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sewerage scheme in a private home: their own hands, or should hire professionals?

During the construction of the new building drainage is an integral part. With modern materials and the amount of useful information on the Internet to learn how to properly designed sewerage scheme in a private house with his own hands without any problems. By following the simple requirements, you can easily mount the waste system yourself, as you do not have to use outdated bulky materials.

Samples of obsolete materials

Set of modern PVC pipes

Since the old grandfather's toilet has lost its relevance, especially in the cold season, is currently operated by three main types of waste systems:

  • System connected to the urban collective or collector;
  • The stationary point of waste collection:

EXAMPLE hermetically sealed collection point

  • Stationary cesspit without a bottom;

Sinkhole filled in the form of concrete rings

EXAMPLE erection biosystem

installation principles of the piping system in the house and to the collector of all kinds are practically identical. All wiring is conveniently carried out at home from PVC, and the connection with the point of collection to make more rational pipe IPA technical purpose, as its length allows besstykovochny method. The main branch connected to a toilet bowl, laid pipe diameter of 110 mm, all other standard delivery point (sink, washing machine, shower), connected to a common pipe system 50th diameter. The only requirement is that the angle of 2-3 in horizontal sections to provide optimum flow of water.

HDPE pipe is completely black

In sewer PVC pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages when installing the waste management system:

  • A simple connection method. The entire circuit is going to the constructor, pipes and components are simply inserted one into another;

A common example of connection

  • The materials are lightweight in comparison even with the HDPE materials;
  • A simple way of fastening, including a vertical surface;

Steel bracket is screwed to the wall

  • The only drawback - the maximum length of freely available 6 m.

Sewerage scheme in a private house with his own hands

Installation of sewerage scheme in a private house with his own hands is possible for all types of sewage, except biokanalizatsii. To implement this option, it is recommended to consult specialists. All the rest can be mounted on their own, but when connected to a central system, will require a package, the qualification documents.

One embodiment of the system of waste

The first item is to select the type of collection points. The most profitable - it is the connection to the general city branch. Once the user has invested in the installation and the required materials and monthly pays a symbolic amount for services. This option is not always feasible for cottage construction, but there is an alternative.

Sewerage system for private homes: how to arrange. How to design and implement a system of internal, external wastewater, as well as their treatment - read this material.

Stationary sewerage scheme is a private home: the depth of laying the pipe to the tank

The reservoir may be made of different materials. This can be:

  • Metal or plastic tank;

Capacity made of metal

  • Concrete construction;

Monolithic concrete cesspool

  • Concrete ring mounted on a concrete base.

Setting the lower ring

This method is acceptable even in the presence of water wells in the area, because the waste liquid can not penetrate into the soil with good waterproofing. The only drawback - a waste of money to the scavengers services. Septic, usually mounted to a depth of 1.5-2 m. The pipeline is strongly recommended to lay below the freezing ground, which can determine by a special card.

Map circuit determining the level of soil freezing, depending on the climatic conditions in a particular area

Depending on the number of draw-points, steals the working volume of the container, but it should be borne in mind that the default amount assenizatorskaya machine 3 m3, ie the volume of your tank should be a multiple of this figure. For example, if the tank volume of 5 m 3, or you will pay for the services of the second car, or 2 m 3 working volume once filled and become useless.

In the case of standard human family 4, with periodic washing, shower, washing dishes, capacity of 3 m 3 in average it is filled in two weeks.

A calculator for calculating the volume of the septic tank

How to choose a septic tank for a private house. Let's try to understand the article in the characteristics of different types of septic tanks, and that you should consider when choosing them.

A variant with non-pressurized waste collection point

When implementing this type of sewage is very important to the location of the waste collection site. The minimum distance from home and commercial buildings to the sump is 6-10 m. Otherwise liquid effluents washed soil and sand bed foundation.

  • Concrete ring mounted on the drain pad;

waste collection point, made of two rings

  • Brick embodiment sump;

The gaps between the bricks allow liquid waste to leak

  • Connected in one system of metal or plastic barrels with holes.

An example of two drums, they may be more

When laying sewer in a private home, a moat is recommended to perform with a slope angle greater than about 2-3 for a more efficient process. The depth of the pit is different for each case, depending on the site dimensions and its arrangement with respect to sidings.

