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Photo irgi - Canadian saskatoon, saskatoon Lamarck, berries, flowers, leaves.

Here we have collected the best photos from the articles from our website and photos that have not been published for various reasons. Photo collection show - Saskatoon looks like in different seasons.

Berries (fruit) irgi

Descriptions of large-fruited varieties here.

Descriptions of ornamental varieties are

It looks like Saskatoon at different times of the year

16 vintage botanical drawings of various kinds irgi (source).

Cute shrub with healthful berries - Saskatoon

Since ancient times, people appreciated the healing properties of green plants. Among them are the cutest bush - saskatoon berries, bark, and leaves which have a number of useful properties.

This deciduous shrub grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It can be found in North Africa and America, in the Far East, the Caucasus and Crimea. Often it grows in forest clearings in the mountains and among the thickets of various shrubs.

Saskatoon feels great in any soil, except for marshy areas, where there are stagnant waters. The main thing is that there is enough light for ripening. In such circumstances, the berries are obtained by large, juicy and healthy. This is especially true of cultivated varieties. The average of each of the bush can be assembled up to 15 kg of fruit throughout the period of ripening.

General description of the bush and its beneficial properties

Deciduous shrub Saskatoon confidently takes the place of honor in the suburban areas of greenery lovers. It looks particularly attractive plant in early spring. When the branches appear the first leaves, bush covered delicate fibers. From the outside, it seems like he's wearing a silver scarf, which gives the plant a unique charm. In the photo you can see a lot of irgi lovely flowers that adorn the spring shrub. They come in pink or white.

When inflorescences are starting to fall, together with them disappear and gentle villi that were coated with green leaves. Often, sheet plate bush can be olive or pinkish color.

The bark of the trunk is usually gray or brown with a pinkish tinge. At the touch of it - slightly velvety.

Excellent medicinal properties have leaves and bark of bushes. They are thoroughly dried, crushed and stored in a cool place. Useful substances stored for about 2 years.

The plant is characterized by dense crown of simple green or bluish leaves. During the period of fruiting bush can be seen on the miniature barrels with pink fruits collected on one hand. Unripe berries are painted a cream color, and when ripen, take on a purple or magenta.

irgi berries have a pleasant taste. Gentle sweetness and juiciness of the fruit attracts young children and adults. They love to eat them, and garden birds, then spread the seeds irgi throughout the county.

The berries should be collected from the bush just as ripe. Otherwise they will lose their healing properties.

The composition of each fruit comes a huge number of nutrients:

Each of these components has a beneficial influence on the human body.

Useful properties irgi berries appear when it is used:

  • to strengthen the intestinal wall;
  • improve the digestion of food;
  • in diseases of the blood vessels of the heart there;
  • with vitamin deficiency;
  • against a sore throat or tonsillitis;
  • to maintain a diet;
  • as a sedative.

Often the juice from the fruit of this shrub is credited with the elderly, for the good of the heart. Tincture of inflorescences helps normalize sleep and pressure. On its exterior features photos submitted irgi berries are clearly visible.

In cooking, the fruit bushes are used for preparation of various beverages, jam or marmalade. Raw berries used as a filling for pies, tartlets and even cakes. They produce a fragrant violet marmalade and marshmallow.

Fruits be dried, while keeping the vitamin set. In winter, one can prepare a decoction to enhance immunity.

To get the maximum benefit from the use of the wonderful berries, should be considered contraindications and useful properties irgi. For example, if a person suffers from poor blood clotting - fruits can harm him. This is especially true of those who work with a variety of dangerous instruments. If injured, stop the bleeding will be much harder.

Berry also is useful as a sedative agent, but often its use leads to slow reaction. This is worth thinking drivers of cars that are in constant tension. At the crucial moment they can lose vigilance and suffer. It is therefore reasonable to stick to the golden principle - better a little different than get stuck on one.

In order not to lose the crop ripened berries on the bush, it is desirable to install a scarecrow deterrent. Otherwise, your vitamin supply will add to the birds who love purple fruits irgi, and people will be left with nothing.

Familiarity with a variety of grades

Pretty green plant that adorns the country houses and villas, has attracted the attention of gardeners. In the photo saskatoon bush is shown in the background of other cultures park as its bright highlight. According to some reports, there are about 25 species of this plant. Some of them are distinguished by a special beauty.

Charming variety in the territory of the northern latitudes - Amelanchier canadensis. Some know it as a wine grape berry or northerners. From its wonderful fruit prepare miracle drink that is similar to wine.

The shrub can grow up to 7 meters. His elongated stems form a dense crown wide oval. bush leaves are egg-shaped, unusual color. When the plant only blooms are brownish in summer - blue-gray, and in the autumn - a reddish or golden.

In the soft touch sheet plate with soft down slightly rough. Blooms late spring shrub large white flowers, which are assembled in a graceful hand.

