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Every year, the market of construction products updated with new products designed to facilitate the repair and decoration. One of these innovative materials are liquid wallpaper from Leroy Merlin - as long as they are considered to be something unusual for us, but many buyers are able to evaluate their quality and ease of operation.

The coating is a dry developer mixture, composed of natural fibers includes fabrics, dyes, adhesives and many others. Compared with paper wallpaper material features easy operation, high thermal and sound insulating properties, strength.

Catalog of liquid wallpaper in Leroy Merlin

Catalog of liquid wallpaper in Leroy Merlin

Catalog of liquid wallpaper in Leroy Merlin presented wide range of colors, so you can choose the perfect finish for any room. Allocate following kinds of liquid wallpaper:

  • silk;
  • cotton;
  • cellulose.

A coating comprising a silk fiber, characterized by the strength and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. The material does not burn out and retains the original appearance for a long time. Wallpapers containing cotton, are pleasant to the touch and look very attractive, making the apartment warm and cozy atmosphere. Cellulosic liquid wall provides good thermal insulation, which makes them the perfect solution for finishing the unheated rooms. Given the availability of pulp, cover the cost of surprise each customer.

Rates liquid wallpaper in Leroy Merlin depend on the type of the basic filler included in their composition.

The most expensive coverage - silk decorative plaster, represented by three shades: beige, green and gold. The material will be an excellent alternative to paper wallpaper in the apartment or office building. It is easily applied and does not form on the surface of the joints and irregularities, it dries quickly and retains heat well.

By purchasing liquid wallpaper in Leroy Merlin, do not forget about related products, especially since they are quite inexpensive. Special plastic float will allow time to identify flaws in the coating and to remove them immediately after application.

Liquid wallpaper decorative basecoat №1 smooth

Budget and highly sought-after commodity - decorative basecoat № 1, designed for interior walls. The base will be the ideal option for living room, bedroom or hallway it can also be used in combination with other fillers. Included in the silk fiber walls attaches effective shine. Applying the mix does not require special training and skills - it smoothes small defects and filling cracks.

  • Also enjoys popularity basecoat № 2 white, which is suitable for the decoration of the dwelling or office. Eco-friendly material does not crumble and does not attract dust and can withstand extremes of temperature and retains heat, which can be seen in the cooler seasons, a hand to the wall. If necessary, you can quickly update the damaged section of the wall - this is especially important for pet owners.
  • The disadvantage in these goods is only one - they are not waterproof.

    Liquid wallpaper decorative basecoat color white №2

    Therefore, it is not recommended to use them for decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. If you plan to apply liquid wall in a room with high humidity, choose specially designed for this product (product of the properties of the information shall be indicated on the packaging). Liquid wallpaper should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, as a protective layer over the coating applied acrylic lacquer, in this case, the removal of contaminants from the walls can be a wet cloth. The site Leroy Merlin, you will find many variations of liquid wallpaper, depending on where exactly you are going to use them.

    Liquid wallpaper: select the manufacturer, determine the price

    Today, many manufacturers engaged in production of liquid wallpaper: producers of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Japan, suggest the use of modern liquid wallpaper for environmentally friendly and attractive decor of the premises.

    What you need to know about these products? What brands give preference to, and how much it will cost? Let's face it.

    It is known that liquid wallpaper appeared thanks to the King of France Charles VII. One day he ordered his court three days to restore the captured castle and decorate it appropriately. Since the equipment silk factory at that time in Paris was destroyed, we decided to just grind silk cloth and add to them the flour as a binding material.

    Soon to decorate royal pochivalni to the mixture was added a golden thread - and all those who've been in these chambers were incredibly impressed by their magnificence and luxury. Since liquid wallpaper we have gained immense popularity throughout Europe.

    According to many experts, the most popular brands of liquid wallpaper today are LEROY MERLIN, BIOPLAST, SILK PLASTER. Each of them has its own characteristics, is not only the price and product range, but also in the application of technology.

    Manufacturer - LEROY MERLIN (France).

