See how to make furniture for dolls

How to make furniture for doll's house with his own hands?

To learn how you can make furniture for dolls with their own hands, thinking parents who have been able to make a dollhouse yourself or buy it at the store, spending a considerable sum. Toy furniture is not cheap, so why not save the family budget. You can quite easily make her own hands improvised.

The types of materials, which are often used

Everything for your daughter's dollhouse you may need materials that we often throw out:

  • clipping veneer sheets;
  • matchboxes:
  • plastic jars and boxes of cosmetics;
  • boxes of shoes;
  • colored sponges for dishwashing;
  • wipes from viscose;
  • plastic bottles;
  • plates of eggs;
  • textile;
  • foil
  • wire and many different things, a place where we often define in the bin.

When choosing materials everything will depend only on your imagination.

Plywood and wood most popular and durable materials to make doll furniture. However, the process of creating the interior of these time-consuming, required skills to work with them. But if you still do such furniture, it will last a very long time, and dolls as long will delight your daughter.

To make the miniature furniture made of plywood, you will need:

  • plywood sheets;
  • jigsaws;
  • sandpaper;
  • small studs or screws;
  • glue;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • paint or acrylic paint;
  • scissors;
  • attributes that you use to decorate every kind of furniture: cloth, beads, pieces of skin, and more.

Common to all types of furniture stages:

  1. Consider or find on the Internet suitable for printing circuit design furniture.
  2. Draw on the cardboard, or use ready-made printouts of furniture parts, cut them out.
  3. The resulting patterns to attach plywood sheets and circle.
  4. Jigsaws cut plywood parts.
  5. Treat all parts with sandpaper, the surface will become smooth.
  6. Putting structure. Details sticking or fastening screws.
  7. Cover readymade object paint or varnish and give dry.
  8. If necessary sheathed elements and decorate textiles.

That made one thing doll furniture.

Cardboard furniture for dollhouse made very simple. By the manufacturing process can be involved and the child. Cardboard - this is the most accessible material for the job. It can be used as sheets of cardboard, and as a base to take small cardboard boxes.

  • cardboard or cardboard boxes;
  • white sheets of paper;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • scissors;
  • glue (if required);
  • parts for jewelry.

  1. We think over the details of the future piece of furniture and make patterns on paper.
  2. We transfer patterns onto the cardboard.
  3. Cut parts.
  4. We are making the necessary slots at the joints of parts.
  5. Putting a piece of furniture. Glue where needed.
  6. We attach the finished look, decorating construction.

You can decorate the dolls house a new piece of furniture.

Of Matchbox you can construct almost any piece of furniture. Advantage of such furniture will drawers. It is enough to express their imagination and think through in detail the image of the future furniture.

  • matchboxes, the amount depends on what piece of furniture will you do;
  • glue;
  • decorations for future furniture.

  1. Prepare the required number of matchboxes.
  2. Glue them together in the same sequence, which is necessary for the interior.
  3. Decorate the resulting piece of furniture. Suitable for dyeing acrylic paint and varnish.

your daughter's doll will be happy with new clothes.

Shelving for dolls from Matchbox you can do yourself, watch the following video.

Plastic jars are perfect to play the role of furniture in your dollhouse. Sometimes it does not even need to do anything with them. In the finished form can be used, e.g., as a bath. Child will be able to truly atone for their dolls, the water of which will not pour out. Can be constructed from plastic bottles, caps on tubes of toothpaste, and other little things more complex interior. They can be simply glued together in the required sequence.

Master-class on making toilet for dolls from the tank out of shampoo, see the following video.

Wire, which is easy to bend, you can design the interior in the style of Provence. Very elegantly will look the bed frame that will remind forged products. Supplement can be forged candlesticks, forged an unusual chandelier. Almost every detail of the interior can be done using a frame made of wire. Your imagination will tell you the right direction.

Using plates of eggs can perfectly equip room dollhouse. The work will be useful and plastic plates and cardboard. All that is needed - is to think carefully about the composition and cut the desired part of the tablet.

The work may be required:

  • plates of eggs;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paint;
  • double sided tape;
  • bars of helium pens

and much more. Everything will depend on how you played out your imagination.

In this section, you are offered some ideas to create furniture for dolls with their own hands.

Bed with drawers for dolls from Matchbox

  • matchboxes;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • white cardboard sheet;
  • sheets of white paper;
  • paints;
  • beads;
  • thin wire;
  • decorative elements to your liking.

