Septic tank Price

Septic Tank: working principle, device, installation and price

Today, the most popular model of local treatment plants are the septic tank for summer households, private sector and other spheres of life the Tank from the leading Russian producer of Triton Plastik. The construction of sewage - is expensive, so in order to save time and money, many opt for the installation of the finished treatment systems such as septic tank.

The popularity of the cleaning equipment due to the exceptional quality of the work, combined with ease of operation and reliability. Pros and cons of battery drain, technological features, the operating principle, installation and reviews of the owners, are considered in this article.

Features of the model range and performance indicators

This self-contained cleaning equipment occupies a leading position among the counterparts of the Russian market of VOCs due to the optimal price-performance ratio. When planning to buy a septic tank from the manufacturer Triton Plastik everything for the local sewer system, it is necessary to study in detail the pricing policy and compare the performance of the models. The principal differences are the dimensions of the articles, the amount of recycled waste water and technical features. These figures are reflected in the cost of VOCs and their installation that allows you to choose the most appropriate model for septic tank problem.

The size and the number of cameras for cleaning depends on the value of the product

Any treatment plant is a molded polymeric container system overflow and filtering cesspool sewage. The presence of ribs improves the body's resistance to the influence of high loads generated external and internal high pressure provided the depth of the groundwater, soil or water saturation temperatures. The walls have a thickness of 1 cm, places gain structure - not less than 1.7 cm.

The existing product range of this brand includes:

Multi-chamber septic tanks are divided into two or three compartments. Such devices have a reasonable price, non-volatile, excellent job with service of small residential units.

Upgraded model of sewerage equipment. Compared to the classical one of its constructive solution allows to increase plant productivity by connecting additional sections. This possibility is of particular relevance for those who plan to redevelop the house or going to build another residential building in the gardening area.

Septic Tank wagon

Nonvolatile station capable of producing deep biological treatment drain wt. Unlike the above embodiments, setting of the treatment plant at the outlet produces water with a high degree of purification. Also, due to the presence of the compressor that supports high density biobaktery system much faster recycles waste products, reducing the amount of solids wastewater.

Choosing a suitable sewer installation, should pay attention to productivity, which in turn depend on the number of regular users.

  • The most compact station - septic tank 1, which is able to meet the needs of the family of three. Under this condition, the volume of the daily wastewater mass of this system will be 0.6 m 3.

  • Septic Tank 2, whose price will be slightly higher for maintenance of residential buildings with four users. In this day setting is able to process 0.8 m 3 runoff wt.

  • Septic Tank 3 processes per day 1.2 m 3 of household waste, so this model is suitable for private households with the number of regular users up to 7 people.

Septic "tank-29raquo; and "Tank-39raquo; (Left) and a module for septic "tank-49raquo; (on right)

An important question - the price of a septic tank. The official site of the manufacturer contains detailed information on the current prices for the entire range. To choose the right model of the station, you can not only save money on its purchase, but also to reduce service costs VOCs.

The principle of operation and design features

Any model has a three-chamber tank for sewage masses, each of which is responsible for the specific wastewater purification step:

  • Primary settler differs from other large volume chambers. Here when draining of household appliances and sanitary equipment receives runoff from further deposition of large inclusions fecal fat mass in the camera base.
  • Anaerobic chamber is responsible for recycling of waste products biobakteriyami, methane is released in a large amount in the process of denitrification, and mineral compounds precipitate formed in the bottom of the compartment.
  • The last compartment is provided tsiklonoobrazny filter that implements the final treatment of wastewater. Floating type loading delays the suspensions. At the outlet of purified recycled medium is obtained at 60-75%.

With such indicator of water can not be disposed of in the ground, requiring additional equipment cleaning station system - infiltration field.

Infiltrator for septic tank

Only when the operating condition Infiltrator degree of water purification will be about 98%. Last filters the water as a result of the oxidation process and the purification layer of fine sand and gravel.