    This production, which combines the best properties of plaster and paper wallpaper. Unlike the latter, before they were applied did not necessarily make the wall perfectly smooth, since the liquid wallpaper perfectly eliminate irregularities and defects on the surface, provide additional sound insulation of the room.

    Produce these liquid wallpaper made of silk, cotton or polyester. The acrylic dispersion acts as a binder. They breed them, usually water.

    In addition, they are easily and quickly applied without gaps and joints, even near the window frames and baseboards.

    As decoration of the walls under the stone can transform the interior beyond recognition? Read here also features the choice of material for finishing.

    To learn how to paint laminated door, see this article. Competent advice and helpful tips for painting doors made of different materials.

    Home - distribute the same mixture layer (average thickness 2-3 mm) without bumps and depressions. In this case, it is necessary to apply it from corner to corner, to keep the tool at an angle of 15º to the wall. Try not to dwell on the middle of the wall, because in this case can be formed joint between dry weight and had just applied.

    The average price of French production of liquid wallpaper is 800-900 rubles. per pack.

    Manufacturer - "Dean-Tex" Ltd. (Lugansk, Ukraine).

    It decorative plaster, made and cellulose textile fibers, is used for interior - covering walls and ceilings, as well as non-straight portions, in particular colon, arches, spheres and so forth.

    Bioplast products has the following important advantages:

    • very fast and easy to apply;

    By the way, one package, the price of which ranges from 200 to 700 rubles., On average lasts for 3-4 m2.

    For those who are planning to put their own liquid wallpaper Bioplast, be sure to view the video: You can see for yourself how to prepare the wall, prepare a mixture, apply it to the surface, you will learn about the properties, composition, liquid wallpaper and appreciate the advantages of such a finish:

    Manufacturer - SILK PLASTER (Russia).

    They represent universal tech silk seamless wall covering, which has the following advantages:

    • It complies with all international safety standards;

    It should be noted that the catalog of liquid wallpaper Silk Plast has 12 series, which include more than 200 compositions.

    How much are those liquid silk wallpaper premium? Price standard package (lack 3.3 m2) - 150 (Economy) and 800 rubles. (Premium), the minimum cost of 1 m2 - 30 rubles.

    The basis of the composition of the wallpaper silkoplast are:

    • binder (usually adhesive CMC);
    • decorative element imparting texture material (cellulose, cotton, silk);
    • dye water based.

    Silk Plaster mixture sold in the form of half-baked. Just need to dissolve the contents of the package with water and wait until the glue gets wet and softened fiber. Already wet mixture is applied with a trowel or spatula to the wall or plasterboard. The layer thickness should be not less than 2 mm.

    In addition to these leading manufacturers of liquid wallpaper, there are many other quality products which are no worse than the top three. It:

    Polish liquid wallpaper POLDECOR - a well-known companies around the world, offering more than 200 products. Standard package worth 1000 rubles. designed for handling area of ​​3.3 sq. m.

    Kasagava (CASAVAGA) - Russian manufacturer of so-called.. "Danish plaster" (it is sold with or without glue and has the form of tiles - see picture):

    The cost of the package of 300-700 rubles. and it depends on the size and type of tile.

    Liquid wallpaper SILKCOAT (Japan) - Standard packaging is designed to Q4. meters coating, complete - 100 ml bottle caramel. The cost of 1000 rubles. The best known product line Silkoat ELITE MILLENIUM, ELITE, PRESTIGE.

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    Read about soundproofing apartments with their own hands here - all the secrets and subtleties of sound insulation measures in the detailed description.

    What the properties of shock-resistant film on windows? Read the article:

    Liquid wallpaper Goat (BAYRAMIX KOZA) Turkey Production - a more economical option ekodekora:

    Package weight 1 kg costs from 100 rubles. The average consumption of diluted material with amounts of 1.3-1.5 kg per square meter. On the merits, despite the budget price of the fabric Bayramiks, refer to the video clip:

    The widest choice of liquid wallpaper for ekodekora in Russia and Ukraine, including the installation of them, you can see in the malls and shops of wholesale and retail chains, as the Prestige, Leroy, Maksidom, Miass, OBI.

    you can buy products from well-known brands in these supermarkets and line budget options: EKODEKOR, AIR LINE PRESTIGE, VICTORIA, OPTIMA, STANDARD.