  1. Measure the height of the dolls, for which the bed is meant. On this depends the number of matchboxes, will be required.
  2. Glue the required number of boxes the side walls to each other. This will be the base of our bed.
  3. If you want to make the bed higher, it is possible to glue the bottom marginal boxes peculiar legs in the form of additional boxes.
  4. White paper is pasted over the bed base so that the retractable elements are left open.
  5. Cardboard draw the desired shape and cut out headboards.
  6. Glue to the back sides of the base.
  7. Coloring bed in the desired color.
  8. To a retractable member of the frame at the bottom secured with wire beads. It handles our bed.
  9. Decorate, blanketed bedding and can be laid doll to sleep.

In the following video you will see a master class on making beds out of cardboard dolls.

In the same style can be issued, and a nightstand.

  • 2-3 matchboxes;
  • glue;
  • White list;
  • such as paint and decorative elements that adorn the bed;

  1. Glue boxes together by placing them on each other bases.
  2. Paste white paper, leaving the sliding elements open.
  3. Coloring in the style of the bed already made.
  4. Fasten beads to the drawers.
  5. Decorate.

Master-class on making tables of matchboxes see the following video.

  • plywood;
  • jigsaws;
  • glue or small cloves;
  • sandpaper;
  • cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • paint or acrylic paint;
  • pieces of tissue;
  • wool.

  1. Determine the design and dimensions of the future sofa. Making drawings for backs, seats, backrests on cardboard side. Take into account that by means of the rear and side sofa backrest acquire resistance.
  2. Cut.
  3. The resulting patterns are putting a sheet of plywood and frames.
  4. Use the jigsaw Scrollsaw parts of the sofa.
  5. If you want to make upholstered furniture, then at this stage, we wrap every detail of the sofa with a thin layer of cotton wool and cloth sheathes. If the sofa will not be processed sheathed part sandpaper.
  6. Fasten parts of the sofa to each other with an adhesive. If you have a sofa, it is necessary to fix with the help of small nails.
  7. We cover not trimmed cloth varnish or paint the details.
  8. Sew small pillows for the sofa.
  9. Decorate according to your taste and give the doll to use.

Likewise, you can make and chairs.

How to make a bed for dolls with their own hands, you can see in the following video - master class.

required for the manufacture of:

  • thick cardboard;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • strips of lace;
  • rod blank from the gel pen;
  • thin wire;
  • a small diameter on the lid (suitable lids from jars with medicines, ketchup)

Drawing on the cardboard blank cone. Cut out and glue it. The tip of the cone cut away. To give the base shade lamp. Pasted over his lace. The wire is folded in half and passed through the rod. Top wire to fasten the lampshade, a bottom lid - to stabilize the lamp. You can decorate the lid skirt of lace. As the rack rod can be used instead of beads by passing a wire therethrough. In this case, the lamp shade also decorate beads.

Master-class on making lamp look at the following video.

To manufacture the chandelier we will need a small capacity. You can use the measuring cup from the medication, disposable plastic stack, the most simple candle in a metal case.

To decorate chandeliers need a strip of lace, thin strips of satin ribbon. They must be pasted plastic base lamps. Metal body can not even decorate, get the original chandelier. At the base of the container, which was used, fasten the LED, if you thought through a house with a real light. Hung from the ceiling. A method of fastening to the ceiling will depend on the materials from which the house is made.

Thus it is possible to make lights in any room of your dollhouse.

For the manufacture of food to be convenient to use small boxes. If there are no boxes, you will need to make them out of cardboard. Make it a snap. It will be convenient to use, if the boxes are glued together, making a uniform design.

If the kitchen wall cabinets are planned, then glue a piece of cardboard on which these lockers is pasted to the back of the cabinets. Strengthen structure when adhered to a sheet of cardboard with a flat rear side of the long rods. The boxes must be cut through the locker door.

To design our kitchen we use self-adhesive paper, or any other beautiful paper. Paste lockers, using wire and beads do they handle. The crane can be made of wire, the mixer handles small beads. Sink suitable deep lid. It is attached to the top. Plate burners can be made from buttons. Contents space between the cabinets can be in the form of tile apron. To do this, locate the appropriate picture on the internet and print it out. Mount it on a piece of cardboard on which are secured lockers.

We arrange the dishes and products. The kitchen is ready, you can send the hostess to cook!

Master-class on making the kitchen you can see in the following video.

