Rollers for showers

Rollers for showers - how to choose and install

Rollers for showers are seemingly simple accessories, but actually represent a rather complicated mechanism with components passive loading, locking and opening elements and so forth. Therefore, they often fail, causing the cabin flaps cease to function properly. In this article we will look at how to choose the right videos for cabins and fix the problem yourself.

Rollers for shower doors

If you look at the statistics of the output of their system components showers, it would appear that the commercials for the shower doors in second place after the Hydroelectric (mixer, hose and shower). This is due not only to the fact that this mechanism is movable, but with frequent use.

Damage to the guides can occur for two reasons:

  • As a result, the wear mechanism.
  • Due to factory defects.

However, regardless of the cause of breakage, repair involves the replacement of parts.

Wheel with bearing


Primarily familiarize with the design of these products.

So, for showers rollers consist of the following components:

Most often bearing failure, but often the cause of failure is a cracked plastic. Especially it concerns cheap models of shower enclosures, which use the most budget furniture.

Plastic single roller for shower

Before proceeding to a description of features and repair option to review key characteristics of these devices.

The most common sizes of wheel

Parts - Rollers for shower cabins found in specialty stores or on the market is not difficult. However, their choice should be approached wisely, as they determine the operation of the door in the shower.

It is desirable that the new part is consistent with all of the above characteristics of the old clips, which are mounted on the door.

However, it is not always possible to find all the identical product, in this case it is necessary to focus on the following key parameters:

  • The size of the holes in the glass, in which the rollers are inserted.
  • The diameter of the wheel.
  • details of construction - single or double roller for the shower.

If you choose the exact size does not work, you can purchase a movie a bit smaller, but not larger.

Otherwise, the mechanism simply does not get set.

Roller with metal casing

As for quality, it must be oriented to costs. In most cases, the price matches the quality - expensive hardware is more reliable and durable.

Immediately it should be said that to save on moving elements is not necessary, as they may cause more serious damage. For example, in the case of split plastic mount, cabin door can simply fall out.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the bearing, which is the principle of the device is of two types:

The second type is much more preferable.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing

I must say that the rolling bearings are distinguished by a number of parameters:

  • Form the base of the rolling elements - can be needle-like, conical, barrel-shaped, cylindrical and so forth.
  • The direction of the load action - are angular contact, axial and radial.
  • Ability to restore distortions - differ by self-restoring (at distortions not more than 3 degrees) and are not able to repair itself.
  • The shape of the inner ring - may be cylindrical or conical.
  • The case - the case of buildings and double.
  • Number of rows of rolling bodies - bearings are double-row and four-row.

Of course, the person who first sees the rollers on the door in the shower difficult to choose among such a variety. However, the best option are products with single-row ball bearing of the radial type.

When choosing a roller should be aware that they are divided into upper and lower.

The upper roller door shower

In addition to the characteristics of great importance are the materials from which the rollers are made.

The best combination of the following:

  • Balls and cage - bronze.
  • Separator - plastic.

Furthermore, an excellent option are ceramic bearings, their quality because of the following:

  • Virtually no wear.
  • It does not corrode.
  • Able to withstand heavy loads.

However, the ceramic parts is difficult to find in the market, besides the cost of their relatively high.

Desirably acquire guides with sealed bearings, provided with a plastic cover.

In this case, the mechanism is protected against dust and moisture, which increases its service life.

Replace with your own hands rollers shower is easy, however, it should be done carefully, taking into account some of the nuances that we will discuss below.

Thus, the instructions for replacing the guide is as follows:

  • Before you get started, you need to prepare a place, as for working with glass is necessary to provide enough space. Otherwise, glass door shower stall can be damaged.
  • Then you need to dismantle the sash. You should start with the dismantling of the lower rail.

Most often, rollers for shower enclosures are fixed using eccentrics who simply turn to release the door. In some cases it is necessary to press the button on the fixture housing.

In the photo - a roller with an eccentric

  • After the elimination of the lower rails, door hanging on the upper rollers. The last should be dismantled very carefully, so that the door does not fell out of the profile.
  • Further construction is set in reverse, only this time with new rollers. Do this work more comfortable together, that one man was holding the door.

First of all it is necessary to hang the door on the upper rails. Then you have to press the button below or drop eccentrics on the fasteners and to insert into the profile of the lower part of the door.

  • After installing the door adjusts the wheels. This operation is carried out by means of the adjusting screws, which are provided with virtually all types of guides. Adjustment will ensure the smooth running of the valves and their dense fit for each other.

    To begin you need to adjust to the upper parts. Having snug doors, re-tighten the lower rollers to their complete clamping the profile.

