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10 most popular sofas evroknizhka mechanism

Sofa evroknizhka - is the most versatile model for every interior. The design of such a couch similar to the design books, but rest and the seat are of equal size. This makes the sofa more convenient and comfortable for all ages.

Due to the structural features of the sofa evroknizhka able to withstand a large load and can be positioned against a wall.

Together sofas of this type more functional, they save space and are less prone to breakage.

Turn the sofa into a bed is quite simple - it can cope with any, lifting the edge of the couch until it clicks and lower it.

Sofa Bed evroknizhka - a comfortable furniture to relax and sleep, it fits perfectly in the space due to the high aesthetics and functionality, reliability, and compactness is unrivaled.

Fiji couch with a box for clothes

Convenient and budget option that looks presentable and compact - a model of Fiji. At the heart of the sofa frame made of solid wood in the available box, which will be an excellent place to store clothes. Filler such high-quality and durable sofa.

Appearance of the product does not leave anyone indifferent - quality and noble cover most pleasant shades for eyes and quite roomy dimensions produce an impressive effect.

Fiji couch cost an average of 13 thousand. Rubles.

Sofia with wooden armrests

Sofa to sleep with orthopedic mattress Sofia can confidently replace the bed. This furniture is ergonomic model that would be appropriate even for people suffering from back problems.

Planting a comfortable sofa and armrests give added comfort. As part of a high-quality product filler resistant springs, which makes the furniture more comfortable. This compact sofa is compact enough when roomy size, and a built-in drawer saves even more space.

The cost depends on the modification and is 15 thousand. Rubles minimum.

Corner sofa sleeper Olympus 5

A real boon for lovers of classics is a corner sofa evroknizhka Olympus 5. Pillows of this model are made of synthetic fluff and covers from non-woven fabrics, which combine to provide a presentable appearance and low cost furniture.

Sofa angle type, which gives it greater functionality. Professionally equipped skeleton of natural components can withstand high loads.

This sleeper sofa with spring differs excellent ergonomics. The average price on the couch Olympus 5 is 24 thousand. Rubles.

Large double model Cairo

Cairo - a classic model of a sofa with modern elements. This furniture belongs to the orthopedic sofas and provides a comfortable position of the whole body during sleep, which favorably affects the spine condition.

Roomy bed for two people contributes to quality rest. Built-in box is ideal for storing bedding, minimizing the hassle of preparing a bed for the night. In addition to the sofa you can buy stylish chair, which creates the effect of the interior top.

The price range on the model of Cairo ranges from 18 000 and above.

Inexpensive compact version - evroknizhka Montilla

One of the most inexpensive type of construction evroknizhka sofas - a model Montilla. This sofa without arms, which gives it special features. In the unfolded form resembles the sofa couch. Pillows included can be used during sleep, or for support during the holiday.

Boxes built into the sofa, very roomy, they can be used to store a variety of objects and things.

At the core of this sofa is a frame made of softwood, which gives the product stability and ability to withstand physical stress.

With all the benefits, this sofa is relatively inexpensive - 11 thousand rubles..

Atlanta - hit sales in 2013

Stylish and solid sofa bed with evroknizhka Atlanta mechanism can be used as furniture for sleeping or resting. Incredibly presentable in appearance, it is quite roomy.

The frame is made of natural materials that support the strength of the sofa, even in the unfolded state. The sleeping area is roomy and comfortable, which is partly driven by the spring block.

Coverage of the sofa looks rich - leather lighter shade will give presentable space. Product armrests with comfortable and spacious inner compartment.

The final cost evroknizhka Atlanta depends on the configuration, the average will be 18 thousand. Rub.

Comfortable bedroom model Victoria

Solid wood and birch sanded in the bottom of the sofa Victoria provide it strength and reliability of the entire structure. Upholstery fabric, which may be represented by different shades, looks rich and modern.

The kit includes a cushion that increase comfort while relaxing on the couch. In the unfolded form of a sofa that is capacious, despite the fact that the overall compactness remains high.

The cost of the sofa is 18 thousand. Rubles.

Fabric sofa with armrests Marrakech

The truly rich look sofa type evroknizhka Marrakech model. Special back design protects touch the wall during sleep, ensuring complete comfort and convenience.