    Then which of the brands of liquid wallpaper to choose - it's up to you, and what is better, we can learn from reviews. Each package comes with instruction: follow it exactly to achieve the desired result. Thus it is necessary to take into account several factors, including their financial capabilities, taste preferences and, of course, especially the interior of the decorated room.

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    Russian manufacturer SILK PLASTER invites to the exhibition Batimat 2015 in Paris !!

    silk plaster or liquid wallpaper SILK PLASTER - it is a popular product in many countries around the world!

    Almost salvation became friends advice for us to use as a finishing material liquid wallpaper «Silk Plaster». First, to cope with their children may even applying what I was convinced, bringing to repair his daughter. Second, do not need any professional skills for the application of this material, all the necessary skills appear directly in the course of the first use of decorative plaster «Silk Plaster». Third, it is an environmentally friendly material, which was very important condition, as little room as a bedroom-prepared children. And in general about the merits of «Silk Plaster» we can talk endlessly, but we decided not to speak, and take the check.

    Our family has a small child, allergic child. The question arose, what pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom? Need to be environmentally friendly, easily cleaned of dirt, a huge range of colors, not expensive for the price! And all of these requirements correspond to liquid wallpaper Silk Plaster! Bought for a fairly reasonable price. The time has come to apply liquid wallpaper, it was terrible, that will not work, because we are not plasterers and by far this profession. But our fear is not justified, just 10 minutes of work it went quickly, as liquid wallpaper Silk Plaster be applied easily, special abilities and skills are not necessary. We were very happy with the result.

    All recommend magic wand - Silk Plaster :)))!

    I first became acquainted with the liquid wallpaper company Silk Plaster at the exhibition MosBuild 2015 in Moscow, there were shown all the new collection, told in detail about all the advantages of liquid wallpaper factory masters demonstrated workshops on drawing, it was very fun and informative, their site has list of new exhibitions with the participation of Silk Plaster in France, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, visit find a lot of interesting and useful for you! :))))

    I liked very liquid wallpaper !! Made repairs finally, and even decide on the manufacturer's website Silk Plaster send their work, but the action is over, and we're a bit late, but we were reassured that the Disney Channel out a series of programs about Silk Plaster - kids will make repairs on their hands, and our children, too, can participate.

    We were in Leroy Merlin and the seller told us everything and recommend Silk Plaster (liquid wallpaper). We live next to the Leroy Merlin in Mytishchi, very good store! Caught in the master class of liquid wallpaper, and even saw Silk Plaster on TNT in the School of repairs. All master classes from San Sanycha a positive and cool !!

    Very cool liquid wallpaper sold at Leroy Merlin Silk Plaster from the manufacturer! By the way, you can take part in the Promotion SILK PLASTER in a Million not only with a wide range of liquid wallpaper from the manufacturer, but also with liquid wallpaper, which are sold at Leroy Merlin. The same offer is valid if you have bought them abroad - in Europe, Canada, Brazil, etc. -.. Here are very popular liquid wallpaper.

    Now high-quality material known manufacturer of liquid wallpaper is worth a lot. But I think that if the price of wallpaper is very low, in their manufacture was broken formulation composition, and wallpaper will be of poor quality. I for example, prefer a liquid wall Senideco French production. They have a variety of colors, and they are not very poor quality.

    Yes, French is a very nice, but the price increased too! and the new euro so in general)), the French themselves bought our Russian Silk Plaster - they are not worse, but the price more than reasonable

    It is important to observe all the rules for the preparation of the walls. It is important to pay attention to water leakage. Water leakage problematic by the fact that in their place are formed mud stains and yellow rust stains. Copper sulphate is used previously to remove streaks. Such places are dangerous manifestation spots. If you can not remove them, you need to treat these places conventional oil paint.

    The selection and application of silk plaster

    Silk Plaster - a relatively new coating for the walls and ceiling. This mimics the surface finish coating coated silk textiles. Another name silk plaster - liquid wallpaper. This finish is used for wall decor in the living room, as well as harmony in the interior look of modern offices.

