Shimo Ash dark

Shimo Ash in a modern interior

Creating a beautiful interior design involves painstaking work of selecting the type of materials, colors and textures. It is important that all the details were combined with each other to form a single picture. Today, designers finish apartments use a variety of materials. One of the most popular is the Shimo ash species. What kind of material, and how to apply it in the room?

The interior of the apartments you can often find items very similar to the wood in the shade of milky coffee. A characteristic feature of these products is the presence of sharp and distinct bands. This material is referred to as ash Shimo.

Shimo Ash light

Apply it is possible in any style.

  • In the style of Provence ash Shimo can perfectly be combined with bright highlights.
  • In the classical interior of the material will fit best.
  • Trendy minimalism if created for use of articles made of ash Shimo. This style involves the use of neutral and muted shades, which is the chosen material.

Each of the foregoing sheets can be safely used in floor covering color white ash. It will give the room a feeling of lightness and freshness. The combination of different shades of any room will benefit.

Shimo Ash light in the interior

This material is an imitation of wood, which has in its structure veining of natural material. Products from a dark ash Shimo in the interior possess rich chocolate color.

Shimo Ash light in the interior of a bedroom

The apartments can often find these details of the situation in a dark chocolate color ash:

  • Interior door panels.
  • Original inserts in furniture fronts.
  • Book shelves.
  • Leaf wardrobes.
  • rack panel.
  • Furniture case details.
  • Countertops desks.
  • Flooring.

Interior door panels

Using dark ash furniture Shimo in the interior in combination with light items, you can create a good version of the classic interior decoration, as shown in the photo.

Light and dark ash Shimo in the interior, to create a beautiful arrangement of any room. For example, for finishing kitchen countertops designers often use and kitchen furniture, made of material Shimo ash. The pleasant colors of such designs perfectly fit into the kitchen arrangement. In addition to this, strict forms and a good combination of dark and light panels can create a special style of the room.

Shimo Ash in the interior of the kitchen

The spectrum of use of the article Ash Shimo impossible to limit the purpose or size of premises. They go perfectly with almost any style, size and other features of the rooms.

Shimo Ash in the living room interior

Light ash Shimo in the interior of the living room brings a feeling of lightness and freshness. Particularly relevant quality data are for small living rooms. The photo shows how the case furniture ash Shimo perfectly combines with simple yet stylish design of the hall option.

Wall ash Shimo light shade

An excellent choice for the guest, is a multi-functional wall, combined dark and light ash Shimo. This piece of furniture is practical. With many drawers and niches in the wall can be placed decorative items, TV equipment, framed photos and other personal items. A combination of dark and light surfaces, does not reduce the visual room, giving it a special flavor.

Wall ash Shimo in light and dark shades

Today it is fashionable to use in the interior products made from ash Shimo. This material is presented in a dark and light version, which allows you to create stylish and original interior design. Practicality and versatility of the material makes it possible to use it in any room of squaring and destination. Because of these qualities, ash Shimo is very popular in modern interiors.

The use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

The use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

Shimo Ash, light and dark is very often used in modern interiors.

Light ash has Shimo shade coffee with milk, with a sharp and clear stripes, imitating wood structure ash. This color is suitable for the following styles:

• Provence - the use of pastel colors with bright splashes of other colors;

• classic - muted colors and a lot of wooden furniture;

• Minimalism - muted and neutral tones in the interior.

The interior color of light ash Shimo can be used in furniture, laminate flooring and interior doors. He will not only give the ease and comfort of the room, but also visually increase the space.

Dark ash Shimo - this product is dark-chocolate color, streaked with a wood structure ash. Used to create a contrasting interior.

• inlays in furniture facades, furniture panels;

• upper lid rack systems;

• Housing office furniture;

• flooring laminate.

Interiors with inserts made of dark ash Shimo turn out elegant and practical. The most suitable option - the creation of the classical style.

