efficient use of available space. An example is the socket built into the countertop, which were invented in order to increase the working area and optimize the layout of electrical appliances in the room.

Principles outlets placement in the kitchen

Switches and sockets, as the sole source of electric current, are an essential element of the kitchen. The location of some of them (for connecting the stove, refrigerator, TV) is planned in advance and taken into account when carrying out repair work, or in the development phase of the design project of kitchen furniture. Common standards do not exist, but experts recommend to place them at a height of half a meter from the floor.

There are cases in which it is necessary to reshuffle or to connect additional electrical devices. The most common way to deal with these issues, until recently, was the use of extension cords and power strips with the inevitable increase in the number of wires and connections.

Operation and specific embedded blocks

The peculiarity of the innovations lies in the fact that the block of electrical outlets is

a plastic or metal housing with built-in sockets, switches and various connectors equipped with fuse and

located under the sink, on the floor or inside the wall cabinets.

If necessary, it is easily pushed by pressing the lever, button or by remote control, allowing you to use an unlimited number of electrical appliances in a variety of locations cuisine, as well as easily change their alignment.

In addition, the socket built into the countertop, have an aesthetic and modern appearance, which is especially important for the kitchen in the style of "high-tek9raquo ;.

The main advantages of hidden connectors

Among the advantages of embedded blocks and individual outlets include:

  • A significant increase in food security due to the fact that the wires are neatly hidden away and there is no risk of mechanical damage.
  • Proper placement of the blocks prevents the ingress of moisture on the recessed socket of the kitchen countertop.
  • Inaccessibility or inaccessibility for children.
  • Increase in usable tabletop area.
  • Some models allow for parallel connect several devices, including those that require USB connector format, or HDMI.

The undeniable advantage should also be considered stylish and unique design, which have built-in switches and sockets.

Ability to hide block electrical outlets under a kitchen worktop, leaving only a cover plate on its surface, is relevant for small kitchens, and also indispensable for the convenient placement of a large number of different crockery items or products. However, experts do not recommend to expose those areas of the table is too high loads. For example, do not put them on wet vegetables or fruit, and cut something.

Types of embedded sockets and their characteristics

Lineup embedded blocks electrical outlets production of such advanced countries as:

  • Germany (Evoline). It offers several types of devices with which installed socket built into the countertop or the floor. Among them, the classic open sockets, vertical, horizontal and cylindrical blocks of rectangular shape.
  • Sweden (Kondator). Manufactures embedded socket or open the sliding type. The blocks may be equipped with connectors for various purposes, both primary and secondary.
  • Italy (Simon). It focuses on the production of embedded blocks of electrical outlets for office. Their functionality is due to a large number of different connectors.

Among the embedded devices manufacturers should also be mentioned, and China, but these products are considerably inferior to European standards in many respects.

The process of installing hidden outlets

Assembling electrical outlet embedded block includes violating the integrity of countertops, cutting out the desired shape of the hole and fixation of the device using a special fixture. Wires hide inside cabinets, table skirting or wall-mounted boxes.

The best option is considered to be the design of built accommodation outlets together with the development of the configuration of kitchen furniture, but it is possible to install such devices on the finished kitchen.

In any case, the outlet integrated in the worktop must be arranged considering the specifics of the technique used, then their use will be as efficient and justified.

Embedded in tabletop outlet save desktop area and do not spoil appearance

Built-in furniture and equipment has long been living in our homes and apartments. But the built-in countertop outlet appeared on the market relatively recently, but their popularity is rapidly gaining momentum.

Drawer EvoLine three sockets

The essence of all of these sockets is as follows: at a time when we are not use, their surface is almost merges with the top and allows us to use the entire surface of the table as usual, but as soon as we need electricity - we push the button or pull the lever and get one, two or three sockets for use. Depending on the model, we can partially hide the socket back, leaving only the wire from the connected device, or to use only open socket. There are more options with touch controls, but they will be discussed below.

