Screwdriver lithium-ion battery

Lithium batteries for screwdrivers

Instead of the traditional nickel-cadmium batteries for power screwdrivers many manufacturers increasingly prefer to equip their products with lithium batteries that have a number of advantages.

Classes, the pros and cons of lithium batteries

The screwdrivers are three main classes of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, other than the composition of the cathode material: lithium cobalt LiCoO2, based on lithium-manganese spinel LiMn2O4 and lithium ferrofosfatnye LiFePO4. Lithium-ion batteries favorably to the nickel-cadmium batteries, low self-discharge, almost no memory effect, no maintenance. After eliminating the use of lithium metal batteries of this type have become virtually completely safe.

Their main disadvantage - low resistance to overcharge, and the special security requirements. Hindered charging such battery at low temperatures.

Characteristics of Lithium Battery

Technical characteristics largely determine the quality of many consumer screwdriver: its capacity, uptime, user-friendly tool.

  • voltage of one battery in different models from 3.0 V to 4.6 V;
  • energy content: 100-230 Wh / kg and 250-400 Wh / l;
  • self-discharge of 4-6% for 1 month, or 10-20% per year;
  • Combined charging mode;
  • charging time from 40 minutes to 2 hours .;
  • internal resistance: 5 ... 15 milliohms / A h;
  • load current with respect to capacity (C): DC - up to 65C, pulse - to 500C; most appropriate: to 1C;
  • the number of discharge-charge cycles: 500-1000 times;
  • storage period of 3-5 years;
  • loss of energy intensity (aging) of 20% per year.

The vast majority of lithium batteries manufactured in a prismatic housing, but some models have a cylindrical shape. In these roller elements are used electrodes and separators. The material of the housing is aluminum or steel. Contact with the positive pole of the output through the insulator to the housing cover. The prismatic batteries, the electrodes are rectangular plates stacked on each other. Oppositely charged electrodes are separated from a porous polypropylene separator. For safety design provides device control processes in the device and the normally closed electric circuit in the event of emergencies. It is also used for this purpose and the external electronic protection. Sealed casing prevents leakage of electrolyte and penetration of oxygen and water vapor. charge carrier of lithium ions are able to penetrate into the crystal lattice of the other elements.

Many manufacturers of electric hand tools in order to improve consumer quality of its products seeking to improve the design of the battery attached to the instrument, using their original production technology.

The company's products Bosh ECP uses a technology that allows control of the battery discharge, prevents overheating at any power level, automatic lowering it. In case these batteries also provide vents for cooling. Hyper Charge technology is designed to speed up the recharging process, and the use of Power 4All unifies batteries for different instruments.

Company Makita supplies its products chip Makstar, analyzing many performance lithium-ion battery (temperature, time of use, the number of charge-discharge cycles, the percentage of discharge) that allows you to select the optimal charging mode and reduces the time of its realization. As a result, this increases the service life of the battery. It has a reinforced hull that protects against vibration and shock. Its technology and the company applies Hitachi. They allow you to relieve the battery weight, reduce its size, to prevent overheating, improve the charging process and in the end make the tool easy compact and easy to operate.

Screwdriver with lithium-ion battery: description, operation and repair

Since the screwdriver has become a tool that can be found in the arsenal are not only a professional builder, but also a home worker, the question of choice of this equipment is becoming increasingly important. This device may be mains or battery. Latest variety is popular in cases where often have to work in a place where there is no possibility to connect electricity.

Pluses screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery

This equipment is well so that the battery in it has no memory effect. This indicates that the charge you will be able to carry on the not yet completely dead battery, while its capacity will not change. In practice, this means that the lithium-ion battery can be charged whenever you wish, wait for the complete loss of a device malfunction, there is no need.

As the main features of operation of acts that plant to zero battery is not necessary. A fully discharged battery should not. Quite often, consumers compare the equipment of this type with devices equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries. The former have an important advantage, which is expressed in the absence of the self-discharge effect.

Leaving screwdriver with lithium-ion battery and not using it for some time, you will not face the fact that he is dead. There is a possibility to use a fairly simple principle, which is that the equipment can be charged and put in storage, and again take to immediately start using if necessary.

Without losing charge a screwdriver may remain for six months or more. However, be aware that these batteries should not be stored at low temperatures.

Cons screwdrivers with lithium-ion batteries

Screwdriver with lithium-ion battery, the pros and cons that you need to learn before they purchase goods, is equipment that is capable of performing a variety of tasks. However, the battery over time, subject to aging, and every equipment requires the use of only original charger.