VIDEO: Septic: types, operating principles and installation

Pros and cons of operating VOC

The main advantages of the use of self-contained sewage systems:

  1. Reliable and durable construction resistant to corrosive damage, since high polymers used in the manufacture.
  2. Durable products - compliance with installation standards and subsequent maintenance of the sewage treatment plant is the key to efficient, trouble-free operation. Such treatment system can last 50 years or more.
  3. Possibility of installing the vessel in any type of soil, even if the ground water at the site lie close to the surface. In this case, you need to use an additional pump for pumping the clarified effluent.
  4. LOS full work does not require connection to the electric lines of force, which is especially important for the country economy, where there are systematic shortages of power.
  5. Simplicity of operation as compared to many other models of sewage equipment. They rarely become clogged and are able to process waste water containing impurities from non-corrosive household chemicals.
  6. The principle of the modular assembly makes it possible to increase the working capacity of purification equipment, without having to replace it. Connecting additional capacity is automatically increases bandwidth performance station.
  7. More than a reasonable cost - the main feature of VOCs produced by Triton Plastik.
  8. Compact size - small size and weight designs treatment plants allows for their installation on their own, saving on service working team and the use of expensive lifting equipment. Which is very convenient if the site is already in operation.

Definitely negative opinions about the use of devices of this brand are extremely rare. If we generalize the statements of dissatisfied owners Autonomous sewerage, the conclusions are as follows.

As field work filtration

Since the principle of operation of the device is in the anaerobic purification sink mass, one of the conditions of the system efficient and trouble-free operation is intermittent pumping insoluble mixture.

One of the major cons - the need to regularly pump out the sewage. Otherwise, in addition to reducing the quality of purified water, one can expect occurrence of unpleasant odor.

The second point concerns the need for installation of additional devices for purification of waste water such as drainage wells, infiltration or aeration field. Under these treatment systems need to allocate a separate area that is not always possible to make the area of ​​the gardening area. Infiltrator need to change much earlier than the equipment itself. Update sand and crushed stone layer must be once in 12-15 years, which inevitably leads to unnecessary costs.

For installation you may need a separate area that is not always advisable

Potentially dangerous elements from entering into the reservoir which may not be the best way affect the operation of the system include chlorinated compounds, acids, chemicals, corrosive bacteria appearing due to rotting of food wastes. Such substances can cause death of microorganisms involved in the purification of drain masses or provoke damage station. If a strong red is not suitable to pump sludge mass: due to supercooling apparatus can also malfunction.

We can not say that the septic tank is cheap, but compared to other wastewater treatment systems, check the difference is small.

For comparison, we give the price of the most popular models of plants from the manufacturer with the installation of VOC:

Topaz wagon 1

Professional installation - guarantee smooth operation

Buy septic tank from the manufacturer, you can our authorized dealers Triton Plastik, and you can immediately place an order for the installation of an autonomous sewer. When referring to the professionals, the observance of the entire process chain, including design, earthworks, connection and ending with commissioning stations, guarantees the durability and no need for frequent repair VOCs.

Improper installation of a septic tank without taking into account features of a particular plot of ground can cause damage to the system.

The high occurrence of groundwater requires additional fixing cleaning tank with special anchors. On clay soils more difficult to equip infiltration field.

Sand and gravel filters for septic tanks or Infiltrator

Due to improper transport and unloading station illiterate arrangement of pit and space for sewage equipment selection, on the body part may be formed crack, resulting in deteriorate the quality of waste water treatment and odor appears. If all the arguments seem to be unfounded, it is possible to install their own septic tank. Manufacturer Website contains detailed installation schemes of different models, which should be clearly followed in the case of self-installation of the treatment plant.

How do I choose a septic tank or Tapas?

On both systems for the past 5-6 years have not weakened consumer demand, but on the technical design and function, they are significantly different.

If you choose the equipment, guided by performance metrics and dimensions, you have both options VOC same compact design and data habitats are able to process a large amount of wastewater. But paying attention to daily processing amount, it becomes clear that performance Topas above twice: such a system is able to filter out 4 m3 unlike Tank with exponent 2 m 3 of waste water per day.

Septic Tapas in different variations

However, at the same time, products Triton Plastic filters any type of drain masses. Therefore, if you use the Tapas need to remove waste from the processing of that waste water treatment plant to handle are not able to solve a problem or installing the drive. And in both cases the additional costs are inevitable. And given the original price, so drainage will cost a decent amount.

If we simulate the situation that both systems have failed, then no matter what the cause of failure Topas, her self-identification is not possible by definition. Because it is simply impossible to find out the condition of staying biobakterii. Exceptions concern cases considerable progress soils or disorder installation technology, whereby the housing cracks. The service life of both systems is almost the same, so to speak a clear leader is not necessary.

