Saskatoon berry benefits and harms

Saskatoon berry for heart and immunity

Saskatoon - low shrub with small fruits in dark blue. This undemanding plant is found in almost all corners of the globe, stoically enduring even the most severe frosts. Saskatoon berry has a pleasant taste, for its sweetness she even got the nickname "northern grapes."

In medicine, it is used in the treatment of many diseases. Dry and fresh fruits are used to strengthen the immune system and the prevention of deficiency diseases.

Irga belongs to the genus apple Pink family. There are 19 species of this plant. Remarkably, all of which produce edible fruit. In Russia, this shrub is often used for decorative purposes and for the stock of undersized fruit trees.

Where grows Saskatoon? This shrub is quite unpretentious to the growing conditions. This feature allowed it to spread almost all over the world. It is found in North America, North Africa, the Caucasus, the Crimea, Japan, Central and Southern Europe. In Russia the benefit of its berries underestimate planting it as an ornamental plant.

In Russia, the most common rotundifolia Saskatoon. She is one of the tallest in his family. It has broad leaves dense rounded, straight branches. Fruits are blue with a bluish hue and sweet flavor.

Here is the Saskatoon to photo:

Flowers focus mainly on top of shoots, they are collected in the form of brushes, which have up to 10 inflorescences. Abundant flowering begins in late April. It ends in mid-June.

Fruits irgi - useful properties and applications

The berries are used as a therapeutic agent. They are harvested in late July, early August. Its useful fruit quality is maintained even after the heat treatment, so of them are cooked jam, candy making, dried, squeeze out the juice. Let us consider in more detail, where applicable saskatoon, its useful properties and contraindications.

So, what is famous saskatoon berry? What makes it good for you? This question is best answered by looking at its composition.

The chemical composition of berries:

Such a rich content of biologically active substances provided berries glory multivitamin means. Pectin helps rid the body of toxins and decomposition products, lower cholesterol. Carotene has a positive effect on eyesight. During the period of colds and flu epidemics will ascorbic acid, which is rich in Saskatoon. Its beneficial properties for humans have long been known. This enhanced immunity, increased regeneration of damaged tissues, strengthen the nervous system.

Useful properties of berries:

  • antimicrobial
  • antioxidant
  • antitumor
  • immunostimulatory
  • restorative
  • soothing
  • tonic
  • astringent.

Also fruits irgi capable of lowering blood pressure, maintain sharp vision, strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system.

  • sore throat;
  • stomatitis;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • insomnia;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • varicose veins;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • vascular dystonia;
  • depression;
  • diarrhea;
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver.

As a rule, the berries into use in the form of decoctions, infusions, jams. Topically used lotions of juice. It can also take into intestinal disorders a quarter cup 3 times a day, after dissolving it in a spoonful of honey.

Before using any means necessary to consult with a medical specialist. Otherwise, be prepared to experience the consequences that can bring the misapplication of such medicinal plants as Saskatoon. Benefit and harm from the use of this berry are taken into account when prescribing physician. Self fraught with digestive disorders, allergy symptoms, hypotension, poisoning.

  • hypotension;
  • acute infection period;
  • idiosyncrasy.

Adverse effects of an overdose are not revealed, however, given the sedative effect of berries on the body may cause drowsiness, lethargy.

Tip! Before you take the juice as a medicine, consult your doctor. Perhaps he will contraindicated.

Saskatoon berry is rich in sugar substances so well preserved. We present here the most popular ways of procurement, which is subject to Saskatoon, recipes of its preparation.

Compote irgi has a pleasant acidity and good tones. For its preparation berries scalded for 3 min. boiling water, then laid out on sterilized jars and pour sugar syrup. Ready compote covered with a lid and sealed using a special roll machine.

For the preparation of fruit jam taken in equal proportions with sugar. In order for it not burnt, water is added. Brew stir periodically checking the readiness of syrup dropwise. In the finished jam it does not spread on a smooth surface. This type of harvesting does not require air-tight closures, however, it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator to prevent fermentation.