In fact, in addition to built-in countertop design Outlet is nothing new in itself does not carry. No additional functions, besides the known, no innovation, but it can become a "highlight" of the stylish and modern dishes in the style of high-tech or the head office.

Where there is, and where it is not necessary to apply?

Definitely this outlet should not be used to connect consistently used appliances such as refrigerator, television, computer, etc. The whole essence of the embedded socket just in the fact that it opens / closes or leaves / breezing. If you keep it permanently open, it lost its main purpose - to be a bright design element, or vice versa - to be invisible.

Most often built into the tabletop sockets are used in the kitchen. This is the place where on the one hand, the outlet is never too much, but on the other - can never have too much countertop workspace. And though cutting the lid closed outlet you will not, but put it on top of the pot you do not hurt.

Consider the major competitors are present on the Russian market. In this section, we do not discuss

Sockets are presented in three series:

  1. Port - classic outlet in a vertical pull-out unit
  2. Dock - open socket to cut into the countertop and furniture
  3. Flip Top - horizontal block of sockets, hiding under a steel cover

The undisputed market leader. Characterized by high quality, durability and variety of shapes

How does Evoline Port

Produces open socket for mounting in the table top (series Power Dot), as well as sliding blocks sockets (series Smatr Line), both of which may contain a series of block both the power and auxiliary devices (USB, HDMI, Ethernet - Connectors)

Simon Connect Series - Sockets for solutions primarily office tasks. You can make the complete design of any office cabinet using these appliances. This series involves the ability to connect one module is not only power, but also other connectors (USB, HDMI, Ethernet, TV)

Simon Connect allows to connect various devices

High quality retractable outlet from China exist, we believe in it, but we did not come across them. But there are those who have already proven themselves not with the best hand.

Displace - looks great in the first month

The species has a very futuristic - touch control, pressing effectively turned, showing a block of sockets to choose from: power, USB, HDMI, and others. At first, everything works fine, but after six months starts to go crazy, operate in both directions of their own accord, stops responding. In general, a complete set of Chinese joys!

Rosette Desc Socket - cheap items, short life

Boxes, built into the countertop, and at your discretion it set of different connectors (17 species). Like all Chinese - loses contact through the six months of operation, the cover box starts to creak, and a cheap plastic with the precious metal does not become

These and other producers allegedly are in the Russian Federation and are trying to conceal their involvement in China. In fact, all the components are supplied from there and here, for the customer simply collect the necessary configuration. Socket Desc to meet customer demand even complements its products covers in the color of countertops, but it unfortunately does not extend the life of any of the finished product, nor its quality.

Video. Application EvoLine outlet - Port


I installed such a device to one customer and it turned out that it is inconvenient to use. Hidden sockets do not want to get, it takes time and uses those in the wall, but not in the table.

In the kitchen, this thing will only work if it is located in the "dead" corner, but then what is the sense in it, if it will always open? In the "closed" state, it eats up the space inside the shelf, in the open - on the table. In general, the toy 10 minutes.

I'm standing in the kitchen this - thing is absolutely useless. When closed, it is all the same is not sealed, the water pours directly from the countertop to the contacts. In general, a fun somewhere else. On the plastic cover do not cut yourself, do not put even wipe her uncomfortable because when pressing it the energizing and immediately opens

And on the contrary, we like everything, especially that it is possible to hide a column in a table with forks stuck. Along with a whole bunch of cable to the same

Igor M, you- it's employees "Electricity in the house?"

I agree with Mary, if incorporated into stoleshnitsu- is unlikely to be convenient. But in my top locker, and I connect to only when you need a mixer, food processor, juicer, electrotome, meat grinder, in general, everything that is not necessary in the kitchen are constantly connected to the network. Very comfortable and skinali unspoiled outlets.