VIDEO: The truth about the septic tank "Tank9raquo;

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    septic tank

    You want to establish a high quality, efficient and relatively inexpensive septic tank, then our company will help you in the selection and installation of the cleaning device. Septic tank from our company will be able to meet not only your technical needs, but also the budgetary possibilities.

    Our company provides services for the installation of a septic tank in Moscow and Moscow Region for over 10 years. Throughout her work, we have accumulated a multi-faceted experience and can say with confidence that they are ready to implement the project of any complexity.

    Septic tank installation process consists of five basic steps.

    Is first determined location-pipe structure, is made more excavation. Choosing the right location is essential, excavation carried out by means of special equipment. The width of the excavation should be 25 cm wider than the septic tank. A depth is calculated at the rate of sand cushion and set the height.

    Laid special sand pad with which it aligns the bottom of the pit. Typically, the thickness of a cushion does not exceed 35 mm.

    Further, the pit is filled with a mixture of sand and concrete, every 30 cm can be qualitative ramming mixture.

    Septic tank is filled with water.

    Stacked on top of a heater, and the neck is filled.

    Description and varieties septic tank brand

    Purification plant for the collection and purification of both commercial and domestic wastewater considered indispensable if no common sewer system. They are widely used in structures of the following type:

    in private homes;

    in low-rise buildings;

    in suburban areas.

    The structural feature of septic tank is in three sections. Each section is performed a separate purification process:

    The first section made rough cleaning usually removes large waste.

    The second section is made of various kinds of chemical degradation of the compounds, for example, detergents.

    In the third section is carried out the final cleaning process, after the passage of the section, the water is purified by 65% ​​in comparison with those waters that were received in the first two sections.

    After passing through the three sections, the wastewater after-treatment soil tested.

    Tank 1 - 3 is designed for people (1.2 m3);

    Tank 2 - 4 is designed for people (2.0 m3);

    Tank 3 - designed to 5 (2.5 m3);

    Tank 4 - calculated on 6 persons (3 m3).

    Advantages and disadvantages of a septic tank

    Such a large popularity and demand for these treatment plants is caused by a number of significant advantages:

    comfortable block-modular structural feature, by which it is possible to choose the most suitable plant capacity;

    High performance indicator which, when a joint operation reaches Infiltrator 8-99%;

    capacity of relatively small size, which greatly simplifies the process of installation works;

    It may operate in a standalone mode, regardless of the presence of electric power;

    There are no structural units that are most likely to fail, in fact, that determines the reliability of the entire structure as a whole;

    ease of maintenance.

    Septic tank disadvantage is the fact that such improved efficiency and performance is caused only when the serial installation Infiltrator compound.

    After reading the reviews of our customers who are already convinced of the rationality, feasibility and effectiveness of installing a septic tank, it can be concluded that none of them regret their choice.

    Reading the reviews, you can understand that the installation does not require frequent maintenance, its installation takes place as soon as possible, as our customers say long operational period of the treatment plant.

    Why buy a septic tank company Rosprominzhiniring?

    We provide installation services septic tank turnkey more than 10 years. We know all the nuances and pitfalls that may arise during the installation. Therefore, we can safely say that they are ready to cope with the work of any complexity. When ordering a septic tank under the key in our company, you get a number of advantages:

    Free departure of our expert to you on the subject, which will make an estimate for the installation of a septic tank "turnkey" for a single day.

    you ordered a septic tank will be delivered by our company to you on the subject for free.

    We provide warranty for the installation of a septic tank for a period of two years, is in addition to the warranty itself septic tank from the manufacturer.

    Since we have a vast customer base, we can afford to use the best customer pricing, so the cost of the installation of a septic tank of our company remains at acceptable and affordable level.

    Installing a septic tank of our company - is a guarantee of performance, reliability and durability of the treatment plant!

    Septic tank price with turnkey installation

    Competent organization of drainage system of household waste is a pressing problem in the modern country house. To solve the problem using various techniques, among which is gaining popularity septic tank.


    Septic tank - the tank is molded from high-strength polypropylene or polyethylene, which is an excellent alternative central wastewater treatment system. Internal space is divided into 3 compartments. The wall thickness of 10 mm. The wall thickness, reinforced by stiffeners 17 mm. The volume of the septic tank may be different, depending on the task.