Fruits of wild rose bushes resemble. Round light pink "apples" as maturation gain initially blue and then magenta hue. Ripe fruits are covered with a waxy coating. The taste - sweet, as part of the berry comes a little acid and a lot of sugar.

In nature, there are various types of shrubs. Description of grades irgi Canadian point to all the delights of this useful plant:

  1. Slate. Such Amelanchier canadensis is large black fruits that have an increased sweetness. The bush grows up to 2 meters and is decorated with a broad crown of gray drooping branches. In spring the leaves are painted in green, and in the fall they become bright red.
  1. Mundy. The peculiarity of this sort - rounded sweet berries, sometimes flattened. The bush has a spreading crown and grows up to 3 meters.
  1. Ballerina. Bred variety breeders. Up to 6 meters in height in adulthood. Feature - the color of the leaves. First, they bronze, and eventually will melt green. In autumn take on a purple hue.

White inflorescences in racemes, which develop dark red fruits. As maturation they become almost black.

If you want to grow a bush in an urban environment, "Ballerina" brings great gassed. Thus berries do not accumulate harmful substances.

Deciduous large shrub - Saskatoon Lamarck reaches up to 5 m in height. Different green oval leaves with serrated frame.

Inflorescences of small, white. On the bush appear in large numbers, it looks very nice. Fruits irgi Lamarck possess useful properties, so it is widely used in cooking.

This fertile erect deciduous shrub grows up to 3 m in height. He has a broad crown, consisting of thin branches. They first silver, but with age take on a brown color. On the tips of young shoots form corymbose inflorescences that resemble stars. Buds are usually white with a pinkish tinge. Bloom about 10 days. During this period, the bush looks particularly attractive against the background of other garden plants.

Saskatoon ordinary can grow in one place for about 15 years. She is not afraid of strong winds, drought or frost.

Healing berries appear when the bush is not less than 4 years. Their size is slightly smaller than the varieties bred by artificial means. Color - dark blue, almost black with a whitish bloom.

Deciduous shrub yard - Amelanchier ovalis reaches 4.5 m in height. Its young shoots slightly lowered. They are painted in a bright brown color.

Steel plate, on average - 3.5 cm wide, and 4 cm in length. The upper part is painted in dark green, the bottom - a pale white color. In autumn becomes scarlet and bright yellow color. Form in the form of an ellipse, an oval tip. Framing toothed sheet.

Inflorescence a corymbose brushes 10 white flowers, yellow or cream. Berries on the bush first appear green, then scarlet. When fully ripe acquire a dark blue, almost black. Each fruit is different gray bloom. Have useful properties, slightly acidic taste. Ripen gradually, starting in July.

Bush of its kind in the flowering period reminds fragrant cherries. It is a compact version of a decorative plant height of from 2 to 6 m.

Saskatoon pigweed has oval leaves with small notches. During flowering, they are virtually invisible due to a variety of white or pinkish inflorescences. Later bush covered with berries curative unusual sweet taste.

Representatives of this sort live to 30 years of age. This makes them the leaders compared to other fruit bushes.

Irga pigweed frosts may carry more than 15 degrees, for appreciated that residents Siberia.

Acquainted with pretty plants, it can be seen that the double benefit from it. This original jewelry suburban area, and a storehouse of nutrients at hand. It is wise to ignore the magnificent garden irgi? This is worth considering.

Useful properties irgi

shadberry is an undemanding plant from the family of pink. This tree is low in our country unjustly thrown exclusively as an ornamental plant, blooming beautifully in the spring. Although it has a large number of vitamins and other elements necessary for the body. The healing properties of its berries have been known to mankind for a long time, moreover, Saskatoon - a great food.

Description, distribution and appearance irgi

A medium-sized shrub that has small fruits violet-blue color, Saskatoon very unassuming and can occur almost anywhere on our planet. Typically, Saskatoon - a low tree or shrub having a round or oval leaflets: as the light and dark color. In autumn, the leaves of the tree take a dark red hue.

In our local Saskatoon is often used as an ornamental tree. In the spring it is covered with tiny white or pale milky odorless.

The most popular places spread irgi the following countries:

In the forests of Saskatoon often grows as a feral bushes sprouted from seeds. A kind of "distributors" of its seeds - bird.

Coarse seeds irgi not damaged, digested intestines of birds and thus distributed over long distances.

There are more than 19 types irgi, each of which differs in shape and shade of the leaves, berries and the size of the ripening period.

Here are just some of its varieties:

  1. Amelanchier ovalis - the most popular variety, which is found in our country. It is the most prominent of his family tree. It has large leaves and massive round shape and direct branches. The fruits of this plant have a purple color and a light sweet taste.
  2. saskatoon - it is a multi-stemmed shrub, reaching a height of 5 meters shrub trunk has a smooth dark brown bark and leaves -. Oval. In autumn the leaves become a irgi bright yellow color. Large fruit of this variety have a purplish and very sweet taste.
  3. Amelanchier canadensis - a large (up to 8 m) tree having thin threads, directed downwards. Fresh leaves irgi different pink, purple or copper color, with the onset of autumn are dark reddish or orange. a medium-sized fruit has a dark pink flesh.