  • The rollers have served as long as possible while providing a smooth ride with, shutters, they should be periodically lubricated.

    Options than lubricated rollers shower there quite a lot, however, it is best to use for this purpose silicone lubricant.

    In this process of replacing the rollers is completed. His only difficulty lies in the need for accurate work with the door as it can break, which would entail serious costs. In technical terms to perform the procedure under the force of every handyman.

    Rollers for showers come in different types, so their selection has a lot of nuances. However, the most important thing when buying pay attention to the basic characteristics of the details (must conform to the old rollers), and the price - do not buy the cheapest hardware. Find more information on this topic can be from the video in this article.

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    What's bathroom in your house?

    Characteristics and roller device for showers

    It would seem that the rollers for showers - the usual accessories. But this small change is of paramount importance. On how to close the door depends tightness shower and washing quality.

    Rollers - moving mechanisms, which are mounted on the guide. Still, they open and close the shower doors.

    The main components are the bearings. It is important that they are made of any material. The European and Chinese showers are usually combined products. They balls, the outer and inner holder bronze and plastic separators.

    Less affordable option - ceramic bearings. But they are found only in expensive models and cost money. The most suitable bearings, which are installed on rollers for shower doors - is deep groove ball bearings. They should have a moisture-resistant plastic casing.

    By the guide rollers are mounted with screws, eccentrics, or sleeves. The base is recessed into the holes on both sides of the door from above and below. There are a variety of these little mechanisms. The most common models are mounted on bearings, at least on the sleeves.

    When opening and closing shower doors rollers ride on rails. They may move along a straight line (at the sliding models) in different directions (for swing embodiments) curve profiles with bends (when folding units). INTACT items creak not come off from the guide, without the stopper when moving the door leaves. As a result, continuous operation in the moving parts of these mechanisms are abraded over time, become useless. Another type of failure, when the rollers start to come off the guides. Then the door flies and can break.

    The reason for failure of mechanisms responsible for the movement of doors and their fracture can be accumulated in the guide debris and dirt. In such cases, the leaf can jam. Factor failure mechanisms can become the formation of rust on the moving parts thereof. The door starts to creak, at any time, it may become jammed. Finally, breakage capable occur as a result of poor quality initially mechanisms themselves. Due to the frequent opening and closing shower doors they burst and cracked in half. So usually, if rollers for showers and their components are made of poor quality plastic, or have moving parts of the fragile brittle metal. In such cases it is necessary to replace the old with new mechanisms.

    When buying new rollers should pay attention to their quality and size.

    Often it allows to orient the price of these mechanisms. The higher it is, the better the quality of the device to move the door. Expensive products are unlikely to have chips, cracks, scratches.

    In addition, you must pay attention to the material from which the parts are made. Best Mode - brass, nickel-plated rolls. Bearings can be brass, but it is better to choose the standard type with plastic lids.

    As for the value, then there is need to focus on something, stand there mechanisms in place to guide the door. Standard door showers have guide axis size of not more than 6 mm. Therefore, the rollers should be selected with holes not larger than 5 mm. You can buy parts and with slightly smaller holes. Possible and this option when the body itself seems to be the right size, but has big wheels. It is important that they are placed in the gaps between the door and the guide.

    Guess size is also important because it is too small wheels can contribute reel shower doors. But too much is simply not vlezut hole. When selecting bearings it is necessary that the products were, if not combined, then at least with plastic lids. So it will be able to avoid the formation of rust on them. In addition, when selecting bearings need to be taken into account that the product must be suitable for the width of the inner and outer diameters.

    Sometimes minor breakages can be repaired by the bearing rollers independently. For this polyester tubes of different diameter are cut two small ring with the release of a shrink. Little is worn on the body, with a larger diameter - on the bearing. Followed by a slightly melt the polymer, so that it firmly attached to the surface roller. The bearing is mounted on a bolt, a broken element is replaced. But the homemade rolls are suitable only as a temporary option. They will last long. Therefore it is better to give preference to the factory model.

    Are changed as follows:

    1. The door leaf is removed the shower. Old small mechanisms are removed from the rails by pushing a button or eccentrics.
    2. Fasten new parts. The main thing is not to confuse the rollers which are intended for the upper and lower doors. Otherwise, the door will fly out of the profile.
    3. Insert the flap and adjust the fixing of accessories. Then you need to lubricate all moving parts.