Sofa with wooden armrests has a very regal appearance. It may be appropriate inscribed in the interior, designed in oriental or African style, as well as a delicious addition to the classics. Pine timber demonstrates a high service life.

This splendor is worth 20 thousand. Rubles.

The popular bedroom option - Amsterdam

The combination of synthetic leather and fabric furniture gives a cozy couch Amsterdam look. The frame of the wood increases the strength and stability of the sofa. couch filler may be formed as a spring-block or an independent spring block.

In both cases, it provides comfort for relaxation on this furniture - smooth surface that does not prominaetsya, suitable for people of any age. Appearance couch is beyond praise - thanks to its classic form, this direct sofa can be combined with any interior details.

The cost of 17 thousand. Rubles.

Madrid with extra drawers for clothes

Sofa Madrid quite versatile model evroknizhka type, which is characterized by very compact. A great option for those who need small size furniture. Covering fabric sofa is made, the color selection diversity contributes ideally suitable embodiment for different types of interiors.

Prispinnye pillows have special facilities and Interchangeable covers allow to always keep them in perfect form.

This sofa saves space due to the absence of standard armrests, but the convenience of rest will not be disturbed - pillows excellent job with the role. Box for clothes - another way to save space. This sofa is from 17 thousand. Rubles.

Finally, we offer you to see the video, dedicated to how decomposed mechanism evroknizhka.

I Montilla was in the child room to sleep option uncomfortable, sent to the country. Inconvenient fact that no normal attachments of the armrests. These pillows instead of armrests are falling all the time. In the unfolded state of the junction of the two halves of the sofa very comfortable prevents sleep. It is necessary to put on top of an extra mattress to feel the transition from one to the other half of the sofa. The only advantage of this couch - a low price. For the option "just sit" is quite amiss, but consider this as a full sofa sleeper, I do not advise anyone! Here Amsterdam in this respect is much better, though more expensive, but reliable bed, until I satisfied.

I'm on the couch last type. To me he is the best, no matter what) And most importantly, he madly comfortable and not too expensive, it's for my modest budget was very, very important), but the rest of the sofa, to be honest is not bad, but not mine )

It is like Madrid with extra drawers for clothes. I collect and buy yourself a

We bought this sofa six months ago. All this time, he took us to the bed. Very easy to use, does not occupy a lot of space, and most importantly, there is a special section for bed linen.

After two unsuccessful attempts purchases inflatable mattresses (they have holes) and his wife decided to buy a sleeping couch Sofia. And it was the best option addressing guest beds.

I bought a sofa in an "Amsterdam" with independent spring blocks ".26.000 rubles. (Sofa itself is called Sophia) Beautiful! Stylish! Huge! Convenient to the horror! Could not be happier with my husband. It lasted all month 4.K Unfortunately now the folding part of the edge scratch. Because of this, sleep across and enough space. On the arms stretched skin on that thread were overtightened ... (it is not visible at all)

Despite all these significant shortcomings beautiful sofa and turn back time would still have bought it, but would check the news and out!

We have a big soft corner, sofa evroknizhka with additional drawers for linen, cool and comfortable. Very much, and my parents bought the same, only without the angle very similar to Madrid.

Sofas with a mechanism of transformation "evroknizhka"

Sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in any home. During the day - it's a great place for relaxing and entertaining, and at night it can be used as a sleeping place. In any case, each owner of a residential area faces a challenge - what piece of furniture to give preference.

Choosing the couch - it is not an easy task. The design should be different reliability, durability, harmoniously fit into the space, and the design of the product match the style of interior. Also, furniture should be multi-functional, easy to use and meet all the requirements of the future owner.

Modern sofas models feature a wide range and variety of transforming structures, but the choice of a sofa depends on the type and dimensions of the room:

  • For small spaces a great solution would be the acquisition of sofa beds. Due to its compactness and functionality of a transformer easily fit in any size room and a cozy living room makes for comfortable accommodation of guests in the bedroom with a comfortable sleeping module.
  • The spacious rooms and no living room is complete without this interior. ERGO relaxation needed after a hard day's work or an extra bed for guests was late - all this is the responsibility of sofas, Transformers.