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Built-in and pull-out socket for the kitchen: a new generation of models

Built-in and pull-out sockets - a great boon for the modern kitchen with a large number of household appliances How many outlets should be in the kitchen? Probably, you do not just thought about this issue on the eve of repair. In the houses of the old layout somehow places for very few outlets. But modern kitchen is literally crammed with appliances and a variety of gadgets, and therefore outlets should all these innovations to be missed. Rescue sliding sockets for the kitchen and their analogs.

Drawer units for food outlets

This is a great find for the kitchen - this will allow the block to include several appliances at once, at the same time will not clump of tangled wires.

Drawer units for the kitchen sockets allow you to enable several appliances at once

Where you can put sliding blocks:

Hanging lockers, of course, is the best place. There are still blocks are safer - no moisture, no fat, no crumbs to not reach.

Drawer units Outlets - a great alternative to a power strip that is rarely safe to hide. And if a family has young children, the extenders are used, and even rarer.

It is worth noting that the design blocks will correspond to modern furniture in the kitchen.

Sockets for built-in appliances in the kitchen

There are some rules that are set on the kitchen wall outlet. Will they have worktops, there will hide in the locker and take there another place safety at the same time should not be violated.

Rules socket devices:

  • For the built-in appliances outlet better positioned inside adjacent lockers. The height from the floor may be in the range from 3 cm to 60 cm.
  • Rosette for built-in appliances must be located on the device within a radius of 1 m, but often also the radius itself dictates the length of the power cord.
  • If the outlet is located in a cabinet with a sink (and it happens), it should be a function of protection against moisture (IP44).

Sockets for small appliances must be near the countertop. By shallow technique applies an electric coffee, toaster, blender, etc .. Frequently such sockets are located on the kitchen apron.

for built-in appliances in the kitchen sockets installed strictly according to the rules

Retractable sockets for countertops in the kitchen

The main plus of this outlet - invisible wires. It organizes your workplace does not cause unnecessary trouble.

How does sliding socket for countertops:

  • Push the recess in the cover;
  • Outlet that the worktop, pull up;
  • Thereafter, the appliance can be connected;
  • If you want to drown outlet in the table top, and it will take its place.

The cover will be opening for the cables. This socket can be rotated in any direction.

The operating principle of the sliding sockets for countertops in the kitchen is very simple

Sockets built into the countertop in the kitchen - Installation

Installation of such outlet does not require any special equipment, all elementary. The tabletop drill hole diameter equal retractable socket. Insert the socket into the hole, and then secure the special washer. Next, make a connection to the electric current - that's all!

An important point: if you are doing the kitchen furniture to order, and it is expected that just the worktop will be socket, let the manufacturer know. He made a hole under the outlet itself, that will be more convenient for you.

Installation of sliding sockets in the kitchen worktop can be made with your own hands

Built-in sockets for the kitchen - how to choose

And a few tips will come in handy in this regard.

  • No matter how attractive was the design concept socket, first look for any damage blocks, there are no violations of the integrity of an object;
  • If you are going to connect a large number of equipment, you need a grounded outlet;
  • If the room is high humidity, make sure that at the outlet has been labeled;
  • There is a socket with the function of pushing out the plug from the wall outlet as soon as the button is pressed (to avoid problems with tight rosettes).

Retractable connector, in fact, is the same as carrying, but she developed a great convenience to the user. These items tend to be universal. That is, there are no separate sockets for worktops and wall cupboards separately.

Retractable connector, as a rule, is universal and suitable for cabinets, and kitchen countertops

The latest generation of retractable socket has a special connector that is used for charging mobile phones.

Regarding security - your job is to install a retractable socket so that before it could get a little child. Even modern safety sockets with the so-called protection of some degree of danger yet bear.

In the kitchen, everything should be on hand, everything should be convenient. And outlets should also be missed, the work was not just due to lack of source of electrical power. Particularly convenient are sockets in rented apartments where the owners do not always agree on the installation of a new outlet in the wall.

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