  • cardboard box;
  • paperboard sheet;
  • foil;
  • a small scrap of ceiling moldings;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • color, packaging and self-adhesive paper.

  1. Measure out the required height on the box the table so that the doll was comfortable to sit on him.
  2. Cut off the excess.
  3. The base of the table - this is the bottom of the box. From the portion which is located below cut legs.
  4. Paste over self-adhesive paper resulting table
  5. Cardboard draw the desired shape of the mirror and cut it. Pasting foil as a mirror surface.
  6. We make a mirror frame with thin strips ceiling moldings.
  7. Glue a mirror to the table.

Chair dresser made in the same manner. Change only the desired height. Instead of making the mirror surface of the chair.

Almost any piece of furniture can be made of the available tools. To do this free time, your imagination and desire. Your girl will be very happy new clothes dollhouse!

The process of making the dressing table for dolls of cardboard matchboxes and see in the following video.

To learn how to make a dining table for dolls, see the following video.

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Furniture for dolls with their own hands: create convenience for dolls is easy: video tutorials and video master class

Today on the shelves of children's shops, we can see a lot of different products that are uplifting children. Whether it's cars or soft toys, but today we will focus on the dolls. Every girl in my childhood was a whole collection of dolls which she graced, sewed clothes for them, master furniture. In this master class, we tell you how to make furniture for dolls with their own hands with minimal effort. Following our instructions with photos, you will realize that to do simply brilliant. Also, this kind of crafts you can do with your children that they are very interested in and engage. Let's start!

This dream of every girl was a house with furniture for her toy friend. It is very sad that the prices for similar goods in the shops are too high and not everyone can afford to buy this kind of fun to your child.

To break to work on furniture for dolls, we need to prepare some materials.

Making the case for Monster High Dolls

Make furniture for doll monster hai is very simple with the help of his hands and imagination. In this master class, we will do a case-coffin for unusual outfits of our dolls. Bright wardrobe perfectly decorate dollhouse making it a variety. The materials are ready, and we fall!

To begin, take a thick cardboard and is metered by 2 cm at the top and bottom. Then we hold the line on the markings. In the same way on the sides measured from the 6 cm and hold the line connecting points.

In the upper part of our preform is metered 4 cm and draw a horizontal line.

Then by retreating the two central points of 3 cm and set points that connect the upper and lower points on our workpiece.

Next, wipe unnecessary lines and draw a line draw, which will be stuck our shelves. Also, we put the band for bonding. The thickness of the strips is at least 2 cm.

Then we go to the creation of the next part of our cabinet - door. Again taking a sheet of cardboard and traits thereon a hexagon. We divide our half hexagon and paint strips for glueing to 2 cm each.

Next you need to measure the sides with strips of adhesive for our crafts.

Then we need to draw the bottom shelf and the top of our cabinet and cut out these parts.

Further bend edge for gluing and fixing them in a standing position by means of tape.

Also glue the doors, shelves and sides of the product.

Next, paste colored paper or paint our wardrobe, making it more vivid and accurate.

Hanger can be made from any of the Mother, you can use the paste from the handle, as we have done in this case.

Let us further adornment of our cabinet. You can use a variety of labels.

Our unusual wardrobe is ready!

And of course one of the essential elements of the dollhouse - a bed. In this master class, we tell you how to make cardboard furniture for dolls with their hands on the bed example. And to make it a snap. You will need some materials, manual dexterity and a little imagination. Let's get started!

  • We begin with the manufacture of templates. On paper, draw back and the base of the bed. A back should be high, and the second lower.
  • Next, you need to cut parts from the carton. It would be better to cut office knife rather than scissors. Therefore, this work is better not to trust the children.
  • It is better to do these parts a little more, because the product will be stronger and more voluminous. For our bed is enough for 6 pieces for each piece.
  • Then we take our preform backrest and the backrest glue three identical with each other via an adhesive. It is necessary to put the glued blanks into a press and allow time to dry.
  • Next, glue the three bed base layer. It is necessary to put the prepared wire parallel to each other along the base of the bed and secure with tape.
  • Then, on the fixed wire pasted three bed base layer. You need to put into a press to dry.
  • When everything is dry, fit the back glued to the base of the bed and mark the place where the wire touches the backrest, and the need to make holes in the places of contact with an awl.
  • We got a little hole in which we need to stretch the wire. It is necessary to lubricate the end of the bed bases with glue and then firmly to lean back. After this very hard tying wire and cut off any excess. Glue remaining top three items backrest to thereby hide the wire.