For the preparation of fruit drink fruit is washed and mashed using a fork. Then squeeze the juice from them. Pomace obtained is used to prepare the broth by boiling them to simmer for 15 minutes. Cup sugar dissolved in a liter of boiled water, add the juice and strained broth. After 12 hours juice ready.

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Useful properties and contraindications irgi

For many centuries, people treated with plants. Sometimes we do not even know how many useful properties has seemingly inconspicuous herb or berry.

One such useful plants is Saskatoon. Nowadays it knows about a small number of people, but in the Middle Ages it was actively used by doctors and healers to prepare various potions. Let's take a closer look at the useful properties and contraindications to the use of this unique fruit.

Appearance and aura of plant propagation

Saskatoon bush refers to decorative and garden plants kind of apple, the family Rosaceae. The scientific name of this plant - "amelanchier" in the language of the Celts means "honey". You can also find this name as "lady", which is more common in people.

Amelanchier ovalis

There are nearly two dozen different varieties of this plant. This is a tall shrub with leaves dark-green color. Irgi fruits - red-purple round berries are small, sweet to the taste. Maturation of falls in the middle of summer. The lifespan of the tree-shrub on average 60 years .

Saskatoon is growing in North Africa, the Americas, Central and Southern Europe as well as in Japan. In Russia, the bush can be found in many regions, but it is most common in the Crimea and the Caucasus.

The composition and beneficial properties for the human body irgi

irgi berries are widely used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. They contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements that have beneficial effects on the human body.

  • phytosterols, included in the berries have protivoskleroticheskoe action strengthens blood vessels, reduce friability and capillary fragility and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
  • Due pectins, contained in irge recovering the gastrointestinal tract, improves appetite excreted toxins and carcinogens. A decoction of the berries also helps relieve stress and fatigue, normalizes the nervous system. In addition, Saskatoon - Great immunomodulator.
  • Vitamin C It helps fight infections, improves metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Bioflavonoids (vitamin P) helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, prevent blood clots and maintain heart function in patients with coronary disease and hypertension.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) actively involved in metabolic processes, normalizes the sebaceous glands and is essential for maintaining normal vision.

Berries are low calorie (43 kcal) , thereby actively used in weight control programs.

Harm and contraindications: who can not eat irgu?

Benefits irgi obvious, but it can harm the human body, to use it in the following cases:

  • diabetes mellitus (Berry rich in carbohydrates, which may lead to a sharp rise in blood glucose indicators);
  • obesity (Berries excessive consumption can lead to increased body weight);
  • low blood pressure (Components contained in the fruit, help reduce blood pressure);
  • propensity to rashes (Saskatoon can cause severe reactions in persons allergic);
  • Low blood clotting (Substance included in the berries, promote blood thinning).

Saskatoon is contraindicated for people with low blood pressure

In children, the use of irgi should not exceed 50 grams per day, otherwise there is the risk of allergies.

Application irgi in folk medicine

In folk medicine, Saskatoon has been widely used. Herbal teas, teas and medicinal tinctures prepared on the basis of fruits, buds, leaves and bark of this plant.

Irgu used in the following cases:

  • heart disease, high blood pressure and varicose veins;
  • poisoning and digestive tract diseases;
  • high blood cholesterol and the presence of cholesterol plaques;
  • nervous system diseases, and fatigue;
  • prevention and complex therapy of diseases of view;
  • low permeability of blood vessels and increased capillary fragility;
  • ARI and ARI;
  • periodontal disease and bleeding gums;
  • diseases of respiratory system;
  • recovery of the body after illness;
  • festering wounds, burns and abrasions.

The juice from berries irgi recommended for use as a rinse with angina

In these cases, It can be eaten fresh berries, juice take irgi diluted with water in proportion 1: 1, or to prepare tinctures. Of flowers and leaves prepare herbal teas, and for external use in the treatment of burns and wounds requires compress broth bark plants.