The basic principles of the device sewer

Depending on the number of communications drain points drawn diagram inner tube location. For the convenience of the scheme is drawn on graph paper. In the case of the construction of two-storey buildings, in order to save materials it is recommended to have toilets and secondary discharge point as close as possible to the collector. The main reservoir is mounted on a vertical line on all floors of the planned, all subsequent parts of the system are connected in series to the main highway.

The circuit arrangement of the main manifold

Recommended every minor point man the individual vacuum valve. The valve is located at a distance of not more than 6 m from the water seal bath or sink.

EXAMPLE vacuum valve device

Driving device for ventilation riser

PVC materials assembly technique is very simple, as any pipe can be cut to the desired size. Also, each node with a closed system recommended complement emergency adapter, in case of clogging or adapter larger diameter.

PVC pipe Compound

Example of application of the adapter with 50mm to 110mm

Nodes located in the spaces enclosed, it is recommended to combine with the sealant. It is recommended to avoid corners at 90, it reduces the risk of clogging.

The sealant is applied on top of the rubber gasket

Diagram of a possible implementation of sharp angles

The operating principle of the water trap

Water valve prevents the penetration of the unpleasant smells of sewage in the room. His device has the same structure, only the differences in dimensions. Water serves as a stopper.

Note! In the case of a long idle without exploitation water evaporates and the water seal loses its functional qualities.

Scheme water seal device

Do I need to insulate the drain pipe (video)

Opinions on this subject are divided.

Should be supplemented with video of the author! Pipe not peremerznet if not allow complete filling of the container in a cold season, since the water level in such a case to fill part of the pipe, and the pipe diameter in volume of water can be nipped by the frost.

EXAMPLE overfilling

Vacuum sewage pipes and valves

These two concepts are unknown to most people who are not connected with the profession of plumbing. The purpose of these two elements - to prevent the discharge of air in the system when emptying a large amount of water or scavengers work at the time of evacuation of waste from the collecting tank.

For details on these elements are mounted with their hands in the sewers of a private house, in the video:

How much does water drain in a private house with his own hands

The price of PVC materials is quite affordable.

Compared with metal counterparts, PVC components allow you to quickly and easily carry out the sewers in a private home. The price of the individual components and the total cost more than available.

Useful stuff and practical tips

Undoubtedly, sewerage system installation is the easiest stage of construction in comparison with electricity, or the erection of walls, but in this phase there are many pitfalls. Here is a list of some of them:

  • When buying a pipe and components check the availability of a rubber gasket in the socket. She often lost;
  • It is strongly recommended to connect the sewer pipe to the ventilation system;
  • In the case of a standard set of water consumption points (one toilet, two sinks, washing machine, shower), to mount the sewer pipe is not necessary, it is possible to confine a vacuum valve;
  • When laying PVC pipes moat closely follow the joints, since unstable compounds space;
  • It is strongly recommended to install an emergency outlet for sewer cleaning. It is installed as close as possible to the tube entry point into the house, in an accessible place.

In comparison with the other phases of construction, drainage is very easy to install, except biokanalizatsii. Consult with experts, or pick up the specialized literature, as thoughtless actions can destroy the bacteria present in the storage tank. For example, from the cleaner to the toilet on the basis of chlorine, bacteria will be restored week.

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I wonder which one is better to take the diameter of circles if for example I want to do well ...

From my experience I can say that it will be easier to hire professionals, two years ago I decided with my cousin and uncle samostoyamtelno make sewers in their area, even though I had and construction experience and understanding, this task proved to be too heavy, time and effort has been spent lots of. So still much simpler to hire a competent crew, although I think that mnoige me mnogut not agree.

I note that the article is extremely informative, actually given a large number of the most important things to consider when building a sewer. Personally, as he did not undertake the case and entrusted to experts, of course we had to pay for the work, but it made all the quality and how many years have passed, no problems, not even evacuated not once, seen a good drainage is made.

I have a private house in which you want to make a good sewerage scheme. I decided to do it himself. If it is good to understand that there is not very difficult. I have a neighbor he was doing and everything is fine he will succeed. I decided to make the pattern on your site. You are all very detailed painted, I must say! For the price to do turned out to be much cheaper than the cause of the workers. I am satisfied with my work, thank you very much!

