Shelving for the garage with his hands

How to make shelves and racks in the garage

To "good" in the garage did not prevent the movement needed some way to organize its storage. The most convenient racks for garage. If there is sufficient space, you can make them on the wall or even on a few walls. If there is no space at the bottom, it is necessary to move up - do the shelf near the ceiling. Not the best option, but sometimes only one. Yet racks in the garage standing on the floor, safer, especially if they are securely attached to the wall (in order to avoid unpleasant situations).

What better rack: welded or bolted

Shelving for the garage made of wood and metal. Wooden mostly non-collapsible - with nails and screws. They are usually installed permanently, fastened to the wall. Metal racks can be welded. Then they are not folding. There are racks bolted. These constructs are mobile and can be dismantled if required. Their drawback - the lack of rigidity, as always in this connection there is some backlash. To make the design more stable, it is attached to the walls. To this end, the extreme studs may be welded (attach bolt) metal plates with a hole. The crutch to drive the aperture (pre Drill a hole in the wall of a slightly smaller diameter).

One option - a frame made of shaped tube and shelves made of plywood

And welded and bolted shelving for the garage are regularly, but more often welded constructions. Demountable option is selected in the two cases. First - can move to another garage, and all equipment will need to carry and weighs hundreds of kilograms of design, so that the whole of her move is problematic. Second - there is no ability or desire to use welding (if the shelves for the garage doing with his hands). The rest usually prefer welded - they are more stable in the presence of welding experience is going faster.

The sale still some metal shelves with perforated corners. They, too, are mobile and can understand, but they are connected by means of hooks (on the cross) and grooves (on stands). Such storage systems are convenient - you can rearrange the shelves at the desired height. Their minus - it's expensive.

Structurally shelves for the garage consist of uprights, beams and shelves. Sometimes, to increase the rigidity, on the back side of the case has cross-tightening - two steel bars, welded / bolted to the extremely resistant diagonally. They compensate for side loads obscheyu increasing the stability and reliability.

Shelving in the garage can be made on the drawing (dimensions are approximate)

Dimensions - height and depth of the shelves - are chosen almost arbitrarily - depending on what you intend to keep. The only thing that must be chosen carefully - span length - the distance between the uprights in the same section. It depends on the stiffness of the material that you choose to use: shelves, even at full load must not sag. Heavy things / objects span length - about 1.5 meters, if the load is not too big, the distance can be increased up to 2 meters, but most definitely not worth doing. If you need a rack for the garage of greater length, set intermediate rack, the distance between which still can not be more than 2 meters.

A few words about the height of the shelves in the rack. The lowermost shelf may be raised from floor level by 50-70 cm (even longer if desired). Here usually put the heaviest items. The rest of the shelves can be done at a different height, 30 cm - it is inconvenient and impractical. In general, optimum shelf should become a 1.5 liter plastic bottle, and it is 35-37 cm. This distance is convenient to use.

As already said, shelves for the garage made of wood and metal. Wood is lighter in weight, easier to work with wood, but they kept not such a big load. Metal heavier (harder at times), but they can be placed, and an elephant.

There is also the question of price. Rolled metal today is not cheap. If all buy in the market or in a store, at a price you one rack (with consumables) will cost almost the same amount as the ready. The only real way to save money - buy the metal on the whole whips Metal (there are 6 m and 12 m), and then cut to length. Cutting can be directly on the base, you will have an additional pay for services, but the amounts are very small. In this case, you will be able to cut costs by about 20-30%.

One embodiment of the layout

Lumber compared to metal cost less. But do not think that the costs will be small: you have to buy varietal wood without knots, and a class of "elite" or "premium" with a corresponding price tag. So it is very cheap will not work.

Operating conditions in the garage is not the best - high humidity, frost, alternating razmerzanie / freezing times - the heat. Not very good for wood. Because all the material before work should be treated with antibacterial and protective structures. Take the tools for wood for outdoor use, because the conditions in an unheated garage longer like them. You can choose a tool that simultaneously Tonirujushchaja work surface and your product can not paint. After processing the material is dried and only then start to work.

How to connect the bars

When connecting parts of a wooden rack can use standard methods for carpenters - a quarter or vpolulapu. If this is difficult for you, can be nailed and butt, and to strengthen the connections use metal corners and / or shear plates.