Very popular among the various models are transforming the sofa with the mechanism "evroknizhka". Convenient, reliable and affordable product in the unfolded state looks very compact and concise.

Sofa evroknizhka has one of the most comfortable-to-use design that consists of two parts and has a built-in storage of bedding. In the unfolded form of a sofa features smooth and comfortable surface to sleep without joints and bends.

Evroknizhka withstand a load up to 250 kg.

The very mechanism of transformation requires little effort and quickly and easily unfolds and develops. And available in many models of the sofa casters simplify the process of transformation. In addition to the sofa the capacious box for storing the lateral niche with shelves and a minibar can be built.

Large selection of colors and varied range is an advantage evroknizhek and allow to pick up the sofa for any interior design. In addition to the aesthetic aspects evroknizhka equipped with orthopedic design for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

The mechanism of transformation evroknizhka designed to meet the daily use and therefore has high durability. In addition to special mobile anchorages for rolling out the bottom of the sofa, in the mechanism are no other details, which greatly reduces the risk of breakage of the transformation mechanism and prolongs the life of the sofa.

What the mechanism of transformation and how it unfolds?

The device is simply a mechanism to perfection. No locks, latches and springs only move the seat and swivel option at the back. Decomposed evroknizhka quite simple:

  • The seat is pushed forward by the guide bogie, which may be made of wood or metal.
  • The backrest is lowered into the void horizontally to the seat and forms a surface for orthopedic sleep.

Seat-evroknizhka divan may be provided with wheels or legs. Sofas with front wheels convenient to initiate, while with legs interacts with gentler flooring construction. One of the varieties of transformation-evroknizhka sofa is a "pantograph", which can be simply described as "striding evroknizhka". Its main difference from the classical mechanism that the seat does not leave forward on wheels, and "walks" on the legs with the help of the design with springs.

There are also models with a triple layout mechanism. This type evroknizhka comprises an additional module incorporated into the seat, thereby increasing the sleeper 20-30 cm, in the unfolded form of the size of the model is 195 cm wide and 200 cm long.

What distinguishes the book from evroknizhka?

Evroknizhka is a more advanced model of a structure such as "book". This type of transformation is also convenient and practical, but has a number of drawbacks to its new version.

The book - an outdated mechanism. Sofas-books are only the direct form. To start the process of transformation, it is necessary to lift the seat up until it clicks at this time of the sofa backrest will recline smoothly. When lowering the seat down mechanism leads back to a horizontal position automatically and sofa converts.

Sofa-book is the budget for this, as its design is simple and reliable. But the transformation of the sofa requires additional space for the back, so to set the book against the wall will not work, you need to move the sofa to 10-20 cm.

Evroknizhka also differs in that it has a flat surface to sleep and it is not necessary to move away from the wall. In addition, for the decomposition of "book" mechanism is required to make an effort, while evroknizhka due to the guide rollers do not require any load inertia mechanism unfolds itself.

Evroknizhka rightfully be the most convenient and robust mechanism of transformation.

In the furniture stores are always a wide range of sofas, evroknizhek. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are not limited to the design variants and designs. There are several types of sofas with this mechanism:

Direct evroknizhka - the most common models of sofas. They look great in small apartments and spacious rooms, the most common models are available with wooden armrests and sleeping area at least 180x200 cm.

Corner models are large in size, but their bed is the most spacious and comfortable for sleeping. Corner sofas are the perfect tool for the zoning of spacious studios and apartments.

Modular sofas with any mechanism of transformation of a high level of functionality. In addition to a spacious bedroom unit and drawers for storing clothes, it can be equipped with additional sections as poufs, ottomans, shelves, mini-bars and all kinds of modern gadgets.

Ideal for small apartments - the sofa without armrests. He easily fit into any modern interior due to their smooth shapes and compact. A small disadvantage - the pad may fall off the bed to the floor, in this case the structure with one armrest is a compromise.

Sofa with two armrests is the classic design clearance. Due to the arm of the sofa looks more respectable, to the same level of comfort in these models is significantly increased. It becomes possible to install additional modules depending on the width of the armrest. Narrower models do not provide for the lateral flanges, while wide can be provided with complementary surfaces.

