Sliding wardrobe in the hall

Wardrobe in the hall

Multi-functional and practical closets in the room is well proven compact and easy to use. The advantage of them is the ability to travel around the door rails, and their opening is not required location.

Such structures can be adapted to any room. For example, in the hall will look stylish model with mirror or glossy surfaces. Often, these options can be found in modern interiors, such as minimalism.

Cabinet doors can be decorated with colored facades, sandblasted finish, photo printing.

Corner wardrobes in the hall economically fill the space of the room, their shape is rectangular, trapezoidal or pyatistenka. Often in the design of the angular models present smooth lines that create an original design. It looks stylish and modern convex-concave radius models.

A convenient embodiment is built wardrobe in the hall. In this case, the side and rear wall and ceiling of the room are the walls themselves. The most convenient method to mount it - in a niche, but a built-in closet can hold and the wall.

An interesting view of wardrobes are models with TV. They have a niche for the equipment in the center, a dresser, a mezzanine and two compartments on the sides. The side doors can be transparent and shelves used as a showcase for books and beautiful dishes. It is a versatile furniture, which has everything you need.

Large selection of wardrobes in the room makes it possible to choose the design according to the planned design and at the same time to place in it everything you need.

Closets enliven the interior, added to the room colors and expressiveness. It is accented interior element supporting style. They can be used for storage or for the purpose of decorating the room.

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Closets in the hall: how to choose and where to put

Wardrobe is quite popular and in demand because it is functional and does not take up much space in the living room - the first place to see the guests apartment and its owner. Therefore it is very important that he made a good impression and was functional for the hosts. How to choose the wardrobe so that it benefits both the joy - read on. Closets - face each house. What it is, the more capacious, and it is very important for anyone going to the closet can accommodate the maximum number of items. Because the room - this is the first place that guests see, it should look more freely as possible. Wardrobe provides an excellent opportunity to hide a lot of unnecessary things for everyday use that room looked free and beautiful. The presence of the wardrobe mirror will visually enlarge the area of ​​the room, and add a brightness of the room.

Closets in the hall on the wall: the beauty in each meter

Closets in the hall on the wall are the decoration of any home. No matter where you live: in the Khrushchev or in a large apartment. Wardrobe on the wall will look beautiful and stylish anywhere. When ordering, it is important to pay attention to style. Wardrobe should look great in the interior of the apartment and emphasize its main advantages.

Beautiful wardrobe with original design will adorn your living room and stylishly complement the interior of a room

Depending on the taste of the landlord wardrobe, make to order, you can arrange elements such as:

The more original will be drawing on the rack, the more interesting it will look in the interior of the apartment. wardrobe design is consistent in advance when ordering. Very rarely, when the customer satisfied with the finished version presented in the store. Most often it issued an order for the production of special furniture sketch. This leaves more expensive than usual, but the result is worth it.

Closets fit perfectly in a minimalist, which is used in modern design throughout. Why? Because the closet "imprinted" into the wall and becomes virtually invisible. If you do not look closely, you can not help but notice that the room has a closet at all, so he expertly hidden in the wall.

It is best to buy a closet in the wall, if your living room is decorated in the style of minimalism

wardrobe option is ideal for small apartments the residents who want to save space in your living room.

Inside wardrobe on the wall may lie anything. It can be installed inside the cabinet bar for drinks, boxes, baskets, space for equipment. There all things will be safely hidden from prying eyes and howled. A big plus wardrobe that its door can be decorated with wallpaper, which are used in the living room on the wall. In this case, no one would guess that the room has a closet until it is opened.

Types of wardrobes in the hall: the most popular models

Wardrobe in the room should be chosen on the basis of the general style apartments. It should be noted that in the living room closet can be installed, if there are no such piece of furniture like a modular wall. In very rare cases, wardrobe, blending with the wall of another set. In most cases, they are discordant with each other, so that such a "neighborhood" should be avoided.

The following types of wardrobes for a living:

The most popular is a mirrored wardrobe, because it visually expands the space in the room

What is the difference between them? Mirrored wardrobe is perfect for small spaces, because it enlarges the space and adds a light. Mirrored doors give the space lightness and grace, without cluttering the space. Corner wardrobe also suitable for small rooms as it makes functional the most unpopular in the room - the corner.

Corner cabinets can be greater than the depth, but smaller in width. Plus it hardly occupies the main living area.

