Small sleeper in the kitchen

Comfortable sofas convertible into the kitchen: revive the familiar interior

Backing sleeper, which can provide a kitchen sofa, it never hurts to Corner sofas or kitchen corners are used for the simultaneous adoption of food or to relax in reclining position. If there is room, the sofa can perfectly complement the hard, angular contours of the cabinets and shelves, to create a certain cozy corner in a small kitchen. Another purpose of folding sofa - become a sleeper for guests or a growing child.

Sofa sofa kitchen: pros and cons

Folding sofas Kitchen is almost always - because of their drawers provide convenient storage space for various kitchen utensils: carrot types of vegetables, onions or potatoes, sprouts or stocks of sugar and cereals. In this case, the sofa is used as a bin, the lid simply rises on hinges on the type of the lower berth wagon coupe. But they can be decomposed for a different reason - to become a sleeper, which is used in case of emergency.

Sofa bed in the kitchen can become indispensable in the following cases:

  • It is necessary to temporarily solve the problem with living children of different sexes;
  • Admission guest dwelleth with you for a short time;
  • Temporary bed for a young family, accumulate on their homes;
  • The provision of overnight guests sat up after midnight;
  • If you want a secluded place to relax.

A sofa in the kitchen is not full beds, as it is often part of the folding creak, and the cushions do not have the necessary rigidity, moreover, it is small

It should be understood that such a shelter is temporary, because the pull-out sofa Kitchen still no substitute for a comfortable bed, and spending the night among the smell of cooking is not very pleasant.

How does the sofa to the kitchen with a sleeping place

Sofa decomposed by means of hinge mechanisms, fixed and hardens special locks and stanchions.

Folding mechanism of the sofa kitchen differs depending on its design and dimensions

Various mechanisms are many, but they all work by several schemes:

  • Dolphin - when the lower cushions simply put forward as a drawer. This design is simple and practical, in addition, its storage box variety of things very roomy;
  • French clamshell - trohsektsionnoe bed, folded by type clamshell and resting on a spacer of three horseshoe arches. It is used very often, because sleep on her uncomfortable, need an extra mattress, besides a box of the sofa is not very roomy.
  • Couch. The mechanism is similar to the traditional couch when the handle disclosed in the hand and thus lengthen the sleeper.

Mechanism "delfin9quot; the most common because of its practicality and ease of use

Therefore, the pull-out couch in the kitchen at night to better adapt the child or adolescent. Because the kitchen is small in size, it is well in winter heat thoroughly, and it does not freeze.

Sofa bed kitchen with a sleeping place (video)

Small sofa clamshell Kitchen

Sofa Cot in the unfolded state resembles an ordinary aluminum baby cot. Due to the small strength of the structure, it can be recommended mainly for recreation for children or people petite physique.

Uncommon situation where in a one-room apartment for one client needs rest and the other is awake and wants to engage in or watch TV in the kitchen.

In a folded sofa can be used for seating at a meal, watch TV, or in a small kitchen

The upholstery of the sofa is made of smooth plastic lint-free materials, do not soak in water. Still, for such a sofa you need to watch carefully and keep liquids and food at all away from him.

Varieties sofa bed for the kitchen (video)

As far as practical sofa corner sofa Kitchen

Corner sofa has a bit different than a straight line, and has a size much larger, and therefore more direct. Corner L-shaped sofa in his short wings can accommodate 1-2 persons more, in addition to the 3 people sitting on the long side.

In principle, a sofa without a folding mechanism that can not be decomposed, much more convenient, because:

  • It can be durable and semi-rigid, on it can accommodate a lot of people.
  • Space, harbored sliding part, freely and is used to store different kind of things.
  • Such folding sofa cheaper due to lack of expensive hardware, sofa.

Therefore sofa need to purchase or build when it is actually needed.