If you wish to get a sofa bed with orthopedic sleeping mattresses can be purchased separately required stiffness and improve anatomical parameters of a berth. If the service life of the mattress comes to an end, it will be easy to replace.

You can purchase evroknizhka with orthopedic base. Most Sofa evroknizhek in the manufacture of orthopedic units are supplied with the module for sleeping. The presence of the orthopedic unit provides several advantages:

  • Compliance with the parameters of the mattress size and strength of the sofa.
  • Built orthopedic module creates a smooth surface with no seams and joints.

Due to the large choice of models of sofas with "evroknizhka" mechanism buy a sofa, an appropriate style of the room, it becomes much easier. Especially if you follow the advice of experienced designers who have developed some simple concepts combining the sofa with interior design style and to be guided by their own preferences.

To create a harmonious color scheme, consider the following recommendations:

  • Shades of blue and red appropriate use of such stylistic directions as baroque and classic.
  • Minimalism and Gothic welcome black-and-white range, supplemented with contrasting third tone.
  • The Empire, Rococo, as well as classical and baroque inherent in all shades of blue and brown colors.
  • natural shades as a beige, green, pink and white are perfect country and Provencal style.
  • Art Deco and hi-tech mean acidic shades of yellow, blue and red combined with black.

In addition to the combination of shapes and colors, it is also the location of the interior of objects in space relative to each other:

  • Location back to the window - great for small rooms.
  • Installation back to the wall It is one of the most common methods of sofas location. Suitable for any room size.
  • Back to the doorway the sofa can be arranged only on the condition that the room is spacious and wide doorways. This is one of the profitable ways to zoning.
  • Another method of separating the space into zones - to set the couch on the center of the room.

Each area in the interior design includes its own rules and setting, observing that you can create harmony and comfort in the room, according to the canons of the selected style:

  • Minimalism. This style involves concise form and monochromatic gamma in the interior, the color can be both saturated and quiet tones. Accessories in the form of pillows, for example, be used at a minimum, a small pad with a harmonious print or will be enough without it. The same applies to the rest of the interior. Minimum bohemian - a maximum of functionality.

  • Classic. Designed in a classic style involves the use of natural materials. Luxury shapes, wood carving, soft padding and plenty of pillows characterize the sofa in a classic style.

  • Country. Floral print or geometric pattern combined with wood elements and shades of green, beige and brown tones help to create a cozy atmosphere of a village house, which is characteristic only of a country style.

  • High tech. One of the most popular youth styles in interior design is the antithesis of a country style. The high-teke used only artificial materials as plastics, glass and metal. The eccentricity of this style involves the use of bright colors. Sofa in the style of hi-tech is often contrasted with the other interior elements.

  • Rococo. Rococo style direction represents luxury in interior design on a par with the baroque and classical style. Silk, velvet drapes and wood carvings, decorative pillows, massive elements - these are the key words of the Rococo style.

  • Baroque. This style - a complete contrast to the minimalism, functionality is significantly inferior to luxury. Spiral-shaped armrests and legs of the sofa, bright colors and upholstery fringes, high carved backs emphasize decorative pretentiousness Baroque style.

In addition to the diversity of upholstery materials and construction types are manufacturers to choose from a large number of sofas-evroknizhek different sizes. In addition, in many furniture stores, you can together with a designer to design to order any sofa that meets customer requirements both in style and in size.

The width and length of the seat with a backrest in evroknizhek affect the size of a berth in this regard in the furniture market have identified a number of standard size sofas:

  • Standard models with direct location in the unfolded state has a berth of about 140x190 - 140x200 cm, assembled a sofa with classic planting depth of 80 cm The seat due to the armrests (if they are provided in this model) is reduced by 15-20 cm..

  • corner evroknizhka considered bigger in size as compared with the direct model. They are characterized by a spacious bedroom unit and an increased number of seats. Size bed in the corner sofas ranging from 140x200 to 160x200 cm, the sofa in the unfolded form is similar to a full double bed.

  • There are also mini-sofas with a system transformation "evroknizhka". More correctly be called a model of the chair-bed. It is characterized by small size and is designed for one person. The minimum size of the model in the unfolded state is 180 cm long, folded dimensions do not exceed 90 cm.