Another point: connect better on nails rather than screws. More stably obtained, less "bumped" compound. If you choose to gain the plates, they can be mounted on the screws.

Wooden rack for the garage

Now size: Rack usually used timber 50 * 50 mm, crossbars can use the same timber or slightly thinner - 50 * 30 mm. The flooring is made of:

  • boards at least 21 mm;
  • waterproof plywood of 10 mm thickness;
  • laminated particleboard;
  • CAP.

The cheapest - board and plywood. Laminated particle board is much more expensive, but it is not necessary to paint, and it is - a nice plus. Not to spend a lot of, you can take on the bases first and last sheets in the pack - they scratched and are much cheaper.

Wooden rack in the garage - dimensional drawing

Another point: at the shelves of chipboard remains open side cut. If it is not treated, with an increase in humidity will swell chips, shelf will warp. To avoid this, promazhte silicone edge. With such processing personal with DSP will not happen.

If you choose to make metal shelves for the garage, wider choice of materials - there are two versions of metal plus standard solutions for warehouses (perforated corners). It is also possible to use metal parts designed for other purposes - for example, suitable steel cable-rack or cable channels that are used in communication.

Cable channels and shelves - convenient and not too expensive

So, from what makes the metal frame of the rack in the garage:

  • From metal angle with a metal thickness of 3-4 mm. The width of the corner shelves - 25-45 cm - depending on the planned load. Durable, but metal-intensive material weighs a lot, is expensive.
  • Profiled tube (rectangular in section). At a lower metal content (less than the wall thickness) as compared with the metal area has better elastic characteristics (more difficult to bend), is more resistant to torsion. Exemplary dimensions for racks 50 * 50 * 40 mm or 40 mm, on the arms 50 * 25 * 40 mm or 25 mm respectively.
  • Racks are made of proftruby and cross from a corner. Metal thickness of 2-3 mm, flange width - 25 mm and more. Unwrap the corner so that the stacking deck was in a "nest".

Look carefully how the corners are located

The flooring on the shelves are made of the same materials as for wooden shelf (board, plywood, OSB, particle board), but sometimes also added custom options that use timber-framed dramatically due to the high mass - sheet metal.

Optimal for most regions is board - reliable, not very expensive material. Must take sexual without knots (with a minimum of knots) with a thickness of 21 mm. Treat with antiseptics, then paint.

Plus metal shelves - high reliability at a low thickness, drawbacks - price, weight and "loudness". They also need to paint only first cleaned of rust and then walk a rust converter and ground, then - the paint and preferably in two layers. Also, by the way, it is necessary to handle and metal frame. Then the rack in the garage will not rust.

Main features of metal shelving

Metal shelving can be welded or assembled to the bolts. With welding usually questions arise. If you use a corner, you can connect the overlapped - in the 3-5 mm gap when laying invisible shelves. If desired, you can cut too much in one of the shelves, butt weld, but pruning takes time and much of a difference you still can not see.

How to cut corners for smooth connection

With the assembly of the frame to the rack bolted order is: first collected separately squares sidewalls and shelves, then twisted them together. On each connection preferably at least two bolt - for the greater hardness (less backlash).

If your hands are going to garage shelves of shaped tube, the procedure of the other. First collect the sidewall, they secure the short cross. Obtained two rectangles with crossbars. Then they connect crossbars.

Methods bolting profile pipes

How can I make a connection with a photograph. In one case, welding is still needed - weld 'heel cushions "in another, you can do without it - cut" ears ", bend and cling to them.

There is another way - a special crab system. This metal plate molded with a recessed profile. The grooves are laid pipe, and then the two plates are tightened with bolts.

Crab-shaped pipe system

Very large load such a connection is unlikely to survive, but there are undeniable plus - no need to drill a bunch of holes in the metal. The profiled tube is certainly easier than in a thick-walled corner, but it still takes a lot of time and effort.

By the way, the bolts are used M8 or M6, respectively, under these require large holes. Simply drill a first thin drill, and then expand to the desired size of the fat. But even with this procedure you will need a solid number of drills. That they overheat less and less broke, next put the jar with water to lower the drill periodically.