Let's look at the use of light and dark ash Shimo in the interior

Shimo Ash light

Shimo Ash dark

TV table ash Shimo

Light ash Shimo in the interior of the living room

Wall ash Shimo light


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Ash: universal color of the furniture in the house and 70+ indescribably cozy interiors

The spacious living room in rustic style with furniture in the shade of ash

Today ash - a very popular color of furniture (photos in shades of light and dark). Sets and individual pieces of furniture in these colors can be found in a variety of interiors. Most modern customers like the color of the furniture ash Shimo, which resembles a coffee with milk. Dark ash has a wide range of applications. This color can be observed not only in furniture, but also on the floor covering in the finishing of door and window openings. The rooms are decorated in these colors visually expand, and the atmosphere in them close to the maximum comfort. color dark ash furniture Shimo - a product of chocolate color with texture, permeated by veins that can be seen in the fresh sawing wood. Generally, a dark ash is used to provide contrast interior.

Furniture Ash sand color looks good in the houses in the Art Nouveau style

Light ash in the kitchen in the loft

Furniture made of solid ash blends well with the decorative brick and is suitable for creating a cozy space in a small kitchen

ash-colored furniture in the interior

Most furniture color ash fits the following design styles:

Cupboard made of ash in minimalist interior

Furniture made of ash is often used for interiors in bright colors

A chest of drawers made of ash and oak in the living room in classic style

In the manufacture of furniture manufacturers use natural solid or veneer:

  • for decorative panels on walls and door sets;
  • for countertops, kitchen surfaces and dining tables;
  • for vertical and horizontal shelves;
  • for shelving;
  • for slides and children's furniture;
  • for furniture in the office.

Kitchen island ash Shimo dark

Set of classical furniture made of ash

Interiors in a color different elegance and practicality, because the color of ash almost no traces of the hands and fingers. The most appropriate style for such furniture - classic.

If the owner of the home plans to arrange the room in soft pastel colors, flooring, doors and furniture set light ash will fall at an opportune moment. They are appropriate and in a totally white interiors.

White kitchen combined with wood furniture ash color looks warm and cozy

Parquet and furniture from this tree species has not only aesthetic appeal - a material known for excellent physical properties:

Furniture made of light ash can be used in the bathroom

Furniture made of ash - a practical option for the kitchen. Low flammability, fungal resistance and ease of care make it indispensable in any home

Light ash has a wide range of colors, but they all belong to the cold, as they have a grayish or pinkish tint. Therefore, light ash blends well with the interiors, in which the following finishing tones predominate:

The harmonious combination of ash furniture (cabinet, bed) with lacquered floors larch

Ash cool colors harmonizes with marble and looks noble on white kitchen

Built-in ash beige suit for lovers of natural interiors and pastel

If the landlord wants to pick up the furniture or floor coverings, light ash doors and windows, suitable color, but made from other tree species, it is necessary to pay attention to the oak array, larch, white acacia, plum and black cherry. It is also characterized by a cold shade for these rocks.

Tip! Not to be mistaken with the choice, going to the store, taking with him a small piece of the parquet or laminate. To achieve the perfect match is unlikely, but the consultant is required to pick up something as much as possible an appropriate situation. In contrast to the general scheme of one or two tones will not be noticeable.

Luxury ash parquet in vintage interior room

As ash is combined with other materials

White ash in perfect harmony with plum also has a cool shade. However, the drain is slightly darker than their class "kinsman", so on a light background clearly drawn furniture with plum accents.

This combination is too soft interior becomes brighter and more alive. In the room where there is a contrast, even a visually impaired person is well-versed. Complete the created image will help to further details and decorations gray, purple, bronze color. Will help focus the incoming bright blue vase or statue, installed in the center of the table.

Bedroom country house: bed of solid cherry wood cabinet and ash

Black Cherry is perfect for an exotic interior design. The contrast between the two materials is so striking, that does not spoil the image, but rather adorns it. Cold shade - that's what brings together two completely opposite colors.

In order to achieve perfect harmony, the walls of the room is recommended painted in bright terracotta and furniture for the use of a copper fittings. Upholstery and cushions should also have terracotta shades.

Bright kitchen of a country house: terracotta walls and kitchen ash

Tip! This interior must allocate a single large dark green element. It may be a picture or a mat on the floor. Curtain is better to choose a beige, pink or purple tones.

Next to the cold nut ash exudes warmth. But the use of such combinations to do a smooth transition, which will provide light coffee wallpaper or upholstery of the corresponding color.