  • The perfect solution for large apartments are triple sofa beds with triple transformation. Once assembled, this model reaches two - two and a half meters in length and width from eighty to one hundred centimeters. The sleeping unit can accommodate from three to five people and has a size of 180x200 to 200x200 cm.

  • A wide variety of shapes and sizes different modular sofa evroknizhka, he can be a double or triple. Their size, shape and functionality are directly dependent on the buyer's requirements.

Quality evroknizhka design depends on the type of filler, upholstery and the framework. A wide range of products provided by a variety of manufacturers of furniture, allows you to choose a sofa for all types of premises and any financial opportunities.

Most often used when creating sofa upholstery materials such as:

  • Leather. All kinds of leather upholstery are practical and gorgeous view. But leather requires very meticulous care and attention, otherwise the material will crack and quickly lose their marketability. For owners of the sofas, are not ready to spend time and money on specialized materials for natural leather suit ekokozha which differs unpretentiousness, but retains the aesthetics and budget.

  • Flock. One of the most popular materials is considered to be a flock. Its popularity is due to the high wear-resistant and stain-resistant properties, affordable price, variety colors and pleasantness to the touch. There is also a teflon flock - vandal-proof material with a unique performance characteristic "antikogot" that protects furniture from damage.

  • Suede. This variant differs luxury upholstery, but inferior in terms of practicality. With frequent use of the material is overwritten and must be replaced, as you know, upholstery hauling expensive and adversely affect the mechanism of decomposition due to the fact that the sofa to be completely disassembled. However, the acquisition of the removable cover of artificial or natural suede solves these problems. When pollution case can give to the dry cleaners, and replaced with a new case of damages. At the same time built upholstery sofa will remain intact.

  • Chenille. This type of upholstery is different practicality and reliability, but its weave structure is rather coarse in appearance, but at the same time pleasant to the touch. Shenillovye tissue an affordable price and a wide color range.

  • Velours. Soft and pleasant to the touch material creates an additional sense of comfort and relaxation, this type of upholstery fabric is perfect for a child's room or a cozy bedroom.

  • Jacquard. Beautiful in appearance and to the touch material has a complex structure and different beautiful ornament. This is a rather expensive material, but its aesthetic and performance justify the cost.


Reliability evroknizhka design depends on the frame. Make sofa durable and increase its service life will help frame made of metal. This sofa is more difficult to break down, and it can withstand heavy loads.

The metal frame is popular not only among the owners, but also among manufacturers of sofas. Metal design allows you to create products of various shapes and sizes with high-quality mechanism of decomposition and fasten securely. The metal frame allows you to create a design with spacious drawers for storage and removable covers.

All these characteristics are inherent in the models with wooden or a combination of the frame, but the metal construction ensures a higher durability.

The properties of the wooden frame is directly dependent on the type of wood that is used in its manufacturing. For frame-evroknizhka sofas are most often used:

Each frame type is different-life. Most durable, but also high cost are considered red rocks. Oak, beech, walnut and ash are cheaper and reliable materials. The highest lifetime differ wooden frame with mountings in the form of bolts, not screws. The design must be provided with ties, preventing deformation and loosening of the model.

The filler material has a great influence on the quality and convenience transformer with "evroknizhka" mechanism. The choice of manufacturers provide four types of filler:

  • Polyurethane foam (PUF). The characteristics of this material makes the construction unsuitable for daily sleep synthetic filler is too hard, but as an extra bed such module may be amiss.

  • Foam. Soft and comfortable block of foam is considered to be quite comfortable, it is also characterized by the low price. But the foam has a short service life due to the fact that too is subject to deformation. After a few years on the seat appear bumps that are felt during sleep.

  • With spring unit. This type of filler is of two kinds: with the independent and dependent spring block. The characteristics of different amenities like while sitting, and during sleep.

  • With orthopedic mattress. It is considered the most suitable for a healthy and comfortable sleep. Pillow Top Mattress combines the independent springs and foam. The choice between the various types of stiffness anatomical model.

  • Latex. By properties similar to the orthopedic mattress and provides comfortable conditions for rest.

These and other materials more fully describe the following video.