In the garage is necessary not only rack, but still needs some work bench and stand for hand tools - all kinds of keys and other small things, which a lot and come up with some definite convenient storage location difficult.

Workbench can be done at the center of the rack. It's convenient - everything you need is at hand, do not have to constantly go to the shelves.

Racking garage convenient workbench

Workbench can be part of the system, and it is possible to make two separate modules, between which set the desired table. If such an arrangement is not pleasant, it will be possible to change the configuration - even corner put.

As for the stand for the tool. There is a factory option - perforated metal sheet is hung on his holders. The idea is not bad except for the price.

As usual, there are a few homemade (what a garage without them) on the same subject. Ideas are easy to perform, perhaps not so elegant, but comfortable:

  • On board, a sheet of chipboard, plywood, fill nail for each tool. Not to be confused where to hang it - circle the tool in place and paint some color.

Everything is in order and in its place

Option for heavier and bulky instruments

This stand for a tool to make their own hands is a snap

And if you want, all this can be put on the wheel - make a stand for the mobile tool. This is a case in the warm season you prefer to work with a car on the street.

You can easily roll back where you want

Oh, and for inspiration to do ... all the tools are in place))


It just so happened that the garage - it's not only the house for the "iron horse", but also for files, clamps, screws, bolts, screws, drills, drills, hammers, axes, grinders, motor oil, fluids, old rusty disks and other useful and important things. In addition, the garage - the last refuge for the old bicycle, suddenly it will go grandchildren, broken last year kettle, worn to holes of a living room chair, bedside tables with detached doors and other furniture that remains after repair. Sound familiar? It turns out almost communal. So, to quietly call in the car without fear to collide with screws, mounds lying on the floor, or on a jigsaw, which fell from the tables, it is worth pondering to set shelves for the garage and place them all utility so that they do not interfere and at the same time they are easily accessible.

You ever been in "exemplary pokazatelnyh9raquo; garages where you come and you realize that is not against stay and live here? It houses a man could throw his dirty socks and do not know where are his things that he wears every day, but his garage - this is no place for chaos. There, everything should be on their places, carefully unfolded and even signed, the first in the area of ​​accessibility as needed. To efficiently accommodate all occupants of the garage, need to use the space from floor to ceiling, equipping racks and shelves. How to do it, I am interested in any prudent owner.

What are the racks for garage

Total shelving designs that it is advisable to install in the garage a few:

fixed shelves They represent a frame of vertical posts and horizontal beams, which are mounted on the shelf. These racks are designed to withstand the maximum weight, so that all the weight of the pressure-loaded rack falls on the floor, shelves attached to them is called "namertvo9raquo ;, and the vertical rack additionally fixed to the wall with brackets. The most frequently used metal shelves for the garage, but if you do not plan to store too heavy things, you can make and wood.

National - collapsible shelves differ from stationary so that the uprights in them are made of perforated metal, so that by means of bolts, nuts and fastening parts of shelves on which can be mounted at any height. This is the option of shelving offers an abundance of modern market.

Shelving for the garage: photo - examples

mobile shelves equipped with wheels, so that they can be moved from place to place without first unloading. This design feature imposes certain restrictions on the allowable weight. These racks can be purchased ready-made and assemble them yourself as a designer.

rotating rack storage "melochevki9raquo ;. Small vertical rack, something resembling a rack for CD, can be used for screws, bolts, nails and small hand tools, keys, screwdrivers, etc. Scroll shelf around its axis, will have access to any tool, will not have to search long or get by shifting unwanted junk at the moment.

Wall shelves unlikely to belong to the classical understanding of the word "stellazh9raquo ;, but for the rational use of space in the garage, they are indispensable. All unnecessary or infrequently come in handy items can be stored on shelves along the garage under the ceiling above the car level at such a height that will not interfere with the free passage and maintenance of cars. Hanging shelves are attached to the wall using special fasteners. The weight that can withstand such shelves is much less than that of the stationary rack. But if you plan to store only not heavy parts and tools, sometimes the entire shelving along the walls from floor to ceiling and the garage make attachments.

Choosing which one rack for the garage prefer, it is necessary to focus on the number and weight of the goods that are going to fill it, as well as the amount of free space that can be used for storage.