A third disadvantage is the rather low resistance to work in conditions with lower temperatures. A repair battery screwdrivers to implement their own there is no way. In addition, many consumers refuse to purchase such equipment for the reason that its cost is relatively high.

Description screwdriver brand Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic

If you want to select a screwdriver with lithium-ion battery, it is possible to pay attention to the model, which was mentioned above. Its price is 6800 rubles. The equipment has a built-in light, which helps when working with poor lighting. The presence of brackets allows you to carry the device on his belt. The model comes in a case that solves the problem of transportation and storage. The operator will be able to quickly carry out the replacement of equipment, this opportunity provided by the presence of the keyless chuck.

The user will be able to put the instrument 1 of 20 torque options. Depending on the task, you can use also the drilling mode. This screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery has a short instruction, which describes the particular use. The equipment has a spindle with hexagon socket, it is guaranteed to work without a screwdriver. Power indicator is practical enough, with it you can control the degree battery charge. The manufacturer has supplied modern device Ultra-M technology that provides the highest possible capacity, optimal use of energy, gentle exercises and a long service life.

Technical characteristics of the model

model described above has a screwdriver battery voltage of 10.8 V. The metal you can do a 10-mm opening, while the wood - 22 mm. The device due to the brush motor. You should be aware that the product is no strike function, but there is a reversal.

The set comes two batteries, there is a function of the engine brake and spindle lock. The maximum torque is 34 Nm. In addition, the operator can work in one of two speeds. The number of steps is 20. The torque device weighs only 0.8 kg, which is very convenient for continuous operation.

Description Drills brands DeWALT DCD 790 P2

If you are interested in drill with lithium-ion battery, you should consider the features and characteristics of the model DeWALT DCD 790 the P2, which costs 21,000 rubles. This equipment has a brushless motor that impressively improves resource. Backlight lets you work in poor light or in the dark.

The equipment is compact, so the tools you can use in a confined space. A reliable and comfortable operation grip provides ergonomic handle with a rubber coating. To carry the device and keep it you can in a special case which is supplied. The tool is lightweight and compact. For continuous operation the set includes two batteries.

Reviews of brand screwdriver Bosch GSR 1440-LI

Screwdriver with lithium-ion battery Bosch today enjoys great popularity. The model can be considered as an example mentioned above. Its price is 6400 rubles. According to customers, the equipment copes with the tasks of installation of fasteners and drill holes. Attachments can be replaced relatively quickly and easily using only one hand, because the device has a keyless chuck.

Buyers like the fact that they have an opportunity in the process to select one of 25 torque modes, depending on the quality and density of the material. The advantages they find also the possibility of a serial tightening the screws, because the unit has a motor brake function. The kit includes two powerful battery, the voltage of each of which is 14.4 V. It is claimed handyman, provides continuous long-term operation. The device weighs just 1.3 kg, dimensions are compact, so working with this screwdriver is very convenient.

These screwdrivers with lithium-ion batteries, which are reviews of only the most positive, usually have a comfortable key "Pusk9raquo ;, which can be used to adjust the operating speed of the tool. Consumers also like the presence of a special drill holes in the housing, which can be used to store spare equipment.

Repair and operation of a cordless screwdriver "Interskol YES YES-18ER"

If you purchased a screwdriver with lithium-ion battery "Interskol9raquo ;, you must follow some rules for its operation. For example, an operator must use personal protective equipment, wearing glasses, a dust mask, safety shoes and gloves. Before using the machine, check the strength of fixing the moving parts.

Meals should be carried out exclusively by batteries, which have a special designation. If the battery is not used, it should be stored separately from other metal objects by type:

Screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery "Interskol9raquo; can fail. If the machine does not turn on, check the battery. If the charge could not be implemented, it indicates the battery or charger. If the battery does not reach the required charge, it may indicate a problem with the battery charger or a decrease in battery capacity. In the last case, to repair battery screwdrivers is best left to professionals.

Even after, when the user decided that he needed a cordless screwdriver, he often can not decide what to prefer the battery - nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion. The first type is operated at low temperatures, but has a memory effect and soon discharged. But if you prefer a screwdriver with lithium-ion battery, the battery will have no memory effect and no self-discharge will not work in the cold. Having assessed the totality of characteristics, many consumers still prefer tools with lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries for screwdrivers

The need for autonomy for electrical mechanisms such as screwdriver, engineering thought leads to the development of light-weight and long battery operating.

The current source of repeated steps having substantially the charge accumulation and transfer - chemical processes called battery. It reversibility reactions - a discharge and charge, most attractive for use in portable battery devices and small-sized.