The bed is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it. To do this, it can be pasted firmly colored paper, and the best option would be easy to paint its colors. You can also make a pillow, a mattress and a blanket.

The bed is ready to decorate your dollhouse and delight baby! Now you know how you can not only use, but also the interest to spend your free time with your child, making furniture for a dollhouse.

In the end, we want to offer you video tutorials and video master class of furniture for dolls with their own hands, which will facilitate the perception of and help in your work on crafts. Enjoy watching!

How to make furniture for dolls?

Furniture for dolls - a decoration for the dolls. If you do not hurry up and come to the matter seriously, then we can make a really beautiful crafts that will be pleasing to the eye. To start, decide what exactly you will create it. If just for decoration is one thing, but if a child is completely different. Then it is necessary to obtain a stable furniture to Lohmann and did not contain irregularities, of which child can injure yourself.

Now we'll tell you how we can make furniture for the dolls.

Furniture for dolls, created from boxes of matches

This is the easiest to produce a piece of furniture. To do it, just the right amount of boxes (the number depends on the number of drawers) glued together by means of any kind of adhesive. In this case, retractable portion will resemble drawers bedside.

Now paste articles from all sides with thick paper dark brown or any other color. Since this furniture for dolls, can be used even pink. To handle drawers paste from any available material, it is possible to use beads.

It now remains only to paint the boxes in the color you want.

Generally, such an empty box, you can do almost any furniture, everything depends on your imagination and desire. The figure below shows examples. I think no difficulties with the production does not arise.

How to make furniture for dolls made of cardboard?

Cardboard can do many types of furniture for the dolls. This is done by cutting out shapes from the contours of the pattern. It can be easily draw, taking for example any furniture in your home. Believe me, the child will be very glad of your crafts, which also is a miniature copy of the big furniture.

The following are examples of what can make cardboard for dolls.

Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle and cut the four strips that will serve as legs. That was a lot of resistance products are bent ends of the legs.

From cardboard sheet cut a circle, it will serve our table top. Then paste the circle to the bottom of the bottle.

Cut from the cloth the size of a circular shape is much more than the worktop. Covering a makeshift table and paste the tips of the legs.

Rocking chair for dolls from clothespins

You need to use only wooden pegs, plastic does not fit.

With pegs shoot spring and the resulting parts are glued together as shown in Fig.

After gluing several parts you get back to the chair.

Now kleite side backrest and seat.

Now connect all the parts and get a lovely seat.

The sofa of the boxes out of matches

Gluing design as shown in the scheme below.

Surface paste any kind of material and color, using acrylic paint.

It is best to take an ordinary cardboard box of all sizes, then you almost do not need to do.

If it is put on the smaller side, you will automatically appear and the door for him.

Then, the surface paint and paste using colored paper.

Cutting out cardboard blanks as shown below. Then, glue the resulting preform.

Now paint the product and you have a good bed, you can give your child to play with dolls.

More complex design tables out of the box and matchboxes

If you take a few empty boxes out of matches, you can make a really beautiful and original furniture. From the figure below, you will understand everything, decorate and paint to your liking.

It is clear that the furniture of this size is not "live" for a long time. Therefore, it must be placed in a safe place. Let us construct not only furniture, but also a house for her and dolls.

To do this, draw a rough diagram of the future house, internal layout of the rooms.

You can even use the usual boxes for shoes, or any other.

Paste and paint the interior and exterior walls of the house. If you use a different color, it will give housing a very nice view.

Inside the place previously made furniture, put the doll. Believe will be very beautiful and sure to please your child.

To do this you will need:

  • Cardboard box.
  • Tissue paper of any color. You can even take pieces of unused wallpaper.
  • Dense and lightweight fabric.
  • Thick piece of cardboard.
  • Unnecessary log.
  • Pieces of wire.
  • Paint marker.

Slice of the box very big way, preferably one that is already open - so you do not have to glue the rear wall of the home.

As mentioned above, the wall paint or paste over them with colored paper or wallpaper remnants.

The walls can paint the outside in the form of bricks, that was as close to a real home.

Sex blanketed piece of linoleum or cloth is then illusion carpeting.

The walls cut through windows and close them inside the curtain that hung on the cornice of a piece of wire.

Journal of unnecessary cut pictures and posted on the walls of the room in the form of paintings.

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