Like any important job, making storage for "useful things" begins with the project. The first thing to look around the garage, casts his master's eyes all its content and focus, a rack of a size we need. We measure space. The ideal solution would be to release all or almost all one wall of the garage and leave it under the rack. The height of shelves depends on the size of the load, which is planned to be stored. For example, the bottom shelf of the rack always do high that it placed "rezina9raquo ;, cans and more.

We calculate how many shelves and we need some depth. Stored sizes and draw a sketch on paper. Most often, the garage make these racks:

Length rack full length of the wall minus 5 - 10 cm for easy installation.

Height shelving from floor to ceiling.

The width of the shelves (The distance from one vertical support to the other) based on weight and should not exceed 1.5 m The most common variant -. 1 m.

the depth of the shelves 50 - 60 cm is enough to store most of the tools and things. Greater depth is impractical, since the depth to get uncomfortable, but the shelves at a depth of 30 - 40 cm are suitable for hand tools and fasteners.

The height of the shelves is from 25 cm to 60 cm between the higher shelves and about 80 - 100 cm - the bottom shelf for storage of large items.

When the sketch with the required size of the finished, it's time to think about how to translate this idea into reality.

Prefabricated shelves for the garage - a minimum of hassle

The easiest way to get a rack, of course, buy it. Gone are the days when everything was in short supply, I had to dodge and make that his arm caught. The modern market is ready to provide racks for every taste and color. The latter being in the truest sense. Prefabricated racks perform in different colors that can fit into any interior, such as imitation wood.

National racks made of galvanized metal coated with paint or polymer coating. Shelves are also made of galvanized sheet metal. Perforated shelf racks allow you to set at any height. The undeniable advantage of metal shelving is their resistance to corrosion, the effect of moisture, mold, as well as a complete fire safety. After all, are kept in the garage drums and canisters with fuel and lubricants.

Construction of certain types of racks allow you to use a different kind of shelves: wood, chipboard or plywood. On the prefabricated garage shelves for the price depends on the load capacity and width. Most often they are made in such sizes: Width 900, 1500 and 1800 mm.

After the purchase of the shelf it is necessary only to gather in a single structure, which will need pliers and a screwdriver. All the elements of the stack are collected as a designer "Lego9raquo ;, and fasteners: corners for fastening bolts and nuts are included.

Important! The assembly of the finished rack easier to perform in a horizontal position, and then lift it.

First collect the uprights, and then fasten them to the shelves at the required distance. Please note that, despite the fact that it is more convenient to store large items directly on the floor, for greater stability of the structure at the bottom of the rack must always be attached to the regiment, it will serve as a spacer for the uprights.

The rack of a metal frame with wooden shelves

If the finished shelving options you are not satisfied for one reason or another, and you want to make shelves for the garage with his hands, it makes sense to do at once, "for centuries", ie use the most durable materials that can withstand the enormous gravity.

For uprights can be used with metal corner shelf from 30 to 50 mm or rectangular profile (it is easier to work) with greater side 40 - 50 mm.

For fixing the shelves should be manufactured of a metal frame with corner shelf 15 - 25 mm. The frame can be attached to the shelves to the uprights by means of welding, and it is possible nasverlit holes and screw bolts. In the second method, though there is a dubious advantage: you can change the height of the shelves, but it is more time-consuming. If there is welding machine and the inverter, it is better to cook the same rack in the economy.

Immediately shelves can be made of wooden planks 15 to 25 mm thick (the thicker, the stronger). But can also be used chipboard, laminated or ordinary plywood. Wooden shelf must necessarily be pre-dyed or even "promaslit9raquo ;, to protect against moisture and mildew.

  1. The first step is stocking all the necessary building blocks, according to a painted drawing.
  2. Cut the metal to the desired size using a grinder (trimming can be done to Metal, but there this is a paid service).
  3. Mark up the uprights, put a mark where to mount shelves.
  4. Segments welded corner which serves as a skeleton for the shelves to the uprights. Be sure to control the horizontal arrangement of the instrument to us then from the shelves not rained.