In general, a power storage unit, represents two bipolar electrodes placed in an electrolytic medium. Several sources connected to the chain, make up the battery.

In small and hand tools equipped with electric motors are used Nickel-cadmium or Lithium-ion batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries for the screwdriver

The Ni-Cd sources, the electrolyte is KOH solution, and act as reactants cadmium and nickel hydroxide. The negative electrode is processed and cadmium has large dimensions required for uptake of hydrogen, evolved during the redox reaction. The capacity of the battery is calculated from the volume of the positive nickel electrode.

A significant drawback of nickel-cadmium construction is appreciable weight of the device, that for portable electric power tools has a significant drawback. The use of cadmium as a reagent also promotes the popularity of such batteries. Cadmium is considered to be elements of the second group of danger to human health.

Such sources are good, if the tool will be used on a case by case basis.

Lithium-ion batteries for the screwdriver

The electrolyte in a lithium-ion source, serves a lithium salt dissolved in an anhydrous aprotic solution. The main feature of the solution is its property of not creating the decay compounds free of positive hydrogen ions.

The anode is made of cobalt oxide and the carbonaceous material of the cathode - the coke or graphite. electrodes lattices allow lithium ions to freely penetrate into the structure and be released therefrom. Removal of charges from the positive electrode is conducted through an aluminum current collector, the negative current collector made of a copper sheet.

The protection against fire lithium overcharge or short circuit performs additional chips controllers.

The design of Li-Ion Battery

Variant manufacture of lithium-ion batteries may be prismatic, cylindrical or elliptical in form of a spiral.

  • Prismatic batteries operate as a stack of electrodes separated by a polypropylene separator. Prismatic EP has a high density, but has a low compression force.
  • To increase the compressive force acting on the electrodes, apply a spiral assembly as an elongated ellipse. The assembly in the form of an elliptical spiral allows you to save the packing density and to raise the compressive force.
  • Cylindrical batteries - electrodes laid separator, coiled. A separator made of a porous non-conductive material such as Celgard and impregnated with an electrolyte. The positive current collector is connected to the terminal on the cover member, a negative - the metal casing.

The assembled construct carefully sealed to avoid exposure to water vapor or oxygen in air electrodes and electrolyte, which may lead to the destruction of the battery.

energy storage for the screwdriver collected mainly from several cylindrical VC connected in series.

The design necessarily includes a control and monitoring board (DCCH).

Characteristics of Li-Ion Battery

The value depends on the technical parameters of the electrochemical battery circuit.

  • Maximum voltage of individual battery elements supporting board protection - up to 4.2 V.
  • The minimum voltage allowed by the control system - 2.5 V.
  • Rated voltage - 3.6 V.
  • Energy density - up to 230 W × h / kg.
  • The number of discharge / charge cycles up to 20% loss of battery capacity - 2500 ÷ 4500.
  • Internal Resistance - 6 ÷ 14 MOhm / A × 1 h.
  • The duration of the charge - 0,4 ÷ 1 h.
  • Secure for temperature - 0 ÷ 50 ° C.
  • Optimally acceptable load current relative to the container - 1FROM.
  • Switching the load current relative to the container - 500FROM.
  • Permanent load current with respect to capacity - 65 FROM.
  • The magnitude of the self-discharge at 20 ÷ 25 ° C - 3% of capacity per month.

Positive and negative aspects of lithium-ion batteries

Battery technology is continuously being upgraded and improved. For example, now widely spreading the use of lithium-ferrofosfatnyh cathodes instead cobaltate and lithium nickelate altering certain characteristics of the batteries for the better and reducing the price of the goods.

  • High weight and volumetric energy density.
  • Power supply individual element (3.6) is higher than that of batteries based on lead or nickel.
  • Fast charge process for the 0.5 ÷ 0.6 hours, about 90% of capacity.
  • Fair resource 1000 discharge / charge cycles.
  • Spontaneous discharge no more than 5% of capacity in the past month.
  • Structural materials chemically safe in operation and disposal.

Negative aspects of device design

  • The rapid development of battery aging, 5 years dramatically changed the characteristics of the worse both in active use, and under normal storage.
  • Using sophisticated control systems and battery management, leading to higher prices for goods.
  • Mechanical damage to the battery or operating without the control board may cause an explosion.

Like any other technical device, the battery is love care and concern. The higher the storage temperature, the more is the degradation characteristics of the lithium ion storage, optimally at storage temperature of 0 ÷ 20 ° C. Charge the batteries are recommended, too, only at zero temperature.

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