Owners of sofas with a mechanism of transformation "evroknizhka" as the selection left positive feedback and enthusiastic comments:

  • They note the benefits from the acquisition evroknizhka, referring to the comfort, practicality and ease of use.
  • The owners of small apartments consider sofa evroknizhka most appropriate subject of soft furniture for small rooms. Compact and comfortable sofa takes up little space, spacious storage boxes and built-in shelves can save additional space and resources by eliminating the need to purchase cabinets and drawers.
  • Mechanism easily splits, and a small sofa is converted into a spacious bed.
  • Owners of models with orthopedic units write that the possibility of selecting the degree of stiffness when purchasing is an advantage.

Evroknizhka, thanks to its wide range of furniture market, allowing the most harmonious fit it into the interior of the room. Negative reviews about this design transformation are rare, most often owners complain about the filler which forms a bending or creaking mechanism. But the thing is that the mechanism every few years must be lubricated, and when buying a sofa to devote much attention to the filler and choose orthopedic mattress with the necessary level of rigidity.

The following are the most successful applications of such a sofa in the interior:

  • Beige sofa evroknizhka It blends harmoniously with the ethnic style of interior room. Matured in the same shades of colors premises, decorative interior details and pillows with a soft geometrical patterns together create a comfortable khon vacation.

  • Dark purple modular evroknizhka ergonomically fits into the minimalist living room interior in white.

  • Coffee colors monochrome environment inherent in the office interior and creates a sense of comfort with a bit of business style.

  • Bright living room in the style of pop art - the perfect design solution for youth apartments. The room is a great place for gatherings with friends and family, active games and entertainment.

Despite the large number of bright, saturated colors and geometric prints, it looks like a living harmoniously.

  • Stylish environment with strong elements of the zoning area from the dining area to relax. The harmonious combination of different shades of brown and terra cotta creates a feeling of comfort and visually increase the room.

  • A striking example of country style in the living room. Corner leather sofa evroknizhka put back to the bay window, it creates a cozy and at the same time a bright area for relaxation in a rustic style.

  • Ergonomic bed with triple expansion engine perfectly complements the soft interior room. The contrast of black and pastel shades is the most popular design solution for the creation of recreation areas.

  • A perfect example of ergonomic use of the surrounding space. Office, combined with sleeping in a minimalist style, allows you to combine work and relaxation, and quiet colors helps to create focused attitude that is required for brain activity.

  • Evroknizhka with one armrest, who is also a small cabinet, it is a great addition to the bedroom of a teenager in a modern style.

  • Delicate living room with complete furniture set is perfect for the spacious rooms. Selected quiet colors of furniture combined with the soft green color of the walls creates a harmonious atmosphere for relaxation.

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Sofa evroknizhka: mechanism of transformation, types of sofas, photos

evroknizhka sofas are extremely popular, and there's a simple explanation: they are comfortable, reliable, have a long life and are not too expensive. Typically, the bed, the image when unfolded, very smooth and comfortable, and the design was initially provides for a roomy linen box, which is useful, especially in small apartments, where the storage areas not so much.

sofa evroknizhka transformation requires little or no effort, and there is nothing stopping to put it close to the wall - additional space for the layout is not required. The simplicity of the mechanism is due to the reasonable price for such sofas. Design feature is that the back is too far from the edge of the seat, and for the convenience of furniture complement the large pillows filled with synthetic down. They were placed under his back, and get very comfortable seats.

There are some pros sofas evroknizhek:

  • Smooth bed without height differences;
  • Various fillers bed, including orthopedic;
  • It takes up little space in the room (especially the model without armrests);
  • It has a spacious linen box;
  • Simple folding mechanism, in which nothing to break - it will be a long time;
  • A wide range of models, including the corner.

Talk about the mechanism in this case is rather difficult, as virtually in most models it is missing. To speak about the structure. The part on which sit, put forward "the" on special guides, which can be either metal or wood (hardwood). After this rest falls forward.