    Plaster silk - environmentally friendly finishing material, since it consists of only natural components: cellulose and cotton fibers, particles of natural and artificial silk, polyester, mineral and decorative additives. Natural silk fibers are used only in the exclusive and expensive kinds of silk plaster, as the price they are far superior artificial silk. As decorative additives added to the mixture particles and pearl mica, a variety of glitter, quartz chips. Acrylic binders are copolymers or cellulose glue. The composition of the mixture also includes plasticizers constraining development of mold and fungi, and dyes.

    Using silk plaster in the interior allows you to visually conceal unevenness and roughness on the treated walls.

    Pros and cons of wet silk plaster

    The advantages of textile coatings include:

    • possibility to hide the unevenness of the curvature of the walls and corners;
    • no seams;
    • good thermal and sound insulation;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • The porous structure allows the treated surfaces to "breathe";
    • high elasticity and ability to stretch;
    • resistance of dyes, silk plaster does not fade under the sunlight;
    • antistatic material does not accumulate dust;
    • the presence of plasticizers in the mixture does not allow to grow on the surfaces of the mold and fungus;
    • good price, to maintain the quality of matter. Because the ratio of price and quality is high.

    Wet plaster silk has some disadvantages:

    • long drying period not less than 72 hours;
    • high hygroscopicity;
    • active absorption and preservation of flavors and odors;
    • rapid wear at frequent mechanical action.

    liquid silk production is established in many countries. The most popular liquid wallpaper brands "Leroy Merlin", "Bioplast», Silk Plaster. Silk Plaster "Leroy Merlin", the price of which attracts a lot of buyers, sets the fashion trends in the field of coating materials. It includes the best of the characteristics of decorative plasters and paper wallpaper.

    As the customer reviews, wet silk "Leroy" remains flexible after drying and does not warp or crack from shrinkage at home.

    Covering liquid silk

    Silk plaster is produced in dry and liquid form. The dry mixture was diluted with water to the desired consistency and the liquid comprises dry and liquid components which are mixed before use. Price is somewhat different.

    On the surface of the walls silk plaster is applied in several ways:

    • a spatula or a trowel;
    • with the spray.

    Relief surface is imparted with a textured roller, sponge, cloth or matting crumpled. Manufacturers of wet silk wallpaper created a video about the work with the material. In it experts have clearly shown how to apply the finish on the walls, pointed out all the nuances and possible errors, gave a hint to correct them. Consumer reviews indicate that successfully applied wet wallpaper on the wall is a newcomer in this case, using video from manufacturers.

    Before applying the mixture of surface finishing walls previously prepared. Silk plaster has a masking property, but deep cracks and crevices are kindly requested to putty, removed the old wallpaper, glue, paint, remove old putty. It should remove dust from the walls with a vacuum cleaner or wash them and dry.

    There are some nuances in preparation of the walls of the concrete prior to application of wet silk wallpaper, as the concrete is characterized by a strong soaking liquid coatings. To make the color of the walls uniformly, over their entire surface is coated with a mixture of putty. After drying putty walls covered with primer and paint for façades painted white. It can be painted shades and finishes of the future.

    Plastered surfaces is purified, treated with a putty, primer, paint or alkyd oil paints. Prior to applying the silk plaster is checked for compatibility with the paint coat on a small area. Only then you can proceed to its application on the wall.

    Silk Plaster for surface treatment is prepared according to the instructions that are printed on the packaging manufacturers.

    • package dry mix is ​​poured into a plastic bucket;
    • Water was added to the mixture in an amount specified in the instructions;
    • silk plaster is mixed thoroughly;
    • liquid substance is allowed to stand on the package indicated time;
    • vystoyki applied after the plaster layer of 1-2 mm using a plastic spatula or trowel.

    Start finish applied to the wall angle. The process can be mechanized by a mechanical pulverizer. This allows the economical use of finishing mixture.

    Silk plaster in the interior provides a luxurious appearance of the premises, with the price on it is acceptable to many customers. Eco-friendly decoration brings aesthetic pleasure and solves individual design ideas of their masters.

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