Saskatoon not only helps ease the condition in various diseases, but also nourishes the body with useful substances, as well as providing health and anti-aging effect.

Even a healthy person who uses irgu in restorative purposes may harm their health by excessive consumption of this product. What can happen in this case?

Among other things, Saskatoon has a strong sedative effect. Excessive consumption of juice, tincture or tea can lead to drowsiness, wasting and reduce attention.

Also, there may be signs of allergies, even in people who do not suffer from such earlier manifestations.

Irgi When used in combination with milk and milk products disrupted the digestive system, leading to discomfort, bloating and diarrhea.

Recipes broths and teas with leaves and berries

Traditional medicine offers a huge number of ways to prepare healing potions based on berries, flowers, leaves or bark irgi. If there are health problems or to compensate for balance of beneficial trace elements in the body, you can use one of the following recipes.

The infusion is prepared on the basis of vodka, but those who can not tolerate alcohol, can replace it with water. For the preparation of a medicament required to do the following:

  • pour into a small pot or jar liter 2-3 tablespoons of dried flowers;
  • pour 2 cups of vodka or boiling water;
  • if you are using alcohol, insist you need a drink for 3 days , in the case of boiling water - to wait for cooling previously wrapped container with the infusion;
  • when the drink will insist it must be strain.

Tincture use 3 times a day, taking one tablespoon 15-20 minutes before meals.

The juice of berries can be eaten fresh, diluting with water, or to preserve. Prepare canned juice as follows:

  • berries are washed thoroughly and allowed to drain excess water;
  • pounded using a pestle until puree;
  • squeeze out the juice in a juicer or manually, using a gauze;
  • diluted juice more acidic berries (Because irge high sugar content, can add cranberry, cherry or currant juice);
  • warm up, but not brought to a boil, and hot roll to the banks.

Before proceeding with the conservation, banks need to pour boiling water. It is recommended to drink the juice of 50-100 grams before meals.

For the preparation of medicinal tincture of berries irgi need a jar and quality vodka. Prepare the drink in this way:

  • fruit is brought to puree state using a pestle;
  • jar is filled to ¾ pounded mass;
  • pour vodka, leaving a blank space on a 3-4 cm from the neck of the vessel;
  • insist 2-3 days in a cool dark place;
  • strain and the remains of berries discarded.

Store tincture better match the cooling load. Take a remedy recommended 3 times a day , a tablespoon before eating.

Tea is best to use fresh leaves, but at the very least fit and dried.

Irgi few leaves pour boiling water and give the brew for 15-20 minutes . You can add 1 teaspoon of honey. In the same way it is prepared and flower tea.

It is better to use tea in the evening, he is well calms the nervous system and promotes healthy deep sleep.

Broth is intended not only for domestic but also for outdoor use. With the help of compresses can cure festering wounds and treating burns. To prepare the means necessary:

  • grind the bark using a grinder;
  • pour into a saucepan 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder and pour 2 cups of boiling water;
  • put the dish on low heat and cook remedy for 15-20 minutes ;
  • cool drink and strain through a cheesecloth or;
  • add 1 cup cool boiled water.

Take tincture 3-5 times a day ½ cup . If the vehicle is ready for outdoor use, dilute it with water is not necessary.

As with any medicinal plants, Saskatoon can provide invaluable benefits to the human body when used correctly, or may harm. For this reason, you must follow the rules of the preparation of therapeutic agents and to monitor their dosage.

Saskatoon: benefits and harms of berries

Such an unusual and tasty at the same time healing berries can be found in many countries of the northern hemisphere that have marked a temperate climate, the same number includes Russia. You can identify irgu as a shrub or small tree with rounded leaves and blue berries.

Most often, Saskatoon grows in the wild without human assistance, but the connoisseurs of this plant already have artificial cultivation experience it on the infield.