    The required volume will be recruited by joining several modules - block-modular structure. Considering the option of a septic tank is completely non-volatile. Cesspool sewage purification rate 98%, which allows to reuse, the resulting liquid in economic needs, namely kitchen garden watering and fertilizer etc.

    • Household waste coming from the first chamber houses a septic tank where they pass the first purification step - separation into organic and inorganic wastes. Inorganic mass settles on the bottom of the tank. Organic matter remains on the surface - oils and various impurities.
    • Next, the clarified liquid flows into the second chamber metatank, where the splitting process into simple compounds. In the second sector, installed hydraulic locks, which provide special conditions - lack of oxygen, which stimulates the activation of microorganisms. This sector is split not only organic but chemical cleaners. If the septic tank has only two compartments, the liquid gets on in Infiltrator.
    • Next, fluid enters the third sector where wastewater treatment reaches 75%. There provides a special purification biofilter with a biologically floating pictures - microorganisms which utilize all of the remaining impurities.
    • Purified liquid within 65% acceptable to dump the soil. In connection with this, the liquid held in the three-tiered cleaning septic tank, passes into Infiltrator - where the bottom is used as crushed stone or sand layer.

    Modification of septic tank

    There are 5 types of design models of septic tank:

    1. Bandwidth to 600 liters per day. 3 persons. It is permissible to use a five-man, provided seasonal residence in the house.
    2. Throughput up to 800 liters per day. 3-4 persons permanently residing in the house.
    3. Bandwidth up to 1000 liters per day. 5 persons permanently residing in the house.
    4. The capacity of up to 1200 liters per day. 6 people.
    5. Capacity of 1800 liters per day. 9 people.
    • In the first stage specialists determine the place where the equipment will be installed kanalitsatsii;
    • Further, a pit dug under the septic tank;
    • The second pit dug for Infiltrator;
    • If the water table is high enough, the pit bottom reinforcing concrete pad;
    • The bottom of the pit Infiltrator dim half-meter bed of rubble or gravel;
    • Further septic tank is installed in a pit, the connecting pipes are mounted, a trial run is made;
    • The last step - filling the pit;

    The advantages of operating a septic tank in the sewage system of a country house

    The list of advantages is made according to feedback from our customers:

    • The construction of a septic tank allows to connect additional modules, thereby increasing the capacity;
    • A high degree of strength. Plastic housing withstands septic tank as mechanical stress and temperature: from -20 to + 70 ° C. The service life of up to 50 years;
    • A high degree of purification - 5%;
    • The small size of the tanks;
    • Autonomy - independence from the electricity;
    • The need for pumping septic tank once a year;
    • Affordable price.
    • The need for system maintenance, which includes cleaning of sludge once a year. If the cake bottom of the chamber is not clean, then over time it is compacted, which affect the quality of the whole system. Purify the septic tank using a special machine assenizatorskaya. To facilitate the care of the installation using biologics that reduce the amount of sediment;
    • reset in a large number of disinfectants - If during operation there was an unpleasant smell of a septic tank, it means that an error was made. Adding biologics bug fixes, but also increases the cost of operation.

    Features competent operation of septic tank

    To avoid additional costs in the operation of the system of some simple rules must be followed:

    • The precipitate in the system must be pumped out once a year;
    • If the septic tank does not preserve for the winter, and in a timely manner to add a biomaterial, the tank will be pumped out once every 5-7 years;
    • Add bacteria once per year;
    • Pumping is allowed to carry out by means of the drain pump or via assenizatorskaya machine. After evacuation of the tank and washed with dry cleaning is carried out;
    • If the system is to preserve for the winter period, it is necessary to completely evacuate the contents and fill it with water by two-thirds;
    • Also, after the pumping system requires its washing power shower to remove fine particles;
    • As a rule, the sludge produced in the system is used as fertilizer;

    Observing all necessary measures for the care of septic tanks can get an effective system of recycling waste, which will last a long time without causing any inconvenience. Septic tank - not the most perfect system, but for all its shortcomings, she is in great demand among consumers.

    Installing septic tank will require you to have special knowledge and experience in conducting such work, therefore it is necessary to entrust the installation of professionals in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the operation.

    Our specialists have years of experience in the installation of septic tanks for private homes, villas, etc. See for yourself, call us and we will answer any questions you may have. Mount the drainage system on its own is possible, but in any case before any work is better to consult with a specialist. Order installation of septic tank turnkey us. Call +7 (499) 343-32-11

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