For your comfort bed length should be at least 170 cm, it should be possible to smooth, moderate hardness, to return for the night the spine's natural shape, deformed per day

What is a fold-out corner of the kitchen

Corner sofa, as a rule, is a small sofa is L-shaped with the same side lengths. It is designed to seat no more than three people, and is basically a sleeping place.

In contrast to the sofa, dining area is small and is often complemented by cushions, expanded in the book type. The seating position is made up of two or three separate pillows and poufs

It animates the interior corner of a small kitchen and makes it cozy, organically fitting into a small space. Corner sofa covers an angle which is according to the rules of ergonomics and design should not be empty.

Sofa corner to the kitchen (video review)

Sofa sleeper atypical for the kitchen, but it may be necessary and this option if you often take visitors, especially from other cities. Kitchen corner sofas or sleeper, tend to be small, with a semi-rigid seat and a bed, covered with leather and substitutes, as well as nonwoven polymeric materials. Kitchen sofas and corners are indispensable for small one-bedroom apartments in the event that the main place for rest and sleep for some reason taken. Corner sofas with sleeping are more practical than direct, since it exploded tougher and more reliably hold the load.

Folding sofa in the kitchen (photo)

Attention, only today!

What do you select under his bed. You can make custom-made furniture in your size.

Kitchenette with sleeping - price and photos. How to choose the best and where to buy a convertible corner into the kitchen

The choice of suitable furniture for the kitchen - no easy matter, especially if living space is small. For small apartments an excellent way out will be the sofa-bed in the kitchen. He will correctly plan the location of cooking utensils and arrange a comfortable sleep for guests.

Corner sofas in the kitchen with a sleeping place

There are many situations in life when you might suddenly be a need for additional space for rest and sleep, for example, in the studio apartment. Previously, it was a problem, but now come to the aid of modern furniture design - angular kitchen sofa sleeper - the best way for a one-room apartment where the family lives with an adult child who needs a separate room.

Kitchen area with sleeper Austin

For lovers of classic design will be enjoyed kitchenette sleeper Austin. This model combines a rigorous style, restraint and functionality:

  • model name: Austin (manufacturer Hoff);
  • Price: from 17990 p .;
  • characteristics: size - 211 * 137.5 cm, material - artificial leather and chipboard, bed size 169 * 88 cm, two options color performance - Wenge Tsavo and brown;
  • pluses: multipurpose angle (it is possible to change the location of the sections), underwear storage box, the side section is expanded, thus increasing the number of seats, armrests convenient;
  • Cons: ekokozha not like the aggressive influence of detergents, resistant to scratches and abrasion; bed turns rough.

Kitchenette Comfort Sleeper

For the interior in the style loft great choice would be a kitchenette with sleeping comforts. He not only fully reflects the essence of its name, but also a very democratic for the price:

  • model name: Comfort (manufacturer "Borovichi-furniture");
  • Price: from 20250 p .;
  • characteristics: size - 204 * 112 cm, a mechanism - dolphin material - artificial leather, fabrics and chipboard, bed size 185 * 97 cm;
  • pros: convenient storage box, a soft bed, a variety of colors and materials;
  • Cons: Only the right or left corner are available, it is impossible to manufacture oversized sofa.

Kitchenette with sleeping Study

Good economical option of elite performance is a kitchenette with sleeping Etude. It is suitable for those who above all appreciate the quality of materials and durability:

  • model name: Etude (manufacturer "Borovichi-furniture");
  • Price: from 16200 p .;
  • characteristics: size - 205 * 122 cm, Transformation mechanism - the dolphin material - birch array foam, cloth, leather and chipboard, bed size 103 * 190 cm;
  • pros: going on either side, a variety of upholstery options, perfectly smooth large bed, high-quality materials, a variety of additional options;
  • cons: the complexity of the assembly.