Radius wardrobe appeared in the assortment of furniture stores recently enough, but in a short time he won the love of consumers with stylish designs, the absence of sharp corners and the possibility to fit into any interior. Modular wardrobe can include various details such as mezzanines, bedside tables, slides. The modular system is suitable for medium and large areas where the presence of excess furniture is acceptable. Modular wardrobe will appeal to those who enjoy a consistent style throughout the house.

Choosing a wardrobe in the room Khrushchev: how to find a suitable option

For Khrushchev, it is important to save space and try to increase it.

That is why it is very important when choosing a wardrobe in Khrushchev did not take the first available samples, and to take those that meet the following criteria:

  1. Wardrobe for the living room in Khrushchev can be a mirror or corner type. Allowed wardrobe in the wall.
  2. cabinet color should be bright, if used in the design of wallpapers, they should be bright, white or beige shades.
  3. Wardrobe should be as invisible from the rest of the interior.

The most acceptable option for a small room is mirrored wardrobe light shade

The stricter the overall interior room, the lower the original parts must be in the design of the cabinet. If the interior of the living room in Khrushchev made in ethno style, wardrobe can be decorated with photo wallpapers with a suitable theme.

Please note that for Khrushchev's living room is especially important to use a corner wardrobe to left as much space as possible on the straight surface.

Practical wardrobe in the hall in the wall: a photo, advantages and disadvantages

Wardrobe in the wall is a worthwhile element of any interior, domestic helpers.

The main advantages of the cabinet next to the wall:

  • Functionality;
  • roominess;
  • Large selection of material;
  • You can make a cabinet of his own sketch.

The advantage closet lies in its functionality and practicality

The disadvantages of the closet in the wall, you can include the cost above average, and the difficulty in deciding where to install the cabinet. However, when everything is set up, it lost any dissatisfaction with the price or disputes at the place of mounting, cabinet compartment.

Wardrobes can be made from bamboo, chipboards, glass, rattan or MDF. Closets in the wall can be decorated with photo wallpapers, or patterned stained glass. Inside-cabinet compartment can accommodate a desk with a TV, mini-bar or mini account. Ample closet allow you to install inside the computer at home with a small desk and get a full cabinet of small dimensions. Also wardrobe is ideal for accommodating the skis, snowboards, toboggans and other accessories for winter sports. Due to its height of the cabinet can accommodate a items up to 3 meters in length.

Ergonomically designed wardrobes in the living room (video)

Space saving - a major plus wardrobe of any model. Such a purchase is fully pays for itself and serves for many years faithfully.

Wardrobe in the living room

Living room - the "face" of any apartment or private house. Here are hosting, hold celebrations, gather friends. Therefore, the situation in the living room should be not only warm and comfortable, but also look modern, stylish and harmonious.

Wardrobe is often an integral part of the interior living room. Here are stored the dishes, books, appliances or equipment, clothing, household items, decorative stuff and a lot of other things.

Wardrobe differs from other pieces of furniture by the presence of sliding doors. In addition, it is very roomy, practical and attractive in appearance. Due to the variety of decorative solutions, such cases are also a real decoration of any living room.

These benefits include:

  1. Capacity. This feature is due not only to the large size of the cabinet, but also a competent solution of its internal space.
  2. Versatility. Furniture is used to store a variety of items: clothing, accessories, appliances, bedding, books. Spacious wardrobe can be turned into an entire dressing room.
  3. Zoning space. This embodiment is used for large premises (studio apartment), where massive cabinet can serve as a kind of wall to create different functional zones, e.g., a work area or the playing area for children.
  4. Space saving. Sliding doors, which are equipped with closets, take up much less space than a hinged.
  5. Versatility. Wardrobe in perfect harmony with the interior, designed in a variety of stylistic directions.
  6. Reliability. durable, resistant to mechanical loading materials used for manufacturing the cabinet.
  7. The diversity of the model and size range. Cabinets can have very different geometrical shape, a different number of doors, different options of filling.
  8. Affordable. It depends on the dimensions, configuration, and material selected for manufacturing the cabinet. Very popular model, where the main bearing load falls to the floor, walls and ceiling, that is, there is a real opportunity to save on material.
  9. Wardrobe in the wall to mask its irregularities, chips and cracks.
  1. If the cabinet is standing on an uneven floor or when installing technological advice, the sliding system can quickly get their order had been violated.
  2. If the closet is planned to be turned into a spacious dressing room, it will require additional costs for lighting and ventilation.
  3. Sliding and guiding system need constant and careful maintenance. The same applies to mirrored facades and doors.

Wardrobe may be modular, embedded and partially embedded.