My opinion - it is better to hire professionals, as sewage is a serious matter. Not always a beginner can understand correctly throughout, despite the fact that now there are plenty of open source and available for retrieval. In a private house we invited experts - everything was done quickly, efficiently, not sure that her husband would be able to perform well all

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How to develop a sewerage scheme in a private house with his own hands

Owning your own home - it's a dream of many people. There is nothing better than your own area, provided with all comforts. Nevertheless, everyone wants to surround yourself with comfort and outside toilet facilities, together with the need to carry water from the well belong to the past. In this regard, it has become urgent question: "How is a diagram of the water drain in a private house with his own hands?".

Create a sewer is not so difficult for private homes as it seems

The most common types of

Before you start building you need to determine the type of sewerage scheme in a private home. With their hands, you can create multiple versions, which will have its pluses and minuses.

The most popular are the following varieties:

  • Drain well. Simply put, an ordinary pit, accumulating waste and waste water. It is worth such a structure is inexpensive, it does not take a lot of time during construction. Procedure is simple - to dig a hole at a distance of twenty meters from the house. Calculation of its volume comes from the 0.7 cubic meters per person. In order to strengthen the walls it is recommended to use masonry or concrete rings. Then, for additional sealing seams coat with bitumen. Bottom of the hole you can pour concrete that sewage would not have poisoned the soil. Upon completion of construction, set the hatch, then removing the liquid. This is the simplest sewerage scheme in private homes, with their own hands created by the owner. However, such an arrangement is actual, rather, to country houses, than for a full-fledged residential premises;

Ready to work well drain

  • No less known method is instillation closed container. This facility operates on the same principle as that of the drain hole. The earth is dug special tank, the amount of which is calculated by the number of living people. To hatch the container is supplied main sewer lines. Drain water collected in the tank, without polluting the surrounding area. A significant drawback of this method can be considered as the need for regular cleanings.

Storage tank drain system

  • Septic tank - a complex for the construction, but the most reliable drainage in a private home, the scheme, the depth of bookmarks and components which can ensure efficient operation for many years. When the construction is necessary to select a suitable place of the future wells. Distance from home should not be less than twenty meters. Further pit wall reliably reinforce the bricks, the recommended thickness of masonry twenty-five centimeters. Carefully concreting the bottom, and then proceed to pave the drain. Place it above the water level. Do not forget to provide an opening through which will be the removal of the liquid.

Septic tanks for household

In addition, the water drain in a private house with his own hands, depending on the layout of the home and the number of people living in it regularly. Experts recommend to place such facilities as kitchen, bathroom and toilet together. Such configuration allows to withdraw under their single service manifold, through which the waste liquid will enter the septic tank or a sewage pit.

If the house is too large, and its layout provides a significant removal of food from other areas with drainage, septic tanks require some improvement. Care must be taken separately, wastewater disposal, as well as provide an opportunity for pumping drain water. Owners of two-storey houses should be take care of the installation of risers, to provide water to the upper rooms.

Experts recommend to build several septic tanks

The drainage system around the house: the drainage device by hand. This article will consider options for a drainage device, how to make a robust system with their own hands, the average cost of the work of specialists.

Component parts that make up the sewage for private houses with their own hands

Drainage system consists of the basic elements, each of which performs its functions. The first place in the list is occupied communication facilities. Tubes and pipes arranged in the rooms and operating drainage function. Laid in rooms with running water, they are combined at the output manifold through which the leaves and waste liquid.

A single collector for private homes

Next, the main functions take on external communications. Pipeline installed on the street, often dig in the ground or protected by casing. To this wastewater of individual business premises, for example, a bath can be summed. The main task of this unit is to deliver wastewater to the receiving device.

The final step in the chain to become the storage capacitance, the main function of which is in keeping water and other waste. Depending on the complexity of the system as a receiving device can simply be filled with water and filter impurities.

Laying sewerage in private houses with their own hands: video tips and not only

In the first stage should be carefully considered soil for particular characteristics. Looking for a platform for the drainage wells unit should pay attention to:

  • Slopes, gullies and other natural depressions in your yard;
  • Transport Free access for cleaning the storage tank;
  • Distance from the farm buildings and fences.

In most cases, cottages used for the season and do not live there regularly. Therefore, sewage in private houses with their own hands can cost a small receptacle.

Helpful information! If you adhere to sanitary and building codes, the waste pit must be placed at a distance of at least five meters away from the other buildings. Experienced builders recommend as much as possible to increase the distance to isolate the house from unpleasant odors.

Marking the drain pit distance from buildings

It is best to dig a hole in the low-lying area of ​​the surface, thus providing a natural slope for runoff. Try to avoid this location in order to prevent accidents.