Kitchenette with sleeping Laguna

Love the contemporary design in hi-tech? Then the kitchen with sleeping Laguna for you to be the ideal solution in the interior:

  • model name: Laguna 2 (manufacturer "Furniture Holding");
  • Price: from 14650 p .;
  • characteristics: size - 180 * 125 cm, transformation mechanism - dolphin + ottoman material - solid wood and birch plywood, bed size 110 * 176 cm;
  • pros: great bed, an original design, it is possible to order different colors and seat cushions, spacious linen box;
  • disadvantages: only the left or right corner feet high.

How to choose a kitchen with a sleeping place

How not to make a mistake and choose from the range presented in the furniture market of folding kitchen to the kitchen? In this case, it is important to pre-set priorities and determine what functions, besides the main, it must perform. To make it easier to find the perfect sofa, read the designers are advised to:

  1. Choose a sofa-transformer, based on the area. The entire design should seamlessly fit in your kitchen, without interfering with the cooking. Look at the photo designs.
  2. Decide what mechanism you prefer, and what you want to buy a sofa. There are many models of sofas:.. Sliding, dolphin, cot, couch, etc. Each mechanism has advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Think about what height the legs will be for your best flats. Do not forget that the dining room should be comfortable for its main purpose.
  4. See photos in catalogs (you can take them at the store), check the depth of drawers for storage, because space for any small kitchen to be optimized to the maximum. If possible, read reviews of factories.
  5. Of great importance to the comfort of a seat width, comfort backrest and seat, so before you order a specific model, test it. Even if you plan to buy from an online store, locate the interior of the company representative and sit on the couch.
  6. When you choose a sofa to the kitchen with a sleeping place, pay attention to the quality of cover. Remember that sleeping bed should be soft, but the fabric pattern must match your decor.
  7. The material is best to choose a natural, such as skin or a thick cloth. Ekokozha not very well behaved when temperature drops.
  8. Pay attention to the angle he is right, the left or universal (it is possible to change the position).
  9. If you choose a small sofa, it is better to give preference to a folding retractable models.

The price of the kitchen area with sleeper

The pricing policy of firms varies greatly, depending on the quality of the furniture and the popularity of a company on the market. To purchase rejoice not necessarily refer to the most famous, but the road to the manufacturer. Also, the price depends on the version, for example, the kitchen in natural leather with the mechanism of a dolphin on the individual order can be 2-3 times higher than the standard model in the tissue. However, you can buy inexpensive simple sofa bed, which will be convenient to unpack and take up a minimum of space. Below is a comparison of prices for popular models:

Video: sofa sleeper in the kitchen

Ekaterina, 42 years old

I bought the kitchen area with sleeping. I rejoice buying still, and the couch is already the 7th year. From the outset, a positive experience: easy to assemble, expanded convenient, perfectly fit into my little kitchen 7 sq. m. Total operating only a couple of scratches on the side, no more damage. Sleep comfortable and spacious.

Antonina Sergeevna, 65 years old

We took to order a small corner of the country house about 3 years ago, ie. A. Often comes to visit a grandson, and sleep on the floor uncomfortable. Buying has been very successful. Firstly, a significant saving of space, and secondly, in the box can store all sorts of stuff, and it's a big advantage. And the cost of it was, surprisingly, only 20,000 rubles.

I like my sofa-bed in the kitchen with removable cushions. I first saw it on a photo in the catalog and in love. It is convenient, because there is where to put the guests if sat up at the table. Easy to disassemble, convenient to lay, no problems with the cleaning. I am thinking and to put in the living room corner instead of the usual sofa, painfully beautiful looks.

Should you buy a kitchen corner with a sleeping place for a small kitchen?

Optimization of space in small apartments - a question almost of first importance: I like to use to use every square meter. But the utility should be combined with the beauty and they loved to live in the house uncomfortable?

Interesting and functional design is achieved not only due to repair - a major role played by the right choice of furniture. In this article we have collected all the information about the use of the kitchen area with a berth for a small kitchen: photos, advice on the choice of examples in the interior accommodation. We are confident you will find many useful things.