Ideal for large areas. Spacious closet occupies a large part of the space. Its advantages include excellent decorative features, as well as the possibility of changes in any other suitable place. In addition, modular furniture has a high strength, wear resistance and durability.

It differs from the unit more compact. It is made-to-measure for a particular niche. Is less strength, it can not be rearranged. But it is not as distracting from the overall interior as freestanding furniture and creates a feeling of solid, flat surface.

Visually, not much different from the usual built-in model. Its design provides some housing elements, either the cabinet has a few walls, and the other replaced him plane wall, ceiling and floor, as provided in the built-in models.

Modular structure-borne or cabinet can be designed in different geometrical forms:

  • Straight;
  • trapezius;
  • Angular. Can be L-shaped or diagonal.

Rectangular case - the most common variant. It is well suited to any interior and harmonious look in the rooms of different sizes.

Trapezoidal model is quite rare in modern interiors. "Beveled" wardrobe is often complemented by an open rectangular or radial racks.

L-shaped corner wardrobe usually consists of two rectangular models, each of which has its own door.

Diagonal patterns are different from the L-shaped arrangement of doors only. They form a triangle, lying diagonally across the walls of the room. Such cases are characterized by high capacity, but take up a lot of space and are suitable only for very large rooms.

Each model is characterized by a variety of options for interior fittings. Today we can see the enclosures with built-in TV, a small fridge or minibar, china slide furniture or wall.

There are cabinets made in more complex and bizarre forms: radial, wavy, semicircular. These models themselves look very unusual and impressive, especially if their front door or additionally decorated with a beautiful picture or mirror inserts.

Depending on the door opener, cabinets, too, are divided into different groups. The easiest and most inexpensive option - roller. However, it is less reliable as any object, which turned the way of the roller (debris) can break and the bounce will easily be able to "knock out" the door.

Monorail option is much more reliable and durable. It is protected against ingress of small objects and firmly holds the door in a rut. Such models are, of course, more expensive.

Sliding system itself can be made of different materials:

  1. Metal (the most rugged, durable and reliable option);
  2. Plastic coated with Teflon (less robust and cheaper option);
  3. Plastic (service life of such a system is very low - the mechanism can fail within the first year of operation).

Different models are the furniture and on the internal organization of space. Options depend on their shape and size.

The standard elements of the filling are:

  • Rod under the hanger with the clothes (usually this compartment occupies the central and largest part of the wardrobe in size);
  • The shelves, the drawers, wire baskets (used for shoe storage, bed clothes, accessories and other details);
  • Mezzanine occupies the upper part (where are stored large items or items that are rarely used).

Besides the standard elements cabinet can be fitted and bryuchnitsami yubochnitsami, textile bags for storage racks, hooks for umbrellas.

The cupboard may be a recess for storage of household appliances (vacuum, a computer), or sporting equipment (skis, skates, rollers).

Different models differ from each other not only in the shape and configuration, but also the size, finishing materials and decor.

Small area room does not allow too bulky and spacious closets. Model with one or two doors perfectly fit into the small interior.

Spacious living room allows you to set the wardrobe in the wall. Such a large wardrobe easily accommodate not only the clothing and bedding, but also books, dishes, and other household items.

natural and synthetic materials are used to manufacture cabinets. Among the most popular materials of natural origin occupies the leading position timber. One of the cheapest and most popular option - chipboard. Models may be made of one material or in several combinations.

In using more exotic and original versions as finishes:

  • Bamboo (durable, lightweight, beautiful material perfect for ethno-style interiors);
  • Rattan (braided fabric differs a great water resistance, strength and lightness);
  • Natural and artificial leather (wear-resistant materials, soft and pleasant to the touch, are presented in a rich assortment of colors and textures);
  • Mirror (used for its intended purpose and as decorative inserts, helps to visually enlarge a small space and make it lighter).

Different manufacturers seek to arrange their products as much as possible original to attract customers and to stand out from the crowd of standard models. Especially in this respect different European countries, in particular Italy. Italian cabinet can be represented in the most unusual and complex architectural forms, have multiple levels and originally decorated.