Powered sofa mechanism evroknizhka follows:

  1. You need to pull the seat "on" until it stops. Between backrest and seat recess is formed, the laundry drawer is opened, you can use it. In some models of the sofa legs have wheels, which facilitate unfolding. There are also models, called "tick-tock": if you pull on the seat, it is slightly raised, "comes up" up and then slowly lowered into place. Such a mechanism is complicated, and the cost of the sofa turns higher.
  2. Once the seat is allotted the way forward, the back is lowered into the vacant niche. At the top is the part of it that is in the folded position facing the wall. According to the filler it meets the seat. To better understand how the mechanism of transformation of sofas evroknizhka watch the video shown below.

The layout of the sofa evroknizhka (mechanism, video)

Let us consider in detail the pros and cons of such mechanisms.

  • High reliability. Because of complex metal structures and moving parts here, and it will not damage, and potential problems are easily removed without the help of professionals.
  • Easy to use. To disassemble and reassemble evroknizhka sofa, do not need to exert much effort, it is done quickly and easily.
  • Affordable price. The simple design does not require the high cost of production, therefore, the final price is also low.
  • Layout. When evroknizhka foldout sofa, legs can scratch the parquet or linoleum. Solve the problem of the wheels attached to the legs, but they are not suitable for carpet because eventually form a knurled "track" flattening villi.
  • Sleeping area. It consists of two parts, and there is a junction. Although the height difference and not the joint can still be felt and cause inconvenience.
  • Installation. Between the sofa and the wall will have to keep a certain distance, otherwise it will be difficult to decompose.

Important: The high-quality sofas all parts are a snug fit. If between the seat and the armrest can stick your finger sofa evroknizhka, it is not likely to last a long time.

evroknizhka sofas with soft fillers

Under the seat upholstery is enclosed soft sheets -. Polyurethane foam, foam rubber, latex, etc. Depending on the filler material prices are changing consumer quality and price of the product.

  • Foam. The cheapest and most short-lived option. Foam quickly loses its properties and destroyed.

  • PPU. The main advantage - low price. It forms a relatively hard bed, more suitable for seating than for sleeping.

  • Latex. Artificial and natural latex - excellent fillers, they provide a comfortable sleep. The main drawback - the high price.

evroknizhka sofas with spring

It is used as filler unit of the springs, which provides high orthopedic advantages. There are two types:

  • Bonnel (dependent spring). Block springs interconnected "snake". The main plus - a relatively affordable price. Less - transience. The average lifespan is less than 10 years and the failure of one of the spring means that the whole seat quickly will become worthless: the springs begin to emerge and break through the upholstery. In addition, the clutch spring noise appreciably, if a person sitting or lying on the couch, begins to move.

  • Independent. Composed of covers packaged in separate springs block is present orthopedic mattress. It provides the comfort of a seated person, the correct support of the spine during sleep, no noise, if the roll over on it. Serves as a block long, "Bonnell" - up to 15 years. The only negative - quite a high price sofas evroknizhek with orthopedic mattress.

Note: Not every mattress on which it is written that he is an orthopedic, really is not. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, verify, as far as quality is as claimed. Make it very simple. Ask for a glass of water, put it at the edge of the sofa, and sit down in the center. Glass at the same time does not move, and the liquid from it - spill.

According to design features can be divided all sofas, folding along these lines, into several types:

In form also can separate into two basic types:

Evroknizhka sofa without armrests - an excellent choice if the room is not much space. It will be about half a meter shorter than with armrests at the same size bed. The only inconvenience - during sleep pillow can fall to the floor. A compromise - one armrest. Place takes a little longer, but it will be easier to sleep at night pillow will remain in place.

Two armrests it is more convenient if the sofa is mainly supposed to sit. In addition, often the armrests complement the panels of MDF, performing the role of the tables, as well as a variety of designs such as niches, shelves and even a mini-bar. This is quite convenient, but increases the cost of the sofa.

Important: The armrest is a kind of "face" of the manufacturer, for its quality can be judged as a whole sofa. Pay attention to the seam, which are sewn piece of cloth if it is smooth, thick filaments made - sofa evroknizhka made good equipment, professional. Uneven stitch thin thread, with gaps, "wobbling" means that the sofa is made in makeshift conditions.

To better imagine the look of sofas, equipped with a similar mechanism of folding, and how they will fit into your home decor, check the submitted photos. Note that the style, color and fabric quality can be very different, and you can always choose what is right for you.

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