This video will help you to understand the scheme and drawing up a plan of drainage system:

Selection of parts and fittings for sewerage

The next step in the construction is the choice of components. On the quality of your selected fittings and other details will depend on the durability and quality of the whole system.

Going to a pro shop, you need to know about what the pipeline is divided into external and internal. Origin combines high conductivity, resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as chemical and biological substances. Data communication must be free to pass water and hermetically connected to the collector of outputting.

External conduit possesses the same qualities, with the addition of specific features. Its surface can withstand the load of the earth, because such communication dig to a depth of two meters. Above all, these pipes are totally sealed and tested according to international specifications.

From which they are made choosing communication pay attention to the material. There are the following types:

Application Example iron

Steel - a key element in the manufacture of parts

EXAMPLE copper Communications

Communication from the concrete

Elements of lines of the creation of which used asbestos

Samples of ceramic communications

Popular Today pipes made of plastic

Each material has specific features suitable for these or other conditions.

Besides the basic "arteries" are important fittings. These items are used to connect pipes laid in the drainage system.

Components of the pipe PVDF

To perform various functions includes such species as:

  • Couplings - used to connect lengths of pipe;

Standard PVC sleeve

  • Reduction - for connecting the ends of different diameter;

Coupling the reduction of PVC

  • Audits - to remove obstructions and dirt;

No revision is impossible to clean the inner surface of the pipe

  • Tees - to create branches;

There are various configurations of the part

  • Taps - to create indicators;

Detail is indispensable for paving the home system

  • Crossings - to create complex nodes;

This element is used when necessary to combine perpendicular pipe

  • Check valve - for protection against the penetration of waste liquid;

The security element against the penetration of contaminated water back into the tube

  • Plugs - for closing the communication.

The item is used to create a deadlock in communication

As we have seen it is possible to provide all the comforts and have drains in a private home. Issue price will vary depending on the materials used and the selected scheme. In carrying out the construction work yourself, you may well meet the twenty thousand.

In this video you can see the installation instructions for internal and external communications.

Video: how to lay sewer pipes

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Driving sewer devices for private homes

Sewerage scheme a necessary component of the assembly process, because it displays a visual representation of the project discharge wastewater in a private home or summer cottage. Owners should be aware that for each type of structure, there are certain rules of drawing up schemes. For example, to build an apartment just inside the sewer, and for private housing and the need to plan for the external system. In this article we will find out the main features of schemes for different buildings.

To date, all at home can be divided into two groups:

  • Housing with having connectivity to the central system;
  • Self-contained sewage systems.

It is worth noting that both cases installation works will be identical, the difference will be shown only in the mechanism of drainage runoff. sewage flow control system begins thought through even the laying of communication networks. Before proceeding with the construction process, you will need the project and the scheme for your sewer.

Attention! To make conditions more comfortable, place the plumbing and kitchen nearby. In the event that these rooms are located near the exit of the system can achieve the highest results.

When building a house with two floors best option would be placing toilets together or near each other. This action will not only facilitate the installation, but also to facilitate ease of maintenance. The more complicated the project is carried out in the presence of swimming pools or baths. It's worth noting that if your plan contains a large number of sanitary ware and parts, you will need to connect the pump.

Scheme domestic sewage must have a small amount of various joints and connections. The project is made taking into account topography, surface water. The device is characterized by the depth of the septic tank is the largest and pipe laying are carried out on an incline.

Attention! The depth and type of equipment depends on the occurrence of the outer pipe sewage system.

Any project for a private house with his own hands includes two main sections - internal and external systems. The first are connecting tubes and all devices in the home, and the second involves external sources of water extraction and piping outside the building. The best option would - trust professionals plan, but you can make it, and with his own hands.

In order to make the project their own hands you need to know the basic nuances and requirements for this process. The basis for the scheme should be taken and the location of the riser pipe, which are the key points of the system. So, make a plan you can perform these steps:

  • The project is made in the scale ratio;
  • It is necessary to determine the place where it will be installed riser;
  • Apply to plan the location of plumbing equipment;
  • Show lay line pipes on private land;
  • If this multi-storey building, all actions are performed separately for each floor;
  • Determine what size will the riser and sewer pipe;
  • Calculate the sum of the total length of pipe, considering the issue;
  • Proceed to a circuit external network for the same principle.

