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Shimo Ash in a modern interior

Creating a beautiful interior design involves painstaking work of selecting the type of materials, colors and textures. It is important that all the details were combined with each other to form a single picture. Today, designers finish apartments use a variety of materials. One of the most popular is the Shimo ash species. What kind of material, and how to apply it in the room?

The interior of the apartments you can often find items very similar to the wood in the shade of milky coffee. A characteristic feature of these products is the presence of sharp and distinct bands. This material is referred to as ash Shimo.

Shimo Ash light

Apply it is possible in any style.

  • In the style of Provence ash Shimo can perfectly be combined with bright highlights.
  • In the classical interior of the material will fit best.
  • Trendy minimalism if created for use of articles made of ash Shimo. This style involves the use of neutral and muted shades, which is the chosen material.

Each of the foregoing sheets can be safely used in floor covering color white ash. It will give the room a feeling of lightness and freshness. The combination of different shades of any room will benefit.

Shimo Ash light in the interior

This material is an imitation of wood, which has in its structure veining of natural material. Products from a dark ash Shimo in the interior possess rich chocolate color.

Shimo Ash light in the interior of a bedroom

The apartments can often find these details of the situation in a dark chocolate color ash:

  • Interior door panels.
  • Original inserts in furniture fronts.
  • Book shelves.
  • Leaf wardrobes.
  • rack panel.
  • Furniture case details.
  • Countertops desks.
  • Flooring.

Interior door panels

Using dark ash furniture Shimo in the interior in combination with light items, you can create a good version of the classic interior decoration, as shown in the photo.

Light and dark ash Shimo in the interior, to create a beautiful arrangement of any room. For example, for finishing kitchen countertops designers often use and kitchen furniture, made of material Shimo ash. The pleasant colors of such designs perfectly fit into the kitchen arrangement. In addition to this, strict forms and a good combination of dark and light panels can create a special style of the room.

Shimo Ash in the interior of the kitchen

The spectrum of use of the article Ash Shimo impossible to limit the purpose or size of premises. They go perfectly with almost any style, size and other features of the rooms.

Shimo Ash in the living room interior

Light ash Shimo in the interior of the living room brings a feeling of lightness and freshness. Particularly relevant quality data are for small living rooms. The photo shows how the case furniture ash Shimo perfectly combines with simple yet stylish design of the hall option.

Wall ash Shimo light shade

An excellent choice for the guest, is a multi-functional wall, combined dark and light ash Shimo. This piece of furniture is practical. With many drawers and niches in the wall can be placed decorative items, TV equipment, framed photos and other personal items. A combination of dark and light surfaces, does not reduce the visual room, giving it a special flavor.

Wall ash Shimo in light and dark shades

Today it is fashionable to use in the interior products made from ash Shimo. This material is presented in a dark and light version, which allows you to create stylish and original interior design. Practicality and versatility of the material makes it possible to use it in any room of squaring and destination. Because of these qualities, ash Shimo is very popular in modern interiors.

The use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

The use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

Shimo Ash, light and dark is very often used in modern interiors.

Light ash has Shimo shade coffee with milk, with a sharp and clear stripes, imitating wood structure ash. This color is suitable for the following styles:

• Provence - the use of pastel colors with bright splashes of other colors;

• classic - muted colors and a lot of wooden furniture;

• Minimalism - muted and neutral tones in the interior.

The interior color of light ash Shimo can be used in furniture, laminate flooring and interior doors. He will not only give the ease and comfort of the room, but also visually increase the space.

Dark ash Shimo - this product is dark-chocolate color, streaked with a wood structure ash. Used to create a contrasting interior.

• inlays in furniture facades, furniture panels;

• upper lid rack systems;

• Housing office furniture;

• flooring laminate.

Interiors with inserts made of dark ash Shimo turn out elegant and practical. The most suitable option - the creation of the classical style.

Let's look at the use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

Shimo Ash light

Shimo Ash dark

TV table ash Shimo

Light ash Shimo in the interior of the living room

Wall ash Shimo light


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Furniture: Shimo Ash light

ash-colored furniture Shimo light in Chelyabinsk

Compact wall to the living room for a low price. Size: 1530 * 1560 * 400 mm. Niche TV: 900 * 650 mm. Colors: wenge / bleached oak, ash Shimo light / dark. Shaped rack.

The wall of the living room for a low price. Size: 1660sh 1820v * * 432g mm. Niche TV: 960 * 828 mm. Color: Ash Shimo light / dark, wenge / oak milky. Weight: 90 kg. The rear wall includes wall mounting.

Inexpensive wall to the living room with shaped rack. Width: 1500 mm. Height: 1600 mm. Depth: 400 mm. Niche for TV 1050 * 670 mm. Color: bleached oak / wenge, ash Shimo light / dark.

Compact wall for the living room of economy class. Size: 1500 * 1680 * 420 mm. Colors: Oak wenge / bleached oak, Shimo dark / light Shimo. Wardrobe with shelves, a large drawer withdrawable.

The wall of the living room in a modern style at a low price. Size: 2100 * 1820 * 440 mm. Niche TV 1310 * 740 * 440 mm. Colors: wenge / bleached oak, ash Shimo light / dark. In the closet shelf.

Inexpensive for the living room wall. A popular, functional model. Size: 2100 * 1820 * 410 mm. Niche TV: 1200 x 1000 mm. Colors: wenge / bleached oak, ash Shimo light / dark.

The compact kitchen of economy class at a low price. Width: 1600 mm. Colors: Ash Shimo dark / light. Cabinet under the sink invoice is not completed countertop. The price does not include cleaning, Dish, wall panel. We can equip an extra charge.

Modular kitchen with glazed upper facade. The price depends on the photo equipment on. Color Headset: Shimo ash dark / light. Color countertops: Onyx. Width: 1500 mm. Depth: lower cabinets: 425 mm, the upper cabinets: 290 mm. Height: lower cabinets 840 mm, upper cabinets 626 mm. Sink cabinet 810 mm. in height, it is not equipped with worktop. N600-1YA lower cabinets, ... more »

Tatiana 1800 (Vavilon58) - 6700 rubles.

Ready kitchen. Width: 1800 mm. Colors: wenge / bleached oak, ash Shimo dark / light. Options: - upper cabinet 800 mm. - upper rack 600 mm. - upper rack 400 mm. - lower cabinet for sink without worktop 800 mm. - the lower cupboard desktop 600 mm. - with the lower cabinet 4 drawers 400 mm. - worktop, color ... More »

Inexpensive ergonomic seating wall for the combined color. Size: 2100 * 1785 * 400 mm. Colors: Wenge / Loredo pine, ash Shimo dark / light ash Shimo. Niche TV: 900 * 700 mm. In the closet shelf.

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Olivia 3 - 8830 rubles.

Valencia 3 - 13 940 rubles.

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