    Small mechanisms for the movement of showers shutters are regulated in three different ways, depending on the retention mechanism:

    1. With the help of the eccentric. Upper rollers shower led into the guide. Then he dipped down as much as possible with the help of an eccentric. The bottom is raised all the way up. Thus the door are fixed in the guides.
    2. With a bolt. First, the upper rollers are installed. They tightened bolts. Are lower clamping. They just are got for the rail track.
    3. With the help of guides. Balls spinning on the roller shutters; wheels are locked at the center. This model of moving mechanisms - the most simple and cheap, but such details quickly break down.

    As you can see, it is the quality of the movies depends on whether the owner of the shower fully able to take a shower. If a fault rollers, education gaps, jumps off the door leaves with the profile of water is sprayed on the floor. In winter, take a shower with a broken door in general is problematic, since it can freeze and catch a cold.

    Damage to the driving elements, which go door leaves were rare, should pay attention to the condition of these parts, periodically wipe the rails and rollers from dirt, debris clean up. Movable mechanisms need to be lubricated, so that they did not creak, not covered with rust because of the high humidity.

    Rollers for showers

    Doors showers are fixed to the guides and are moved by means of rollers disposed at the top and bottom of the door leaf. When the rollers fail, use the cabin becomes uncomfortable, and before the landlord raises the need to replace this mechanism. Perform such a change can be on their own, if choose the right videos to shower and get acquainted with their installation technology.

    Rollers for showers

    The roller is composed of several elements, the main of which is a bearing. Depending on the type of roller bearings can be used two types - rolling and sliding, and by manufacturing the material - ceramic, bronze, stainless steel. mechanism housing is made of ABS-plastic or brass. All videos are divided into two types:

    • eccentric - the basic elements of the mechanism are eccentric and the rotor, which is mounted on the bearing. By design, there are single and double, are interchangeable and are divided into upper and lower. Eccentric rollers are less popular because of the high cost and complexity of the adjustment;

    Eccentric rollers for shower

    Tensioners for showers

    By type installing rollers for shower cabins are fixed and rotary. A first embodiment for square and rectangular enclosures, doors which move only in a straight line. The second option is used in the cockpits round, where the rollers have to make movement in an arcuate path.

    Rollers for showers (rotary)

    Specifications rollers

    rollers service life for the shower is relatively short, although on average this furniture is designed for 25,000 openings. There are several common reasons for failure of these mechanisms:

    • natural wear and tear - including completing elements of the shower roller is the most moving, and therefore is subject to the greatest load. The more you use the cabin, the faster mechanism need to be replaced;
    • poor quality of materials and manufacturing defects - not all manufacturers adhere to the prescribed standards in the manufacture of fittings and accessories, trying to save money on materials. To distinguish quality from poor-quality videos, not everyone can, and identify defective products is not always possible, especially those who have no experience in this area. Of course, this furniture will last a short time, even with careful use;
    • detergents and hard water - of chemically aggressive components of some detergents corroding material eluted lubrication and promote occurrence of corrosion in the bearing. First of all, it refers to a chlorine-containing drugs, and alcohol-based. The same effect has rigid and tap water containing magnesium and calcium salts. They settle on rollers to clog fine holes form trudnosmyvaemye plaque;

    Rollers, requiring replacement

    Why break rollers in showers

    The range of movies is quite broad, and even visually similar models may vary between individual parameters are, especially if they are made by different manufacturers. To not make the wrong choice, it is best to remove one of the rollers with the least damage and take it with you to the store. If the upper and lower rollers mounted on your shower, differ in size, be sure to take with both mechanisms.

    If you are going to order videos in the online store, here already it is necessary to make measurements of broken hardware alone. Suitable for measuring normal range. The first step is to measure the diameter of the wheel. Ideally, the wheels in the new rollers must match exactly him, but if you do not have identical dimensions, you can buy a little smaller, with a difference of no more than 2-3 mm. But the product is not worth taking a larger-diameter wheels, even if the difference is a couple of millimeters. The fact that the rollers, coming complete with a shower installed without reserve in width, and the large wheels will not be able to stand in the guide when replacing.

    Make sure the wheels fit the diameter of the rollers

    The next parameter - the size of the openings in the door leaf or flap. Each door has such openings in the top and bottom, and they are inserted into the sleeve clips during installation. As is the case with wheels, the sleeve diameter can be 2-3 mm smaller than the diameter of the hole in the door, but no more. If the roller has two mountings, further measure the distance between them, and then between the openings in the doors. Here, the parameters must be identical to the millimeter, or to fix a mechanism would be problematic.

    It is also necessary to measure the length of the removal roller. This option is particularly important for semi-circular booths if takeaway in new rollers is different, the door will be permanently jammed. Another important parameter - the thickness of the glass. Of course, all of the rollers are equipped with a function of adjusting and are perfect for standard shower doors, but if the glass is very thick, it is better to clarify whether the new fit attachment to it.