In order for us to make the project, we need to know the type of sewage system, which we will mount. It is for this reason that in the next section contains information about the kinds of waste removal mechanisms.

The basis of the mechanism of sewage works in a private house coincides with the principle of the urban system. The resulting effluents in the building can be derived through the plumbing device in a septic tank, which will clean them. Further, after several stages of filtration water can be used for watering plants in a private area. Based on all the above, it follows that the standard mechanism design is very simple. It works - interaction drainage pipes that carry the fluid in the riser. It should be noted that any system should be divided into two parts:

  • Scheme external drain;
  • The device internal plumbing.

sewerage schemes of components is very difficult to determine since they depend primarily on the individual characteristics of a private house. It is worth noting that if the project is simple, it is possible to make your own hands without the help of specialists in this field. But in the case of building houses or large homes should still use their services.

If you create a project track circuits with their hands, then you should take into account that the mechanism will include a riser pipe lines laying device outer pipe and a septic tank. In order to perform the correct mapping of sewer schematic elements need to listen to this advice:

  • In the case of building a house with one floor, the components should be placed close to each other and the place of discharge flow out;
  • If the project describes a two-storey house, the pipe circuit and instruments necessary to prepare separately for each floor of the building, which will be included in a single riser;

Attention! The simpler the plan of sewer pipes, the more reliable the system is.

  • In that case, if you make a project of laying sewer pipes for a large cottage, which has a pool, a sauna, you will need to carry out complex tasks. It should be noted that one strut not cope with the volume of runoff, so they will need to put a few.

In order to installation has been completed correctly, it is better to use the services of specialists. After all, only the master knows and is able to true to perform calculations: volume, depth, quantity of materials, etc.

Before the beginning of the creation of any project, we need to answer a list of currently relevant issues. When making laying water pipes or sewers with their own hands, we should know the answers to the following tasks:

  • Determine via the aqueduct or well water enters the room;
  • Number of plumbing devices, and what is the apparatus;
  • Location of the septic tank;
  • The depth of soil freezing;
  • Characteristics of the climatic characteristics of the territory;
  • Plan to clean the sump.

If the circuit is configured correctly with their hands, the following information will be contained in it:

  • Laying water pipeline project, which will contain a number of indicators materials and sizes;
  • The location where the line and the riser pipe;
  • Point turns water supply;
  • Location revision of wells;
  • If you plan to spend to pump the system, then this should also be recorded.

The main problems in the design of

To create and view of the project may be affected by various external factors. It is for this reason that they must be taken into account immediately. So business scheme laying their hands, we consider the features of the private plot:

  • Physical characteristics;
  • The peculiarity of the soil cover;
  • The depth of surface water;
  • The level of soil freezing.

If you want to do in the future, without the aid of a pump, you need to perform the laying water pipe with a slope, which will form the course. However, we should not forget that some of the relief features can cause problems, so they need to be immediately taken into account.

Attention! If the surface of the soil does not allow you to create a drift, it would be reasonable to install a pumping station.

Storm water drainage and sewerage

With a private drainage system in addition, there is drainage and rain gear. Scheme of their construction work is necessary also to perform. This is done by describing all the details of a design right to the point where riser is located. We discuss the features of each system separately.

Scheduling of a storm devices

The main purpose stormwater - a tap water stream, which is formed during atmospheric precipitation.

Attention! Resetting the rainwater drainage system have a negative impact on its functionality. It is for this reason it is desirable to avoid this situation.

In most cases, livnovka has a number of schematic components:

  • Raincoat - made of plastic or steel element, which is engaged in collecting water, rainwater from roofs;
  • Pipes that transport the aqueous stream;
  • Wells revision that organize cleaning pipelines.

For drainage systems characterized by a certain depth, as they are mainly engaged in the extraction of groundwater. This mechanism protects the foundation of the house from the destructive effects, and you can make it with your own hands. The following indicators should be considered when drawing up the plan;

  • Total rainfall for the year or month;
  • Features of the terrain;
  • Characteristics of soil;
  • The depth of surface water;
  • Limiting the maximum diversion of water resources outside the area.

Attention! Construction and design works with drainage should start at the first stages of the ideas built premises. This will save energy and money.

Any task of building character must have a beginning with the preparation of a plan or scheme. The construction of the sewerage system with their own hands is not an exception to the rule. If competently to make the project, the facility will serve you for eternity and reliability.

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