Cold walnut kitchen combined with chairs and a ceiling made of solid ash chocolate color

Help emphasize the image of light green or blue curtains. Door handles must be made of bronze.

In ash, like the majority of other valuable species, there are plenty of indisputable advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly material can not be called into question. Furniture made of wood does not harm human health.
  2. Shrinkage is carried out so efficiently, that sets and individual pieces of furniture are not subjected to further destructive moisture.
  3. Ash is very easy to handle, thanks to which the master-cabinetmakers have the opportunity to create unique reliefs and display smooth lines.
  4. Furniture Ash fits perfectly into any interior, filling it with warmth and comfort.

Freestanding and built-in furniture of this tree species suitable for the living room, bedroom, hallway and even the bathroom. No matter what it is - a bed, a bedside table, wardrobe, - the product quality will always be on top. Accordingly, the price of such furniture can not be low.

Ash in warm shades looks cozy and does not require elaborate decorative elements

To kitchen sets special requirements in terms of strength, resistance to moisture and high temperatures. Ash - a material which combines all of these qualities. Furniture Ash does not matter the size of the kitchen space, it is equally harmoniously integrated in a large kitchen, and the kitchen is small in size.

Kitchen unit, combining the insertion of the light ash and chrome surface

Parquet and in harmony with it wall panels ash

In the classic style are appropriate simple facades, as such, should be selected for the baroque cupboards and cabinets, doors are decorated with intricate carvings and ornaments. Very original looks bar, which is used for manufacturing ash.

Classical kitchen with kitchen island Ash

High kitchen of light ash will make the room visually higher

A person belonging to the care and health of your loved ones is unlikely to fill the interior of the dwelling synthetic materials. His love for all natural and natural, and it will show in the selection of furniture.

Most households spend time in the kitchen, living room, bedroom. Therefore, it should be as comfortable and cozy in these rooms. That tree is the most secure and aesthetically pleasing material.

Bed - a piece of furniture, which depends on the quality of sleep, which means that the state of health and human performance throughout the day. If the bed is uncomfortable, but her body exudes an unpleasant synthetic smell of a good night's rest can be no question. Bedroom design ash has a positive effect on the mental condition and a beneficial effect on mood.

Bed of solid ash in the bedroom the color of coffee with milk

Of great importance for a comfortable stay in the house has a strength large wardrobes. These designs are now most in demand because of its functionality, a variety of filling and large capacity.

Huge wardrobe Ash - affordable luxury

Shelves, for the manufacture of which the manufacturer uses natural array, do not bend under the weight of large, do not exude an unpleasant smell, do not emit toxins, which could soak into the clothing.

Especially important is the strength of the bookshelves and designs for audio and video, they always have a lot of weight. If you use a flimsy shelves made of chipboard and similar materials, they may collapse under the weight and injure the occupant of the room.

Ash color of the furniture: photos of bathroom furniture

Bathroom - a room with high humidity. In view of the furniture here should be special. If you put in a bathroom cabinet and a pencil case made of wood that is susceptible to damage from moisture, they swell very quickly lose stability and become simply unfit for use. In the case of ash such problems the owner will never have.

Bedside table light ash, mirrors, transparent partitions are added lightness and ease of the bathroom

Pedestals of dark ash in the bathroom emphasize the refined taste of home owners

Ash - versatile material for furniture in the bathroom. He blends in well with light-colored walls and marble accents

Of this material in the bathroom, you can even take the floor. Pre-treated with special coating antiseptic impregnations and varnishes, after which it may be tens of years. If we compare the warm wooden floor tiles, the latter significantly loses, because it is cold even in summer. In the bathroom the same person has to stand on the floor with bare feet.

Ash in the bathroom, you can decorate the walls and ceiling. This combination will provide the room attractive and comfortable look. Exactly how to use the finish, you need to decide, based on their family's financial resources.

Combining different colors of ash in the regeneration bath

Ash has high performance characteristics, so from this material furniture meets international standards of quality, is long and looks very beautiful. In comparison with other valuable species of ash has affordable price, and a variety of colors allows you to choose the elements for the design of any interior.

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