    The rollers are designed for a specific thickness of the glass

    Further attention should be paid to the bearing, because it depends on him long life and efficiency of the roller. For showers best to choose single row bearings radial direction, made of bronze or a ceramic. Steel bearings are susceptible to corrosion, so the high humidity very quickly rust and cease to function. In ceramic characteristics of the highest, they are not afraid of moisture, a long time can not be erased, and the only drawback is the high price. Bronze bearings can be called the best option in terms of price and quality, especially if they are gated with a plastic cover.

    Bearing choice for video shower

    Council. If you choose the bearings separately from the rollers, be sure to measure the external and internal diameter, as well as the old bearing wide. All the parameters must match exactly.

    Having defined the parameters, be sure to inspect the rollers on all sides and visually assess their quality. First of all, there must be no traces of use, scratches, cracks, chips. Do not take arrangements with curved wheels, jagged edges, burrs, or other indications of the factory marriage. Experienced Master recommend choosing rollers, the axes of which are made of brass plated with nickel.

    Installing clips with their own hands

    Poor opened the door, went down rollers

    The process of installation of special knowledge and skills are required, the main thing - just follow the instructions and perform all actions as carefully as possible. To work need quite a bit:

    • a new set of rollers;
    • Wrench or pliers to 10;
    • flathead screwdriver.

    That the glass door is not scratched, it is necessary to take any rug or a thick cloth, and lay on the floor. Fit and a large piece of cardboard. As far as possible free space around the cabin, because in close quarters work inconvenient, and can damage the door itself, and glass walls.

    Step 1. Take off the bottom rollers. This should be done from inside the cab: holding the upper part of the door, press the roller until it clicks. If the old rollers on the eccentric, turn them all the way down.

    Step 2. Take off the top rollers with the guide, and then lift the door and remove it from the guide. Put upright against the wall, putting a cloth in advance, cardboard or carpet.

    Council. Despite the fact that the door to the cabin are made of impact-resistant tempered glass, damaging the door when the rollers replaced easily enough. Particularly vulnerable corners and edges. For this reason, it is impossible to put a glass door on the bare concrete or floor tiles. You also can not lift or carry the door by the handle - it is not designed for such loads and can easily come off.

    Step 3. Spun the rollers with flaps, using a screwdriver and a wrench. If the rollers are strongly rusted or jammed so that the entire shoot is not possible, remove them piece by piece, break with pliers.

    Step 4. Carefully cleaned glass surface by traces of dirt, rust and lime scale contour attachment mechanisms. For cleaning any suitable detergent without abrasive particles. After that, the door is rinsed with clean water and wipe dry. After that remove dirt, scurf and grease residues from the cavities of the two guides. Wiping should be very careful, because it affects the smooth running of the door leaf.

    Step 5. Install new rollers.

    To unscrew the screws on the rear side of the housing on the upper and lower rollers, alternately pushing them and put on the glass so that the sleeve into the holes. It is important not to confuse the place of the lower rollers with the top - this mechanism will break quickly. Aligning all the rollers, screws screwed back, but do not overtighten, to avoid cracked glass.

    Step 6. Lift the door and top rollers are inserted into the guide. Then, press the button on the lower roller and is also inserted into the guide rail. Adjust the position of the door by tightening or loosening the clamp screws on the rollers. At the end of the two lay in directing a small amount of grease and check the smooth leaf stroke.

    We recommend changing all of the rollers at the same time

    Very often out of order only wheels or bearings, and the body is in order. In this case, just remove the door to the cockpit, the rollers very carefully untwist and remove, so that nothing is damaged. Next, change the damaged item and set the old rolls into place. This will help save a good idea, because the individual parts are cheaper than a new mechanism assembly.

    Video - Movie in the shower. Repair quickly and inexpensively

    How to prolong the life of rollers

    Competent selection and installation are not always a guarantee of a long and distinguished service mechanisms. To extend the service life, you need to follow a few simple rules:

    • regularly wash and shower fittings including mild detergent;
    • once a week to inspect the rails and on time wiping out their pollution;
    • periodically adding to the lubricant rollers, preferably silicone;
    • door opening and closing is not a jerk, but smoothly, do not slam the doors, in any case, do not rely on the door;
    • If you find that one of the rollers of the crank, you should immediately pull it and adjust. The earlier the problem persists, the longer the accessories.

    When purchasing rollers to replace the old is not worth saving, and to acquire a cheap Chinese products. In most cases, the housing of such articles made of silumin, but different strength. Any random load can lead to a fault body, and have to buy new hardware. The same goes for homemade commercials: they can be made quite easily from scrap materials, but they will be very long.

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