Saskatoon is divided within itself on many kinds, but all of them are used in the human food industry. The most common ordinary Saskatoon, which is possible to observe the large and juicy berries are blue, the top covered with a kind of greyish (bluish) coating. Unique therapeutic properties irgi known all over the world, so the plant is widely used in folk medicine.

Summary of the article

Find these unique bushes and small trees can be found at any of six acres. And many of the Russians are not even aware that the rising portion of their blue berries not only have a unique taste, but also rich in minerals and valuable vitamins.

Today botanists and other specialists in matters of flora has about 25 species of this plant. All they germinate in sufficient quantity in the territory of Russia in Europe (most of South and Central parts), in Japan and in the United States (northern part) and in North Africa. All thanks to the fact that the plant quickly and easily adapt to new conditions and is absolutely low-maintenance shrubs.

Even the Russians have long been used irgi berries to cook jam and wine, similar to modern Cahors. Unfortunately, today's Russian residents use the plant for the most part as a subject area decor as shrub is easy to cope with frosts and many years pleases the eye with its aesthetic appeal.

In one berry irgi can find a set of vitamins and trace elements, e.g., vitamin B, A, C and E, flavonoids and sugar, pectin and tannins as well as a list of acids and trace elements. A achene irgi has fatty oils which are indispensable in the treatment of many diseases.

So what are the ailments can be treated with fruit trees or bushes irgi?

For digestive disorders berries have a crimping effect. Significantly improves the function of the digestive system, establish intestinal microflora.

Due to the fact that the berries is the active agent pectin, it perfectly reduces cholesterol in the blood and cleanse the body of toxins.

Vitamin P as berries active component is the best preventive agent against heart attack, and varicose veins. All this is due to the fact that vitamin E strengthens the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, increasing their flexibility and elasticity.

Due to the presence of such substances in the berries as phytosterols and coumarins, plant helps reduce excessive blood clotting.

Vitamin A in irge an excellent prophylactic against eye diseases such as cataract, inflammation, night blindness, eye fatigue and chronic.

Irga is an excellent way to prevent atherosclerosis, and thrombosis, liver disease and kidney. Plant saturates with vitamins in acute avitaminosis.

The nervous system get better after taking the berries irgi as its agent to help establish its functioning and even treat insomnia.

Producing vodka to extract irge, taking it treats high blood pressure, restores normal functioning of the heart.

If you prepare fresh juice from irgi they treat stomatitis, sore throat, as well as take into 50 ml in the case of acute gastritis. If you dampen the cloth in irgi juice, a compress can help heal burns.

Leaves of plants possess enveloping properties, they are used for topical treatment of skin diseases. The antiseptic properties help to wash the leaves and treat sores.

For people who are overweight berries irgi abuse can lead to more weight gain, because they contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Despite this impressive list of useful properties irgi, the plant is not for all people to be helpful and healing. Of course, the list of contraindications is relatively small, but you should definitely listen to it.

  • irgi berries are prohibited for people with low blood pressure. This is due to the fact that due to the active substances within the berries pressure can further be reduced. We are talking about regular intake of berries or use them in large quantities.
  • Frequent consumption of berries irgi prohibited for people who are behind the wheel. Soothing and relaxing effect of berries can trigger the circumstances in which the driver can sleep straight on the road. Eat these berries is possible only in small doses.
  • Idiosyncrasy of a component berries provoking an allergic reaction.

In general, any useful stuff will benefit the human body only in moderate doses, it also applies to fruits irgi.

To treatment with berries irgi to be effective, you need to know the rules of the assembly harvest and storage. Collect fruits no later than with the onset of the first autumn months. For this purpose, the bushes or trees need to pluck fruits that have rich color, juiciness and excellent taste. To do this, open the Internet search engine query "saskatoon photo" and see how it looks ripe berries.