Functional features of the cabinet - a very important point, which is certainly worth a look for when choosing. But first, you must decide on the design. After the cabinet is chosen for the living room, so it will always be in sight of the hosts and guests. Beautiful, stylish, modern décor and wardrobe not only tell about the good taste of its owner, but also give the interior a refined, elegant and refined look.

different techniques and methods to create beautiful facades and decorations for doors used today. Among them:

  1. Photocopying. In any pattern, ornament, pattern, picture may be applied as an image.
  2. Sandblast pattern on the mirror. Most often used for such decoration vegetable and floral motifs, birds, butterflies, fancy patterns, which can be produced by his own sketches.
  3. Lakomat. Very interesting design option, which uses a frosted translucent glass 4 mm thick.
  4. Lakobel. One of the sides of the glass is covered with colored lacquer. This option is often used in the design of combined facades.
  5. Stained-glass windows. The ancient form of decoration, whose history goes back more than one hundred years. Today, with the help of fine multi-colored stained-glass windows, you can create a truly elite pieces of furniture. The main theme of the image in the stained-glass windows are flowers, trees, birds, biblical characters.

One of the indisputable advantages wardrobe is its versatility. He looks great in many different styles of interior.

  1. Classic. Traditionally used in the classic style wardrobe has a rectangular shape, facade, designed in dark, subdued shades of natural wood. As decorations can be used mirror or insertion of frosted glass. For a small space is perfect for a compact model, soaked in white, milk or other light shades.
  2. Minimalism. For the interior, seasoned in this style, perfect for stringent wardrobe made of wood with blind doors. No decoration, gilt and carved elements - all strictly and concisely. To create a wardrobe can be selected and another material, e.g. lakomat or lakobel. The main thing is that it is flat and monotonous.
  3. High tech. Modern style, which involves the use of glass, plastic, leather. As a facade decoration can be used lakobel, chrome inserts, the mirror.
  4. Provence. Cozy, bright interior, designed in pastel colors and decorated with compositions of fresh or dried flowers, furniture requires an appropriate supplement. In such a room will fit well into the cabinet from aged wood light tones. The doors can be deaf or mirror. Suitable for decorating sand painting, printing, forged elements.
  5. Japanese style. Eastern style involves the use of rich, deep shades of brown, white, black, red. To decorate use Japanese characters and traditional ornaments, frosted glass and glossy.
  6. Ethnic style. For such areas ideal wardrobe with the decor of bamboo, rattan and other natural materials.

The variety of finishing materials allows you to create all kinds of models of cabinets in any suitable to the interior, shade.

A separate category - the natural shades of wood. Dark and light brown, cherry, bleached cabinet gives the room a more respectable and expensive look.

For small premises will be the best one cabinets are designed in pastel colors (sand, light gray, milky, white). Light cabinet does not weigh down the interior and makes it more easy and free.

For fans of unusual, colorful and extravagant interiors manufacturers offer models of bright, saturated colors of any color. It can be blue, blue, coral, lilac, pink, lemon and any other tone. Such models are usually carried out under the order.

Accommodation options wardrobe is not a lot. It all depends on the room size, configuration, cabinet size and its functional purpose.

If the room has a small width, it is best to put the cabinet in front of the - in front of the window. This cabinet will take the length of the wall-to-wall, but it will look very harmonious.

Spacious living room allows you to select any accommodation options. Good looks spacious closet along the long wall. Occupied space is quite possible to compensate for the use of mirrors or glass inserts.

If the wall is impossible to place a wall cabinet, it is possible to consider the option of an angular or radial pattern. She looks original, and blends harmoniously with any interior.

Make wardrobe invisible only to overhaul stage, considered the version with built-in model. In this facade must be as discreet and invisible, without any decorative elements.

The greatest difficulty is the accommodation cabinet in hruschevke. For example, in a room of 18 sq.m. small cabinet can be put across. Then the room will be visually divided into two spaces, such as living room and children's room or work area. For small rooms is better to choose light colored cabinets or use the built-in options.

To choose the right wardrobe and does not violate the general style of the interior is sufficient to adhere to simple rules:

  1. The cabinet should in color and design combined with the room decoration and other furniture.
  2. Too bright and saturated color of the furniture is not suitable for decorating small spaces. Cabinet will stand out from the interior, and the room would be quite small.
  3. Built-in wardrobe - ideal if you need to fill a niche that will not be used in any other way.
  4. For a large family is best to choose roomy options to save space and money to purchase additional pedestals, shelves and drawers.
  5. Small room heralded small size furniture, spacious - a marker.

The classic rectangular cabinet with facades from chipboard and bleached mirrors perfectly fit into the interior, designed in the style of minimalism. No frills, just clean lines, simple design and functional content.

Spacious walk-in closet is used as a dressing room 2 isolated. Universal design and black-and-white coloring harmonious look in a modern interior living room.

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