Why is it needed: the advantages and disadvantages

At first glance, the idea to equip an additional place to sleep in the kitchen may seem absurd - too polar concepts. On the other hand, sometimes it is the optimal solution to the problem of lack of space: the kitchen-studio this technique will help free up room for other furniture.

But in ordinary apartments bed often is not superfluous: anyone not familiar with the problem pripoznivshihsya guests who need somewhere to put?

As you can see, this kitchen has its advantages over conventional, neraskladnym. Additional pluses and minuses (without which, unfortunately has not done) depends on the particular model - manufacturers offer you two fundamentally different types. Take a closer look?

1. "Dolphin" The system is very popular for use in small kitchen-living room. Standard on the face area turns into a sofa, one has only to pull the retractable soft bottom block.

In fact, the kitchen furniture is transformed into a comfortable bed, and folded does not occupy much space. If not for the high price of most models, this option would be considered ideal.

An unexpected bonus: "Dolphin" are almost always equipped with roomy drawers where you can store bedding. In small apartments it is very useful.

2. More than a budget option - "French" sofa. It is less easy to use and as a permanent berth, but is suitable for occasional use.

When folded, the design does not take much space: three sections are hidden in the frame, and simply pull the strap as necessary to push them.

Due to the structural features of most of the French clamshell doing right, which is not always convenient to consider this when buying. In addition, have to do without storage box - they have no place to place.

To purchase you did not disappoint, not enough to choose the right model. Will have to consider some more options:

  1. 1. First of all, perform measurements, not to be mistaken with the size. It is important not only to calculate the correct size of the corner - will have to take into account the space for passes (optimally 70-90 centimeters). In addition, the sofa should be placed so as not to prevent access to a refrigerator, oven, cupboards.
  2. 2. If you plan to regularly turn the corner of the bed, from massive tables have to give. Most suitable folding table panel, which when folded is fastened to the wall.
  3. 3. Do not get carried away with sophisticated designer sofas - in a small kitchen, they seem too massive. Choose a model with no decor and armrests.
  4. 4. Think about the purpose for which you need a bed, if you plan to once a year to offer its visitors, you can buy a simple version, and will have to pick the one on which you will be comfortable to sleep for a long time for regular use.

  • 5. Putting unconventional layout? It is better not to risk it and order the services of a professional gager - it is not too expensive, but will save you from unpleasant surprises at the assembly stage.
  • 6. Look, from which manufactured the product on the carcass preferably MDF (it stronger DSP). From light upholstery likely have to give up - it is too easily soiled, the kitchen is impractical. However, if you are not scared. The optimal material for upholstery will be leather or its imitation, smooth fabric.
  • 7. Do not try to save money by buying furniture unknown brand - contact trusted manufacturers that can provide you with quality certificates.
  • 8. And, of course, selected kitchen should be in harmony with the overall interior design.
  • As you can see, nothing complicated - most importantly, to comply with certain rules. Have a nice choice!

    Having dealt with the issues of functionality and comfort, offering to go to the most interesting - as a kitchen area with a sleeper look at the small kitchen.

    Here are some interesting options.

    If you are lucky and the kitchen has a bay window, a problem with the placement of a berth solved: corner put there. Thus this will create a sleeping area - great design studio apartment of non-standard layout.

    The original in terms of design and functionality of the approach: do not make a dining table and a pair of pedestals to match the sofa. Of course, such a move will not please everyone. But if you do not need in the dining room, why not?

    If you need to expand the area, you can easily remove your tables to the side, without disturbing the harmony of the room.

    This approach seems too radical? Purchase a light table that is easy to rearrange - it is unlikely you will like the massive move furniture every night.

    Note: Some models of tables deprive you need a regular reshuffle. Just fold it and place available! However, for those who are used to put all small things on any horizontal surface, this option is unlikely to fit.

    Your cuisine is quite modest in size and put there a problem area? French clamshell are different: folded a small chair, and unfolded - a real bed. A good solution if you sleep alone.

    In short, to find the right kitchen area with sleeping space for a small kitchen is simple - we hope our article will help you with that!

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