Rules berries Storage:

  1. Drying. If the court of the sunny and warm weather, the berries to dry under the sun rays. If this is not possible, come to the aid conventional oven in the kitchen. It establishes the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, it is very important in this case to ventilate the berries. According to the results you need to get the berries in the form of raisins, which throughout the winter can be used for prevention and treatment.
  2. Freeze. Most often, the hostess in the kitchen are turning to the freezer, where the berries can lie before the onset of winter. Washed berries first dried, then sent to the freezer. Place the berries in the unfolded state for a couple of hours, then pour the berries into the package and keep it up to the desired time. This way of storing fruit preserves all the nutrients and properties of the plant.

Benefits irgi berries proven and medically. In addition, according to doctors, is a plant indispensable for the human body in any way. But the most valuable contributions to health can be made, if you eat the berries fresh.

Traditional and folk medicine have long been used not only irgi berries, but also its bark, and foliage to treat a huge list of human diseases. Due to the presence in the amelanhiera, all the valuable properties of berries persist even after the heat treatment and kept at the level for the year, saturating valuable microelements and vitamins the human body.

Many drugs from poisoning contain components irgi berries. Astringent berries make it indispensable in the treatment of stomach disorders.

Saskatoon also used in medicine for the treatment of thrombosis, varicose veins, with fragility vessels. Prevent blood clots can be by receiving irgi juice, which thins the blood. Medicaments based on amelanhiera used to fight with cancer.

Traditional medicine and recipes irgoy

This plant, like Saskatoon and its fruits have found their vocation, not only in traditional medicine, but primarily in folk medicine. Today, of the last of the sages and ancestors to modern society reached a unique miracle recipes, healing various diseases.

Recipe tincture for the heart and hypertension

In a glass jar to place the berries, so they filled it with third part. After that, the berries slightly press down with a wooden spoon. Next, fill the jar to the bottle of vodka, send tincture in a dark place for 3 days. After steeping the mixture must drain from the berries, the resulting fluid is stored in cold weather and take 5 grams before meals.

Recipe from the bark decoction for diseases of the stomach and intestines

The pan was placed 10 grams of shredded cortex preassembled bush. In 2 cups of water all simmered for 20-25 minutes. After that, the broth is served with a warm towel and thus advocate a while to cool down. Thereafter the broth is filtered through gauze and diluted with boiled water. The mixture take on half a cup 4-5 times a day.

Recipe tincture of flowers in hypertension and heart disease

This recipe is suitable for those people who can not tolerate alcohol tinctures. In a vessel sent 2 tablespoons of dried or fresh flowers irgi. After that send to the same 2 cups of boiled water. Wrapped as carefully as possible pot with broth, it is necessary to set aside until cool. Further decanted from the residual feed flowers, before each reception infusion food consumed at one's throat.

tea recipe from nervous disorders and insomnia

The mug is sent 3-4 freshly picked leaf irgi, then fill them with water boiled. Tea infused for 15-20 minutes, you can sweeten it with honey and eat regularly at bedtime.

The unique recipe of jam irgi

Jam irgi perfect for those people who do not accept the high content of sugar in foods and try to limit yourself to the sweet. In the winter evening cup of tea and jam irgi are an excellent source of vitamins and protect the body from cold and cold.

To prepare the jam will need these ingredients:

  • 1 kg berries collected;
  • 300 grams of sugar;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • Citric acid (approximately 2 grams).
  1. Mix the water and sugar syrup and cook for the future of the jam.
  2. Berries blanshiruem washed in boiling water for about 2 minutes.
  3. Berries are moved to the syrup, then adjusted mixture to boiling.
  4. Jam infused for 12 hours.
  5. After that, put in a jam and close the citric acid in the prepared jars.

Most often, this jam is appropriate in that case, if applicable Saskatoon diabetes. A small amount of sugar will not harm diabetic, so you can safely treat yourself to this useful dessert, but in small quantities, of course.

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