In Russia, the tree grows, usually in fences. Useful properties of its fruit growers and gardeners underestimate vain. Saskatoon - this is a wonderful plant that combines an unusually sweet berries and health benefits.

The therapeutic effect is due to their irgi berries rich in vitamins and minerals content.

  • natural sugars (about 13%);
  • cellulose, pectins, coloring and tannins, organic acids and anthocyanins;
  • B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C;
  • beta-carotene;
  • minerals such as copper, cobalt, iron and many others.

For therapeutic purposes, the leaves irgi better to collect in late spring, the bark of shrubs most useful in the fall. irgi fruit is harvested at maturity, usually it's the middle of summer.

For medical purposes gifts shrub used as:

  • sedative, sleep-improving and reinforcing immunity;
  • poisoning prevention of cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases;
  • means for strengthening the vessel walls, increase the elasticity of the ligaments;
  • means to improve vision;
  • in reducing blood pressure.

For therapeutic purposes, is used as a Saskatoon:

  • infusions of svezhesobranyh, frozen and dried fruit;
  • infusions of flowers and leaves;
  • decoctions of bark.

In cooking, Saskatoon unfairly used less frequently than other berries. Basically its fruits are used in the preparation of jams, beverages, desserts and fillings for baked goods. Irgu can be eaten and fresh - berries, were not subjected to heat treatment, keep the maximum number of elements needed by the human body.

How to effectively lose weight?

The most common treatment is the use of broth irgi berries and fruit bushes fresh. Regular use of its gifts will allow to cure and prevent many diseases.

To date, the following are known medicinal properties of berries irgi:

  • lowering blood cholesterol;
  • prevention of liver and kidney disease;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis;
  • prevention of varicose veins;
  • reduction in heart attack risk;
  • pain relief in case of poisoning, intestinal disorders;
  • relief tonsillitis (throat gargle drink);
  • treatment of purulent wounds (in the drink overlaying the wetted bandages);
  • disposal of periodontosis and stomatitis (mouth rinse berries broth).

In addition to the berries of enormous benefit to the body bringing the leaves, flowers and bark irgi operating times better than the special preparations:

  • infusion of flowers help to cope with heart failure and hypertension;
  • infusion of the leaves helps to cure pancreatitis, accompanied by diarrhea;
  • leaves irgi well-heal wounds - it is necessary to impose on the wound bandage soaked in tincture;
  • decoction of the bark, you can disinfect the throat with a cold, relieve burns and digestive diseases - depending on the disease, a decoction is used both internally and topically, by applying the patch.

Starting treatment berries irgi should seek advice from your physician or other physician. Because in addition to the benefit of Saskatoon has also a list of contraindications, self bush fruits can cause the body harm. It is of great importance and method of using berries.

Application fruit irgi may affect the body as follows:

  • the occurrence of allergies - berry plants are a powerful allergen, they should not be used for people who are prone to allergic reactions and children up to two years;
  • bowel disorder - when used svezhesobranyh irgi berries with milk;
  • slow response and dormancy - with excessive use berries or too often their application.

  • hemophilia;
  • low blood pressure;
  • allergy;
  • idiosyncrasy;
  • Children's age - up to two years.

Many people love irgu for its unusual, fresh and sweet taste. The taste and preserve the vitamins and berries after the heat treatment. Obtained from the fruit of extremely delicious jams, beverages, puddings, jams and other desserts.

You need the following ingredients for cooking compote:

Dissolve the sugar water and bring to boil. In the boiling syrup to put fresh or frozen berries irgi a few minutes, reduce the heat. Serve compote chilled. It is possible to add to the finished compote 1 g of citric acid.

To prepare fruit-drink, should wash the required number of berries, knead them and squeeze the juice from the strainer. Pour squeeze water and boil for several minutes. Dilute decoction obtained juice, add sugar to taste. Allow to stand and serve, depending on taste, both heat and cold.

need the following ingredients for jam:

Carefully sort out and wash the berries. Pour sugar water and put on fire. Prepared berries fill with boiling syrup and cook over low heat.

Irga good and in combination with other berries, for example with a black or red currants. Mix of berries can be cooked a delicious juice or jelly. Irgu can add and pastries.

Wonderful saskatoon berry preserve the vitamins after cooking. This means that the food and drinks from it will also bring great benefit to the body.

Despite the presence of contraindications, berry should not be excluded from the diet completely. The main thing - it is always and everywhere to observe a measure. Remember: the secret of health lies not only in the right, but also in the varied diet. Abuse fruits irgi not worth the same as any other fruit and berries.

Now I'm not worried about excess weight!

This effect can be achieved in just a few months, without dieting and grueling workouts, and most important - preserving effect! It's time for you to change everything. Best slimming complex year!

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