  1. When all of the metal frame will be ready, it should pogruntovat and paint to protect against corrosion.
  2. Next, cut into wooden shelves. They can be arranged as a frame along and across. But the second option is more stable, so the shelves are less sag.
  3. Try on the shelves to the frame, if everything fits together, there is no need to file anywhere, whereas before they secure their first treated by impregnation or painting.
  4. Once dry shelf, fasten them to the frame with screws, fitting tightly to each other.

All - rack can be loaded. For greater stability, you can attach it to the vertical rack mounting brackets to the wall.

Shelves made of wood only if they want to save on metal, wood is still cheaper. Then the timber is used uprights at least 100 mm thick (when the rack from the floor up to the ceiling), and the shelf board 15 - 25 mm, plywood or chipboard.

Wooden pallets - though design and robust, but its carrying capacity is much less metal, and even fire risk is high. It can be used to store small tools and materials.

To fix the shelves metal mounting brackets are used on a wooden frame (such as in modular constructions) and M5 bolts 60 mm long.

How to make hanging shelves from the ceiling of the garage

To mount-on shelves using special brackets, which can have a completely different structure. Our task is to choose those that are able to compensate for the maximum pressure of the cargo and distribute it across the surface of the wall (along the bracket), so as not to concentrate at one point.

On the wall is metered and strictly carry out a horizontal line through it, we will mount the brackets. Consolidate best anchors instead of screws, so reliable. After all the fasteners are installed, they can be stacked shelf - wood or plywood. Attach it to the bracket with screws.

For greater structural strength to the bracket can first attach the corners of 15x15 mm, and has top - wooden shelf. This trick will only affect the fact that the shelf will not sag under the weight of the load.

Shelving - an essential attribute of the garage when the car owner loves tinkering with his own hands, and to repair his car. When mounting the rack is important to set it on a flat surface, ie, it is desirable that the floor was a quality cement-sand screed. Before installing a stationary rack walls plastered better.

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GetAngel fucking mouth!

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Assembly of metal and wooden shelves for the garage

It is impossible to imagine a garage, which would not be standing rack. It saves space, allows compact tools to decompose, detail, every household goods. And all this will be very visible in the second availability.

Of course, you can buy ready-made shelves, but it is far more pleasant to do everything with their own hands.

In addition, the assembly makes it possible to assemble design that will perfectly match the size of the garage, your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Before you tuck the sleeves will not be more than familiar with the theoretical basis.

By way of installation distinguish fixed, detachable and movable racks.

  • Stationary. They are designed for a specific place, meet once and often are attached with anchors or brackets to the wall, floor or ceiling.
  • Collapsible. Allow to change their location, change the layout, height, width.

They are inferior in strength fixed, but they can be disassembled and transported to another garage or put on the opposite wall.

  • Mounted on a movable base - rollers, truck, it can be pushed into a corner, or to roll out into the yard. But mobility have to pay a load restriction.

  • Still there are suspended, rotating and more exotic designs.
  • For the manufacture of the material - wood, metal, plastic, combined. In the garage are the most common structures made of wood and steel, the first is cheaper and easier to assemble homemade, the second stronger and more durable.

    With regard to size, number of shelves, then there should be based on individual abilities and needs. General rule - the more capacious than the better.

    If you want to make all your own?

    It is best to assemble steel construction. It is costly to have to mess around longer, but it will serve more and your grandchildren.

    The advantages of metal shelf sea:

    • high strength;
    • resistance to oils, gasoline, water, temperature changes, fungi, mold;
    • zero flammability;
    • lifetime - ten years.

    And now take a closer look at the sequence of work on assembly of racks:

    Determine the size of the future of the rack. Height is best done up to the ceiling to save space wasted.

    Along the length too do the maximum, the entire width of the wall.

    You can leave a 5 cm to make it easier to install design. The optimum depth - 50-60 cm, although here, too, everything is in your hands. However, it is worth remembering that excessively deep shelves uncomfortable, and do not fit the narrow dimensional objects.

    The height of shelves can be different, it is advisable to make large shelf underneath. The higher shelf, the less her height. Then the most massive objects will stand at the bottom and the top shelf will take part easier. So stability and safety.

    Still it is possible to make high the uppermost shelf to keep it overall, but light objects.

    The width of the shelves is usually meter. You can do both, but the large width - a decrease in strength and can produce less inconvenience for storage of long items.

  • Knowing the size, we can buy the materials. Racks can take the channel or rectangular tube, for crossbars perfect area.

    If you want to do an all-metal design, the need for shelves of sheet metal, corrugated better.

    And you can make a shelf of wooden or chipboard.

  • Cut metal according to the selected cutting of razmeram.Mozhno order to Metal, so it will be faster and more accurate, and you can cut your own hands, it is cheaper.
  • Putting it. Collect more comfortable in the supine polozhenii.Skreplyat can be welded - as stronger and more durable, or screwed bolts. Thus it is necessary to closely monitor the observance of angles to the rack does not get the curve.
  • After assembly - gruntuem and paint. This is a required step if we want long-term service.
  • When the paint has dried, set design at its mesto.Esli stationary rack, then fasten it screwing to the wall or floor. We check that nothing is loose, not loose.

    Before you lay out the tools and spare parts, we verify the stability of the structure.

    Wooden shelves are cheaper, easier to assemble, but the strength and durability are limited.

    And wood requires more attention. It begins with the selection of the material. The most affordable - pine, but its strength is very low.

    Well, if you can get hold of oak or other hardwoods.

    The wood must be dry and free of mold and fungus, worm holes, cracks and knots.

    For uprights needed lumber - 100x100 or 100x50.

    For cross members can also use the bar, but smaller cross-section, or even take a board.

    Sami shelf - board or chipboard. The total build with their own hands the course is the same as in the case with metal.

    But there are some differences:

    • after cutting, before assembling all the parts to be treated with an antiseptic, and still be good and antipyretic. This will extend the life and reduce the risk of fire.
    • When assembling the parts can be fastened with glue, spikes, lugs, samorezami.Dlya increase the strength and durability of the joints can be strengthened metal corners.
    • Paint - an important step in working with wood. Particular care is necessary to process ends.

    Another disadvantage of the tree - from it is difficult to collect the normal collapsible shelves. Therefore, if you intend to frequently change the position of design in the garage or carry it, it is better to use a metal frame and wooden shelves just do, especially if they become loose.

    Naturally, the rack assembly can not be made by welding, it can only be screwed.

    The cost and time expenditure for self-assembly

    If you have all the necessary tools, then all the work - from lifting size to secure - will take only a few hours, it is possible to meet in two days.

    Let's look at step by step:

    • Removing sizes and calculation of the amount of material - half an hour.
    • A trip to the Metal - an hour and a half.
    • Cutting - half an hour.
    • Labor - two to three hours.
    • Priming and painting - two times and a half hours with a break for ink drying.
    • Installation - half an hour.

    There are two snags: you can lose time waiting for delivery from the base metal, and still have to wait for drying primer and paint.

    If not for that, it would be possible to handle in one day.

    The cost also becomes quite democratic.

    The table shows the approximate calculation of the cost of materials for the metal stack height of 2 m, a width of 4 m, a depth of 50 cm, a width of the shelves - 1 m, the number of shelves - 4.

    To this sum is still necessary to add the cost of paints, primers, electrodes for welding or screwing bolts.

    However, if we recall that this subject will serve ten years, the costs are justified.

    Let's try to compare to calculate the cost of a rack made by hand out of wood of a similar size.

    As you can see, wood is not that much cheaper. Although it is possible to take a cheap pine and get significantly more economical.

    A steel can be combined and oak, and combining strength of the availability of the other.

    If you make a metal frame and shelves - wood, the final price will be only 5800 rubles. In this case, the rack is strong enough and durable. Naturally, the approximate cost, prices can swim.

    • Do not install close to the car design! Leave the passage of 80-100 cm, so it is more convenient and wade to the shelves, and less risk of dropping something on your iron horse.
    • You can do a few shelves with borders to be put on them round skiers details.

    The collar will not give such a subject slip and fall.

    Shelves - simple design, the assembly of which the power of even a novice. Especially do not need special aesthetic delights in the garage.

    When you first decided to collect something with their hands, the better the object could not be found.

    I do not know if it make sense to install a small metal rack on the perimeter of a small garage 4 * 6 m2?

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